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  1. You are right. But try to compare Aven fame, books fame, books price, crystal cross medal, novice exp. trial medal and other things versus 500g for a driver.
  2. It may not be fair to leave with the same attack/m-attack as an awakened weapon, because you spend time and gold to awaken. I believe that 110% is better, so people will still have the advantage of awakening a weapon.
  3. The same happens to me. Uninstalling the internet bank security plugin I was able to play for a few days, but after got alpaca I had the same problem again. I did all those steps, but still the same problem. I installed a virtual machine with Windows XP and accessed the EE folder that is installed on windows 10. On windows XP the game opens normally. Therefore, I deduce that the files that are installed in Windows 10 are not corrupted, since it was possible to access and open them through Windows XP.
  4. Agdelman

    Bard Skill

    I forget about putting it on the groound as AOE marker, you're right. But, I started to play EE in the 65 cap and it was instant cast. So I will look for another video later.
  5. I think it would have been better if Jordan had opened the discussion about the percentages before starting a poll about it. Because now we have several questions raised and people who have regretted the way they voted. As I understand it, what people want are equipments with percentages (100% - 110%*) to have options in addition to the weapons awakened, but for that it is necessary to increase the drop rate. If the drop rate doesn't increase then the equipments percentage must be 100%. In this scenario, everyone would only use awakened weapons, leaving no options for other builds. One more thing, if the poll was asking about "gears shoud have or not have percentage", players would choose the first option. Until now 93 people want it (100-120 + 100-110) againt 69 people.
  6. Agdelman

    Bard Skill

    It took a long time to nerf burning metal, even when the awake bard came up. You can see it isnta cast in this video (cap 80).
  7. As said by Mark, the guild split system in the TW has a flaw, but it is still satisfactory for PVP. I believe that until we find something better, this method could be used. On the other hand, I also believe that it is necessary to make some changes in TW. Contrary to what some people think, crystals are the focus of war and to get them, you need to fight. However, classes and equipment have evolved much more than crystals, causing a single player to break the crystal in a matter of seconds. In this way, it is not necessary to worry about creating PTs strong enough for PVP, since walking alone has advantages. I propose a buff on the TW itself, since the map is not being so interactive. - First of all it is necessary to increase the HP of the crystal or reduce the damage that it takes so that it is not broken by only one player. -The Belk is dying very easy, just like the stingrays. In this case I do not have to fight to keep him alive. It is necessary to make opposing sides fight for these goals. - It would be good to limit the group controls that are applied on the stingrays that are invoked after defeating the Belk. Long ago in the game it was necessary a tank to control them, today anyone can do this. - In TW that you only need to break crystal and do not have any other internal system, it would be interesting to create a game mode where one or two crystals randomly self-destruct after a certain time of the war (going gray). - The TW of the ice map does not need changes in its mechanics, as the totem gives much advantage to the side that grabs it. To conclude, I believe it would be better to reduce the base curing of classes that are not blue, after all they are not support. Since the skills heal a considerable amount, these classes are very independent of support. Thanks for reading and cya in game, GG