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Patch v94

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The Halloween Patch!

 - General Changes


  • Urka now has a chance of dropping tradeable unique 50+ accessories
  • Abandon now has a chance of dropping tradeable unique 50+ accessories
  • Al Kasava will now only permit 40 people to enter on each side
    • Should this be too low or too high, we can adjust it again
  • Increased the chances of Hard Mode Drasilmarsh Ogung (party and solo) of dropping a Powered Binding Stones and Binding Stones
  • Added 3 new costumes:

Sweet Orange (All Female Classes)



Orange Hena (Cyberblade)





  • Added 3 new items:
    • Halloween Sweeties
    • Halloween Candy Box
    • Jewel Box (NT)


A Halloween Event has been activated!

This event will remain active till November 7th's maintenance!

  • Sati has appeared in Mereholt and Enocia carrying some Jack o'Lanturn boxes! She's hidden them in different parts across Chromia and has tasked you in finding them!



  • Boxes can be obtained by doing the following:
    • Logging in and completing the daily quest
    • Killing Urka in Alkasava
    • Killing Abbandon in Nuclear Bunker
    • Killing the Halloween Chest as he spawns in Enocia
      • This box spawns in 4 random locations every 6 hours just outside of Enocia's base (where you spawn in at if you teleport there). It will always spawn 20 minutes after the hour when it's time. Also, an announcement will play in the region saying, "A Halloween Chest has been created".


  • These boxes contain goodies along with a chance at a special item called Halloween Sweeties! These sweeties can be used to craft items from Sati in Mereholt
    • Note: Halloween Quests can be turned into Sati in Enocia (located next to the Long Range Portal).
  • You must be level 10 to get the quest and have access to Mereholt in order to redeem the Halloween Sweeties.




Sati has all sorts of goodies to trade the sweeties in for!



  • Along with this box spawning, Ranking Points will reset 2 times per day! Farm up the extra ranking points and take advantage of the extra resets!
    • Reset times will be at 1am and 1pm server time.
    • This will remain active till November 7th.


  • General note about this event:
    • This is the first time we've done something like this, so it may not be the most amazing, mind blowing event you've ever seen. Depending on how this goes, we'll know what direction to take for future holiday events!


 - Xigncode

  • The xigncode fix will be patched in with this patch. If you have been having trouble with the Temp Fix, this should solve it for you. 
  • If you're experiencing any crashing after this patch, PLEASE white list the following files in your anti-virus:
    • sb.bin
    • sb.exe
    • xingcode.dll


- Staff Changes

  • To assist in helping moderate the game and avoid any afks/alt accounts in battlegrounds and such, the gamesages have been given the ability to kick players offline.
    • This will be a heavily monitored featured, and should you believe a GS is abusing this power, submit a ticket with proof and reasoning.

 - Bug Fixes

  • The issue regarding Major Mechs has been fixed. You should now be able to craft them properly.
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