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  1. The quest for Analgesic Jam is available. The problem with this was: since it was 0/10 drop and it requested 0/30 items i wasnt able to get it. This works though as a solution ty @infecttado For the others the problem is still there as a 120 player.
  2. Would you prefer I make a support ticket for traceability ?
  3. Unfortunately, I do not possesse a lv65ish carachter to check the name of the "Diary Page" Item, although i do know that it comes from Eyebloom Plains. For the other two item's : "Flower Beast Rootsatlk" is a quest item from the quest Lv.16 Take Care (REP) from the NPC "Explorer" Beck at Rainbowfall Forest "Analgesic Jam" is a quest Item from the quest Lv.33 An analgesic Jam (Daily) from the NPC "Warrior" Erth at Valley of Kings.
  4. Hey, If you are like me and would like to complete archive then you've come to the best place. Today I would like to point out some impossibilities as to complete this task.. I'm not going through every recipe but only those that are impossible to make as a lv120 player. Grimoire - Rose Knight's Odd Tales The item "Diary Page" is obtained from a quest from the map "Eyebloom Plains" that no longer is available at lv120. Frightclaw's Azure Cape The item "Flower Beast Rootsatlk" is obtained from a quest from the map "Rainbowfall Forest" that no longer is available at lv120. Alice's Lollipop Club The item "Analgesic Jam" is obtained from a quest from the map "Valley of kings" but we no longer are able to collect x30 as requested since the quest is 0/10. Back in old EE we would take off pet and let the item pile up and then collect (same drop system as EE Classic) but with this new insta collect system we aren't able to collect 30 since once its 10/10 the item stops dropping as it's supposed to. I noticed aswell that there is no information about this topic in Vendetta Wiki and would be glad to work with a GS to complete the guide as i have all the information needed and with a GM to find the technicals points that make this "side quest" of game impossible to make. Thank you for your time
  5. Character Name (IGN): Risama Boss Name and Title: "Char Leclerc" Boss Model (What the boss looks like, this can be from Eden Eternal, Another X-Legend Game or just Concept Art): "That Gun summon from halfkin racial skill" Skill 1: "Bunker - Boss its immune to damage unless ALL players stand at "X" Meters of it until 50% HP" Skill 2: "Pew Pew - Summons wave of fireballs every 7sec in a circle from within the boss that gives 20% HP damage each time it hits (only dodgeable by double jumping) after 50% HP" Skill 3: Countdown Skill 1: BOOM - Gives One Shot damage (999999) unless players equip a shield. Countdown Skill 2 (Optional): Passive Buffs: Trophy Name (Optional): "WMD" Trophy Description (Optional): "This should never be an option" Trophy Icon (Optional): "Some icon from zumi racial engineering" Trophy Effect (Optional): "ALL Mellee basic attacks become ranged but cant Double Hit and ALL basic ranged attacks become mellee but only Double hit" Boss Achievement Name (Optional): "Baguette" Trophy Achievement Name (Optional): "Omelette" Dungeon Name: Dungeon Map (Optional): "Highlands" Dungeon area (Optional): Boss Lore/Background (Optional): Boss Quotes In Game (Optional): Any other information that is relevant (Optional): "TBH I like bosses that makes you move like Luchese from GOP so this is a try at doing so. OFC it needs improvement."
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    @Aloha allow me to poke you by adding that, that's not a problem, because either way we'll have to do guild quests to get that guild fame up and leveling them.
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    Drop Rate

    Hey It's me again, I was just wondering.. what you guys think about the idea of the stat "Luck" givng drop rate ?!?! Like 999 LCK = 1% drop rate How hard would it be to implement something like this? I mean, are you feeling lucky today?
