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  1. My belief is that the item's center, spawn point, and size aren't calibrated properly, as the game only unloads it from certain angles, because the model's "bald" part of the head has a bit of a pointed top and covers the model's origin.
  2. The only thing I didn't like is shield asking for 5 items from Wormmy, my friend actually believed you removed that boss in the patch because it's alive for about 15 seconds and there's at least 5 people camping it at a time, everything else is good o/ I would've liked to have more variety on boss items required instead of 5 of the same
  3. Ohh so you can work it by having someone else inside the dungeon or trial, that's the only thing that worried me, because my wife loses a good deal of entries every day to alpacas qwq
  4. You misunderstand, I don't mean player level, I mean class level. As in leveling up engineer or blade dancer to 80 so they can awaken them and then get the two trophies to level the character. The Vendetta Treasury is an event dungeon, they said it isn't available all the time, you can't count that as a viable option.
  5. There's this thought I've had for a couple days, new players of the game get thrown into the high levels relatively quick without much time to properly level their classes and get awakened classes that they will need to do things like run BTS, DoS, SFF, etc. and mostly depend on other high level players to help them get into the 80s so they can awaken classes and start doing things on their own. Should an item that raises a selected class to Lv80 be added to the starter pack or as a high level quest reward? (if it can be added) Or maybe a high cp dungeon in which only normal classes can be used and is limited entry to lvl 90<->95? Naturally someone will state that "Oh well they can get into <our guild / insert guild here> and get help from others, we love helping *wink wink nudge nudge*" but I do believe that the option to level by oneself or in a free party should be available for new players to not feel pressured into joining guilds and request help to progress.
  6. Hello, I want to ask if it would be possible to make regular DGNs and Trials like the new lvl100 trials, where if you get alpaca'd you don't lose your entry, we've been trying for a while to collect enchants from trials and we've been suffering extreme amounts of alpacas every day for the last few months (which this might be the 97th time I'll have to say it's not because of our internet or pc) and losing so many entries every day is very discouraging for enchant achievements.
  7. I have to say Dragon Emperor.... When it actually has mp, and by mp I mean a dedicated mp giver. Becuz alone it lasts about 20 seconds xd
  8. So today I realized Dragon Emperor can't fight for more than 20 seconds even with mp pot spam and mp por lvl2 activated, can we just make this class weak and give it mp so I can actually play it :c I don't even care if it's weak I just want to play the game
  9. If you find a way to do it, (which I believe you can because you managed to put viroona on the map as a normal warp point) that could open doors for much more than just level limiting weapons or specific items!
  10. I'll be looking forward to it, here's an idea that might be useful, you could add a relatively strong weapon or set that new players could use, but has a max level limit of 90 / 95, and isn't as good as real +14 Lv95 gear of course, that would encourage people to focus on getting their gears good at that level before going to 96 and trying to get into things like GoC
  11. I think a good solution would be to change the lv 90 DoD, when you finish your quests as a new player and you're in your 90's you get the set that has good defense, but your weapons are just awful, and the 10 free stones you get have a 1/20 chance of giving you a good weapon that can't yet carry you through fae. Making the single-player mode of DoD drop more weapons or adding a lv90 temple knight weapon set would help a lot, also changing the level up rewards you get from the level orbs, they are literally ancient and do almost nothing for a new player, not to mention having them until 60 was good when the cap was lvl 65, we're at the basic starter levels being around 90 now. Having a newbie's guide in-game could also help explain things from the game more easily, such as daily things to do or methods.
  12. That's fair Also no internet since 24th how do you survive ? I would be dead
  13. I understand your feelings and intentions but that's a bit of a un proffesional post xd this isn't a school where the teacher can punish everyone for one student's mistake, this is a bussiness, the server makes money that people spend on it
  14. The disconnection problem happens mostly when running mobs on DoS, and when we leave our characters to gather materials in guild town, but it also happens at random when doing other things like just sitting in aven or in empty maps, and this isn't an issue we've had before, it happened after a maintenance, that's why we're suspicious of that xDD Edit: I should clarify, me and the friends I know are suffering from these dcs are mostly from south america, it could be possible that the connection between SA and the servers became weaker or something xd because other games don't give us any issues.
  15. Today my wife got dc'd 11 times as of the time of this post :c