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  1. thank you. I thought that was a 2 designed of 1 armor. Player choose to show A design or B design of 1 custome in game. -- I just figure out when i reach level 20. i should talk to Gloria NPC and try to buy CRIT and EVA armor and weapon for Medic. I only know that way to find item that u suggest to me . thank you for that -- so sentinel.... what her PVE gear should be... Crit and EVA life Medic right
  2. Hi everyone. I want to ask something. When I create a charater. There are 2 option A & B for the armor. Can I swich between them after I created a charater
  3. ty for your answer.. and what do you think the best class for fast killing mobs. I want to play that class my main to find items for my other charaters.in my acc
  4. There is a mystery in the bitterstone core dungeon.. What is that @@
  5. Like whipper skill, She has debuff reduce electric resist of the enemy, does it increase the damage on monster. They said there was a mystery in the bitterstone core dungeon, do you know that. please guide me.thank you
  6. im sorry for posting it in the wrong section. Wow.. thank you very. But Im curious about 8 point in HP passive. is it nesessery when you 9/14 2 second cooldown healing skill. Higher monster can 1 hit me or something ? Your items that you provide me is very good.I really dont know where to get them actually... which NPC and boss give them? Thank you very much. And what is VOID stat. is that AVOiD @@. And some guide said at level 10 I can collect 3 XP booster from Idel every, But when I talk to her. nothing happen.. Debuff like Reduce Electric, Shock, Armor .... does it affect much in monsters cause I think they dont have those thing. They just have Hp.
  7. Hi ! Like the title. I really hope you guys to share me your experience about your fast PVE ONLY builds of any classes you know I dont care about PVP skill point. And second is the fast way to leveling. I really read a lot about Scarlet Blade guides of you. But It doesnt clear to me. I found 3 builds but Im curious that it is PVE only or mix with PVP. Hope you guys correct for me pl ease. Sentinel https://limeox.info/app/scarlet/sim/?c=6&l=S&s=00h00122104440008846076 Defender https://limeox.info/app/scarlet/sim/?c=0&l=11&s=a0a01220006a5371247c2937 I dont know about Purge skill below healing charka skill. The last skill in column 5 Medic https://limeox.info/app/scarlet/sim/?c=4&l=X&s=000011100030300fa14000c05f002 Im curious about Shadowfoil 15/16 skill in the top right corner. is it nescessery when you already have too many healing skill. instead that, should I invest in the first left dame column skill cause the CRIT skill is so long to max.The farming is slow. And do I need invest in passive skills. Whipper dont know yet CyberBlade dont know yet Punisher dont know yet Shadow Walker dont know yet and what do you think the best class for fast killing mobs. I want to play that class my main . And hope you guys help me in those classes, PVE build only.. Im really appreciated.. I really do.