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  1. I fixed it, sorry, Thanks for fast answer, tho next timeyou come online, i wish to have a talk with you. If it interest you. ^^ Or add me back discord.
  2. I will destroy all evidence of my dumbness. Wawoosh. And freak, i can't delete it.
  3. Oh yeah, i said nothing, it may just has been lag. Meh XD Anyways, i'm back
  4. Can't complete it, Popped out of nowhere.
  5. Hey jordan Just a quick question. What a nice gift, it's stuck in my quest now.
  6. -You got my discord.I'm always on there
  7. As everyone knows there is so many thing in EE that makes me wanna quit. I already left my GS tag [And therefore suspended until maintenance i suppose doing a simple command as another GMbut needs time for it to get finalised] I'm not good with good byes so. o7 PS : I'll just log on to switch the leader on my guild, because even if i leave, doesn't mean my guild has to die.
  8. This is SB disconnection, not EE ^^