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  1. Yes I've suggest the % in the game but you could lower this % and just add "Attack received".
  2. U can reduce the percent but it will give a chance to this set to be used in PvP
  3. Hellow Jordan ~~ Thanks for the good patch and all the hard work done ! I have a little suggestion about balancing Cloth Armor DPS sets. I think there are big differences in terms of DPS (5% Move speed + 3% to deal double hit + M-Atk 7% + 7% Debuff negativ effets on attacks and casts against Dmg Dealt +4% + M-Atk 10% + M-Atk and M-Crit Rate 1% each attack during 7 seconds, stacked 10 times) . You can see that the DPS of the first set depends only on ur luck except M-Atk +7% compared to the other which is constant more DMG. I think with the first, you want to make a M-DPS who moves everytime (more Move Speed + Debuff negative effects + EVA) to make a dynamic gameplay, That's why I suggest to change the debuff effect on : "Attacks received, Attacks and Casts have 7% chance to remove negativ statuses" I think the "Attack received" will help against CC,because if u are CCed, u are obviously stuck and consequently the gameplay is not fluent. So it will be good to give a chance to be not stuck. Have a nice day ~~
  4. Insane Equilibrian and Kage.
  5. I wish you hate Spyders ! MOUHAHAHA !!! IGN : Yushini
  6. I have tried VPN (Canada East, US East), it didn't work. (same lag in grp but in solo without group, it is ok) So R.I.P PvP for EU players and others who lag ^^.
  7. No ,I am not switching weapons or stuff with Character interface open. The issue is when one or two persons are swapping in my group, i have some big freeze (like 10 secs).So i have the obligation to play solo in TW to not lag. I think the solution is to create an EU server but i don't think it is possible currently.
  8. I live in France and my ping on NA-Est server is nearly about 100 ms.
  9. Hello, I have some issues when i'm swapping : I can't do any actions during 1 sec because the calculation of stats is too long (My pet stop running at this moment too). Before we changed server , i didn't have these lags. So is there a solution to calculate the stats faster please ? I have read the topic of [GS] Herakles on lags in TW but it has changed anything. PS : Processor : intel core i5-7300HQ CPU 2.5GHz Ram : 8.00 Go Graphic Card : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Usually my ping is about 25ms
  10. Scaggs

    Magic Parry ?

    Hello, We know that most of the people in EE plays Phy DPS, that's why we could buff Mag-DPS by creating Magic Parry. But What is Magic Parry ? I suggest that thing. When Magic Parry is active, it removes triple and double attacks and only the first line of DMG counts (Magic Parry max : 25%). Moreover, most of new accessories upgrade the chance to triple or double hit, So it could be an alternativ to regulate High DMG. How to upgrade Magic Parry ? By increasing INT. Indeed we know that STR upgrades Phy-Atk and Block and INT upgrades only Mag-Atk. And with Magic Parry, INT could be very useful. Cordialement
  11. Scaggs

    human berserker

    Hello Pluton, I agree so much with u, we could develop several strategies in PVE (DS) with one hand axe. But please can u remove the mecha please ? it deals 50 dmg/attack whereas we have only 200 hp max. And can u accelerate the pickaxe farming please ? Cordialement.
  12. Mysterious Pet Panda Sleep Mask (Legendary) - Crystal Altar please ❤️