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  1. I mean most of the ppl that are voting on yes are the ones that went to the other server, not sure about who is or not today.
  2. Yes, its a lot less money and time lol, lvl 75 trials compared to lvl 100 are always faster and easier, u can do alone and still finish faster than a 10man pt, the bps are easier to get, less expensive to craft/buy mats. the only thing that you actually need to spend time is the awakened weapons for some classes, so far easier than building any awakened class, also with 1 cloth or light set and you play most of the usefull normal classes you need, so yes, there is no excuses to after months of the new normal class tw been up most of the players didint build a single class yet, they just dont wanna play normal class tw. Also a whole patch with balances and gears for normal class tw is so far better than a nerf on ilu.
  3. Aloha is 1 person, just because he is talking about the other server doesnt mean everyone that dont think another ee server is a good idea is also playing and supporting the other server, actually half of the persons that voted yes are the ones that are playing in the other server rn. There is no excuses for not making a set for normal class tw, it takes ways less money and time compared to lvl 100-105 gears, ppl just dont wanna go because they enjoy more awakened classes than normal ones. Also most of the players already built a lot of awakened classes and didint bother to spend 1-2 days to make a single normal class to participate tw, so i doubt all those players that are saying they would support a lot the server will actually do it.
  4. The people that are alright with the ''limited content'' which is basically no content forever after reaching a certain cap, are playing the aeria server, which is on the same cap since 2015. And WoW classic/the actual one is not just classes/cap difference like eden, and again there is no enough ppl on eden vendetta to make 2 active servers without ppl crying saying one or other is dead and just quitting the game.
  5. For me half of the players that ask for the ''old content'' back dont really want it, as it was showed many times that even when u could use lvl 95 gears on normal class tw in 2017, it still was less active than the normal awaken ones, and not even to mention the dead normal class tws in 2019 even after Jordan balancing the gears and lvl to make it more fun than before. Also its a really bad idea making two different servers of ee on vendetta, simply because there is no enough ppl to make 2 servers active enough to have parties for pve and active ppl on pvp, Eden Eternal isnt world of warcraft that can make another server and still have a lot of ppl on both of them. Also after all the balance and changes Jordan make, on my opnion, is far more balanced and fun than just a mage spamming aoe or a illu spamming deadly ice on old normal class cap.
  6. Duo to the new acessories/trophies combo been really good for hibrid class + thew new dragon knight awakened glyphs, without it DE would be too overpowered.
  7. It will help in a way but wont fix it, still better than nothing, preventing the first schedule of saturday gvg from getting guild bags will stop a lot of ppl to stop farming arena with alts just to put it in.
  8. Are you guys working to fix the server lag? because lagging in 1/2 tws or gvgs because there`s a good amount of ppl inside it is like asking some ppl to quit the game so others wont lag. And now its not even just in pvp, even in pve ppl are lagging.
  9. I know its not the right place but i dont wanna open another topic just for that, just wanted to say that putting tw 1 hour late wont help the majority of south america players, and specially french players, which are a good amount of players in pvp too, so i dont understand much the sense of putting tw 1 hour later @Jordan.
  10. From what i know what is causing ppl dc is the mount that was in crystal altar last day, the nave one.
  11. Yes, i know there's no way to make the server delay more than usual just with content, its related to the amount of ppl but its still ''related to the patch'' and there's a way to fix it? besides wait for all the ppl that back to the game start playing less.
  12. The actual lag and disconnections are not related to the server location, the server been in france gives more delay for america ppl yes, but the actual lag isnt a normal thing, its something related to the last patch because the game never been laggy like this so i hope it will be fixed eitherway, with the server moving or not.
  13. Hello, in 2017 Bash made a thread to vote if the server should move or not to NA (North America) and most of ppl voted for yes, then after some months i asked what happened to the plan of moving the server and you guys told me ''It never been a plan?''. then in end of 2018 Jordan or Bash said that you guys been working on it and the server should move in january 2019 to the new location, its already middle of march and none of the staffs said anything about it anymore, so are you guys still planning to move the server or not?