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  1. Well this is certainly unfortunate isn't it.. Didn't even give us a chance to create contacts with people we've met on NosVGN.. Great decisions as always. Anywho, it's been a fun ride, I have negative interest in the other games here so I'll be taking a leave. It was fun to meet ya'll, fun to play with ya'll, fun to learn some of ya'lls languages (those who were willing to teach me some words and phrases in german and spanish, that was cool). I hope we can find another private server that doesn't suck someday and play again 😄 Best wishes ~ MelodicRose
  2. I wish you the best. Side note: you said you were leaving last Friday, yet you are now giving almost daily updates. This is beginning to seem familiar from every other time you have said you were going to leave.. And this is perhaps why you are going to receive hate. You never end up leaving, so in the end it seems like an attention grab.
  3. Well, im glad you are taking initiative to make a change - i hope it goes well for you nayxa find some smiles, it helps
  4. Haven't you said this before
  5. It was a nice waste of a year..

  6. Am I allowed to say that this was obvious..
  7. Welcomeeeee... On a side note.. No, I neverrr come here.. EVER O_O
  8. The feels when you finally find a community within a private server that is actually under good leadership and management.. and then you see the leader of the project that you adored, but was so poorly run and given so much lack of care appear... Welcome
  9. Who is this Nubcake? Let's see... Where to begin... My name is Kait, my IGN will likely be MelodicRose in any game I decide to play. I'm a 20 year old college student (USA) studying meteorology! I played NosTale(UK) for nearly 9 years.. and was a Moderator on their forums. I'm playing on ya'lls NosTale server now.. but it's quiet, so suggestions on which game I should try please! I'm a kpop addict~ I love severe weather.. so much as to go storm chasing in a week. That's about it. LOL What do you want to know about me?