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Patch v110

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General Changes:

  • Removed Seona's Dungeon portals from Enocia
    • Sati will remain in Enocia till next maintenance





  • Sati has received 2 final costume items you can trade your sweeties in for!
    • These are a more expensive item and they will only be obtainable for this week only. After this week, they will NEVER appear in-game again.
    • The female versions of these costumes all vary in color!
      • Defenders have the blue version (pictured above)
      • Medics have the pink version
      • Punishers have the red version
      • Sentinels have the green version
      • Shadow Walkers have the purple version
      • Whippers have the yellow version


  • Added 2 additional costumes to the game:
    • Lota


  • Midnight Bunny-Girl Tux


I also suggest taking a look over at this google doc here!

I'll be posting suggestions that you guys have given us as of late and what's the plan with them and when to expect them. I'll be updating this post every 2-3 days (if DrDieLess doesn't hate me for making him do it), so keep an eye on it.

Any suggestions that you don't see here but would like to pass along, tag myself on the forums (@Vivi) or one of the GS's and we'll add it on!

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