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  1. hi guys. i'm looking for something that can atleast help me in building an effective all-around Blood Knight and/or Paladin. been looking all week in the internet, and it had lead me nowhere. i appreciate any response. thank you in advance.
  2. thank you so much for the responses. been looking for guides for weeks now, and haven't found any good ones since. im new, so it's kinda hard to look for guides to atleast grasp the concept of classes, especially the awaken classes.
  3. hi guys. i'm a newbie. just downloaded the game today. now, i played EE years ago, but it was just a random jumble of a mess. so, right now, i wanna know if templar and shamans are any good? saw them years ago, but was unable to use them. are they viable for solo? finally, can someone link or guide me into choosing and making these classes effective. would also welcome solo efficient summoning classes if possible. thank you for reading
  4. yes, thank you. i really appreciate the help.
  5. newbie here. i miss the game too. wish there was a way the game can be made a private server.
  6. thank you so much for replying. i couldn't find it anywhere on google through hours of searching. if someone can point me on a private server, especially from VGN, it would be perfect. once again, thank you.
  7. hi everyone. i'm a new member here and just downloaded EEV. i know it sounds ludicrous for a newbie, but i wanted to ask if VGN can somehow revive Dragomon Hunter as a private server? idk how stuff works for this exactly, but I was just asking away since EE reminded me so much of DH. thank you so much in advance for reading and pls answer if you can provide information or disregard otherwise. once again, thank you :)