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Patch v109

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General Changes:

  • Due to popular demand - Seona's Dungeon only will be left open till next maintenance on the 15th!
    • Seona <Event> in Enocia will no longer spawn
    • Sati's Daily quest will no longer appear/be able to be completed
    • The additional cosmetic mentioned in my last patch notes will be released when the dungeons are finally closed.
    • Sati will still remain open for 1 week after the even completes, so there is still no rush to spend your sweeties!
    • The Battleground rewards will remain as they are till the last maintenance of the month (29th of November) - after which, the increase in PvP Medals will be a permanent change
    • Ranking Rewards will no longer reset twice a day
  • The level 36-54 dungeon has received some major nerfs
    • Bosses will no longer reflect damage
    • HP/DEF/ATK on certain mobs have been lowered
    • The additional mobs that could heal should no longer be able to




Bug Fixes:

  • Added a test fix to all Second Ark battlegrounds
    • Should now properly spawn bikes/doors/supply boxes after the Daylight savings change


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