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  1. Altar suggestions

    This precious thingy u3u I want to suggest it for crystal altar (I dunno if it counts but if it can't be on altar pls put it on Mystery Box :'c)
  2. Trophy Enchants that arent guardian

    That actually sounds like a good idea, if All TEs had resistances then they could all be viable with different bonuses
  3. Stacking Summoning Scrolls for fame

    List of the names of the items for crafting right? I only know of the Altar and Potion ones tho, I don't know which items are used to increase exp for Mine, Farm, Foundry and Magic Pool
  4. What if we made them like the items that spawn bosses as summons? You know the ones that drop from Red Crystal mobs in 0/10 dungeons? Have them at a set Level, White Lv25, Green Lv50, Blue Lv75, Gold Lv100, and the Mount skill would apply the mount depending on the pet summonned
  5. Are Auto-Clickers illegal?

    Ohh :c I understand, I'll ask Jordan if he can put an extra item that sells stacks of 10 maybe /o/
  6. To all of you complaining about Dragon Emperor and mp issues, let's first count together the ways that we can viably recover our mp in PVE (not counting pvp because you'll have either a Sage, an Illusionist, an Equilibrian, or won't be 24/7 on your mount): -MP Fairy Sprite -Stonmo Trophy -Dragon Taming Rules Trophy -Mana Potions -Soul Mana Potions -Anuran MP Potions -Luminary's MP Certificate I use literally two of all of these, the mp certificate and stonmo, sometimes a potion or two and I never run out. As for damage, both pets give you the bonus that fits your playstyle, physical or magical, and using the dragon mount amplifies that bonus even more while still giving you full access to every skill's effect that normally you can only access with the specific pet, as well as giving you a bit of the Other side's buffs as well, and every attack skill has a buff that increases the damage of other attacks, not to mention an aoe poison that does % of your m-atk as damage, a -40% defense debuff, a +10% magic damage debuff, and a 100% Triple Hit buff that lasts 3 Seconds ON a 3 Second Cooldown. All you need to do is memorize what skills give bonus damage to which skills and chain those skills into combos depending on the situation, dragon emperor has a hibrid playstyle where both sides can hit hard even if you only focus on one of them, if you're a physical DE you can still use the Magic dragon pet and mount and combo your abilities to focus on giving bonuses to the magic side if you need to lower BP, and viceversa if you're a magic DE but need to lower Slash BP. I also used to think that the dragon knight had an MP problem, but I can admit that it's not as bad as I thought, in fact it's exactly what I wanted, that you couldn't just go full damage and expect to maintain 100% mp all the time, you have to give up damage for utility and sustain, or give up sustain to get more damage, which the dragon emperor already has a lot of. I always get most damage dealt in any Trial, Tower or Boss Hunt I go on, even on some Expedition Raids where there's like 24 other people I'm either in the top 5 or straight top, not saying this to show off, saying this so that you see what I mean by a lot of damage, and I'm not even a Top Gear player, I play Hybrid, 3.00 Phy/Mag crit dmg, 65%~ crit/m-crit, 190k P-atk 165k M-Atk base without dragon pets, those are my stats, it's not even a top quality build. Back on the actual topic of my suggestion :c Jordan, I think that in the end the best that we can do is not limit what can be done out of worry for the community's backlash or harsh words, even to this day there's still people that rage and make mistakes and fail Dragonslaying expeditions, a lot of them can't grasp the concept of not using pets while doing the Yellow Crystal Only strategy, others still forget to break the crystals when they do decide to do it, I think a dark-souls like approach wouldn't really be that bad of an idea, even if people don't like it at first or can't complete it at first, that doesn't mean the challenge shouldn't be there, if we just keep everything easy or "manageable" just because of those things players won't grow, if they are faced with a challenge they can learn how to do it and adapt, and the ones that learn will teach others and eventually more and more people will get better and that will allow more people to learn how to do it, just like with the current dragonslaying expedition, there's a lot of people that still can't do it quite right, but there's a lot of people that can do it, they learned, they taught others, and those others taught even more people, so that most expeditions today are a success, imagine if Riot Games never took risks with their updates, the game wouldn't be as populated as it got, even if it feels like a bad idea, making a raid like the one I described could be good in the end to help the playerbase grow, rather than keep them lazy or give them "manageable" challenges, giving them harder but possible challenges could be good too, that feeling of satisfaction when managing to win against the odds and expanding one's horizons.
  7. My mouse is literally going to get a heart attack from me clicking it so much while buying lv20 Summoning Scrolls to make fame :c it's going to die qwq
  8. That's a long solution qwq but it'll have to do it if can't be helped :c
  9. So battle mounts are never going to be a thing, right? but imagine if we had Battle Mounts! And by that I mean the latest idea my wife had, what if our mounts could be summoned to our side to fight and walk around with us? Just like games like Horizon Zero Dawn, Final Fantasy XIV, Mabinogi, Assassins Creed Origins etc. At first we thought there would be no way to do something so complex, but then I thought, mounts are a buff in the first place right? it doesn't actually summon a nine tailed fox under your character as a separate entity, but rather your character assumes a pose and is put over the model defined by the item, could it be possible to change that item to have a different function? If for example you had the mount Nine Tailed Blizzard Fox, when you right clicked / used the hotkey for the item instead of straight up going into the mount buff, it would grant the player Summon State, summon an entity with the model data of the fox mount, this entity can walk around at random like the ones from Kage's summoning skill, but it follows the player if it's a certain distance away kinda like normal pets, it wouldn't have an hp bar and no time duration, but it could only attack enemies by using a targeting skill (that'll come into play later) so people couldn't abuse it to afk farm stuff since they'd have to manually target each monster to attack, and you can't use mounts on instances so no mounting in dungeon trial tower or anything, and it wouldn't be able to attack player characters so having it in arena or TW/GVG without using it as a mount would only be another target for aoe classes to get free hits and activate their buff and effects, meaning players would have to take care to unsummon their mounts before a fight starts. Since the mount "Item" no longer straight up puts you into the mount state, that function would be replaced by two new General Skills (Gray skills that all players have regardless of race of class): -Mount Skill: Allows the player to mount their summoned partner, applying the correct mount state depending on the Summon State the player has, changing that buff into it's respective Mounting State. This skill would be disabled inside instances where mounts aren't normally allowed. -Target Skill: This skill could be handled one of two ways, the first would be rather useful to all classes and it would mean classes with skill pets wouldn't need their respective targeting skills (ex hunter or warlock), it would allow a player to direct their summoned pets, not just the Summon Mount but their regular pet, like CA's Dragon or DE's Dragon or DT's demon to attack a specific enemy, and in the case of the Summon Mount it would be ineffective against player characters or just disabled for PvP maps. The second way would be to just have it be specific to Summon Mounts, with the same rules, attack a monster, disabled in pvp maps. I think it would be really realy cool to have your mount as a partner for traveling especially for classes that cannot summon their own beasts and are forever alone :c it wouldn't raise a star on the entire game but it would be really cool, we could even have emote skills for the mounts and interactions or stuff, and being able to switch from mounting to just having it as a partner would be really cool too, imagining using the item and the mount spawning a bit far from the player to see it running towards us, it would be rather cute I think, the mount's stats could scale with the player's or just numbers set by hand to make it balanced, maybe skills depending on the mount? I know that if this idea is possible and accepted you'll probably save it for new content, I'd understand since changing every single mount to this format would just be a ridiculous amount of time and work, or maybe just changing the general way mounts work to this would change all of them I don't know, althought it would be really sad that none of the mounts we have or love couldn't get to work like this if you only do save it for new content only. What do you think?
  10. Already did that too :c
  11. I did make sure :c 10 whole runs on goss mountain's dgn
  12. Before I could run low lvl trials and give exp and cp to another character no problem with taunt mode, and now for some reason it doesn't work? is something wrong with the exp rate or just a bug? :c
  13. Can we stack these to 999 to make fame easier? can we change the production time of Lv20 potions down to 1 second? :c Edit: Can we also increase the building durability? The cost for repair will just scale with damage anyway right? it would really help especially it take longer to deplete so people don't have to repair so often :c and other buildings too, so they last longer before people have to ask the guild they're crafting at to repair them (sometimes no-one's online or it's afk characters :'v
  14. Weapon Re-roll

