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  1. Hello! - I wanted to ask a few questions, because I've been wondering about them for a while, and I want to see some opinions on them, so here we go: 1. Which SP on Archer are okay, and should be used most, because I know there are some good for some raids, and some which are like really bad, for example I read that the Assasin is like really good for PVP, while WK i read is good for PVE 2. Does someone know which stats and SL are good for archer, I mean for when I get any good equips for my archer cause i'm 98+32 3. Any advice for good equips for like my level to help me mob a bit?
  2. Well no one i have seen has created one, and i just wondered why if you see me around nosville do add me ign: Weylie
  3. You've been so helpful for a PVP trash <3, also can I ask whats the deal with that new Class? Why do you have to be level 94+30 to unlock it?
  4. Would they ever consider taking me into Cuby raids, like I think half the raids i've tried i got kicked , but you are being really resourcful, and since there is no event in the near future, and for the moment i'm trade locked, I cant even get a pet nor a fairy, so there is that, but thanks again, if you can give me any more advice about advance mage, i'd be really glad <3
  5. Okay that surely made a lot more sense, of course I have to get over the block first, else I can't really get anything. I'm a mage, so I guess I should aim for an Archmage, and since I'm that low of a level now I won't really get accepted anywhere in any raids. Well for what aspect, for PVE, i don't really do PVP, not really my cup of tea, but that does throw some light on everything
  6. No, I think there was a misunderstanding about my question, I actually asked about the new stuff, because I know less about them, and I feel like someone can explain them to me way better than me watching a playtrough or some random tutorial online. I know half the stuff that were in the old game are the same, with a few touch ups here and there, I just have never really gotten to a higher level than 73 in the old game, and don't know how to procceed later on.
  7. Hey! - I'd like to ask a few questions about the game, because the only version I've played was the global version who shut down a while ago, and then i played the almost dead UK version of the game, and a few days ago i found this one, and I was wondering if it'll be possible for someone to actually help me out a bit with what is good for equips, or like redirect me to a certain topic on the forums, or a video tutorial, because god I'm a bit lost after Act 2 and what I am supposed to do next, for raids and equipment and where to farm, and also what SP's are good. I'd be really thankful if someone lended me a hand
  8. Hello! -- I'm kind of a new player, can't say I'm new but I played the original Nostale, such a long time ago that I've forgotten most of the stuff there are here, and so much stuff has been released, that oh my god I have so much catching up to do. - All my friends who I used to play with were on Skype, and that platform is sooooo long dead, so if anyone wants to like give me a little helping hand I wont refuse it - But thanks to the Vendetta team for keeping the game up Things to note: - I've played the original game - I love Korean food - I absolutely adore corgis - I'm quite friendly if you get to know me I sincerely hope to see you all in game, so if you see a random adventurer lurking around do say hi :3