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  1. So anytime I minimize eden or alt+tab the game has a 50% chance to get stuck or become a black screen. Cannot be fixed, have to close and reopen the game. Anyway idea as to what can fix this?
  2. Also known as PirateKingOnline, it's a game I played a lot before when I was just a lil kid, I remember spending years on it, the idea of being a pirate and having my own ship that I could upgrade was so cool, the classes were amazing, even the ones that were basically in every other mmo had a unique charm, and the naval wars were amazing too, instanced dungeons were cool and rewarding and the grind always lead to an amazing feeling when you got those unsealed armors with the best runestones, even the economy and trade and sea commerce were great!
  3. So sometime ago I suggested a server for Pangya, but that game wasn't really a good option since people would get bored of it / not really be interested in it. In that post I mentioned Rakion and I thought, why not suggest it? Rakion was an amazing action rpg arena game with pve co op dungeons, it's controls were smooth, it had fun mechanics and a high skill cap while still being easy to pick and play, I remember in it's day servers were full of people with glorious fights and wars all over, but there was one problem: It is owned by Softnyx. Softnyx is Aeria Games if it was one kjillion times worse. Money >>>>> All. Armor, pets, summons, weapons, consumables, everything was better, and I mean way better with cash. And it had a terrible ammount of hackers that attacked the game in spite of this. The game still exists today alongside Gunbound, but they're both barely populated because of Softnyx's incredible greed. Of course that doesn't take away the fact that it was an amazingly fun and action packed game. Here's a couple videos: Golem War Round A random pvp video
  4. I support this idea! I loved FlyFF I played it a lot years ago, I'd prefer this over grand fantasia honestly
  5. I like the idea, and I support it for those that want it, althought the game doesn't feel fun to me because of the very dated and stiff controls, animations and graphics.
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