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Patch v95

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 - General Changes


  • Lowered the amount of Jack o'Lanturn boxes dropped from Ogung
  • Greatly increased the amount of boxes dropped from Abbadon, Urka and the Halloween Chest
  • Buffed up the Halloween Chest's HP (should now be 70mil)
  • Buffed up the Halloween Chest's Defensive stats and resistances as well. Should no longer be a one shot. His stats are similar to Asmodeous' now


  • Increased the chance of 50+ accessories from dropping from Urka and Abandon.
    • This is not a 100% guaranteed drop and older accessories still have a chance of dropping too. 50's are their own drop table and would not be taken over by 40's. (Its not an either-or situation).
  • Lowered the amount of Sweeties needed for the costumes down to 50.
    • We want them to be a bit rare to get, but hopefully this isn't still too high.
  • Added a new login quest, Spooktacular Mayhem[Daily] quest. Logging in will guarantee you 2 boxes.
    • In the future, I'll see about kill quests for monsters that'll spawn for holidays like these so there's different sorts of quests for you guys to do. This is just to fill the void of that kill quest and how limited it was. 


  • The Halloween Hunt[Daily] will no longer be repeatable. If you still have it, it can still be turned in, but it since has been replaced with the new quest. 
  • Increased the amount of Sweeites obtained from 1 to 2 from the Trick or Treating Halloweening[Daily]
  • Added a 2nd chance to obtain Halloween Sweeties from Jack o'Lanturn boxes


  • Ogung and Simon (party and solo; lower level dungeons) have a chance of dropping 1-2 boxes each time they're killed. 

- Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the Al Kasava entrance limit. Should now properly be 40/40
  • Updated the older halloween items (Jack Skellington/Great Pumpkin) to now have tradeable pet skins and tradeable locked pets. 
    • If you had them previously, the items you currently have will be updated to match this. Unlocked pets are still NT.

Notes in general:
    - The Halloween Chest spawns in the one of 4 locations every rotation. So if at midnight the chest spawned on Enocia Hills, it will continue to spawn at that location every midnight rotation. Just to clear up any confusion with the "random" spawns.

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