    Awww :c gosh darn spaghetti code, thanks x-legends (?)
  15. Yeah I can see your point, especially the flaming when something goes wrong :c althought in the end most people did learn how to do the dragonslaying expedition, it's normal that it takes time to learn and properly do these things, no one should be expected to first-try a dungeon designed to take coordination and work, if these players went to dark souls and got destroyed by the first boss due to not fully knowing the game, would it be the fault of the game or the players? I think they could adapt and it would be a fun challenge, but that's something that trial and error can show :c As for your project I'm very excited for the things you mentioned~ having options for difficulty is almost always the safest bet, that way players can't really have a valid point for getting mad in had because they choose that one, not the game. I'm especially happy to hear about the heal-down for the dungeon, because in PvE healers are really, really overpowered, so much that dodging stuff isn't really important unless it's something like Petra's infi-fear in T4, which a warrior can just activate it's healing and solo it while other classes attack from afar, or an insta kill attack that usually has 3 seconds of casting time and a small area / requires a buff/debuff to be unaffected by (kahlo tower and meteor crater's bosses still cheese me sometimes with their insanely fast multi-hit attacks :c) I'll be rooting for you to get that release date aim /o/ so march and april won't be as loaded for you (Also any news on the base class skills and racial skills updates? Hoping for something like Human's Snub to become a % Malice decrease instead of a fixed number, some racials are really powerful while others are questionable, like comparing Human's Purification vs Hurricane Armor or Flame Bomb