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  1. @Daddyi hope so, so this will be last skill patch,so u guys can start focusing on lv 69 cap n etc. Lemme guess, sw new passive skill? Where each hit have a chance to unequip all sw gears? Hahaha
  2. Ahh ic. I thought pull n stun will affect depends on ur ch acc. Ty"
  3. Even u have 100k eva but ur ch eva is only 500. U still get pull effect ^.^
  4. 2 rocks/ 5 runs is rlly a bad luck, even when i dont have pwtchip n nexus buff or anything related +drop rate, my worst record is only 1 rock/ 2 runs. I agree with lowering the materials needed for petchips, n also accessories if possible
  5. Like a DE that have +8k crit atk, why CB doesnt have crit atk improvement at least 2k or 3k?
  6. @Sabin 2 smolderings/ 5runs? Lemme guess u r lv 65?
  7. Is it possible to add crit atk on reckless shout?
  8. @Norleras poison smoke. Currently it reduce 12% ch acc. Maybe u can change a bit, into only reduce ch acc 20% to a single target? Idk it will make it fair or not.
  9. @Stupefy if u need inventory slots, try claim their new starter pack. It gives 3 bagpacks(30d).
  10. @Norleras how about if u guys change the poison smoke into debuff like hex? Single target debuff that reduce umm.... maybe only -ch acc i guess. Thats much better bcs like i said, using full ch acc set alr make u have guarantee hit. Maybe with this debuff can help sw slightly.
  11. The reason why i want to ask to change the attribute is just to make DoT great again. But if they r disagree, im ok. Im nt forcing them, i just give ideas.
  12. Pu isnt a sw counter class. N if u say cant kill buffed tank, u need to ask some ppl in ur faction, ive seen 2 PUs could bully tank class. N once again depends on ur team, if ur team is good, u can mainly focus 1v1 tank
  13. Is it possible to make particle have dot? All i know in this game only plasma category dealt dot Would be awesome if particle can dealt dot. Idc if u lower the dmge amount since it gives dot
  14. Yea it was. But now, its ...... n making it to have disable is just too crazy hahaha. I wish sw have plasma skills tree instead particle :3