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  1. I told Bash give me my old ics back but he didnt and this is happened.
  2. I would rather remove this limit two accounts for a raid, that would be awesome 👉👌
  3. They exped them in A5.2 for one hour you are able to make 4xlv55 200IQ
  4. cepik


    Even me Bash called gold seller Everyone is gold seller
  5. yeah and now suggest something about this shit drop and give players good reason why should they make ics on ch1-ch9 when you always get same reward, even you kill solo the whole ic
  6. I paid for exp these accounts so I basically did nothing . When I do not break rules I think its my bussiness what I will do with that accounts
  7. So why I am not banned yet? Go and report me on ticket and write there I am gold seller I want to see what will happen
  8. So here we go again. Do you like new trade system? lets vote guys: https://www.strawpoll.me/18001037
  9. I already have 30x chars lv 80 but fight with 30 accounts? what the fuck is wrong with you guys. THATS NOT POSSIBLE! Why should I go this new ics where is my profit zero? and if I would go solo ic I would even lost my gold because I would use some 100% hp potions hah! its stupid like this new trading system
  10. Its my bussiness what I do in the game I do not care about you as well. Nobody will tell me what should I do or I should not. 10 years developers of this game knew about this bussiness and they done nothing with that until now. And some plebs have no rights to tell me if it was right or not, its not up to you guys. Absolutely everybody could make solo ics and not only me so I dont understand why you saying so many shits instead of doing solo ics and made a lot of gold as well
  11. so you morons you want to say I should fight with 30 accounts and ic would be worth it like the old one, yeah true but who the fuck is able to play with 30 accounts in the same time? me not. as Sa-Chan said he has satisfaction from killing mobbs at ics, I do ics 10 years and I do not see satisfaction there. I let people like him to kill ic and get their satisfaction feel because I am able to survive ic without kill any mobb! so why should I do more work than is necessary for me. Simply clever
  12. For one old ic I made more than for 12 new ics do not tell me that is not worse because yes it is worse. Even with 30 chars who would fight, I would make more with one char on ch6. First use brain and then your hands before you write something
  13. Squizzy: I have no time for raids I have a lot of work and ic was ideal bussiness for me. I did not even spend my stuff what I collected from ics. We had 10 years same ic and I did not hear any complains about that. This is just no sence shit what developers of this game done. They ruin ic bussiness and they think they make more money from their dying game. Maybe you noticed they adding just costumes and pets, no bugfixes and when they released this new class I was done. I think this new class is absolutely unfinished and dont have a chance against anyone in pvp but thats another topic ^^ Sa-chan: I think even on multiplayer game you can do some things solo without other people. If they want to finish ic they can, I am not on ch6 anymore, oh wait, no one cares about ics on other chs. Everybody is ch2 and yeah it must be rly hard to kill lv 80 mobbs with c48 r8+10 EQ and SPs 99+15+100 I believe it. and IP check will be not working, definitely not.