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Reworked Kage guide (sort of)

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Hi there.

Today i'll talk a little bit about a great class that can fill a lot of roles some being way better than others.
Anyway, lets start with the Kage skills.

Skill 1 - Chakra Nature Screenshot-7.png


This skill is the fundation of Kage, with it you can pick your element, that will not only change the rest of your skills but will transform any dmg dealt by you into that element.

Skill 2 - image.png

This is where we will start getting into the diversity of Kage.

When using this skill with the fire chakra on, you'll deal medium dmg based on M-ATK, but the important thing is that it increases your P-ATK by 5% per cast, which stacks 5 times up to 25% and doubles the cast range of your dash abillity which can be very useful when you're chasing someone. Keep in mind that this skill have no cooldown so you can stack it real quick.

When using this skill with the lightning chakra on, you'll deal very little dmg but you reduces the enemy lightning resist by 10% for 8 seconds which stacks 3 times reducing it by 30% on total. Keep in mind that this skill have no cooldown so you can just stack it quick and get away.

With the water chakra on, this skill becomes your main tool to dps and self buff, it deals medium dmg and with each cast you get more cast range and bigger area of effect, additionally with 5 stacks you get a self buff of +15% DMG-Dealt. This skill also has no cooldown so you can and should use it between casts to keep that dmg buff always up.

While having the wind chakra on this skill will be your main skill seriously you'll barelly use the other ones, it starts doing medium dmg but as the stacks goes in it turns into a high dmg skill, those stacks being a debuff that decreases enemies nature resistance and defense by 5% for 7 seconds stacking up to 4 times. This skill have no cooldown so use it ALL THE TIME literally there's no point in using the other ones.

Skill 3 -image.png

For some chakra modes this skill is one of your best dps skill for other ones is just a cc tool.

On fire chakra mode this skill is pretty straightfoward, deals a nice ammount of dmg based on P-ATK, and that's about it. Take in note that this skill have a 3 sec cooldown so to make a better use of it chain it with a few "Fireball" casts.

Starting from this skill, lightning chakra mode starts to become pretty weird, anyway this skill works as follow: At the 1st instance of the skill you do low dmg to an enemy based on P-ATK and dash backwards dealing aoe low dmg based on M-ATK. As for the uses of this skill it is pretty obvious that this is your escape, so you can stack the debuff on an enemy and use this one to get away, keep in mind that it have a 5 sec cooldown so don't go too crazy on it.

On chakra water mode this skill becomes your highest dps skil, not to mention that it is the higher dps skill of kage overall, it deals high dmg and debuffs enemies crit/m-crit dmg by 15% and increases their dmg taken by 5%. This skill have a 3 sec cooldown so use it whenever its possible.

Using wind chakra mode this skill becomes into an aoe medium dmg skill based on M-ATK, it can also be used to trigger marks but we'll get to that later, i highly recommend not using this skill for dps as it is not worth it. It has a 3 sec cooldown but that doesn't matter since you can only proc the mark once.

Skill - 4 image.png

This skill to some modes is a engage to some others jut a cc and buff/debuff tool.

Again another pretty straightfoward skill to fire chakra mode, it deals medium dmg based on P-ATK and dashes at an enemy. The dash range is increased if you recently used "Fireball" which you should be always casting between other skills. It has a 4 sec cooldown so chose wisely when to engage.

While using lightning chakra mode this skill turns into a great engage tool, it makes you dash foward dealing low dmg based on M-ATK and stunning all nearby enemies, the stun ignores immunities even tho it isn't on the skill description. It has a 8 sec cooldown so you gotta time pretty well on when to stun the enemy party or group of mobs.

This skill for water chakra mode is the one that turns the battlefield to your side, it creates a zone around you that slow enemies movement speed and root them if they stay inside for too long it also decrease their ice resistance which increases your dmg, plus all allies inside the zone gets a zone of 10% M-ATK and movement speed with an adition of 20% extra M-ATK increase for the Kage itself. It has a fairly big cooldown so do not waste it.

