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  1. Crystal Altar Mysterious Shadow Kitty Ears (Legendary) Mystery Box Magic/Robust Summer Ren Robust/Magic Moonlight Autumn Mysterious Astral Ponytail Ribbon (Legendary) Heart of the Ocean (Legendary) Magic/Robust Royal Blade Naga
  2. Crystal Altar Magic Succubus (Prime) Mysterious Shadow Kitty Ears (Legendary) Mystery Box Robust/Magic Moonlight Autumn Mysterious Astral Ponytail Ribbon (Legendary)
  3. Nope, this isn't it at all. It's just that you complain and rant, and rave all the time about M-DPS everywhere that it is to the point you put down any PDPS. Your argument was that PDPS are much stronger than MDPS and MDPS are lackluster in PvE thus resulting in no one using MDPS anymore in PvE and Jordan nerfing PDPS (some of which were completely unnecessary in many peoples opinions). Most of which I feel was based off meta theories, not actual fact or reality of how the metas truly are. Some people just don't have the time to go and re-gear every class you say, but in gearing 1 HA class
  4. Imagine coming back after years and not participating in the current end-game PvE, let alone PvP and trying to make the game M-DPS ONLY. Honestly, I'm sick of listening to your BS about the current metas for PvP and PvE when you know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Just spare us all and duck off your high horse, go experience things before you try to get them nerfed and turn our server into a anti-PDPS server because of your retarded ideals. If you didn't play and you didn't stay to watch each meta change, and you have 0 experience or knowledge then stop talking now AND GET SOME FIRST. Many of us have b
  5. Gem Altar Masamune (it's white grade and silver icon) Thanks
  6. Nanami

    Blockade Jewel

    I'd really, really, really, really LOVE if it were to be changed to a Auric type of effect instead of the current Blockade Jewel. I've had to start on a 4th Lv110 runner because of the dumb way it works currently, which means I've spent a lot on cape achievements 3 times already, necklaces, rings, armors, the weapons needed, etc. (Doubt we'll be able to ever have account shared achievements even if it's just titles no points, but it'd be super nice at this point!) It's not nice to have to keep starting over and over (class levels/awakening them included). I've asked @Jordanmany times in th
  7. I'd like to make a point to these suggestions again as we've had no change and essences are TOO rare between 5 people rolling on rolls to fight for the 1-2 that drop every 3-4 days. Haven got a daily Box with a chance at 1/6 essences (including souls) which nearly guaranteed a essence a day and twice on maint days from that alone, as well as 3 boxes per run for fragments. Although we had bags increased and souls are slightly easier to get now, we are still struggling to gain essences and 3-4 weeks pass, still barely enough to craft 1 set so I ask of you to take this suggestion and implement it
  8. Another small suggestion that may help. On Thursday, Stygian Core and Stygian Peak are the Abyss dungeons available. As we know, Thursday is usually our maintenance day, and the day we can run these dungeons twice. The Essence received from Stygian Core is the "Fire Dragon Essence", the least used essence in Abyss sets. Each other essence is used 6 times across all of the sets for a total of 84 essences, while Fire Dragon is used 4 times for a total of 56 essences. Is there any way we could swap Stygian Core with another dungeon on a different day? Any of them would work, as they a
  9. Some minor things to fix for next maintenance(if possible). Dark Ninja's Set: Effect needs proper wording, as it procs double HIT DMG and not double DMG. Robust Essence Necklace: Procs into enemies positive buffs instead of negative. (will assume all new accessories do this) The newly released legendary pets: Can't be broken down for 3rd prays, please add to arcane box. Evil Conqueror Set: 3-Piece Effect gives Max MP. Not sure if that's intended or just a typo and it actually gives HP, but it really should give HP. Fox Sanctuary: Foxes can spawn after Sakuya dies.
  10. Dungeon drops as a whole. I'm not dissatisfied completely with the way the drops are currently, I do feel as though they can be increased because while 1-2 people in the party get essences for an entire week all of mine have been non-existent. If I remember correctly the original drop run down was a single person's drops and not the entire party's rate at essences/armor fragments obtained through drops. So with that said, I have a few ideas/suggestions to suggest for a happier time! 1. Add 5-10 Souls to the daily quest. 2. Add 1-2 extra dungeon reward bag to the mail we get upon completion
  11. Added a note to the "Gem Extract" section of 4ToD Page.
  12. BOXES: Robust Summer Ren ✔️01/22/21 Robust Devilish Belle ✔️01/22/21 Dragon Flame Valkyria ✔️01/02/21 Magic Snow Bell Lele 01/28/21 Astral Ponytail Ribbon✔️02/18/21 Altar: Mysterious Tip of The Hat Fedora (Prime) ✔️01/12/21 Mysterious Modern Elegance Suit (Prime) ✔️01/12/21 Hand-Dyed Camo Beach Shorts (Prime ver) ✔️01/16/21 Mysterious Lavish Swordman Garb (Prime) ✔️01/19/21 Mysterious Gown (Legendary)✔️02/13/21 Mysterious Wedding Suit (Prime) ✔️02/13/21 Fierce Zashiki Warashi ✔️01/23/21 Magic Succubus
  13. As a glyph maker of my own glyphs (and others) on Aeria and here, I think this is an awful idea. 2 weeks is already a decent amount imo, if anything I don't think extending it by more than 3 weeks is a good idea. For the "recharged" and arcane box fusing is just bad imo. This will ruin a lot of peoples money and make the time they spend farming mats on many characters useless, and they make a living off selling packs so that isn't very nice for these people.
  14. This seems to be lost among all the other guides and tutorials so I am going to repost it here. I'd also like to ask whoever can pin it to please pin it. it's a lot of hard work/time spent into a place filled with information of this server and it's custom content as well as the old. @Vivi or @Herakles
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