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  1. It will help in a way but wont fix it, still better than nothing, preventing the first schedule of saturday gvg from getting guild bags will stop a lot of ppl to stop farming arena with alts just to put it in.
  2. Are you guys working to fix the server lag? because lagging in 1/2 tws or gvgs because there`s a good amount of ppl inside it is like asking some ppl to quit the game so others wont lag. And now its not even just in pvp, even in pve ppl are lagging.
  3. I know its not the right place but i dont wanna open another topic just for that, just wanted to say that putting tw 1 hour late wont help the majority of south america players, and specially french players, which are a good amount of players in pvp too, so i dont understand much the sense of putting tw 1 hour later @Jordan.
  4. From what i know what is causing ppl dc is the mount that was in crystal altar last day, the nave one.
  5. Yes, i know there's no way to make the server delay more than usual just with content, its related to the amount of ppl but its still ''related to the patch'' and there's a way to fix it? besides wait for all the ppl that back to the game start playing less.
  6. The actual lag and disconnections are not related to the server location, the server been in france gives more delay for america ppl yes, but the actual lag isnt a normal thing, its something related to the last patch because the game never been laggy like this so i hope it will be fixed eitherway, with the server moving or not.
  7. Hello, in 2017 Bash made a thread to vote if the server should move or not to NA (North America) and most of ppl voted for yes, then after some months i asked what happened to the plan of moving the server and you guys told me ''It never been a plan?''. then in end of 2018 Jordan or Bash said that you guys been working on it and the server should move in january 2019 to the new location, its already middle of march and none of the staffs said anything about it anymore, so are you guys still planning to move the server or not?
  8. So far the only really bad feedback i can give after this patch is the lag, i know its always normal to have like 2-3 days with the server lagging more than usual after a big patch, always been like this, but it been almost 3 weeks that we got the patch, and most of players still are having a big amount of delay and lag, as example taking 10seconds to open the mail after clicking, same to npcs and other things, also it started to happen in pvp too, again the insane delay that you get stuck without been able to use any skill and only chat working, and no, its not because my provider are having issues with the server as you guys always say, because on this especific tw, many ppl from different countries was having a similar problem. I expect you guys to fix those delays because its already starting to be really annoying, thank you.
  9. I dont think we need a change in both of those classes, LW is a really a good support either in pvp or pve, same to BP even if people dont seem to use it much, classes with usefull holy skills like trainner,bp,rakasha,mecha and others good a really good ''buff'' after the last patch, since now they can use the holy skills on the main weapons without losing any kind of dmg. LW combined with a ED gives a lot of p atk, m atk and dmg dealt for the pt, and it alone is already usefull enough to be used in a party inside tw/gvg, since it has a really good amount of g heal from guitar, also a lot of g heal from skills in KP, not to mention the Soulchaser buff that if no one in your pt gets 1 shoot, its like a second life + anti kd when it proc for the whole pt. BP always did a good dmg, the main problem on it is that the skill that gives 0 cd for the skills had a big cd, so when you didint had this buff you couldnt do much, but now it has less cd on this buff, also using the holy skill (Gem) now, you can just use flame vibrato 1 time and it will stack all the m atk boost from it, if you are against a pt in pvp or many mobs in pve, the triple hit buff with awakened guitar also allow you to do a lot of dmg based in procs, especially if Wave of Thunder proc in the same time as the 50% triple hit buff, the +12k def buff is also a really good thing on lvl 120 since now you need 35k def to cap the 50% and its really easy to get less - def in pvp maps.
  10. I didint steal any spot, im saying if it was me, i would not waste my time reporting someone and etc, because even if you record and have a proof of everything, they wont do anything.
  11. I wouldnt trust in the consistency of the rules on this game tbh, for a reasson they change it everytime or just dont work to some ppl.
  12. From what i know there's no more rules about it anymore, at a long time i reported someone with a video from someone stealing my run ch, and GM Thy told me, ''Its not bannable even with a video to prove it'' so seems like its free to everyone steal everything, also you can steal bosses, even if someone steal the target who hits the boss first gets all the drop.
  13. I agree with it been able to be traded, for me everything in crystal altar, gem altar and diamond altar should be tradable, besides war stones.
  14. Hello, could be possible to put gathering tools in every altar like before? its really annoying for ppl that rely on racials to make good and stuff when there's no prime gathering tools. Thanks.