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Patch v99

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General Changes:

  • Doubled the amount of EXP gained when participating in 60 - 65 Janus
  • Greatly increased the amount of EXP gained when completing the quest "Defending the Frontlines of Janus"
  • Janus will now happen every 2 hours rather then every 3 hours
  • Removed the requirement of completing the "Skill Reset Check" quest from "Vivi's Gift" quest.
    • Note: If you jumped the gun and used the skill reset BEFORE even obtaining the Skill Reset Check quest, then we cannot send out a new one. Should you have normal skill points, then you have nothing to worry about. If you did not complete the quest and still have not reset, then we will force reset you down later.
      • HOWEVER, if you can prove you had a full AP inventory when completing the quest, causing the skill reset to disappear, we will send out a new one.  (Screenshots showing the quest taken and completed and the ap bag during is good enough)
  • Added a 'new' "Vivi's Gift [Daily]" that should now properly reset.
    • If you still have the old one, it can be abandoned




Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that did not allow the Enocia Warpchip to be destroyed


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