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  1. Since PGC has lost it's most popular buying option(s) and the others are a bit lack luster when compared, I've decided to ask around for suggestions on decent replacements and will be sharing some of them. #1: Offgamers is a website where you can purchase mint cards and turn them into PGC cards (via PGC's Mint option). They have Sales! #2: Mint Yep, the original site of the Mint cards. You can buy and sell cards here. #3: Alipay is a mobile payment app which you can download to purchase cards with (it's a chinese app, it is secured). #4: Dundle Similar to Offgamers you can purchase Mint cards here. I recommend using offgamers for ease of access and slightly less hassle than downloading an app and going back and forth with codes. Please keep in mind when you purchase a Mint card for VGN, Vendetta's website only allows a certain amount of money. Make sure to reference amounts before you buy so you don't buy a card that vendetta cannot accept on their website. Thank you to @Jordan for giving me information to some alternatives.
  2. I personally spend every day farming two or more dungeons (if I go to alt or not depends if I feel like getting cucked by drop rate), I farm Utopian Realm for bloods for the new enchants and I had a magical day of obtaining 44 in a total of 10 runs, while average for me is around 20 (which is 1 enchant in other words) for about 1-2h or so of my time. It takes a lot longer to farm while podding because sadly for Lv120 this is the best way to pod farm (I have tested regular mobs and battlemap zones) they are rather slow imo. Anyway, I also run palace on an average of 20 runs a day (the solo modes drops for both dungeons are not updated for materials) so I get an average of 2-8 bloods a day (this means if I am lucky I can make two of the new gems). If you ask me that's very little for all the time I will accumulate farming every day, for the entirety of my eden life so I may be able to make enchants and gems for future sets/weapons, etc. I will leave off ruins of ages, etc, because those in my experience were also as insignificant if not worse than palace on average. I honestly think that putting the new materials into the item mall isn't going to make NPC "useless" because for a long time they have already been "useless" as you called it, they were only used for gold materials (legendary achievements mostly) because the sad fact of the matter is our server isn't as big a community as it needs to be to keep these NPCs in a thriving state, a non-inactive state. x: Now tell me would you really want to spend an average of 4-6h per day farming these dungeons for bloods for gems/enchants that are a never ending necessity?
  3. Thank you for the Alices! Would like to request: ✔️10/03/19
  4. Boxes: Robust Alice/Magic Alice/ ✔️09/27/19 Magic Halloween Zashi Altar: Magic Teddy Bear/Robust Teddy Bear
  5. Now I know that this is going to be a long rant (possibly rant?) and I'm aware that this will probably just be closed, archived or thrown away after a bit of time. But I am here to give it a go at my thoughts and hopefully bring out other peoples thoughts/feelings on the same matter. Vendetta has been an amazing network for quite a few years now, have had a few ups and downs as anyone would, but you guys are holding strong and retain the BEST Eden Eternal server of all time, as well as the best (and only?) Scarlet Blade server. I believe in the staff and the capability of you guys, I also highly respect the GMs most of all for their hard work in running and taking care of these games as just a hobby between your busy IRL lives, so for that I want to say thank you and let you know I appreciated it all. Now, for the matter that will be shot down 😂 I'd like to ask that for your 4th game you consider giving Twin Saga a second chance. Vendetta had the most amazing TS server of all and I did try/play on the others, but always stuck to Vendetta and even played all alone for a long time until you guys closed. I know the server stability was bumpy and had 3 rollbacks so the server came off to a bad start with that, as well as having Aeria/To servers come out at the same time. But I believe you guys can make it popular and run it better than anyone else could, Jordan himself in charge of it would make it awesome just like he's done with Eden! (I think it'd be cooler if you guys picked it up again under it's original name: Astral Realm.) I truly miss playing Twin Saga on Vendetta's server a lot so I have a little bit of hope that if anyone else misses it too it might be enough to convince you guys to give it a second try. Thanks for reading/considering.
