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Patch v145


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Halloween has arrived in Scarlet Blade!




Seona's Spawning Grounds has made it's return to Scarlet Blade!


This dungeon will be available until November 23rd, 2023.


Defeat the Forbidden Warlock, Kamora Raptor Rider and Seona for a chance at various pet skins and costumes!


- This dungeon is available for 3 level brackets:

  • 55 - 65
  • 36 - 54
  • 20 - 25

Each dungeon can be entered using passcards and are available in Solo and Party options.


For the best rewards, it's recommended to do the 55+, as they have exclusive items like the Unique Seona's Mistress/Paramore costume!


**Please note

The bosses wander around certain parts of the map. They'll stay in general areas, but they do in fact move! If they are not where you usually see them, be sure to look around!





Enocia has been invaded by a wandering hoard! These monsters bring along their mounds of flesh, which further threaten the local creatures that live here!


- These hoards will appear outside of Enocia at:

  • 00:00
  • 05:00
  • 08:00
  • 11:00
  • 14:00
  • 18:00
  • 21:00

Once spawned, they will continuously spawn up to 2 times every 10 minutes for 30 minutes. After this period, they will not respawn until their next spawn window.


- The flesh will appear somewhere around Enocia at:

  • 03:00
  • 09:00
  • 15:00
  • 20:00


The flesh's location changes during the spawn windows, so be sure to hunt it down as soon as possible!





Visit Sinclair in Enocia (next to Idel) for a daily quest to help defeat these hoards!

If you defeat these monsters over 20 days, you'll receive this year's Researcher set titles!


*Note: If you're unable to accept the quest, or do not see the quest from Sinclair - be sure you do not have the old quest placed on hold!





General Changes:




- Divina has been added to Agoge, Amara and Suer. Speak to her to purchase cheaper ultimate skills with Battalion coins and RP!



- The following items will now drop from bosses in Derelict Tunnel Overrun and Disguised Ship Dungeons:

  • Unique Laser Scanner
  • Unique Lingerie Cube
  • Level 56 Unique Necklaces
  • Pet Chip Upgrade Materials



- The following items will now drop from bosses in Drasilmarsh Hardmode Dungeons:

  • Unique Kappa Helmet
  • Unique Laser Scanner



- The following items have been made tradeable:

  • Metal Scrap
  • Broken Helmet
  • Tool Box
  • Epoxy Glue



- Increased the RP gained from the following monsters when killed:

  • Spantis Warden
  • Spantis Soldier
  • Spantis Brawler
  • Oprimer Brawler
  • Oprimer Reaper
  • Oprimer Sentinel
  • Ranger (FK/RG)
  • Warden (FK/RG)



- The following monsters how have a rare chance to drop a 1000 RP chip when killed:

  • Spantis Warden
  • Spantis Soldier
  • Spantis Brawler
  • Oprimer Brawler
  • Oprimer Reaper
  • Oprimer Sentinel
  • Ranger (FK/RG)
  • Warden (FK/RG)


- Orenji has been replaced in Amara. The Ghoul Lord will now spawn in it's place.



- All Amara Bosses have had their HP slightly decreased.



- Increased the EXP of most monsters in Amara to be similar to that of Dragon Valley.



- Each faction now has it's own Agoge Map rather then sharing 1.
- NPCs are now spread out among both platforms.



- Banana now has a craft that will allow you to craft 50 Epoxy Glue for 1 box containing either x50 Gamma or Beta hexweave pieces.



- Mother's Miracles now have a 5 minute cooldown (up from 2).



- Guardian's Blessing item now has a 15 day cooldown once used.



- Added the level 30 Cyberskin appearance as an option in Guernica.
- This style is now known as Angel.



- Increased the amount of pet EXP gained when standing in Suer.



- 2 new costumes have been added to the cash shop for a limited time

- These will be removed with the event removal on November 23rd.


Pumpkin Candy Stripper



Grape Candy Stripper







Fixed the Ignis Prasidium Level 1 and Level 4 stacking bug. Both buffs can no longer be used simultaneously.


Fixed a bug with Ignis Praesidium resetting it's cooldown when leveled up


Fixed Pummeling Strike not giving Atomic Chakra Damage at level 8


Fixed Pummeling Strike not correctly applying Chakra Damage at level 8


Fixed Offensive Cocoons level 5 radius - it is now the correct 4.8m rather then 5.8m


Fixed the missing Royal Guard Cyberskin conversions in Guernica


Fixed the broken Easter Colored Bunny Ears for SW/WH

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