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Patch v104

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Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the missing icon on the SW Base Kappa Phantom Suit
  • Removed the level requirement for all XP Boosters
  • Fixed some of the 61 daily quests that would not be completed, or the named mobs would not be the required ones
  • Fixed the portal duration for 39 - 55 Al Kasava.
    • Should now match all other Al Kasava portal times - closing around the xx:45 mark
  • Added a possible fix for the gates not lowering on Sunday's 39-55 Al Kasava
    • Note: Unfortunately I cannot test AK changes on the test server, so these will have to be tested on live
  • Added a fix for the SE Founder's Bunny Girl Tux
    • Though you may not be as shiny right now, at least your body behaves correctly!



General Changes:

  • Updated most of the 61 quests to new monsters that are easier to find.
  • Added some quest navigation to the 61 dailies
  • Lowered some of the damage of the guards in Al Kasava
    • If they need it again, that can be done
  • Added a system message to lower level Al Kasavas, alerting you when the portal is about to close
  • Adjusted the drops for the EXP Hyperchips
    • They've been rearranged so the lower level the chip, the lower level of area it'll be in, and higher the chip, higher pve map it'll be in.
    • Level 3 hyperchips should drop around Barbiron/Mereholt!
  • Adjusted the Sit Hyperchip Lv7 to actually be an upgrade over Level 6



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