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  1. Form: Character Name (IGN): Yuki Event Title: Snowflake Type: Honor Title Objective: Have loads of fun while hunting a new world boss and killing monsters for mini quests! Introduction: Slush is a dangerous monster that will spawn inside of a DGN (mini version you could say), while there will be a 3h rotating Slush that will spawn inside a zone that our NPC will take you to, the DGN will be located there as well. Both will give different rewards needed to complete the task at hand, the quest for titles will require both bosses to be defeated and upon killing the boss his box will give you materials required to purchase Snowflake Honorary Title via a quest at the NPC. He will also give you a portion of materials needed to obtain general titles from both version of him! A couple of mini quests to keep you occupied until our big man spawns.Ideally all of the events pertaining to this world boss and the dungeon will take place inside of a new zone located via NPC in Frostmourn. I apologize I am bad at explaining and tend to over explain when I feel I can't get my point across so I will not do all of the idea, just the base. Overviews: Slush was once a kind Snowman filled with nothing but joyful Christmas spirit! As time passed and seasons changed, the children who loved and played with Slush grew up and began to forsake him... Event Timer: 3 hour rotation, daily. What we need? Level: Lv95-120 NPC Name: Yuki Dialogue 1: Psst, traveller can you help me out over here? I've been weary to travel to the main city. I saw something really big there and was hoping you could kill it for me. Dialogue 2: You will? Oh thank you so much traveller, I won't forget this! I will reward you handsomely for you troubles. Quest Name: Snowflakes Falling. Mission: Snowy Problems Boss Name: Slush Boss Achievement: Slushied Spell: Frozen Flakes - This will be Slush's main attack, it will deal AOE DMG up to 50 meters around him and cause targets to transform into snowmen. - Note: The boss on 3/hr rotation will have this skill. Spell 2: Blizzard Shield - Upon reaching 5% Health Slushy will become nearly immune to all damage, each attack/spell he's hit with will now do 95% less damage. You will have 60 seconds to burst down all of Slush's remaining HP before he enrages and instantly wipes the party. Monster Mini versions of Slush will spawn periodically throughout the fight and debuff players with +10% DMG taken if not killed before Frozen Flakes is cast. Note: These mobs should be fairly easy to kill. - Note: the 3/hr rotation boss will have this. DNG Name: Slushy Christmas Script: Ha, the likes of you will never see the snow fall again! (Rest is TBD) Boss Preview: DGN Preview: NPC Preview 1: (Robust Snow Empress Lenna) NPC Preview 2: Level: Lv95-120 Map: Frostmourn Coordinates: x670 y167. Title Name: Snow Queen & Snow King (Pairing titles that can be obtained) Rewards: ^ Titles as listed above, Snow Queen may be obtained via the dungeon and Snow King via the world boss, both will require necessary materials from both the dungeon and the world boss that will spawn. Custom costumes acquired through various mini quests inside of the zone that NPC will be teleportation you to. Other misc items like potions, mulled wines.
  2. +1 I don't see any reason for them to be banned, none were used in ANY of the incidents that were falsely accused of using them, so no reason for them to be banned as if they were abused.
  3. Again read my post, I said in the fight where your guild claims WIPED by engie pot. Not where he capped a crystal with it. AOE heal aside from cure can't heal engie pots, only cure and cure has 2 aoe increases HS and glyph, all other heals are null while pot is in use. Jordan can easily make cure un-healable too.
