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  1. -You got my discord.I'm always on there -No, 9years of EE was enough, i moove on with my life
  2. As everyone knows there is so many thing in EE that makes me wanna quit. I already left my GS tag [And therefore suspended until maintenance i suppose doing a simple command as another GMbut needs time for it to get finalised] I'm not good with good byes so. o7 PS : I'll just log on to switch the leader on my guild, because even if i leave, doesn't mean my guild has to die.
  3. This is SB disconnection, not EE ^^
  4. Nipaa

    GvG Training

    Hello! Long time no see lil suggestion palace! I would like to suggest if it would be possible to make an instance of GvG accessible all the time... There is the question to the side, how to choose a side.. Either it'd be like in sakura where you can't attack your party , or make a NPC to choose the side.. That way we could train a lot for pvp and future GvG (Team fight... Strategie.... others) I know tho it might not be possible, who knows... But who doesn't ask get nothing!
  5. That's still something good to take in my opinion
  6. I would see good thing in there, Not gonna say no :v
  7. She will prefer my human char are your zumi! hahaha *Angrypa noises intensifie*
  8. No one does... Shoo :v (chocolate, at the limit is good)
  9. Save me from the bullies...Please...Do not let my soul being taken away... Save....Me... (Welcome tho <3)