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Patch v117


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  • Seona's Dungeon has been activated in Enocia
    • More information for this can be found later in the patch notes!
  • Class Skills have been completely reworked. Due to the nature of the website and it not being able to withstand a multitude of text, all information on changes can be found here.
    • Because of the large amount of changes, all skills have been reset for each player.
    • Please remember to place your skill points in again!
  • Davidson's Bikes now sell for 1500 gold
  • Davidson's bikes now have a warning on them stating they cannot be enhanced
  • Mother Miracle now has a 2 minute Cooldown period in order to avoid the abuse from it
  • Disabled the quest A New Trasmitter [FK]/[RG]
  • Disabled the quest Skill Reset Check [FK]/[RG]
  • Added Legendary Passcards to the following quests:
    • Killing Just a Few [Daily]
    • Fauna of Dragon Valley [Daily]
    • Cleaning up The Arkana [Daily]
    • Entering the Ship [Daily]
  • Doubled the amount of Legendary Passcards from the following quests:
    • Trouble in Mereholt [Daily]
    • Struggles of Enocia [Daily]
    • Hardships of Barbion [Daily]
  • Added a Safeguard Replicube to the following quests:
    • Checking out the Competition [Daily]


  • EXP Hyperchip buff now lasts for 1 hour rather then 30 minutes
  • Added a Base Pet Chip for the following stats:
    • Base Crit Rate Pet Datachip
    • Base Attack Pet Datachip
    • Base Defense Pet Datachip
    • Base Chakra Resist Pet Datachip
    • Base Movement SPD Pet Datachip
    • Base Crit ATK Pet Datachip
    • Base PvP Defense Pet Datachip
    • Base ACC Pet Datachip
    • Base CP Regen Pet Datachip
    • Base CH-ACC Pet Datachip
    • Base Crit-DEF Pet Datachip
    • Base Crit-EVA Pet Datachip
    • Base CH-ATK Pet Datachip
    • Base SP Regen Pet Datachip
    • Base EVA Pet Datachip
    • Base HP Regen Pet Datachip
    • Base Max HP Pet Datachip
    • Base Aggro Pet Datachip
    • Base CH-EVA Pet Datachip
    • Base Regen Pet Datachip
    • Base Max SP Pet Datachip
    • Base Healing Pet Datachip
      • These will be used to assist in leveling up characters and can be found on most world bosses:
        • Omega Specimen
        • Ancient Giant
        • Haziel
        • Nephilim Stea
        • Nephilim Angel
        • Python
        • Asmodeus
        • Behemoth
        • Cairn
        • Helios
        • Argo
        • Widowmaker
        • Ayallal
  • Removed points from all Chests/Towers in Janus, Siren, Turnpike and Second Ark
  • Davidson has been added to Mereholt. He'll now upgrade your lower speed bikes for 180 speed bikes!
    • Items to do this can be obtained from the item mall!
    • NOTE: You WILL lose your enchantments when you upgrade your bike. Be mindful when upgrading - we cannot restore an enchantment once it's gone!


  • Increased the enchantment probability for all enchantment levels
  • Additional Costumes and Pet skins have been added to the Item Mall
  • All Bikes can only be used outside of combat now


  • Doubled the amount of EXP needed to level from 1 -> 29
  • Adjusted the amount of EXP needed to level from 30 -> 33
  • EXP and Drop Rates have all be moved to server side functions, allowing for additional changes to be made to old and new dungeons!
    • Derelict Tunnel (Floor 1 and 2):
      •  Lowered the EXP gained by monsters and bosses by half (Solo/Party)
    • Drasilmarsh:
      • Ogung (Solo/Party) now has a chance of dropping Magic and Rare earrings
      •  Increased the chance of all bosses (Solo/Party) dropping Gamma gear/Accessories
      • Lowered the EXP gained by monsters and bosses by half (Solo/Party)
    • Bitterstone Core
      • Increased the chance of Harbringer and Azreal dropping accessories
      • Increased the chances of all bosses (solo only) dropping gamma gear
      • Lowered the EXP gained by monsters and bosses by half (Solo/Party)
    • Subterrainian Factory:
      • Increased the change of all bosses (solo/party) dropping delta gear/accessories
      • Rabid Dragon Sentry (Solo/Party) now has a chance of dropping Magic and Rare Accessories
    • Ignis Vortex:
      • Increased the chance of all bosses (solo/party) dropping delta gear/accessories
      • Vulcan now has a chance to drop Magic and Rare Rings
    • Abyssal Temple:
      • All bosses should now drop Zeta gear instead of Kappa gear
      • Increased the chance of Simon (solo/party) dropping Unique Costumes
      • Lowered the HP of all bosses (solo/party)
      • Lowered the attack of all bosses (solo/party)
      • Lowered Asura's Defense/Protections/Resistances (solo/party)
    • The Archeron:
      • Increased chance of Unique Gear dropping from Mega Shadow (Solo/Party)
    • Drasilmarsh Hard Mode:
      • Increased the EXP gained in Solo/Party
    • Diguised Ship:
      • Increased the EXP gained in Solo/Party
    • Dragon Valley
      • Doubled the EXP gained when killing all map monsters and bosses




Seona's Spawning Ground has returned to Enocia for another year!

Event Duration: October 31st, 2019 -> Novemeber 14th, 2019

Entry item required: Passcards

Dungeons can be found in Enocia!




Defeat bosses and monsters to win Halloween Sweeties that cna be used to create spoopy Halloween themed items!

These sweeties can be traded at <Event> Sati in Enocia (right by Idel).


**Please note with this dungeon **

The bosses wander around certain parts of the map. They'll stay in general areas, but they do in fact move! If they are not there, look around for where they may be walking!


Seona has been seen breaking through the portal and crawling through Enocia! Kill it and get a chance to receive the pet of one of the pet skins that drop from her dungeon! Seona also has a chance of dropping a rare Skeleton Face Paint!

  • She's been seen wandering in front of the guild manager in Enocia!





  • Fixed a bug involving Baby Pink's missing lingerie Jewels
  • Added a test fix for the bug where Gilded Web v1/v2 would crash you when getting on or off of it


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