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  1. Alouette

    New Items on Upcoming Updates Suggestion

    Would it be bad to have a 2H crit dmg enchant? there's crit and m-crit dmg 1H enchants :c but only m-dmg 2h enchants
  2. Also known as PirateKingOnline, it's a game I played a lot before when I was just a lil kid, I remember spending years on it, the idea of being a pirate and having my own ship that I could upgrade was so cool, the classes were amazing, even the ones that were basically in every other mmo had a unique charm, and the naval wars were amazing too, instanced dungeons were cool and rewarding and the grind always lead to an amazing feeling when you got those unsealed armors with the best runestones, even the economy and trade and sea commerce were great!
  3. Alouette

    Curious about MP optimization

    Yeah it is true that you can cover most of the mp cost using both anuran mp potions, but the system itself feels unfair, getting more mp should be a reward not a punishment at all, and it really would be way better if the abilities consumed a fixed ammount that increased with level at least rather than a full % (or my previous suggestion of raising the overall mp cost for other skills making it feel like you actually use the mp instead of it going away on it's own even if not attacking *cough cough*) (Also having 20k mp vs 30k mp means a consumption of 600mp per second vs 900 per second, one is completely covered with just an mp potion lv2, and the other will require more items to cover it so it does make a difference still)
  4. I had a thought today, normally in any game getting more mp means you get to cast / use more skills or spells right? That is also the case in this game for most classes, except those that use a % per second, where getting more mp is actually a hindrance since the cost per second increases to match the new max ammount, that brings me to the new accessories that give MP, were those intended to be secret nerfs to classes that have a % per second consumption? Does this mean that the optimal build for those classes is to have characters with a low mp total? that means low lvl mp class ability and no curia books? I may be wrong but I feel like getting more mp is more annoying than not xdd
  5. Alouette

    Some tandom things I thought while sick.

    I thought Illusionist was supposed to be an aoe dps tho xd but I would love to see Devil Hunter get some love, some classes that are really good at pvp aren't as good in pve sadly :c Also that idea of having a class that gets stronger the more debuffs and statuses it has on has always been a favorite of mine, being a monster that gets stronger the harder they focus you *w* or even people who just mindlessly spam skills and stuff
  6. I was thinking, could it be possible to isolate specific models from the class costumes and turn them into actual costumes? The Magician and Bard line hats are fabulous af, someone said they'd like to see the Thief line's mask as a costume (mask, not the headband) and there's other really cool looking costumes like Dragon Knight's armor and Shaman's Anubis Mask, Warrior's Badass Helmet etc.
  7. Alouette

    Altar/Mystery Box Suggestions

    Scarlet Infernal Dragon Pet On Mystery Box šŸ˜†
  8. I was wondering why Devil Hunter can't use Stealth during combat, considering a really big skill of his set can only be used during this state and it gives a 50% damage bonus, I dunno but I like the idea of a demon hunter being able to flash out of sight and then reappear behind you all "nothing personnel kid". (also I'd still love to see some classes which use the % per second mp consumption buffs to change that consumption into an mp-cost increase instead of per second consumption, mainly classes where the buff actually changes / affects abilities like the dragon classes, illusionist, etc, and even trainer (their mount doesn't consume mp but I feel it should increase the mp cost since it does change the abilities into stronger versions) so that it feels more like the mp is being used as the skills are used, sometimes during a fight you have to retreat but still be ready to counterattack and the time you're not using skills mp is still wasted away, of course it could be a mix of both, 1% mp per second plus mp cost increase since some skills not only affect abilities but also give passive buffs) I also feel equilibrian is a bit too strong in pvp for having no cost or downside. I'd also like to see some sort of ability where it increases your power based on how many debuffs you have on you, it'd be a cool idea to see a tank that becomes stronger the more people attack them, so people wouldn't just wildly throw everything without a care. I'd also like for that Devil Hunter skill to have a "can only be used in stealth mode" text because at first I thought it was bugged lol, also on Angel of Justice's aura that reduces block to say that it doesn't affect bosses, since they don't have a block stat.
  9. Alouette

    Patch 97 Feedback

    Wrong area :v sorry I'm sick and asleep, ignore this post and don't look at the edit.
  10. Ohh I see, by the way this question isn't related to the topic at all but is it possible to add custom races? I doubt female ursun zumi or anuran are possible since no models for their female version costumes or class equipent exist
  11. Ouch :c RiP in pasta shields, sucks that we can't change things and have it automatically apply to already existing instances of items, thanks xLegends /o/
  12. I have no idea why the magical shield only has physical options, was that an overlook or a coding limitation? :c
  13. This is something that I would be interested in seeing, althought it's mostly the Racial Skills that I would like to see updated, I understand that logic and lore wise you're not suppossed to be using a skill that you've had since level 1 when awakened classes are a thing so I don't expect Regular Skills to get much attention, but I'm interested in Racial Skills, which are unique to each race to be updated and powered up to a state where leveling them up does make a difference, right now there are some racial skills that are amazing, some that are good, some that are meh and some that make you go "Why is this even a thing", and the ones that aren't static buffs (like the Zumi's ranged dps buff that gives double and triple hit) are kinda really weak and only minimally usefull in pvp (Looking at human p-dps skills) or pve. I believe that rather than having races be good at certain things and bad at certain things we should have races that are good in everything but for different reasons, like humans being good at survival and zumis being good at enhancing their abilities. This could either be done by changing the scaling values of non static buffs, changing the skills completely, or turning them into static buffs, within reason of course, we're not actually going to turn the human's p-dps healing buff from healing like 800 at Lv100 to healing 5% hp per crit, that would be utterly ridiculous. Maybe 1% or 2% per crit would be good, or maybe a stack mechanic where landing X ammount of hits heals a % of hp, these are just ideas. We could also turn the regular damage per second stacking skills into ones that deal 1% hp per stack while still doing their respective secondary effects and combos.
  14. Did some research and turns out they don't have them, weird xd they seem like the kind of wings to be animated. Well there's one thing that is still weirder: The wings have this weird glitchy look when looking at them that gets worse the farther the camera goes, only close up and at a certain angle does most of it disappear.