  4. Engineer potions are something literally EVERYONE can get their hands on and use, I think it's a far stretch to call it "abused" or compare it to mana infusions when a majority of mana infusions that even Aeria have not released, deal much more damage with no cooldown. While engineer potion has a 5 minute cooldown and comes with a RISK of suciding and thus can result in the complete wipe of one's own party if done wrong. And I wonder why no one had an issue with engineer potions before when they were literally abused every single territory war for a guild to cap 4/4 crystals, but now it's an issue if a party utilizes it to their advantage in the middle of a battle? 🤔 Okie, I didn't wanna take part in any of this childish drama about a RACIAL item that's been around since the dawn of 85 cap for FNO and Aeria but this will be my two cents on it all, apologies if no one likes it. Bijuu last week came out of GvG with Garden 18v18 (Garden had two buffing alts inside so we were in reality 16v18), at the end of GvG the main party in Garden got called out for "engie potting" when Bijuu's main party wiped which resulted in a lot of useless comments and drama in world chat when the reality of it all was no engie pot was used in that fight that wiped Bijuu. We have video proof and I will be leaving it here time stamped for everyone to see where Garden was called out and falsely accused of abusing engineer potions. Have a nice day. Garden doesn't have the most geared or a huge core of geared/super pvpers, but I will say this is the difference when it comes to people who've been PvPing in this server for years and this party has multiple of those people who have PvP'd through different metas and adjusted, built and rebuilt their classes to the maximum and truly main those classes with knowledge they've gained over time.
  5. Boxes: Magic/Robust Resplendent Sakura Akana Magic Starlit Sky Alyssia Magic Moon Maiden Azusa ✔️07/02/20 Altar: Mysterious Clover Cap (Legendary) ✔️06/25/20 Mysterious Royal Floret hairpin (Prime) Mysterious Bridemaid's Updo (Prime) Mysterious Astral Ribbon Ponytail (Prime) Gem Altar: Brave Bacchus ✔️07/02/20 Pet Conversion Fruit ✔️07/02/20
  6. Boxes: Magic Dragon Flame Valkyria ✔️06/04/20 Magic/Robust Snowy Kueta ✔️06/11/20 Altar: Mysterious Clover Cap (Legendary) ✔️06/25/20 Mysterious Spiral Blush (Legendary) ✔️06/04/20 Hand-dyed Schoolboy Chic Ensemble (Legendary) ✔️06/09/20
  7. Boxes: Magic Dragon Flame Valkyria (Priority) ✔️06/04/20 Magic/Robust Resplendent Sakura Akana
  8. Boxes: Robust/Magic Sakura Alyssia (Priority if only get 1) ✔️05/14/20 Magic Dragon Flame Valkyria (Optional) ✔️06/04/20 Hello Kitty English Suit ✔️05/14/20 Crystal Altar: Blue Headwear/Clothing Color ✔️05/14/20 Mysterious Tweety Lipstick (Legendary) ✔️05/14/20
  9. Character Name (IGN): Yuki Boss Name and Title: <Charmer>Desi Boss Model: Skill 1 (Sleepyhead): Desi will begin casting a single target 1m duration sleep, removable via NPC skill bar (taken before fight, ideally by your couple) if sleep is not removed after 30s Desi will proceed to spawn orbs around floor that will attract towards the slept target, dealing 10,000+ per hit. Skill 2 (Dancing Partner): After Desi reaches 40% HP he will begin to summon adds around the room that will apply a +damage taken debuff until they are all killed. Skill 3 (Love Tap): Desi will smack you for 99% of your HP unless your couple places a shield upon you via NPC bar. Countdown Skill 1 (Seduction): Will seduce both players if they don't face away from the boss once the cast finishes, while seduced players will take 8,000 dmg per second until debuff is removed or until the player dies. Countdown Skill 2 (Optional): None Passive Buffs: Purification, purifies all debuffs once every 25s. Trophy Name (Optional): Desi's Feather Trophy Description (Optional): Desi's