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Patch v112

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The boss spawns of Narak Infant and Black Saint Ajatoss will be extended till January 17th (since Ajatoss was originally bugged)


General Changes:

  • Adjusted the drop rates of all 3 dungeons - more stamiars will drop at a higher % in the higher dungeon
  • 25 Dungeon now has a chance of dropping Level 30+ Unique accessories
  • 36-54 Dungeon now has a chance of dropping Level 40 Unique accessories
  • 55-65 Dungeon now has a chance of dropping tradeable versions of 50s accessories
  • Increased the EXP gained from Party mode for the mid/high dungeons
  • Increased the stack limit to 255 for the following items:
    • Basic Alpha Stamilar Replicube
    • Basic Beta Stamilar Replicube
    • Basic Gamma Stamilar Replicube
    • Basic Delta Stamilar Replicube
    • Base Kappa Omicron Replicube
    • Narak Relics
  • Skill Reset (NT) can now be destroyed



Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Black Saint Ajatoss' spawn. Should now spawn him rather then the Narak Infant
  • You can convert NT Passcards into tradeable/working Passcards from Julia in Mereholt
  • Fixed some of the quest text to point to the correct characters
  • After finishing "Nola's Request" the items you collected should now be deleted
  • Fixed the Frost Doe's walk animation and hungry animation
  • Fixed the Snowflake Facepaint - should now properly show rather then show as the reindeer
  • Fixed the Jewel Box (NT) - should now open properly and give the correct items
    • If you opened one prior to this patch and would like a new working one, put in a ticket and we'll resend it if we have logs for it!


Note: As you can tell by the patch number we're on vs the document that's keeping sort of a roadmap, things are off. It'll be updated next week.


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