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  1. @Daddy OH HIIIII! RIGHT! zaebja! haha wouldnt remember that tag cuz i never really called you that. But yea i realized all of you guys quit the game after lurking on forum for a bit. I'm just playing this for a while to burn time here and there now long time no see, hope you are doing good as well!
  2. Well the icon in game of V2 looks black and red, and the icon of V3 looks like the picture from visual bike guide of V2. So is there an error on the guide or the icon in game?
  3. I'm wondering if anyone can tell me the color of each version of Magnum bike? Screenshots are much appreciated. I'm unsure what the V3 looks like especially since on the Bike visual guide, it's not shown. Thanks!
  4. Ah I see, thanks so much for clearing this up for me!
  5. Hey guys! I have a few questions about this game if anyone can help me I would really appreciate it. 1. Is Madfly worth keeping or should I not waste time and get another pet? I've seen a post in the guide section about how Madfly can now be upgraded to lvl 30 or 40. But my Madfly shows lvl 20 potential hp, and lvl 30 potential sp. I'm just wondering if other pets are also lvl 20/30 as well? I'm planning on playing for quite a while so I'd like to start sitting in the club now with a permanent pet. 2. Did VNG make stardust safeguard non-tradable at all? I can seem to find any on the AH. 3. How is SGs obtained now since I cant find them in the item shop either. Bosses? How rare/valuable are they? 4. Is it more worth it for me to buy a bike (160ms max ones) from the item shop and upgrade it myself or should i wait till i have enough gold and buy ingame? This is somewhat linked to the above questions as id SGs are non-tradable it would be hard for me to get them. 5. Are passcards not buyable either except from AH? How valuable are passcards now since you can only seem to get it via drops. Thanks so much in advance Cheers!
  6. Thanks guys! And thanks for the tip! I'll definitely invest in them when i get enough gold The Filomena i remembered was on RG side and someone who stayed in CG for a LONG time. I remember she was the highest ranking lvl 29 player with one asterix rank I think.
  7. SO, I used to play this game back in 2013-2014, then recently found out about VGN (thanks for making this game alive again!!!) and started playing again. I forgot most of the stuff in this game but picking it up again has been pretty easy. I'm wondering if there is anyone here whom I used to play with. I used to be apart of Curse guild on the FK side. Anyone still playing? The tags that i remember were Alloxya (loxy), SLPCherry, C? idk thats how i used to call you. I recognized some ancient player still doing nice and well (filomena mainly ). Anyways is there anything I should know that changed? The game so far looks pretty much the same to me (lvl 25) with the exception of crazy prices in AH. Cheers! -Marlentino (Whipper)