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  2. @WaltzAureusI dunno? if you will remember me ? BUT i do as i recall? the times even if it wasnt much?️ in ELLIS (THINK i was in party ?once with you) i think? you may know?️ jagerjack (FK) as DAEMONHUNTER (RG) in asb HOPE this HELPS https://forum.vendettagn.com/index.php?/topic/6830-patch-v112/ COULD share? that there's a change in exp daily☀️ boosters?️that used to be daily quest now AT Lv15-30 you will now recieve 500% , Lv35-55 is 700% finally L60-65 is 1000% exp booster Every 5 LEVELS you will get a side quest? you will need to ✅complete✔️ in order to acquire SAID boosters SO no more daily quest boosters to collect from IDEL, I joined SB on Vendetta on June 14th 2018, i KINDA stopped?abruptly Nov.26th 2018 though when i came back on Oct.31st that year was on hiatus⚰️ after a month when i joined where i did my achievement daily for "MEREHOLT LEGEND" but i will be back soon i noticed you never joined >Phenomenon< guild back in asb dunno if you are willing? to give it a ☄️TRY, (WE are ?️‍?️SOCIAL? community Emeris/Arian was thinking about creating a guild group chat could be on here in community BUT think it was intended for Discord, my DISCORD is Petty#8263 , ARTILLERY (LV 39 PU) discord is Fusou#1181 , Emeris/ARIAN (L39 SW) discord is Althinya#1127 and xKalibur/Alixia/YamiRyu/NeoGunBlast (L39 PU) discord IS ╰☆╮闇ドラゴン╰☆╮#2139 ) Xkalibur was ex-Phenomenon member, ex-GS in ASB he says, Artillery is current master? rank i left guild on absence?️ BUT will return? KUDOS ?(GUILD is grade 6 lvl 7 i think)
  3. @Kamsos I just give you? a follow?I knew it had to❎CROSS you in your WILDEST? DREAMS ?nobody gives up ON their passion? "home? is where the heart♥️ IS" IT always HURTS? me so MUCH? whenever i hear about someone quitting?️ game AS much as i waited? so long? to join THIS game (on June 14th 2018) & FINALLY start using forum (on January 4th 2019) if you know POOR@Filomena she may have lost someone(Inquistor? GUILD) in Mistery L39 PU, WHOM may no ?️ longer be with us Discord?️IS Petty#8263 if you ON ? or USE?️
  4. @Nipaa That's right no introduction/farewell is Far COMPLETE without your love ? That's WHY you were made for This?
  5. @Merrin You wouldnt mind, trying out Vendetta Scarlet Blade too would you? AS aeria Games still owns https://edeneternal.aeriagames.com @NoRunNoGun @MrDoudouIm NOT advertising just being honest , https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scarlet_Blade_(video_game) AS mentioned on there; Game was shut down / sunset in asb (aeria scarlet blade) in March 2016 due to technical difficulties & server stabilities it ran very "LAGGY" i stopped on Nov. 1st 2015 when i was kicked from >Phenomenon< guild by a player called Shapechanger time he was Master rank for not spending much time online though i came online everyday to make donation guild was grade 6 lvl 7 when i was in guild and i owned it i fought for Shapechanger rights though when he was kicked by Quietfury to get him back in he would give Master to another player in guild i helped got back in guild (that left once) in balls event they used to have in asb called CuteChrist for AFTERMATH after i retired though i was a L53 whipper at the Time (LAST MAX LVL was 54) MY faction i chose was always siding with Royal Guards since i ran my asb debut was on May 14th 2013 when game was in closed beta when game was lv29 max when it started there were 3 servers: Andromeda , Valkyrie and Venus of course i was Andromeda player but that was before they merged it into one server called "Solaris" time i started i played until starting of June 10th when i like other certain players couldnt cope with having no quest to lvl up so i stayed L25 returned later that year in December 13th 2013 IGN was ALWAYS Petty and if you use discord it's Petty#8263 it's on my profile located under VGN Games since i can't get my bio to show up in profile
  6. You mean? This @GoddessSand?? NOPE? though?️‍?️ @Filomena ?️‍♀️and I ?‍♀️ may seem like(INTERROGATE)?type; we are the partners? in crime ??to ensure the safe☔keeps and company? of friends?️ we mean no? harm?"WE COME? IN PEACE?." ALL @Filomenawas must be doing is directing? traffic?‍♀️ and i definately HAD no ?collection? of people? knowing⁉️about you Here AS If you DONE?‍⚖️ anything wrong☝️ BUT lookinG-SUSPICIOUS!? what about you? @Nipaa know?any @GoddessSand?
