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  1. Eloise weapon are tradable.
  2. It's not hard either. (Yes i'm posting a lot but i like to)
  3. By the ways you can do up to 2000 CCM a day with the tricks. Pure game knowledge
  4. They already are tradable if you know the trick. Thanks for proposing
  5. Nipaa

    Server State For New Players

    ^^ Get a Guild. We do it for free for each member, Hoping they'll stay. Cuz we're a family. That's called a living guild. You can run DoS easly with 2 level 70-75 trophy and Totem master, Even with TK set We're not gonna carry you, But help you, If you come to 95t, You're getting a role no matter what your stuff is, We will adapt Same for TW 75% of my people are not geared, and still with adaptation we're in the fight.
  6. Nipaa

    Server State For New Players

    It's not like i created a guild for that, by the ways With 95t karry, TK carry ,dragon expe carry everyday.
  7. Nipaa

    Server State For New Players

    Hi and thanks posting to the forum Since i know what you are feeling as i'm helping people to get lv 93+ everyday , You can ask ANY Forestria members. I gave my heart helping them, and now they're geared Knowing the game, You can do 10k a day (Even without stuff) with 2hours of farm. 1Hour of DoS run is 4k , if not free. Gears won't help you farm 95T as most of your usefull Stats will come of your Class leveling. (lv85 for awaken) I can't let you say weird thing because you didn't have the keys to advance, I don't know what guild you were in, but if you want to retry with the good keys, I shall accept you in Forestria, to help you to be geared. You won't be the first one and won't be the last one. Pm at [GS]Nippa. PS: It's a MMO, If you stop playing at the first wall.. Of course it won't works. DoS trophy are not that great. Thanks for reading. Thanks See you in game , if you want to try.
  8. Nipaa

    New to Eden Eternal

    That's uh nice i guess :') Idk if i'm legendary tho XD I'm just the dummy that try to help everyone ;D
  9. Nipaa

    New to Eden Eternal

    Hello there and welcome to the VGN family! And also to the EE community if you have any question you can pm me in game doing /t [GS]Nippa ! Have fun out there!
  10. Nipaa

    New To The Server!

    Np have fun!
  11. Nipaa

    New To The Server!

    Sure and if you need a guild you can also pm me ^^ i recruit everyone
  12. Nipaa

    New To The Server!

    Yeah there is lv 90-100 stuff and waiting for more which has been announced in another thread in forum
  13. Nipaa

    New To The Server!

    I don't want to advance myself as i don't know much about it but i'm pretty sure than yes the server is held up by donations, but if you wonder this EE is not p2w as the Aeria one was
  14. Nipaa

    New To The Server!

    Ay ! Eden server is way more populated than the official server if that's what you want, there is also a lot of good stuff here that's not on ms, but if you want to know me pm me ! /t [GS]Nippa !