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  1. Yukani

    R.I.P Tank classes

    Idk, im not 100% sure if its a good in nerfing assassin, the class is 100% single target and the purpose of ''assassin'' always been to kill fast and leave, not just cap, maybe you can increase the cd of the heal skill or just remove it to be invisible after used, so ppl will think 2 times before getting on middle of a bunch of ppl to kill and leave, gonna keep the same gameplay of been able to kill someone and leave fast, just a bit harder and probably a death if you fail, right now any assassin can just hit or kill you and invisible again everytime, even on middle of a pt.
  2. Yukani

    R.I.P Tank classes

    I dont think if you die to a assassin in 1 combo with a tank class its because of 20% def reduction, probably just proc, but what you need to understand is that tank classes like Shielder or even Zerk was basically immortal in a pt with at least 1 healer, going yolo with a tank class dont matter the def or not you will eventually die when they get to focus you. And again he have to focus in the main pvp of the game, which is tw/gvg, meaning group pvp, if he raise the defense again, for sure the reasson will not be to yolo tank classes survive a bit more, i agree that assassin is a bit overpowered right now but on my vision if you nerf assassin dmg in a bit, it will lose the spot of the best capper and everyone gotta play zerk or asura again and the class will became useless like before since asura and zerk can work in a party and assassin dont.
  3. Yukani

    R.I.P Tank classes

    All classes are weak against a pt alone, and tw/gvg are not really made to play alone, so you cant expect to do much in any class like this, also a mimic, paladin, shielder and any other tank classes are still super tank if you are in a pt, and probably will never die before the rest of the pt. And i think if he start to balance classes only to solo players do better with 1 class, the pvp will be totally broken.
  4. Yukani

    Best way to farm gold ?

    Start farming gold in shaxia fae fields with the drops from mobs/bosses, then make 1-2 alternative accounts and start colecting to make and sell racial crafts, so you can just leave the alts colecting while you focus on gearing your main, and no, you dont need a good pc to open 3 edens at the same time, as long you have 6-8 ram you wont have a problem in doing it.
  5. Yukani

    Funny things

    I agree that trophies and debuff skills shouldnt remove those potions, but they should keep been removable by death for me, also all 95 potions and incoming ones, like this ppl will pay more attention to racials and not just buy glyphs every 2 weeks and never make/buy any other kind of racial.
  6. Yukani

    Funny things

    No, most of the potions or all potions are not removable by trophies at a long time, the only ones that can be removed are mp/hp ones.
  7. Yukani

    Content Suggestion 2

    I agree with most of the things, but i dont think it makes a sense to gives more xp after killing the mobs in less or 15 seconds, because you have to pull all mobs first, and i dont think it will be possible in new or actual map to pull a whole wave and kill in 15 seconds.
  8. Yukani

    New Run Map

    Oh, i dont know whats coming in the patch but from what i heard the new grinding map is coming before the new questing ones right? so im saying it will be really annoying to keep pvping for more months with this slow pod.
  9. Yukani

    New Run Map

    On my vision we really need another way to pod faster like before, on my lvl and higher i literally cant get more than 5-6 buffs before the time start to down under 30m, and its really annoying when there's 3 tws at weekend plus gvgs, on weekdays we can just save 6 mobility in the previous day, but still there's some ppl that dont have time and only log to pvp and they cant spend more than 1 hour just poding.
  10. Yukani

    New Run Map

    Maybe you can try something like someone is only able to enter the map after finishing a lvl 105-110 quest as example, and about pod, no, in viroona i take 1 hour to get 5 pod buffs in lv 112, even 1shooting mobs everytime it spawns, so im pretty sure killing lvl 110 mobs in the same way we kill frogs now as example, still gotta be ways faster than in viroona or mayland.
  11. Yukani

    New Run Map

    I would suggest to only allow lvl 110+ ppl to enter in the new map, like this the persons that spent a lot of gold,charms and time running wouldnt feel like it was a waste when all the server reach 110+ in some hours with the new map and more xp, also make a kind of alternative channel for the new map too, because as you said you are not planning to make a new map to pod, so everyone gotta have to pod on the running map, and i already can see a lot of ppl stealing channels to pod for pvp.
  12. Yukani

    Free Kill Abuse

    Thats not 100% players choice, the ones that make altar and boxes can easy control the price of most of the things there, just like you guys only put ghost horns 1-2 times each year and turn the iten in a overpriced rare thing, you guys did by putting exclusive pets in boxes that 100% of dps players need, so obv it would be overpriced since its not in altar and we need to buy 5 pets to be able to use all weapons, not even need to mention that for sure the pets will rarely be in boxes to keep the prices like this.
  13. Yukani

    Free Kill Abuse

    I cant tell many times the first thing you replied in a lot of topic was to blame community, community is toxic, community dont interact with us and etc, as you said we dont look at your point of view, either you do with us, and honestly idk what you mean with ''you dont wanna grind the game for better gear'' i finished the 3 sets in the first week and i have all pets besides one of the new ones and im still pvping. And even if i was a ungeared or a new player i still can use logic and know that a pet for 200-300k isnt a good idea, 5 pets for this price means a player that wanna use all dps classes have to spend more than 1m on it, just with the pets, and you probably know how hard is for new ppl in ee deal with end game content, so its not because ''we are lazzy to gear'' so we quit pvp, using this excuse to explain why the pvp is dead is a dumb thing, as i said before its dead because there's no pvp patches at a long time, following with the 120 cap that made ppl lazzy to lvl up, Jordan should have made it 110 for now, new pets that are more expensive than the whole gear and gems of any set, not to mention the bugs like timezone ones, dst in weekends and one of the most important things you guys removed, normal class tw. Also i dont see the logic in comparing your server with aeria one everytime, the whole purpose of having a private server is to be different from the original one, aeria dont need to patch anything and they will keep having a higher playerbase because they hav a lot of marketing and sht, they can get new player everytime unlike us, so focus on keeping the players that you have or had, and its not dying because ppl are bored of ee, it been here for 9 years and ppl kept playing it, most of them will keep playing it dont matter the time.
  14. Yukani

    Free Kill Abuse

    Blaming the community for everything is never a way to fix something, i dont know what you mean with ''this community is toxic'' it is like this in every single competitive game, i dont know which online games you played before but all competitive games i played was like this, and why we should be more active in the forums? the two times this forum was ever active was when you guys made a thread to vote if we wanted to remove, keep and do some changes on normal class tw, most of ppl voted to do some changes and you guys removed it and at like 8 months it is not in-game yet, the second time was to vote if we wanted to move the server to NA, again like 70% of the community in forum voted to move and what happened? nothing. Why we all should try to change things if everything that we say are always ignored, or replied in a toxic way, like you always do, Jordan most of the times reply friendly but again not even thing about the suggestions and tell us that ''i cant do it'' ''i dont have time for it'' or ''its not worth the effot''. And the community is far to be the reasson of the game die, we dont have a single pvp patch at months, the game always been played because we can use and gear any class as we wish, and now Jordan but pets that are 200-300k for each 3 weapons in-game, meaning now if you wanna gear a class, you need to spend 50-100k in the gears/gems and then more 200k for a pet lol, it breaks all the mood of gearing many classes.
  15. Yukani


    You can get 37slot backpack with Eden Crystals in Altar, or buy from someone that have it.