Baguette in heavy struggle with the keyboard in QWERTY

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Hello guys,

I have some serious struggle playing with the current keyboard in QWERTY (NosTale).

Does someone have a good solution to play with AZERTY ?

Changing the computer language fix the problem when casting spells however when talking to someone it is also difficult...


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8 hours ago, MishFit said:

Hello C0ZEN,

Have you tried repairing the game files or changing the keyboard language to English?

I hope i helped you, regards.

Hello and thank you for the answer.

Yes, I did change the keyboard language to English (in this case, the keyboard is QWERTY).

Casting spells in such case is good, due to spellbar using QWERTY binding.

Nevertheless, I am used to write with AZERTY so when messaging someone, this is messed up.

Anyway, I think that the only solution possible at this point forward is having the feature of custom mapping directly in NosTale or maybe having a third option when changing the binding using AZERTY instead of QWERTY.

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You can quickly switch from a QWERTY keyboard layout to AZERTY and vice versa using one of the following key combinations: ALT + Shift or Shift + ALT. If you use an AZERTY keyboard, press Shift + Alt Gr.

I hope i helped you, regards.

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