  7. @Ophed Well good news for you BOTH @Filomena & I are FELLOW "ROYAL GUARDS" together SAME Here Filomena's IGN : Filomena and mine IGN : Petty so that makes the three of us! ? my Discord is Petty#8263 , usually when ever discussing to other players in convo where they found SB they response would usually be from youtube any thing involving ADULT-Themes? that made them start EVER upon joining asb (aeria scarlet blade) where i was born on May 14th 2013 I discovered game similar to the legendary? former player RG later FK & WHIPPER SerehFarron whom would say "I will always remember when I discovered game from a website from an ad" MY Lvl there was L53 whipper in Solaris when they merged Andromeda , Valkyrie and Venus into one server before they shut☄️ it down I stopped playing on Nov.1st 2015 when I was kicked from my own guild, In closed beta i played on Andromeda currently in Vendetta where i debuted Jun. 14th 2018 Im Lv29 at the moment Filomena on the other hand stayed lv29 for almost the entire game but decided to Level? when they came with shut down announcement Filomena currently has about 4 chars; ? Filomena2, Filomena3 and Filomena4 think they are meant for farming ⛏️ and stuff representing cap numbers at all nines i used to be in Filomena's guild? >Inquisitor< in asb I think it was given to her by Italy?? even though when I joined Filomena was Master think she told me about that Information?, i would say your level is pretty great think you should ?camp L39 if you want as for you @xencosti Filomena would like to know if you were a famous? player back then in aeria games ran?‍♀️the game?
  8. @COmetkun99Your words can do wonders ? you are an inspiration ? to others here your words are like a charm ? very touching? I recommend you work here YOU should apply to join to become an GS (Game Sage) or a Support can be near closing in at any moment just ask @Nipaa whom was born HERE on September 27, 2018 & is already an "Eden Eternal Support" HAPPY NEW YEAR to ALL ? whether in FORUM or in GAME , SO... taking a little peek ? at your profile you already started helping people giving them a strategy with your action-packed state of the art advice about guilds and buildings orginally thought you created a guide but I can feel your spirit & potential is THERE MY discord is Petty#8263 we can chat it out as i love making friends so let's make it the "NEW YEAR" it rightfully deserves ?
  9. @kokokukuThey doubled on the drops, exp, everything was cheaper too in AH they recently changed the daily boosters you recieved by idel before that it was basically the same only L50 was additional for hoarding 1000% boosters they now have a exp chip that increases with LVL just like it does with Sit Level Chip, FORUM is so "NEW" to me so you're NOT alone only problem is I'm a Royal Guard but makes it so interesting too is that you are whipper too well i really hope you are main one or still have one, I know @Filomena too so cheerful and motivating SHE did took me under her wing just like she usually does with other players found me a home in >Inquisitor< guild only wished it lasted longer & made donation in guild hall now that i think about what i did all i did was scavage parts for level25 that i needed but put the previous ones i wore in guild warehouse and invited in practically anyone i could find is how I put it i know it wasn't much but Filomena seems impressed she would say "FULL Already?" I wished i did more people up until recently would tell me how nice a person Filomena was I think Somi DID SORRIES for you ifyou don't know me maybe Bikini is the only one other than Filomena that frankly remembers me i know a name you will remember me as plenty people do up to this day but I'm NOT going to say it here but i can message if you like or in-game if you decide to create royal guard or already have one BUT bottomline is this is my true-self always been my home in asb on since May 14th 2013 Vendetta debut is Jun 14th 2017 MY discord is Petty#8263 ABOUT EXP boosters change Lv15-30 you will now recieve 500% , Lv35-55 is 700% finally L60-65 is 1000% exp booster Every 5 LEVELS you will get a side quest you will need to complete in order to acquire SAID boosters SO no more daily quest boosters to collect from IDEL ? CHEERS~ WISH you ALL the BEST in investing "YOU WILL POWER THROUGH YOU'VE GOT THIS"
  10. REALLY, @Filomena I meant it as @GoddessSand being a simple person, showing his loyalty & Dedication is what i meant BUT THANX for alerting me however how people view him to be as Role Model!
  11. OHH WOW Can't believe it's really TRUE! ? CANT believe im actually chatting with the almighty @Bash OH IT'S true it's DAMN TRUE , I will make the best of it THANKIES for your help I will stay for as long as i can hope i can become a support to everyone here someday or i could be another @GoddessSand as i will intend to spend the most of my days here i will promise to make it daily and holy you can promise me THAT o, o
  12. @Nipaa i sent you a follow WC \o/ your very WELCOME =0= IF you never TRIED out SCARLET BLADE I suggest you do give it a TRY you will love it as much as i do as i always flounder back to it IK i never been a support before i can imagine trying to cope with the difficulty but im up for any sort of challenge as i love hearing voices heard & CONGRATS for getting it so early JOINED on September 27, 2018 and a support already I'D call it a "MILESTONE" in the MAKING :*>3 @Filomena I miss you so much sorries i left that ONE out *A* (FORGOT TO QUOTE YOUR NAME O n O)
  13. Want to start off by saying THANK YOU for follow, Filomena (^w^)/ ; IT really MEANS alot *^o^* wish i cared as much as YOU & Community :()--|---< does about me I was TALK REALLY? *A* it's no surprise as Artillery said "We've searched every corner of information where you left off"
  14. Some of you if any will remember me in asb (Aeria games scarlet blade) if NOT I am Petty of royal guards I used to be andromeda player time game was in closed beta at lv29 and used to hav 3 servers Andromeda , Valkyrie & Venus before they merged it into 1 Solaris i played up to lv25 and took time off my game due to lack of quest how other players put it for remainder of that year when i born into game on May 14th 2013 My DISCORD feel free to ADD is Petty#8263 I will be joining game soon my last time i logged was on Nov. 26th and my debut in Vendetta was on Jun. 14th last yr xxx
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