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    Hello there ! First of all i'll start by thanking everybody that will reply to this post or just even consider this suggestion. As I'm starting to be less n00b,I've re-discovered the amazing world of running DR with several classes. One of which, uses a shield that.. as you guess is always breaking to those holy mobs that hit like a Jordan on one of those bad days. So my suggestions is : Can we make auto-repair automatic ? As clicking "G" and the blue button as got me several times killed RIP The downside is that for each repair it will get from guild only 10% and 90% from your wallet and the cost will be x10. Example : Today : Manual Auto-repair = 5g total from guild Tomorrow : Auto Auto-repair = 5gx10 = 50g | 10% of 50g = 5g from guild and 90% of 50 = 45g from your bank | What do you think ? If it's hard to implement we can always make an ITEM from Racial or Arcane box that will auto-repair if putted in status assistant. PS: #MakeAwakenMimicGreatAgain
  9. The term for what you are asking/saying is "sandbox mode" and it's a great idea but perhaps a bit to hard to make. But if Jordan as those maad dev skillz it's worth a shot https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandbox_(software_development)
  10. The question then being, why not make the passive CRIT Rate by +10%? That way both classes can enjoy the P Crit and M Crit bonus.
  11. Hello all, Would like to share with you the next broken Class of EE : Class Type : Null Class Name : Shapeshifter Class Description : Awaken Mimic Class Main Passive : Can only use awaken weapons / Can only use awaken armors / Can only use awaken skill / Cannot use accessoires and Trophies Class Skills : 5 stances (each one transforms to a NPC animation) = Human = Zumi = Ursun = Anuran = Halfkin Each Stance alows awaken mimic to gain class passive for each race/class -20% of individual stats Can use all awaken skills but needs Honor Stars to level up each one #MakeMimicGreatAgain IGN: Risama
  12. LF in gem altar only (perhaps next rotation?) : Shadow Kitty (prime) ✔️03/06/20 Zombie Herring (prime)✔️03/06/20 Mysterious Toy Fish (prime) ✔️01/09/20
  13. Hello! > Lipstick Mark (Legendary) ✔️11/14/19 > Golden Sacred Cross (Legendary) ✔️04/10/20 > Sparkler (Legendary) ✔️11/12/19 > King of Spades (Legendary) > Mysterious Crown (Legendary) ✔️11/09/19 >Blazing Eye (Legendary)✔️02/08/20 Take your time, i know it's a lot of requests at once. Thank you
  14. Hello, Is it possible to add Lipstick (Prime) in one of the next gem altars please? Thank you
  15. Here's my submission, i call it : Depart from Tranquil Hill Il prefer if you ask my IGN in a private message.
  16. I know you said no plagiarism but i really had a laugh changing this (Pls no ban :P) : If you had One weapon Or one armor To seize every drop you ever wanted In one moment Would you need it Or just greed it? Yo His Primes are sweaty, Body weak, Back is heavy There's shine on his awaken already, Vivi's spaghetti He's poor, but on the surface he looks rich and upsetting To drop skills, but he keeps on forgetting What the keys are, the whole server goes so loud He opens his bag, but the gold won't come out He's crying now, peer is joking now The tw run out, times up, over, blaow!
  17. Hello! I'm back again with some requests, btw thank you so much for putting the first ones on altar > Lipstick Mark (Prime) > Golden Sacred Cross (Prime) ✔️Altar 04/23/19 > Sparkler (Prime) ✔️Gem Altar 04/18/19 Thank you !
  18. Hello !! First time writer in forums, how are you all doing? I will leave here several items that I would love to see in altar (regular one not gem). > Mysterious King of Spades suit (Prime) - ✔️Altar 04/09/19 > Mysterious Blazing Eye (Prime) - ✔️Altar 04/06/19 > Mysterious Crown (Prime) - ✔️Altar 04/09/19 > Magic Ashen Kitsu - ✔️Altar 04/04/19 > Night King Alpaca - ✔️Altar 04/06/19 As you can see I've only listed Prime / Regular Items so that way all players can enjoy without spending lots of gold (even if it's really low already) I used to play in original EE and this was the exact items i had 7/8 years ago and i already feel the nostalgia kicking in. If needed i will screen the items. P.S Thank you to GS Nippa for leading me to the forums