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  1. " "Battle has been cancelled cause not enough participants"." yah this is what i saw many times. Thank you. I guess I just abadon this quest
  2. So which class is DPS to go with ME? If we choose punisher go with SW. Then there are 4 classes left. How about Medic go with Sentinel(Sentinel is dps right?) and Defender go with Whipper? Can you tell me how to build PU & SW if they're in party farming & leveling up with each other?
  3. what's the quick way? you haven't said it. Dont worry. I already have medic builds.
  4. thanks. Can I talk to you in discord..?? Mine is kaban chan 7091
  5. no no no that's not what I meant. I mean first me & my friend will play SW + Punisher first. Then after those charters at high levels enough. We then play Defender + Sentinel. After that, we then play Medic + Whipper. I was asking you that: Defender go well along with sentinel? and Medic go well along with Whipper? ( for farming PVE purpose only ) ,.... ummm can I please talk with you each other in discord..?
  6. I see but I don't really want 2 players play a same class. How about 3 groups(3 playthrough): - Punisher + SW - Defender + Sentinel - Medic + Whipper
  7. Thanks. Im sorry for replying you late. Cause you don't quote me, so I don't know when I got the reply
  8. Message 2: Hi I have a friend that want to duo farming with me? So which class go well farming with SW? (we only want to pve, so pvp builds aren't needed) thank you
  9. @Norleras what class have you known well at? Can I ask you about it?
  10. yes, I read this: " High Damage Immobilizer http://lime-sb.byethost14.com/#build=60S__00_00000h01232a1324200d844076 Tanky with good speed debuff http://lime-sb.byethost14.com/#build=60S__00_000h0001232a1324300a644476 Chakara Build (1) http://lime-sb.byethost14.com/#build=60S__00_00000000232003242kea644076 Chakara Build (2) http://lime-sb.byethost14.com/#build=60S__00_00000001232a13242k1b644076 Now for some tips & recommendations:-" my friend play whipper, me play this sentinel class. We intend to train together, but I don't know which skills I should build
  11. thank you. Do you think this would... work: - Medic go with ShadowWalker - Defender go with Sentinel - Whipper go with Punisher
  12. Thank. I'll careful with what you said. Umm... do you mind to talk with me on Discord? I still want to play that Medic charater. My discord is kaban chan #7091
  13. @KawaiiNyanNyan can you please fix images in this post of your pls... All skill build images are dead
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