most valuable possession is this feather, it is said to grant you great strength in your darkest times and bring forth eternal happiness... well not so much for him. This item greatly increases it's wearers attributes. Trophy Icon (Optional): Trophy Effect (Optional): All stats+10%. Character EXP +25%. Boss Achievement Name (Optional): Charmed The Charmer. Trophy Achievement Name (Optional): Desi's Feather of Love. Boss Name and Title: <Loveable> Amira Boss Model: Skill 1 (Downpour): Amira will cast down pour, dealing nature damage to all players within 50 meters. Skill 2 (Bleeding Love): After 40% HP, Amira will cast Bleeding Love on a target, if debuff is not removed off target that target will sustain damage over time for the remainder of the fight. Skill 3 (Lost): Amira will blindly attack all enemies within the room with multiple 3-hit chain of single target attacks and ground targeted aoes. Countdown Skill 1 (Seduction): Players will be put knocked down for 1 minute, taking an extra 75% of damage received if not inside Amira's immunity sphere. Countdown Skill 2 (Forsaken Bride): Amira will immobilize and mundane the player with a buff called "Bride" (NPC player in this case) if player is not freed from Amira's grasp before she finishes her cast this player will die instantly. To be set freed their couple must use any of their love skills to free them. Passive Buffs: Mischevious, inflicts players with -30% of all resistance once every 25s (debuff will last for 15s) Trophy Name (Optional): Amira's Umbrella Trophy Description (Optional): It is said that Amira has a fear water so she carries around an umbrella tucked away in hiding, you'd never know until you see it start to rain. This item greatly increases it's wearers attributes. Trophy Icon (Optional): Trophy Effect (Optional): All stats+10%. Class CP +25%. Boss Achievement Name (Optional): Loved? Not More Than I! Trophy Achievement Name (Optional): Amira's Secret Fear. Boss Name and Title: <Heaven's Maiden of Love> Kurome & <Hell's Maiden of Lust> Murasame Boss Model: Skill 1 (Happiness): Kurome will cast happiness a skill that will increase her dmg, atk and -dmg taken. Skill 2 (Heart Attack): Kurome will attack you with a ground aoe that will deal dmg over time for 5s. Skill 3 (Invincible): Kurome has a 5% chance to heal herself for 5% HP per sec for 10s. Countdown Skill 1 (): Murasame will teleport to Kurome and begin casting the skill Down With You, at the end of the cast she will annihilate all targets within 50 meter radius if targets if targets are not in the protective zone. Countdown Skill 2 (): Passive Buffs: Blind Love, increases Kurome's DMG dealt while within 10 meters of Murasame. Trophy Name (Optional): Kurome's Gemstone. Trophy Description (Optional): Kurome's precious gemstone was a gift from the Gods before the sent her to Earth and is a treasure unlike any other, she'd never let it out of her sight... psst, take it while she's not looking! Trophy Icon (Optional): Trophy Effect (Optional): All stats+10%. Loot Drop Rate +25%. Boss Achievement Name (Optional): Heaven's Blessing. Trophy Achievement Name (Optional): Blessed Thanks To Love! ^ Final Boss will be two bosses that need to die within 15s of each other to avoid re-spawning one or the other. Not entirely sure how to write out the idea for both of their skills into 1 format so I'll just leave it blank, however one will drop a trophy and one will not have any drops. Murasame is more of a side kick to Kurome, she will be the one to cast the countdown skill while Kurome does all the other skills. Dungeon Name: Eternal Bonds Dungeon Map (Optional): TBD, haven't found ideal one yet T.T Dungeon area (Optional): TBD ^ T.T Boss Lore/Background (Optional): TBD, but will write eventually. Short on time. Boss Quotes In Game (Optional): TBD Any other information that is relevant (Optional): This dungeon is designed to be a 2-player couple/married couple's only dungeon, with one player consistently playing NPC role while the other DPS. Ideally the NPC bar will change per boss and have a different set of skills needed to pass each boss, however 1-2 skills will remain (i.e. a heal skill or a shield skill). It was meant to be a place to farm a new currency to obtain new couple buffs as well as a new Upgraded Wedding Ring, and a new place to farm exclusive trophies. There will be 3 bosses to this dungeon and each will have their own set of drops as well as a common item the currency required to buy new skills from an NPC outside of the dungeon, this will be time limited and once a day entry. Desi's Drop Table: ~Desi's Feather (trophy) ~Box of Chocolate (exchange for currency to buy buffs) ~Fate's Right Ring (material drop 1/3 for blueprint to craft Upgraded Ring) Amira's Drop Table: ~Amira's Umbrella (trophy) ~Box of Chocolate (exchange for currency) ~Fate's Left Ring (Material drop 1/3 for blueprint to craft Upgraded Ring) Kurome's Drop Table: ~Kurome's Gemstone (trophy) ~Box of Chocolate (currency) ~Eternity Loving Hearts (1/3 needed to craft ring) Warp Portal in the back of Aven to Teleport to (Wedding Island map) where players can find the new shops and dungeon entrance. Note: will have a quest lead to NPC beside warp portal to use to teleport into the map and then speak with the dungeon entrance NPC. There will be 3-4 currency exchange NPC with different misc items, one you will be able to purchase the blueprint for Upgraded Wedding Ring at (this ring will be called Eternity Ring), as well as new buffs and the loving heart to cast those buffs. (Note these buffs can stack with existing buffs). Another NPC will sell new pet accessories, necklaces/weapons of lv 100, 110, 120. Eternity Ring will require x200 Fate's Left Ring and Fate's Right Ring, as well as x200 Loving Heart to craft, 1,000g to craft. Blueprint it sells will cost 50 currency from NPC. Ring will apply a buff lasting for 2h, stats given will be 5% all stat, ms+5% and loot drop rate+5%. Side Note: All of these ideally will be a long grind to obtain. /o/ New buffs to purchase: 1. AGI +15% 2. G-Healing/P-Healing +5% 3. Parry/Block +5% 4. P-ATK/M-ATK +5%.
  10. Boxes: Robust/Magic Sakura Alyssia (Priority if only get 1) ✔️05/14/20 Magic Dragon Flame Valkyria (Optional) ✔️06/04/20 Hello Kitty English Suit ✔️05/14/20 Crystal Altar: Badge of Honor Nelle's Pet Handbook 3 ✔️05/07/20 Blue Clothing Color/Headwear Color ✔️05/14/20 Mysterious Fox Mask (Prime) ✔️05/07/20
  11. Boxes: Magic/Robust Nalani ✔️04/30/20 Hello Kitty: Kimono ✔️04/30/20 Crystal Altar: Badge of Honor Nelle's Pet Handbook 3 ✔️05/07/20 Blue Clothing Color/Headwear Color ✔️05/14/20
  12. Boxes: Magic/Robust Nalani ✔️04/30/20 Robust Golden Bell Lele ✔️04/23/20 Gem Altar: Brave Thicket Jelly Rabbit ✔️04/23/20 Crystal Altar: Badge of Honor Nelle's Pet Handbook 3 ✔️05/07/20
  13. Boxes: Robust/Magic Sakura Alyssia (Priority if only get 1) ✔️05/14/20 Magic Dragon Flame Valkyria (Optional) Hello Kitty English Suit ✔️05/14/20 Magic/Robust Nalani ✔️04/30/20 Robust Golden Bell Lele ✔️04/23/20 Magic Night Luna ✔️04/30/20 Gem Altar: Brave Thicket Jelly Rabbit Crystal Altar: Badge of Honor Nelle's Pet Handbook 3 ✔️05/07/20 Everyday Uniform Dress (Legendary) ✔️04/02/20 Ghost Alpaca (Legendary) ✔️04/02/20
  14. Boxes: Robust/Magic Sakura Alyssia (Priority if only get 1) ✔️05/14/20 Magic Dragon Flame Valkyria (Optional) Hello Kitty English Suit ✔️05/14/20 Magic/Robust Nalani ✔️04/30/20 Robust Golden Bell Lele ✔️04/23/20 Magic Night Luna ✔️04/30/20 Robust Ghostblade Ren ✔️03/19/20 Robust Cherry Blossom Hana ✔️03/19/20 Gem Altar: Brave Thicket Jelly Rabbit ✔️ Crystal Altar: Badge of Honor Nelle's Pet Handbook 3 ✔️05/07/20 Mystic Gothic Corset (Legendary) ✔️03/17/20