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  1. In view of the latest comments, I wanted to know how true it is that the server is going to close, since the company we all know (Gameforge) is shutting down NosTale's private servers for copyright. I wonder if the comments circulating in the community are true or not.
  2. It's not 8 hours in ts, if it's 2 it's a lot.
  3. MishFit

    ACT 6.1/2 EXP

    If you want to ascend C lvl, you must start luring in act 6.1, there is also an act 6.2, but for those mobs you must have a good team. Remember to use the ancelloan, the tarot and other things to help you climb faster, remember that the faster you kill the mobs, the faster you will climb. ¡Regards!🥰
  4. I am sorry that you are going through a health crisis like that, I hope you recover and everything goes well.🥰
  5. MishFit


    Hi imaiya, Try to repair the game files on the computer that gives you problems, or reinstall from 0, if you do the latter make sure you have deleted all previous files. I hope i helped you, regards.
  6. Hi C0ZEN, You can quickly switch from a QWERTY keyboard layout to AZERTY and vice versa using one of the following key combinations: ALT + Shift or Shift + ALT. If you use an AZERTY keyboard, press Shift + Alt Gr. I hope i helped you, regards.
  7. Hi AterKorban, Check that your firewall is not blocking access to the game. If it doesn't work for you, try to repair the files or install everything from scratch, make sure you have deleted all the files from the game. I hope i helped you, regards
  8. MishFit


    Hello bielhercom, Note that your firewall is not deleting the files from the game, it may detect them as a virus and delete them for security. I hope i helped you, regards.
  9. Hello C0ZEN, Have you tried repairing the game files or changing the keyboard language to English? I hope i helped you, regards.
  10. The game is only in English. To change their language you must alter game files, for now no action is taken by the Support team, but they do not approve of that. Since they are external files and may contain malware and in case something happens to your account the support team will not help you in any way.