Another skill for wind chakra mode that it's only purpose is to activate the mark, it deals aoe low dmg based on P-ATK and reduces enemies movement speed by 25%. It has a 2 second cooldown but you shouldn't be using it anyway besides to activate the mark.

Skill - 5 image.png

Just another cc tool to all modes.

On fire mode that's yet another straightfoward skill, deals medium dmg based on M-ATK and puts a debuff on an enemy that does dmg over time for 3 seconds based on 15% of your max M-ATK. It has a fairly high cooldown for what it does, it has a better use on enemies that can't cleanse or have a support nearby besides that its a pretty forgettable skill.

Straightfoward cc tool for lightning mode, it deals medium dmg based on M-ATK and yet being your best dps skill lol and stun an target, take in mind that the stun goes through immunities, it has a high cooldown so just do go wasting it just because you feel like stunning someone.

One of the best cc skills in game if you ask me and it belongs to water chakra mode. It does medium dmg based on M-ATK and reduces enemies MELEE WEAPON dmg by 100% and g-healing by 40% about damn time that a class can mess up with healers if you ask me . It has a low cooldown so you can f*** those damn healers permanently keep the debuff on someone permanently.

This skill is what makes the other dps skills of wind mode makes sense, it debuffs an enemy with 3 marks that will only be "applied" when another skill is used: If you use the skill 2 on marked enemies they get bonus dmg taken, if you use skill 3 they get mundane and if you use skill 4 they get stunned, keep in mind that this skill can ONLY be casted while invisible and casting it does not break your invisibillity which means that you can mark how many enemies you want with 1 invisible.

Skill - 6 image.png

This is where some modes starts getting some self buffs while other ones gets one more dps skill.

Good dps skill with a self buff included, it deals medium dmg based on M-ATK on an weird aoe and decreases enemies fire resistance by 10 per skill cast, which is pretty good to help those heavy in a need of nerf classes fire hitters out there. Additionally it increases your M-ATK by 7% per enemy hit stacking up to 5 times, which means that you can get a 35% M-ATK increase with one cast if you hit enough ppl.

Errr, it increases your movement speed and decreases your dmg taken which is good, additionally decreases your dmg dealt not like you do dmg anyway and increases your malice because why not. It has a big cooldown considering what it does and its duration, honestly i barely even remember to use this skill considering that its only 4 seconds.

A nice debuff while dealing some good dmg, it deals medium aoe dmg based on M-ATK and decreases enemies p-crit/m-crit rate by 20% and dmg dealt by 5%. It has a fairly low cooldown so you can keep the debuff permanently on enemies.

A pretty get away/chase buff for wind mode, it increases your movement speed which is nice and cast speed lol, additionally it decreases nearby enemies movement speed, it has a big cooldown so you should ONLY use this to run away or chase enemies.

Skill - 7 image.png

This is your self sustain skill in all modes.

With the fire mode it gives you some nice dmg reduction buff and little heal over time, take in note that you can't move while using this skill so choose wisely the right moment, since it has no cooldown you can use it permanently.

Pretty self explanatory, takes away 20% of your max mana to heal 50% of your max health, has a big cooldown so don't use just for the sake of it or you'll be seeing yourself dying pretty quick.

In my opinion that is the worst regen skill of all the modes which can be explained by water being good in everything else lmao it gives you a dmg reduction buff which is nice but it only heals you when you're hit and usually you can't tank more than 3 hits without a support anyway which makes the heal pointless

Gives a nice heal but immobilizes you and increases your dmg taken so its only good to use when there's no enemies around which you wouldn't need to use a skill to heal anyway but ok. Have a big cooldown but that doesn't really matter considering its circunstances.

Skill - 8 image.png

Last skill and is a buff for all modes.

This is the best skill of fire mode by far, it does so much for you, increases your dps potential and tankiness by only the cost of 1%HP per second which is pretty much nothing considering that you can just use pots to replace that. It has a fairly big cooldown and a duration that is half of that so pick the right time to use this.

