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Christmas has arrived in Mereholt!

Faction guards have carried Christmas Trees from the Protected Ecozone, while a light snow has started falling in Bitterstone Base.

This event will be active till the 11th of January!



Snowed In Factory


Comb through the Snowed-in Factory and vanquish the monsters that stand before you!

Some of the bosses have a chance of dropping some Christmasy Facepaints and costumes. Collect the boss' candy canes and craft various rewards from Winter!

This dungeon can be entered through Santa's Elves in Mereholt, right outside of the Enocia Warp Gate teleport.



Through our testing, Black Saint Ajatoss has become irritated with us! He now spawns in Mereholt, right out side of the Enocia Warp gate to punish the Arkana for causing such a disturbance in his factory!

The Narak Infant, having seen this ruckus that is now happening, has decided to send his own spawn there as well! Defeat both of them to keep the dungeon Elves safe!

Narak Infant will spawn at: 2:20/8:20/16:20/22:20

Black Saint Ajatoss will spawn at: 5:20/10:20/15:20/20:20



Defeat either one of these bosses for a chance to win their pet skins, their achievement item, or the Santa's Frosty Helper costume!





Mereholt Invasion



Narak and Ajatoss were not alone though. With them they brought along the Evergreens and their friends.


The Evergreens will roam around Mereholt, varying in level range and give significant EXP when killed.


Along with them, the 4 christmas bosses will spawn around Mereholt. Be sure to keep your eye out for them and hunt them down!

Krampus: 7:00 / 19:00

Gigas Evergreen: 11:30 / 23:00

Chenoo: 3:00 / 14:00

Wendigo: 9:00 / 17:00






  • Bella has arrived in Bitterstone Base
    • This NPC sells spare Enocia/Mereholt/Barbiron/Agoge warp chips if you lose your skill!
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