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Patch v106

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Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug involving certain Amara mobs not dropping their correct drop table
    • They should now properly drop Gamma Hexweaves and other items
  • Fixed a bug that blocked monsters and guards in Second Ark from spawning (50 and 60 SA)
  • Fixed a bug that knocked SWs out of stealth when placing Smoke Screen
  • Fixed a bug that allowed an SW to put down a Smoke Screen without a weapon equipped
  • Fixed a bug that would not let the quest "More Questions then Answers" from popping up to complete
  • Fixed a bug where certain quests would point you to the incorrect NPC
  • Fixed a bug where pve quests would give Medals of Recognition
  • Added a text fix for the 35-55 Al Kasava




General Changes:

  • Adjusted the starting times of level 40 - 49 battlegrounds
  • Adjusted the starting times of level 50 - 59 battlegrounds
  • Increased the damage and HP of the Sentry Guards blocking Turnpike 60 - 69 spawn
  • Increased the damage of the Armory Guards in Janus 60 - 69
  • Increased the duration of Deadman's Debuff
  • Increased the -debuff effects on Deadman's to make it a bit more painful to ditch a battleground



  • Amara can now be entered at level 59 - 69
  • Ellis can now be entered at level 49 - 59


  • Added 5 new costumes:
    • Monarch
    • Empress
    • Viridescent Candy Witch
    • Bittersweet Candy Witch
    • Periwinkle Candy Witch
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