  6. Never said it wouldn't work, just saying that right now you guys asking for a whole new server after Jordan and the other GMs and even some ex-GS. (Yes, the so called "shitty staff" that they have been referred to as.) have done A LOT for this server, for people like you guys who make x request and not even give a damn once their request is fulfilled. That is kind of selfish at this point, especially after trashing them to no end. People need to learn to appreciate what they have been given thus far and what the staff have done for this server because no other Eden server would gain content like Vendetta, nor last as long as a private server without a dedicated GM/Developer. So do you, boo-boo. I'm done with my 2 cents. 😂
  7. By "Player request" normal class Territory Wars was made and did anyone really enjoy it, did people continue to go and attend it? Nope! As an effort to re-balance it and bring it back to life (again, it was requested to be brought back) Jordan locked gears to a very popular time on Aeria/Play Eden back when normal class was at it's highest popularity and thriving with players, but did that bring people into it again? Nope! Once again it's just a case of people being too "lazy" or find some stupid reason to complain about the gear lock and having to go hunt/fort lower level gears, or something completely irrelevant to TW. So my suggestion for anyone wanting a throw back server, you should start by actually utilizing the content Jordan already made PER YOUR REQUEST for similar things like a throw back server, before you go and ask for a whole new server that will likely become boring after 3-4 months of playing because you're already capped and run out of things to do aside from AFK and think you look pretty. ☺️ Oh and if anyone wants to argue that awaken territory war sucks, classes are op, teams not balanced (and they are quite even in numbers currently), etc etc, keep in mind it is the active territory war. And if you wish to argue that there's TOO much to do and having less to do on a throw back server wouldn't bore you, then try not rushing into everything on vendetta's server. Patience is key. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. First of all, I'm not here to defend Vyzer. But have you even gotten this far in the dungeon? I've both healed for it and DPS'd it, I experienced a lot less knock backs as a healer while fighting Bushi than as a DPS, likely has to do with the way he targets people for his knockback (yes, I know it's an AOE). Plus, that was one clip that was on speed, you didn't see the entirety of their fight nor did you see it in real time. Either way, it's pretty rude of you to just to assume that Jordan had anything to do with any of that, let alone put blame on him when he's always worked very hard for EEV and ALL of it's content. So just try to remember to appreciate it all before it might be gone one day, people get tired, games get old and die. ^^
  9. You can farm EP in-game very easily via Path of Destiny so this isn't really an issue, I myself farmed my EP for 1-90 achieves on three characters. Coronas on the other hand, most people are hording and typically that's what people do when they don't need them but have no need for gold either. But there's also the fact altar is played a little less currently, ECs seem to be harder to find right now imo, but people have asked about this before and been told no, it's already easy enough to get these items, so overall the GMs will have to decide.
  10. We'd like to poll the communities opinion on this event as a number of people have requested it be returned for more balanced and active PvP. Nos gustaría sondear la opinion de las comunidades sobre este evento, ya que varias personas han solicitado que se devuelva para un PvP mas equilibrado y activo. Nous aimerions sonder l'opinion des communautés sur cet événement car un certain nombre de personnes ont demandé qu'il soit retourné pour un PvP plus équilibré et actif. Nós gostaríamos de sondar a opinião da comunidade, já que várias pessoas solicitaram que isso retornasse, para um PvP mais balanceado e ativo
  11. This was up rather recently so it will likely not be up for a while longer.
  12. ♡Prime/Alpha to Legendary requests. ♡Custom Recolored Legendries. ♡Custom Pet Requests. ♡Custom Aura Kingdom Content. ♡Custom Dragomon Hunter Content. ♡Custom Twin Saga Content. ♡Other Item Content Ideas. Please feel free to put your requests into this thread from now for any items you might like to see added to the game, as well as any recolors you want to have. Make sure to specify item name and desired color if you are requesting a recolor. Please, also specify item name and game of which the item originated from if you are requesting items from other games. This is a ITEM only suggestions thread, please keep it item related. Thanks! Please remember body costumes cannot be converted from Aura Kingdom, Dragomon Hunter and Twin Saga. Please note: This is not for Altar Suggestions, that is still on the same thread found here. Please also double check to make sure the item doesn't already exist in-game before requesting.
  13. Legendary versions of ANY star stone and luna rock will not be released.