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  1. MaD2210

    PvP Idea

    No Idea if you could do it but... What if we could chose our side in TW ? There will be possible alliance between guild and would make every TW more fair. Hope it is possible.
  2. MaD2210


    Thank you very much ma dude
  3. @naru imagine an active server that has every building accesible with active guild overdead guild ? IDGAF about celestial having it. If new content come and we need it lv13 who the fuck gonna lv up a dead guild ? Just fucking think. Lol ? Sorry for looking rude but jesus just think a little bit before writing something.
  4. Then get it +6 over +10 ? Why going +10 absolutely ? It not only about power but strategy ?
  5. The Cap 65 will stay there for a really long time, what make it so urgent to get all +10 ? Isnt a Classic server ? Back in the days it was even harder and grindy. Whatever the game you will play you'll grind as much as hell. For example : Albion Online, for a single farm item to rank 8 it take minimum 2 week and you have 6 different thing to farm and this is only farm not craft and gear. Jordan is doing his best to keep it as balance as possible but you can't forget many awaken player had cap gold and could buy ton of VGN. Free Player are playing it the balance way. Sure things, taking your time is the best way to enjoy the game like it was back in the dayz. Going fast is for Awaken.
  6. There is 1 Farm Lv12 in this server and it only Celestial who own it, sadly Celestial is dead and always need repair. There is 1 Mine Lv12 in this server and again it Celestial. There is 2 Magic Pool Lv12 in this server but only Memory and Offline 2 dead guild has it. Kingdom became Lv12 today and our taxes since it a magic pool with Enchant will be set to 3% over 5% for memory and celestial. My idea is to ask everyone to just use our low lv building to get it Lv12, I will try to keep in our gt 1-120 enchant and farm and mine as much as possible. Thank you for those who will contribute.
  7. MaD2210


    @infecttado can you make the knight icon into a 32x32 bitmap one ?it fit with Kingdom theme and would like to test it.
  8. MaD2210


    Battle Mount is probably the worst thing in pvp but would be nice to have them for PvE. PoDing with a mount on or dr running would end up being easier and more friendly for new player that dont own move speed achievement and for the fun of battling with your mount. Just asking to know opinion.
  9. MaD2210


    They do *-* @infecttado
  10. Crystal Sabretooth Boxes ✔️06/18/20 Nine-Tail Boxes ✔️06/18/20 Sport Auto Two-Place ( Red Black and White one) mount.
  11. Awesome ! The only problem Jordan is the price of it, 3,5-4k gold for heartflame for let say a gold craft Lv60 that give 9 point achievement that alrdy cost 1-2k of material it end up being 5k gold for something we will never user anymore. Only putting it in altar gem for example would make some player grab these heartflame lower lv and selling them 400-500g that would be way better. Just my idea, if you dont want it perfectly fine since stardust 50% make you have 78% chance of craft.
  12. Being someone who does ton of achievement even gold craft too I feel the same way, maybe having an altar gem rotation for like heartflame 70 or 80 or 90 over prime item. Bringing back gold blueprint in ep shop is a good idea as long as it the same price as before cause it was perfect. Was like 50-60 ep
  13. Yes gratz y'all.. so ? You have a % dropping 0 partial out of 3 opening. If you get 1, 1/7 of being what you need so 14,2% Inside of it you have 1-8 to 1-10 meaning 10-12% So % after % after %, it been now 3 days I grind it 5+ hour yet I still lack 3 enchant for boxes 1 and 4 enchant from boxes 2. When I said grind I mean my main + my alt + 3-5 guild member ! I know you did the hard way but this game has MANY thing to grind. Why making enchant that hard when player has 94% more achievement to do ?
  14. Grinding the boxes is pretty rough not gonna lie, 3 boxes and not having 100% chance of your box to drop. Here my idea 5 boxes over 3 When killing pirate and taen,chance of giving a Pirate Coin. Create an npc that sell partial boxes. 1 boxes = 5 coin Even if the drop rate in coin is 10% it would be fine cause these coin could be tradable ! Making another item in sell.
  15. Personally, server pretty active, be in the right guild, if you are alone or in an inactive guild it normal to have a bad perception of server population. Kingdom just today got to 53 online at the same time and at this time bijuu had around 30 garden 15 and rest 5-15 so around 200-250 player on and 100-150 afk and it not bad at all. PvP isnt a must in EE you have ton of achievement and grind to do before doing PvP and it doing it with guildie is even more nice to do. For the Engineer Potion I've seen lil amount and didnt change much, many class 1-3 shot cause it may be a lil bit unbalance but try to balance 61 class and will see later I think focusing on PvE is better since it will make classic playwr comeback the time they do new stuff and then leave but it will be okay since both server as a solid playerbase Have fun y'all