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  1. Yukani

    Altar/Mystery Box Suggestion

    Hello, could be possible to put gathering tools in every altar like before? its really annoying for ppl that rely on racials to make good and stuff when there's no prime gathering tools. Thanks.
  2. Yukani

    Patch v43 TW's New Structure; MT vs Garden

    Seems like you only come here to attack me, so i just take prints of what suits me? tell me the day and the month of a tw you wish to see or Jordan, also again, just like most of tws on this week, there was at least 80 ppl inside it today, also a lot of kills and crystals 2-2 at end, it takes out the argument of what zset mentioned before, which was that there is many kills but not competition coz MT is winning with 4 crystals, they almost lost this tw and it was 2-2 crystals. You can say anything you wish because you dont like me but instead of talking with ur ego use ur brain and accept that tw is more active with the new system than before.
  3. Yukani

    Patch v43 TW's New Structure; MT vs Garden

    This is the video of yesterday's tw, and we can clearly see that its not only 10 people on the other side as some ppl mentioned before, also not only ppl yoloing as you can see that even MT pt got wiped many times, and i am in 99% of tws on this server since i started to play here, i also take a SS of all of them, and in all the print of december 2018 i only found 3 with someone getting more than 20kills, totally different from now that ppl can get ways more kills than before (In both sides). I dont see any problem on the actual pvp system because if a new guild start to be competitive and outnumber a lot the others or just be able to beat all of them together you can just put other guilds on the enemy side and balance it just like now, for now the only thing you could do is put SoulBreaker on the other side, even since i dont think it would affect much the actual pvp.
  4. Yukani

    Patch v43 TW's New Structure; MT vs Garden

    Im not using anyone as reference lol, if you are inside it you is a part of their party or at least helping them, which count you as a guildie and there's not only 4, i can name the rest like totoro,miki and some others that are not showing on this print, or just send another one if you want.
  5. Yukani

    Patch v43 TW's New Structure; MT vs Garden

    http://prntscr.com/mdwsfp only on rankings you can see 6 of garden, if you scroll down it you gonna see at least +2 besides supports, also it shows that MT not always can send a full party, on this tw we had 5 and not all together.
  6. Yukani

    Patch v43 TW's New Structure; MT vs Garden

    Thats not actually right, you sent 2 prints of certain tws with less active players like last sunday one when ppl are actually sleeping, i can send you all the prints of this month and besides normal class tw, the other side had at least 25kills or more in all of them, so its obv not 1 party, it can be in some days but thats not often, you can check some tw videos or just normal weekdays tw to see that its not like you said, many times kuhaku can bring a full party or at least closed to it, same to kiana and garden. Also if you compare the end of 2018 and now, you gonna notice that it was ways less active than now, for like 2 weeks all you saw in tws was 7-10kills.
  7. Yukani

    Patch v43 TW's New Structure; MT vs Garden

    3 guilds with 1 pt against a guild with 10-15 ppl and rarely 1 party from SB is more than fair, and MT dont lose a single gvg at 5 months, even before the new system so its not the reasson other guilds are not beating them, if Garden or other guild start to get stronger and beat other guilds together Jordan wont put back old system because of it, the purpose of pvp is to guilds fight each other. And Jordan cant stop ppl of doing it, i remember when some ppl started to buy stardusts and crafting all itens some weeks before the lvl 65-90 achievment patch, but most of them are GS's, so they are able to know what and when new things are coming out, and yes, its a big advantage over other players, just like when lvl 95 awakened sets came, a lot of GS's knowing it before and telling their friends to farm ccm while others didint knew about it, and when it came they all finished the sets in some days while the rest even needed a ccm event for it, but thats something needed to help Jordan testing stuff.
  8. Yukani

    Low level Awaken PvP

    I dont think thats a good idea, 1 people barely feel like doing low lvl gears for normal classes tw, imagine for a awaken tw when there's the normal one with more ppl and more relevant, 2 with the new map coming soon it would just be more dead than normal class tw rn.
  9. Yukani

    Change System Guilds

    Even if you dont separate guilds by language, thats what it is in practice, im sure a french player wont join Kuhaku or Phi as example, because they just dont understand you guys, so you cant expect pve players to join different guilds just to do ''gop'' when they can just find a pt in peer and still be in the guild with their friends, even if they are or not good enough to finish gop or T100. And players that only can play for 1 month of vacation is never a solution for pvp, because they gonna back, make a guild and it will die after 1-2 months, i already seem it on this server many times, and each time a pvp guild die a lot of ppl just leave the game, some back after and some dont. And i dont think pve guilds are a problem right now, at least for what i see most of T100 and gop parties are made with friends, from different guilds or not, and they are always recruiting the last spots in peer.
  10. Yukani

    Change System Guilds

    I think there should be a limite of ppl that can enter in tw/gvg from each guild, as example 15 in tw and 30 in gvg, but i dont think it would fix the problems in pvp, 1 numbers are not a problem now, the difference is that some guilds are 100% focused on pvp, meaning, if this guild have 30 active players, for sure at least 15 will join most of tws, while the other guild with the same amount of active players or more wont. 2 there's no ways to leave the toxicity over ppl, the winning guilds always gonna provoke the losing guild or defend themselfs from other guilds trashtalk, and the losing guilds always gonna try to explain why they are losing instead of getting better or more organized. 3 i dont think it would have any effect in pve, there's already a lot of small pve guilds, and pve players will never just join any other random guild because of language barrier, as example GxG, they have a lot of players but most of them are asians, thats why they are still together, same to Garden on past, a lot of pve players but most of them english, Phi the whole guild was spanish players, Kuhaku has only brazilians, Kiana only french players. you cant expect to take a bit of players from each guild to make new small ones, they wont because they dont understand each other, the only time ppl from different languages are together in the same guild is to pvp, like Garden and MT now there's a lot of variety of language speakers in both guilds, but just because they need a place to pvp.
  11. Yukani

    Patch v43 TW's New Structure; MT vs Garden

    We are already talking about the new map, he already been working on it at months.
  12. Yukani

    Patch v43 TW's New Structure; MT vs Garden

    I think it should be easy untill lvl 115, then start to get really hard, like this ppl that wanna spend a good time running can still be 5 lvls higher than others, but dont have a big difference from new players or ppl that back and are running to 115.
  13. Yukani

    Patch v43 TW's New Structure; MT vs Garden

    For me i really think the pvp with everyone on the same lvl, be it 100 or 110 is ways better than having different lvl for everyone, but its too late to do something about it now, new run map is coming soon, what Jordan could do is give a good amount of xp in new mobs, so everyone can get to 120 easy as lvling to 100 in dos.
  14. Yukani

    Old event fashions

    I think there's still a use for those stones, in each event that has costumes everyone must buy those stones if they wanna upgrade the costumes, but again, it would remove all the rarity of some costumes and turn exclusive costumes into normal ones.
  15. Yukani

    Old event fashions

    But thats the purpose of event/exclusive costumes, to only be able to get if you played in certain times and make the costume a bit rare.