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  1. Alouette

    Patch v35 Feedback

    Maybe I didn't explain it as well as I should have, I came back from the bathroom to find I had that debuff because my pet killed the small mobs, and that elites had just come up, I went to the bathroom while they Weren't there, granted this doesn't work unless you leave your character in the elite's path, which I did because I was waiting for them, the time of their spawning has not been consistent for a while now. Sometimes they even disappear out of the blue leaving their 4 followers frozen in their path to the crystals. To be honest I was perfectly okay with the "teleported to aven" part of that check, as it would be easy to go back to the map than it would be to wait 10minutes. It's already hard enough to get the enchants with the heavy rng, if you want to punish AFKers by all means put the timer on 1 minute if you want, I just don't agree with the 10 minute wait debuff, just sending them to aven seems enough, it's not like the buff stops people from just going back and leaving their pets to work. Edit: By the way, there's an issue with the bot, every time I change channels to keep hunting the bot keeps popping up faster and faster all of the time, I feel like it's less of a punishment for afkers and more for real players, my friends have been having the same issue. I know you just want people to spend time playing the game, but this isn't really helping me and my friends optimize the time we have to play, it just comes as annoying. Couldn't it have been possible to put something like "Auto turn pet off after 5 minutes" or make the bot "If you don't move for 10 minutes warp to aven" in normal maps rather than kill-check.
  2. Alouette

    Patch v35 Feedback

    So the captcha has already gotten old. I was hunting elites, had to go to the bathroom for a moment, then I come back to find I can't do anything for 10 minutes, and to rub salt on the wound elites just came up, imagine that on DoS, something pops up and I have to look away from the screen for a minute or two and then come back to find I can't run and someone takes the spot while I wait for 10 minutes of BS. Thanks for that :^)
  3. Alouette

    Patch v35 Feedback

    Someone already mentioned the Auto-Sort Gear-Swap bug, but there's a few others, for example you can for some get the shovel trophy while killing the normal mobs, also the captcha sometimes pops up for players that are actively playing (as shown by that one guy who died 3 times while running, RiP) but not for AFK players, I personally think it wasn't a very good idea xd and afk'ers could've been handled differently, also I think the Trial Master title should've been different from the GoP one, you have to do 50 trials to get a title that is basically the same as a single-entry GoP title.
  4. Alouette

    A suggestion to make 3vs3 great again

    Make pvp great again!
  5. There is no feeling worse than spending 30 dollars trying to get a costume, to fail 70 times, and then when you get a 100% win you get a costume that you didn't want or is for the opposite gender. 30. Dollars. For. A. Faillure. Can't we make the 100% prize a choice? Hasn't someone already spent enough trying to get a single virtual costume to be "lmao trolled" like that? Don't even think of coming up with the excuse "oh but you can trade it ingame" SIR. Almost every female costume costs a lot more than male ones! #Rant #UpsetAF
  6. Alouette

    Content Suggestion -

    I feel that some of these things, while they will lenghten the game, they will also be extremely frustrating / boring / too much effor por people with already small time to play. This game's story quests are already literally "kill 20 things go talk to this npc then kill more things" let's not make it more stale than it already can be. Edit: You know what I would like? Make GoP require Lv100 to enter, that way there'll be less Lv95s just hoping to hitch a ride on a good team scrambling to get the GoP items when they don't even have their awaken armor or a good upgraded / gemmed weapon.
  7. Alouette

    Costume Suggestions

    Ahh I see, then I'll sarch the other xLegends games to find more varied wigs that include horns or ears and the like, alongside weapons and accessories, having so many limitations sure makes work hard xDD but the hair flag could be related to that one issue with the Tarragon Horns from the dragon expedition? You remember those horns used to change the character's hair into the low poly version that is used with helmets, maybe you could check with Vivi I think she fixed that one, maybe something could be done, there's always a way with programming
  8. Alouette

    Costume Suggestions

    I'm surprised we still don't have almost any actual masks to wear in the face, we have a few but they're not exactly that good xd and the Fox Mask doesn't even go in the actual face, we also don't have Fox Ears (Kitsu ears don't count) or wigs with fox ears / dragon horns. What I mean is, we need more variety stuff, I'll be editing this post with pictures of varied costumes from other games that could be great in EE~ Also I wanted to know if it was possible to make things like Horns and Ears but have them in the Special Costume slot, so we could use wigs and combine them with the ears and horns.
  9. Alouette

    Making Class Costumes actual Costumes

    Of course, a huge amount of things aren't a priority, but it's good to keep them noted for possible content inbetween big updates :D here's hoping that it is possible~ Also in the kinda same topic, do you think it could be possible to edit the bones of the potions that change the body size? The ones that frogs make for specific races, for example the Lavender Perfume for Human Females makes them taller, but their legs stay kinda open in a weird position and their animations look kinda derpy
  10. Alouette

    Making Class Costumes actual Costumes

    I know necroing a thread is bad but we never got an answer to this qwq
  11. Alouette

    Altar/Mystery Box Suggestions

    When are we going to see Pet Battle Theories again :c
  12. Alouette

    Dismantle and Re-Roll Legendary Items

    I love and hate that at the same time lmao
  13. Alouette

    Normal Class TW Changes

    I honestly feel like Deadly Icicle is such an iconic skill that changing the way it works would just feel wrong, I like Nethe's suggestion better, just lower the damage rate instead of the number of hits, there are other ways the class could be made less powerfull
  14. Alouette

    Adding a bigger Eden Amethyst trade at the NPC

    Oh :c then can we add a trade option for 100? just the same as it is right now, but trade 100s instead of 10s xDD