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How to Transfer your VGN to AP


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Donations for Eden Eternal and Eden Classic are done a bit differently.



The card first must be purchased from PGC. To view how to do this, click this thread here:




Once a PGC card is purchased and the VGN is applied to your account, head over to the webmall.



Once there, you'll see the option to select "Alpaca Points"





Open this menu and select the amount of AP you can purchase using your VGN.





Please allow 5 minutes for the transfer in-game to complete and it may require a full re-log.

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  • VGN GM



When transferring VGN to AP, please make sure you are transferring it to the correct game! If you transferred it to Twin Saga when you meant to transfer it to Eden Eternal, then it will not be transferred back to Eden Eternal.


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