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  1. Nipaa

    Craft rework/help

    I'm not gonna lie, i'm not the only one disliking the fact to look through all the pages going to aven to take back stuff each time it fails... I don't care even add a taxes to it but i still want to think it's a good idea, after that's up the com" to vote
  2. Nipaa

    Craft rework/help

    En français (Pour Tiwaka <3) Ajouté les items de gloire dans un onglet dans la boutique "i" pour éviter les allez retours a Aven Ajouter un bouton d'achat automatique pour les objets de craft qui sont dans la boutique PE ce qui eviterais de ce perdre dans les 37 pages.. (C'est le résumé en français)
  3. Nipaa

    Craft rework/help

    Hello everyone Okay so people start to know me, i HATE craft in EE... So i tough of way to make it a bit easier! To start with this topic we all know that going in Aven taking glory item and going back to GT take long enough and can even cause crash (Because alpaga are friendly and hug you when they can , don't they?) . So how about we do in the "i" tab a new place where all the glory item in aven can be bought from here... that'd already make it easier ! To continue about this idea i'd like to ask on a new tiny button in the craft tab that will be like an autoshop in the loyalty shop like you click on it and it buy directly all that is needed for the craft in question.... like if you need You just click on the button it give you the total in Eternal point and you accept and that buy you directly... no need to click 60 time on same thing and look over the 37 pages of consumables.... In fact i think i'm lazy... But make me think of stuff that could be helpfull... Yeah...
  4. Nipaa


    Welcome welcome
  5. Nipaa

    Challenging PVE content

    Let time goes on, we can't do extremly hard stuff directly... We need to go slowly that way people can grind.
  6. Nipaa

    Content Suggestion 2

    1- Okay with it 2-Okay with it 3- NO MORE CRAFT PLZ SAVE ME 😧 4- I like it 5- I am okay with it 6- Okay for more cpl buff, tho need find to make more couple coin. Cuz when there is no achievement left to do it kind slow down 7- I asked for that multiple time, to mark a new beginning of EE, Specialy for Vendetta, so BIG YES. Global : I'm almost favorable for everything. Nice and thanks for the suggestions.
  7. Nipaa

    About maint 12/06/2018

    Hi! I got an announcement to make about the upcoming maintenance. BR Amanhã haverá um reset nos pontos de classe, caso não queria perder sua build atual, sugiro que tire um print para lembrar depois, obrigado ENG Information : There will be a mandatory KP wipe tommorow after maint. If you do not want to loose your kp build i suggest that you screen it to remind it to yourself Thanks. FR Il y aura un reset total des KP demains apres la maintenance, Si vous avez peurs d'oublier votre build de KP , Je vous propose de screen vos KP. Merci Spanish : Informacion: Mañana habra una limpieza de KP mandatoria despues del mantenimiento. Si no quereis perder vuestras build sugiero que le hagais una foto para acordaros, gracias. See ya
  8. Nipaa

    Free Kill Abuse

    There will be a discussion about it < All i can say Thanks
  9. Nipaa


    This doc is a genius... I did want to bump, But i'll let doc do it... Only this time uh...
  10. Nipaa

    Hello everyone!

    Hello Lily and welcome over VGN I hope you will enjoy your stay
  11. For me the base 3healers in PvE are Holy sage, Even tho you can have the impression to afk while fighting Totem master : Heal are high, a well timed totem can do differences Adjucator : Because in my eyes, this class is meta in heal need gears tho.
  12. Nipaa

    Add Nature's Will to PoD

    I hope it happens too ! don't worry
  13. Nipaa

    character password forgotten

    Still a no, keep it like it is.
  14. Nipaa

    character password forgotten

    Let's say you put a way to reset this pass on the forum, if you get hacked, they just got to reset on forum and poof they got acces to the character. I do think it's better to not put that option on the forum
  15. Nipaa

    Part 2 Of Our Eden Eternal Playthrough!

    Thanks for the review Have fun in EE Vendetta Tiny tips: Up your others classes, it will make your journey easier.