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  1. Scaggs

    Magic Parry ?

    Hello, We know that most of the people in EE plays Phy DPS, that's why we could buff Mag-DPS by creating Magic Parry. But What is Magic Parry ? I suggest that thing. When Magic Parry is active, it removes triple and double attacks and only the first line of DMG counts (Magic Parry max : 25%). Moreover, most of new accessories upgrade the chance to triple or double hit, So it could be an alternativ to regulate High DMG. How to upgrade Magic Parry ? By increasing INT. Indeed we know that STR upgrades Phy-Atk and Block and INT upgrades only Mag-Atk. And with Magic Parry, INT could be very useful. Cordialement
  2. Scaggs

    human berserker

    Hello Pluton, I agree so much with u, we could develop several strategies in PVE (DS) with one hand axe. But please can u remove the mecha please ? it deals 50 dmg/attack whereas we have only 200 hp max. And can u accelerate the pickaxe farming please ? Cordialement.
  3. Mysterious Pet Panda Sleep Mask (Legendary) - Crystal Altar please ❤️