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  1. Just wanted to let you know the best way to encourage support or feedback on a suggestion is to use a poll... Though, I do love how you've taken a whole new spin on BloodKnight, despite me not having played this class at all. ;w; I'd probably try it out if this + some probable tweaks were made possible to change.
  2. I understand, that's why maybe I could turn this suggestion thread into a big megathread for customs so that if possible, everything custom can have it's own patch date in the future. I'm not asking for it to be out right away, as I did mention that sometime after the first big patch would be great. It can be the very last thing on the list and have the least amount of priority due to the complexity, but I'd still be okay with that. Any time put into work for coding/modelling/designing is plenty of effort alone. As an artist I do respect that since one picture could take several hours to draw, and while another one is quicker; it takes days to study the pose/idea I want to use. As for the "lack of team" comment, maybe you can also dedicate time to either teach/train the staff to be capable of doing so, or make a hiring period for coders? I know that, coming from me, sounds like I know nothing about it....but hiring more people and forming an official VGN team for all this could be what this server needs to keep patches going and to throw them out into the public a lot quicker because there would be more people, and if they work on the same coding language for content, it would be easy to compile (right?) with some tweaks here and there. By the way, with "customs," I'm talking about it as a whole now with hairs and eyes. I know the hair stuff would be hard to do, but I can certainly edit this suggestion to include EVERYTHING I had in mind versus just this item for eyes, which will include what we can throw in a cosmetic bag. Would that help at all if I made this thread compile all that? I can also have a community additions thing where users can suggest eye types to add (just 1 color/color scheme to have both eyes matching) in it. I can include hair ones as well, with headwear dye colors being added to it. Does that help more or work better to include your compromise too? I'm sure everyone in the game can be patient about it, even if the suggestion may take a year or longer to implement due to the complications you've listed. If I compile it, I'll have different eye and hair types/colors such as the following for the cosmetic bag: -Eyes with symbols -Sample image display of hair colors -Eyes with a gradient coloring on them (but match) -Blank eyes -All-black eyes -All 1 color eyes -Multicolor hair (if possible to sample) And whatever else the community wants to offer
  3. @Jordan I understand EE is old because I come from games that are old or private servers of ones slightly older than it... As for the animation, mirror, and eyelid clipping issue all be fixed with having the emotes/blinking come with the item, but over it like default eyes? I know that means a bit more work, but all the more to make it natural for the model. Another suggestion I saw from someone who had a blender program on Discord was to make one of the eyes a separate layer or split the eye image so they're still synced, just not that way for color. Since you mentioned it can take a month to implement, couldn't that also be a month for the team to work on custom costumes that some of the community wanted as well? I saw some process screenshots about 2 weeks ago of 1 or 2 of them, so I think maybe a huge custom patch after the dungeon stuff could work if nothing else goes right after the dungeon/map one. If you'd like in some way, shape or form, I can also design custom eyes that can be added to the system or try my best at a big reference sheet for potential hair styles someone can bring to life, but I can't 3D model them. I'm an artist, not a digital sculptor. ;;
  4. Edit: What about making an item that looks like the eyes, but only goes over them to dye? Unless you already tried that...I'm just trying to save time and effort ;; Edit 2: I saw the cosmetic suggestion again and wanted to ask if maybe if were possible to do 1 category for each eye? Or is that not possible either? I'd still want to help create crazy and beautiful eye color ideas, though. ------------------------ That's weird considering every other game I've played either had a multicolored eye function, or had an item to customize that. Although, you may have to go crazy with adding those eye colors...People will want crazy things like gradient eyes, etc.... Guess my work wasn't 100% wasted, but still a little surprised EE has no way of the item itself to make it easier on you. If you'd like any help making the custom eye color additions + create new styles for it, I could most likely help out with the photo-editing state of a lot of it...Even if I'm not a staff member-- though I could teach one what I did as I stated in the original post. Also, if you're going to do a new makeover kit, might as well add new hairstyles somehow too if possible. I personally don't like having only 15 hair choices...Especially if a lot of the wig items aren't very fluid in motion when you compare it to the default hair, nor are they super diverse in looking very chic/unique for the females. Some players have OCD of looking the same as someone else in-game.
  5. Hello~ I looked around and noticed that the eyes seemed...A bit dull for only 15 choices. That, and I've also seen that a lot of the costume face items aren't the best or don't really fit an "I need this invisible and not be laughed at" idea (No offense to some who wield those items!)...So, I've decided to come up with a suggestion for a potential item to be made. DISCLAIMER: I have asked for the font+photo-edited these images to create samples. They are not in any Eden Eternal server to my knowledge. A dyeable contact lens item specifically for Eden Eternal Vendetta! ? The stats, if you can't see the image: HP Max +8% MP Max +8% All Attributes +3% What makes them dyeable/customizable, you may ask? I want to offer for the item to be dyed with headwear clothing dyes in order to avoid making a new face dye item altogether. I'd like for them to be a 2-part, starlight-accepting item as well! How the 2-part dyeing can work: Having 1 dye item will let you change the color of a single eye in the contact lens item. This will allow for many different multicolored combinations! However, if you'd like your eyes to be the same color, you'd need 2 dye items (Which isn't much of a problem...). Samples of this: Cyan/Coffee Scarlet/Amethyst: Marigold/Merigold: (Didn't know how to spell ;w; ) Seafoam: If absolutely necessary to keep the idea alive, I can also help with the recoloring process (I'm not very coding-savvy, but I can definitely help with photo-editing!) by allowing for staff members with art programs to know my secret for the way I've created the sample images~! ❤️
  6. I'm very new to playing Eden Eternal! Well-- especially since the last time I ever played the game was only for a month on officials before my little brother didn't want to play with me anymore. ;w; Sad lief. I started in-game about 2 days ago, so I'm level 30 as of posting! I also may be setting up a pay-what-you-want art shop (with permission of course), so if you're interested in that, stay tuned for it! Oh, and if you ever find me in ch2 (same name as my user here), feel free to say hi! I may be a noob and not know how to respond if it's not posted in world chat, though. ;;
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