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  1. but.. aren't your nosbazaar items.. like in there for a while? And after time runs out you still have like 30 days to reclaim then, don't you? You wanna tell me fulfilling the requirements during that time is impossible? Oo
  2. Well, welcome then! You'll get used to most of it in no time, even the community which is.. kinda weird at times.
  3. Sa-chan

    MA costumes

    As many of you might have noticed - most costumes can't be worn by the Martial Artist. How can it be, that some costumes are wearable and some aren't? Doesn't make much sense imo Don't know whether it's a bug, intentional or just not thought through but I think it neccessary to change this and make all costumes available for MA, since it is a "normal" class and should be treated as such.
  4. Just as the others said,.. But if you're okay with investing the time to lvl him to c38 with barely any blessing.. Why can't you invest the few extra hours into clearing act 1 quests?
  5. Doing them in miniland can be good if you open a lot at once (like 200+) and get 1-2 friends to help
  6. Also it would make changing style of wings kinda expensive.. And I don't think having a bit more diversity in looks should be. It would be much nicer to have a semi-easy not too expensive option, since, as stated before, it's only about looks and making the game more fun, seeing other stuff than the usual.
  7. I think simply being able to do that would actually be more than enough like 3-5 different color options. Changeable via an extra item. Maybe even special ones for events... *^*
  8. Sa-chan

    Quests a1- 1.6

    Dude.. I farm more than enough seeds on lvl 99 o.o If you try to farm them anywhere below a3.. well it`s gonna suck. Same goes for the other random items like blue herb (though those might take a while even there) ._. And with your suggestion the whole system would be useless
  9. yeah, first one with lvl 80~ Which you should be once you've done all quest required for being able to trade, even without blessing
  10. Well.. I think it is and always had been the issue, that skill bars are not per SP but per character. Ctrl + X is simply not really useable for skills you need to access quickly. And especially with the addition of MA to the game, not having different skill bars for each sp is a huge problem, as skills are added via other skils and such. So using sp2 will put sp1 skills in disarray. And more Sp's are to come so.. i think it really is an issue. Before it was just.. well would be nice to have skill bar save for each SP individually, but for playing MA it is actually kinda necessary.
  11. the character stil can not drop anything. it would just be able to pick up stuff
  12. then you got more gold on your alt that cant give anything to anyone.. how does that cause problems?
  13. It's the one title where you would have to give it for ppl who already completed the main quest or make it so that those ppl could do quest once more from a certain point (like middle of act 3 or smth, cause having to do it all twice would be unfair as well) Also: It should be limited to once per account if you would implement a reward other than a title. And Martial Artist would have to be excluded due to them starting the quest at a much later point.
  14. I guess it's cause people don't care about others. If IC is full I will try to kill just 3-4 monsters so others can get rewards as well, but many ppl don't care or are not aware that this is an option. So to all the high level players our here: Try to look out for the "small ones" so everyone can anjoy the game
  15. Dude.. I think a multi player game might be the wrong choice then ôo And maybe people wouldn't b*tch about you as much if you had been nicer to them when they actually did join your "solo IC", some people actually want to finish it, ya know. Having someone do nothing except grab everything they can and maybe not even really leave anything for people who've worked hard on clearing as much as they can.. It's just selfish af. I'm with you on that. Though I still enjoy doing it from time to time even with low reward rate, and yes, not just on a full channel. I also like working together with just a handful people, clearing IC still gives me a kind of satisfaction. But sytem should be as it is in raids > more than 2 chars per ip and you're out (which is actually handicapping myself, cause my bf and I are on the same ip a lot of the time <_<) But rewards should be different.. Like a pool of stuff that gets distributed to active people, so if there are less ppl participating it means more rewards, with current rewards as minimum that is distirbuted regardless of number of participants^^