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  1. Pvp on this server isnt dead, you cant compare the first days of a game to the current one some months after it's launch. i dont been going to pvp lately but ppl had more than enough time to get decent gear to do pvp and if only one guild is winning its because the rest are just not good enough to compete or dont care to tryhard and try to beat them, if all other guilds dont bother to spend some time to organize players or a party before going to tw or gvg and keep losing without even putting a fight its not 911's fault. I dont believe putting more guild based pvp's will help in anything,
  2. I also believe parry was capped at 50% on cap 65 and on the server atm we can reach 70%.
  3. I dont think raising the ressist cap or lowering the dmg taken at the moment is a good idea, maybe after awaken gears could be possible but doing both or mainly the - crit dmg taken would just make all other classes weaker than it already is and it would be even more mages inside tw and gvg because all other classes just wouldnt have enough dmg to be used. I think if we are going to increase the elem cap it could be just for ice, since the biggest problem in arenas are ilus 1shooting ppl after kd and in tw all the mages hitting at the same time, it wouldnt make either of those classes use
  4. The topic is the state of the economy, thats why they were talking about $, if you are talking about stones price without considering the price/profit of AP you're the one missing something here, dont matter if you can spend 10h daily farming to get gold in-game if you cant buy any stone or ec to get stones without someone actually buying $ and selling ecs.
  5. If you forted two whole sets to +10 with 200$ it wasnt bad lucky, in fact it was almost the best case possible if you do the maths of 200$ been around 200-210k and saying that you used 10 corals or ultramarines per piece wich would be the ''odds'' it would be around 175 just with corals and ultramarines, if you also count viridians you were really far from been with bad lucky there and im pretty sure most of the server wouldnt be able to +10 two sets with only 200$ .
  6. Higher lvl mobs does gives more gold per iten but doesnt mean it is more money per hour than highlands because their spawn places/mobs are not close enough to be worth camping them, i dont think there's any place outside dgs that gives more than Highlands still.
  7. A way to fix the fortification problem is increasing the buffer system of ultramarines and corals, in a way that when you fail 10 or more of them you can at least get a 40% + chance on the next forts it also would lower the price of sublimes and make it more acessible to more players.
  8. If we are going to buff awaken weapons atk there is no point in bringing the system back at all, the purpose of it is to allow ppl to choose beetwen a bit more of atk vs the procs on some of the awaken ones, if they also gives more atk you wont see anyone with golden weapons because it wouldnt be better in any way.
  9. I think most of the people that complained about the driver system was because we could only increase the % to 110+ with more weapons, would be better if we could increase but also drop/craft 110+. but if the 65 drop rates isnt as bad as the 60 was it may not be needed.
  10. So I've asked and have been asked this so I just want a clear answer for both me and those asking. Will the driver system be implemented to allow 65 gold weapons to reach 120% or not? and if it will arrive on around the same time it came on the previous cap.
  11. No, he just edited/deleted all his msgs to look better and then banned me from game for saying something on forum 🙂
  12. No it doesnt been explained numerous times since you guys only mentioned and accepted that you guys are looking to be more clear about when the new patches are coming less than 1 month ago. And if what you are saying is true there wouldnt be this stone hoarding problems as even YOU accepted there is, because they would know when a cap is coming out or if its worth to gear or not, And if i am weak, someone that delete,edit and close any post that he dont agree with or make you get less $ is what? And if you wanna talk about ''ignoring'' stuff no one forgot of you saying that you gu
  13. We understand that you guys are looking for a slower progression but i believe half of the people that are complaining about the server been too ''p2w'' are because you guys put 3 caps in 3 months not leaving any time for casual players or the ones that doesnt spend $ to catch up, thats why we have this hoarding stones problem because as soon as someone fort a weapon they are already thinking about the next cap, why is it like this? because there is not enough places to farm gold, highlands you will get 600-1k gold on cap 60, on 65 is even less, all dgs if you aren't geared enough you gonna ta
  14. Humans are not that weak as a race, even the cleric you mentioned they basically have the most usefull cleric/blue classes in pvp because they can get out of combat and revive anyone without having to run out of range.
  15. I think just some changes on the altars could change a lot of the economy, such as removing the lvl 50-55 essences or stardust and putting the lvl 60-65 ones on the blue tiers (Besides heartflames) also putting all the prime gathering tools on the blue tiers too, because for players that doesnt spend a lot of $ the best way to get a good amount of gold is by making alts and selling racials, selling runs is also good but you gotta have at least decent gears for. And again i still believe on the next diamond altars we should have halcyon stones, i dont think it would make the lucky stones w
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