Yet another easily forgettable lightning mode buff, increases your attack speed and makes your autos deal triple hits, not muching to say about this skill besides that i never use it, has the same cooldown and duration of the fire so if for some reason you gonna use this skill, pick the right time to do so.

That's your chasing tool for water mode, makes all your skills slow targets movement speed which helps you have enough time to cast while running after them. Has a big cooldown so you shouldn't use it in any other situation besides chases.

That's your only insivible skill in all modes and its the core of wind mode, it makes you invisible for unlimited time and increases your dmg-dealt and p-atk by 10% on the next hit, additionally gives you 40% movement speed buff to make you run around easily to pick your targets.



Ok, now that we went through all skills lets talk a little bit about the playstyle of all modes.

Fire mode

That's your bruiser mode, that have a playstile of being in the middle of the fight with your tank self buffs and moderate dmg.

Lightning mode

That's an awkward mode that the only purpose in my opinion is to stun targets with his skills that goes through immunities.

Water mode

That's your caster mode, with low mobility and tanky skills but with high debuffs and dmg with long range.

Wind mode

This is your assassin mode, with high mobility an insivible skill and medium to high single target dmg with some cc.


Kps and Certificates

From now on i will take in consideration ONLY the Halfkin race with my playstyle.


Those are the kps and certificates that i currently use. You'll be wondering why only 10 points on dagger atk/m-atk increase, that's because kage no longer requires dagger to use skills and since halfkins don't get any bonus for using daggers i just opted to completly skip daggers.

The certificates that might be changed are these image.png depending on which mode i'm currently playing on except for water mode that has is own certificate page being this  image.png

Take in mind that certificates can be totally diferent for you depending on what your character is lacking.


Now that we covered skills, kps and certificates lets talk about kage's glyphs



Looks like an easy choice right? And it is, easy as that Flex Glyph all the way.


So, now that we talked about all the other important points lets see the last one, being equipments. On this section i will not discuss acessories since they're pretty much self explanatory, aka cerberus for p-atk, asmodeus for hybrid, captains for m-atk. I will only discuss weapons and sets.

Fire mode - Awakened Flame Cerberus set

This set will put your hybrid dmg to the maximum since it have a buff that increases all dmg dealt.
For weapons, i recommend the lvl 100 dagger "Hallowed Slicer" and a shield of your choice, even without full kp points into dagger dmg, its the best option fire mode can use with its hybrid dmg

Lightning mode - Awakened Thunder Hound set

This set is the only one that makes sense to use while playing lightning mode it helps you survive more for the cost of dmg, and since lightning mode doesn't do dmg anyway i think that's a good add to it.
For weapons i recommend the lv80 sword "Amethyst Twin Blade" and the lv95 shield "Shield of valor" yet again helping you survive for the cost of dmg.

Water mode - Awakened Evil Necromancer set

This set is the only available choice for light armor users that needs a M-ATK heavy hitter set. It will boost your dmg to the maximum.
For weapons this is were things starts to get interesting, i recommend you to use the lv95 mace "Templar's Honor" as it is still the best dps mace out there and the lv95 shield "Apocalyptic Defender" being the only M-ATK shield.

Wind mode - Master Hunting set

This mode being the only one that realistic could make the better use of a non awakened lv100 set. As wind mode is a P-ATK only class if you don't play it like that there's something wrong with you it's obviously that it would be the better mode to fully utilize the stats from a lv100 set.
For weapons i recommend you to use the lv100 club "Archangel Club" and the lv95 shield "Knuckle Bracer" those being the weapons that can put your P-ATK potential to the maximum.


Final thoughts

Kage is a pretty fun class that will require from you more than 1 playstyle unless you wanna play only one mode.
This whole "guide" was made based on my opinions and from no one else.
Nothing on this "guide" should be taken as an serious argument since its all my opinion
Anyway i hope you had fun reading this "guide" and that i could help you with something at least,

~~See ya

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