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  1. Alouette


    Ohh I hope you find a way Jordan, maybe you could make it a function tied to a hotkey if a skill can't be made, or maybe even slowing the decay rate as a temporary fix 👍
  2. Alouette

    Funny things

    That's what I meant, I really should've written that better, let me fix it.
  3. Alouette

    Funny things

    Then make all the other pots removable by death? MP and HP pots can already be removed by trophies that remove buffs so I can't see why we can't keep them after dying. MP is an important resource that Jordan wants people to put more attention to, but that just emphasizes that a team should be rewarded by having their anti-buff dps like celestial or reavers attack high mp using classes to remove the mp pots, rather than just people losing the pot from a random death.
  4. Alouette


    I'm curious about the players' opinions on durability, what do you think about it? Is it a good mechanic in this game? Is it maybe unnecessary? For me, I feel like durability adds nothing to the game, everything breaks so fast and repairing it costs nothing except the time of having to open the guild window and pressing repair, the gold spend on repairing is so little that it can't be considered a gold sink either, but that's my opinion, what do you think about it?
  5. Alouette

    Can't enter TW

    Ohh so it was like this too before, what is the correct method to change the timezone so the game can properly use it? Also what was the timezone for the server? 😅 I hope you can find out what changed, I've always had my own timezone but it always worked 😧
  6. Alouette

    Can't enter TW

    So a friend of mine was trying to enter TW yesterday, but he got a "Battle closing" message, someone told him to restart his pc and change his timezone to match the server's for some reason but it didn't work, he still hasn't found a solution, any ideas?
  7. Alouette

    Add Nature's Will to PoD

    So they do already drop from PoD? also yeah you can get them via viroona mobs, but since we can get 90 and 85 in PoD I was thinking it'd make sense if they also were in PoD
  8. Alouette

    Add Nature's Will to PoD

    Simple suggestion, update Path of Destiny so that Lv100 or 105+ rewards give Nature's Will :c please?
  9. Alouette

    Awakened Weapons Suggestion

    I'm hoping that lvl 100 awakens are like the Lv 75 ones, a mix of Lv 100 weapons + Holy 95 weapons, mix the power of lvl 100 with the utility of lvl 95 holy skills
  10. Alouette

    New common way of farming for gold

    Aww oh well, at least save the dungeon idea for the future, I would like to see something like that, kinda like how you would mobilize troops in gvg but for a dungeon or trial, that'd be cool.
  11. I was thinking, outside of racial crafting, run selling, spending real $$$ and slowly working your way into the trading / economy of the server, the mos common way of getting gold for most of the players is doing fae and viroona runs all of the time, probably with alts, and while it does pad the game time, it makes things really, really tedious and boring after a while, even with music. I was thinking, why not add a super hard 1 player dungeon with daily quests that gives an average of what you would normally get from doing Fae Field runs / Viroona DGN runs. Imagine this: A single player GoP type dungeon where you have to command npcs as well as fight mobs and bosses that deal a % of your hp as damage with their skills, they could even have a buff that made their normal attacks deal 0 damage but do like 10% of max hp per hit and have mid or slow atk spd. The way non healing classes would heal is by passing through a small healing area that changes place every few seconds. You'd have to command mobs to go to certain parts of the map through dialog in a strategic way while scripted enemies move to those areas, and you'd have to manage your soldiers and yourself. The dungeon would be hard but rewarding for the players that have already spent a very long time getting their characters to the high level of having gop gears, +14 sets with gems and achievements etc. And when you complete the dungeon and turn in the daily quest you took the quest would give you a debuff that resets daily. I imagine there would be 3 quests and each quest would give you ~7k or ~8k, and upon completing each quest you would receive a debuff that prevents you from entering a specific dungeon. The first quest would prevent you from doing Fae Fields, the second and third ones would prevent entry to the Viroona Dungeons. I think it's a fair tradeoff that the dungeon is single player, it's hard, it rewards you for your time spend strenghtening your character, and since it takes less time away the tradeoff is that you cannot use that character in fae or viroona to get other things like ccm or npcs, so it would make a legitimate choice wether to do these quests or not. You could even do a single quest or just two quests, maybe you don't like the viroona dgns, or maybe you just don't want to do fae but you want the items from viroona. Since this dungeon would only be 1 entry per day you'd have to choose wisely. It would be a godsend for people with really low time to play, and it would add some action and excitement to the game since the dungeon would be hard, heck you could even get creative and add an AI that randomizes the way the enemy npcs move each time, because once you set in the routine that is run fae 10+ times daily like a landmower, you don't go back from that routine, it doesn't suddenly start becoming fun again. I feel like i made a lot of misspellings in this post but oh well. Edit: Actually meant to put this in suggestions not in general oh jeez, I did a derp, if any mods see this could you please move this post to suggestions? I don't think I can
  12. Alouette

    Okay what the heck are these altars

    Generalizing a bit too much there, there's plenty of completely innocent people that got shafted because of the bad ones
  13. Alouette

    Okay what the heck are these altars

    I would believe it if I was the only person with that issue from the mystery boxes, except that world chat from the last few days has been chaos over the altar / mystery rates from every big spender in the game, including myself. It really doesn't feel 50/50 when several people get a 20/80 But I guess that could just be collective bad luck xd On the altar side I guess Vivi got really, really upset with the people the abused the EC bug, althought I still saw a few 500 ec packs and 999 ec packs in auction and aven shops respectively after the wipe, and people complained about buying several ecs at 50g and then getting wiped which tbh it was too good to be true
  14. A single Diamond in the crystal altar, horrifyingly terrible rates that absolutely cannot be denied (No one is going to believe that "rates are the same" stick, no one in the entire server.) and then straight up terrible diamond altars that have pure items that can easily be gotten in normal crystal and gem altars. Is this a meme? Are we being pranked right now? Where's the hidden camera? Also mystery boxes rathes are just as terrible, 8 robust pets per 2 magic pets, at least try to not make it so obvious xd
  15. Alouette

    Patch v35 Feedback

    Maybe I didn't explain it as well as I should have, I came back from the bathroom to find I had that debuff because my pet killed the small mobs, and that elites had just come up, I went to the bathroom while they Weren't there, granted this doesn't work unless you leave your character in the elite's path, which I did because I was waiting for them, the time of their spawning has not been consistent for a while now. Sometimes they even disappear out of the blue leaving their 4 followers frozen in their path to the crystals. To be honest I was perfectly okay with the "teleported to aven" part of that check, as it would be easy to go back to the map than it would be to wait 10minutes. It's already hard enough to get the enchants with the heavy rng, if you want to punish AFKers by all means put the timer on 1 minute if you want, I just don't agree with the 10 minute wait debuff, just sending them to aven seems enough, it's not like the buff stops people from just going back and leaving their pets to work. Edit: By the way, there's an issue with the bot, every time I change channels to keep hunting the bot keeps popping up faster and faster all of the time, I feel like it's less of a punishment for afkers and more for real players, my friends have been having the same issue. I know you just want people to spend time playing the game, but this isn't really helping me and my friends optimize the time we have to play, it just comes as annoying. Couldn't it have been possible to put something like "Auto turn pet off after 5 minutes" or make the bot "If you don't move for 10 minutes warp to aven" in normal maps rather than kill-check.