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Patch v108

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General Changes:

  • Increased the chances of bosses in the level 60 dungeon of dropping Sweeties
  • Increased the number of Sweeties a level 60 boss will drop
  • Bosses now have a chance of dropping 1 and 5 Gold
  • Lowered the cost of Sati's event crafting items
  • You can now craft Seona's Mistress (Female Classes) and Seona's Paramour (CS)
    • In addition to this item, an additional cosmetic may appear towards the end of the event! Sati will remain for 1 week after the event finishes, so there is no rush to spend your sweeties before the 8th!



  • Base Pet Energy Triple-Shot can now stack to 255



Bug Fixes:

  • Dungeons should allow for dice roll again on rares or higher
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Seona <Event> to be pulled by whippers
  • Fixed that one spawn period where Seona <Event> would not spawn every 4 hours



Just some things in general to note. If you do not report your bugs on the forums, I WILL NOT see them. Please, do not wait till the time I log on to announce for maintenance to tell me any bugs. They will not be fixed in time for that maintenance.

This will be the final patch for this event. I will not patch/fix anything else unless it's a game breaking bug. So any bugs you saw weeks ago that you never reported, then they wont be fixed till the dungeon appears again.

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