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  1. This stone is to be put in the arcane box to upgrade legendary having the word "Treasure" (Sky tower, Dreadlore lab, Events, 25man and probably more.) Those treasure legendary won't have the stat of a legendary you'd get in altar directly until you have used this stone on those legendary. When done those items will change name into "Upgraded treasure" and will, have the stat of a real legendary. You cannot make a prime into a legendary, hence why i shall recommend you to not take them when you get them in altar.
  2. I fixed it, sorry, Thanks for fast answer, tho next timeyou come online, i wish to have a talk with you. If it interest you. ^^ Or add me back discord.
  3. I will destroy all evidence of my dumbness. Wawoosh. And freak, i can't delete it.
  4. Oh yeah, i said nothing, it may just has been lag. Meh XD Anyways, i'm back
  5. Can't complete it, Popped out of nowhere.
  6. Hey jordan Just a quick question. What a nice gift, it's stuck in my quest now.
  7. -You got my discord.I'm always on there
  8. As everyone knows there is so many thing in EE that makes me wanna quit. I already left my GS tag [And therefore suspended until maintenance i suppose doing a simple command as another GMbut needs time for it to get finalised] I'm not good with good byes so. o7 PS : I'll just log on to switch the leader on my guild, because even if i leave, doesn't mean my guild has to die.
  9. This is SB disconnection, not EE ^^
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