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  1. Heads : Punk Teen Short Hair (M) [TK] Goddess Long Curls (F) [TK] Bodies : Royal Spirit Fox Robe (M) [TK] Custom Cat Prince Suit (M) [TK] Custom Grazie's Outfit (M) [TK] Arcane Dark Kitty Sorcerer Look (F) Backs: Glorious Wings Halloween Candy Ghost
  2. Hey, I looked for the cheapest stone on auction, but sorting by price isn't what i looked for: I would have liked cheapest price per EACH stone, like if there is ONE stone at 100g and 10 at 900g, i would have preferred to see the 900g one before the 100g (90g/ea VS 100g/ea) It is possible to add it (or replace it, if players likes this option) please? Thanks in advance for your answer
  3. Masamune (Silver) and/or Masamune (Blue) please on an altar Wolf king Suit ✔️Altar 05/11/19 Tigar Stripe Hoodie Defiled or Consecrated Seraph wings Thanks ❤️
  4. Hmm, then maybe a buff on PVE only like the Feather skill on Gravity Manipulator when you use Feather Step ? However, i don't know if it's possible to only limit to PVE.
  5. By adding elemental penetration on MDps, that works only on bosses ? I don't really know if it's possible but i guess it would be a good way to balance.
  6. I did not tried, but i just tried both firewall and antivirus, antivirus didn't change anything but firewall unlocked it ! Thanks you so much !
  7. Yes, i tried both the normal launcher and alternate download.
  8. Hello, i have a problem that already been posted here I tried everything @Goddess said, but it still doesn't work. I tried the following too : Whitelisting in my AV (My AV is Kaspersky, and does overwrite Win Defender) Installed C++ Libraries and D9 from @DrDieLess package Runned with W7 compatibility Doesn't know how to check if it runs on the correct graphic card, but i only do have 1 (NVIDIA geforce gtx 760) Drivers up to date i run on win10 Tried both run_game.bat and patcher.exe, nothing work Thanks in advance for ur help i'm also available on Discord if you want to help me directly