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Friday Wake Up Pop quiz

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For all the european students of the world i am going to hold a weekly friday Pop quiz, The themes of the events will be different every time, but they will all be from my studies or past studies.


It will be a as close as  weekly(If there is none(due to university or anything else)  Trivia  event. It will be held on friday @ 8am SERVER TIME(could be that its 1-2 hours laters since i do oversleep allot) (which for easy conversion for you NA people, is 2am CST on friday morning).

It will consist of 5 questions. Each question is worth 1 event point. You can only win ONCE per person (not toon, or account, or whatever, YOU only get 1 point). Points Will be given out by Gm Thy

After the 5 questions,

Answers must be  in Shout only, the faction with which i start is fully random(using a toin coss to determine) Like this it will be fair.

Do note that the time schedule is not a fixed time schedule but it will always be between 8 am and 11.30 am(server time gmt +1)

Do you have burning questions go ask it in the forum post i made @generalDiscussions

Have Fun and good luck

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