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Patch v97

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The 65 Level Cap Patch!


I'd like this leave this little note here. This was the first patch where we completely broke away from Liveplex and had to do every little thing ourselves from scratch. From the additional skills, new battlegrounds, new maps, everything was done from the ground up.

Will this patch be perfect a free of bugs? There may be some here and there but we did what we could to assure the smoothest transition into this patch.

We spent a lot of time and over 20 test server patches to make sure that the skills work properly, that the gear was as good as a human could make it and that everything appeared as it should.


Also, with this patch, we will be moving everyone's position to Enocia and resetting your skills points to available for you. There are quite a few skill changes that was made in this patch, so we have to reset your skills to avoid any problems.


For the full patch notes (which were too long for the website to handle) please see this thread here!


Here's some important links to also go along with the patch!


View the new skill stats and more changes not listed in these patch notes by going here:

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