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Weekly Ultra Random Number event

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Hey Guys 

I am here again bringing good news.

After me trying the random number event  out, it seemed to be a great succes and people liking it due to its simplicity and fun during the heavy grind we all go through.

After asking arround for when and how many times and some other feedback from the players I have decided on the following format.

There will be 2-5 event points(randomly decided) given out during a random number event. To make it even more random the day that it happens, the ammount of times the event happens a week and the hour is all randomised, but here is some small hints and tips (all is in server time)

1 I will try to do atleast 1/week ( i know i have promised this in the past and failed keeping it due to events that happend, thats why i have a compensation method(which is also random :O, for if i ever skip a week)

2 The Event will be at a random hour between 6 am until 1pm

3 If i do an event for Fk that doesnt mean i will directly go towards Rg or vice versa( there will be an equal ammount of events with equal rewards at the end of the week for both factions)

4 The numbers will always be arround 0-100, unless specified otherwise

5 You can only win 1 time per event

Now I hope this explains the general stuff about this event, to keep to the theme of randomness there will be some(allot) of it ;)

Ps this could be interesting :P


Good luck, grind well and have fun



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