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  1. You can farm EP in-game very easily via Path of Destiny so this isn't really an issue, I myself farmed my EP for 1-90 achieves on three characters. Coronas on the other hand, most people are hording and typically that's what people do when they don't need them but have no need for gold either. But there's also the fact altar is played a little less currently, ECs seem to be harder to find right now imo, but people have asked about this before and been told no, it's already easy enough to get these items, so overall the GMs will have to decide.
  2. We'd like to poll the communities opinion on this event as a number of people have requested it be returned for more balanced and active PvP. Nos gustaría sondear la opinion de las comunidades sobre este evento, ya que varias personas han solicitado que se devuelva para un PvP mas equilibrado y activo. Nous aimerions sonder l'opinion des communautés sur cet événement car un certain nombre de personnes ont demandé qu'il soit retourné pour un PvP plus équilibré et actif. Nós gostaríamos de sondar a opinião da comunidade, já que várias pessoas solicitaram que isso retornasse, para um PvP mais balanceado e ativo
  3. This was up rather recently so it will likely not be up for a while longer.
  4. ♡Prime/Alpha to Legendary requests. ♡Custom Recolored Legendries. ♡Custom Pet Requests. ♡Custom Aura Kingdom Content. ♡Custom Dragomon Hunter Content. ♡Custom Twin Saga Content. ♡Other Item Content Ideas. Please feel free to put your requests into this thread from now for any items you might like to see added to the game, as well as any recolors you want to have. Make sure to specify item name and desired color if you are requesting a recolor. Please, also specify item name and game of which the item originated from if you are requesting items from other games. This is a ITEM only suggestions thread, please keep it item related. Thanks! Please remember body costumes cannot be converted from Aura Kingdom, Dragomon Hunter and Twin Saga. Please note: This is not for Altar Suggestions, that is still on the same thread found here. Please also double check to make sure the item doesn't already exist in-game before requesting.
  5. Legendary versions of ANY star stone and luna rock will not be released.
  6. ^^ I'll check it off the list on the post then, thanks!
  7. I don't believe there is any dye with this name. ?
  8. My soul is saved at the dungeon because of alpaca'ing on load screens, the only time I ever lose a run. And never have I once been teleported elsewhere or lost a run while inside 'cause of the system. Two people must at least be inside the dungeon for the one DC'er to return inside of it.
  9. This is exactly how it works, Jordan, I've done it multiple times with my alt inside and I have "DC'd" via game just flat out closing and come back inside. I only lose a run when I alpaca on load screen as I do with ANY other dungeon/trial in the game.
  10. Diamond altar yes, Ghost Horns are the most popular item from the diamond altars. However, they are a once in a 6 month or so kind of thing, mostly for big holiday events and the diamond altar rotates costumes so it's a waiting game.
  11. Lipstick Mark went up on 03/28 so too soon for this to repeat.
  12. Np, just letting you know. ^^ Welcome!
  13. These were up last month so it's a bit too soon for these to be coming back around.
  14. Since they were up last week, it's too soon to be putting them up again.