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Hello VGN, I don't know the right place to put this but I have 2 suggestions of another game you may try to make a private server of.

The name of one game is Kabod Online

2nd one is Age of Conan

It would be awesome to have a private server of these games as these games were really fun when I played them.

I hope you may have a look into doing this

No pressure though xD

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I prefer let VGN improve their services for these 2 games 1st. After they r done, idc if they have another new games. No offense but their service isnt good enough. Especially on ticket n fixing bugs, advertising, etc. They take a few months or year to solve a bug or maybe never fix it. I think u r EE player n idk about EE's bugs, but in SB there r many bugs in game

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