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  1. Nanami

    Altar/Mystery Box Suggestion

    Crystal Altar, please! Altar 02/07/19 Mystery Box, please! ✔️Box 02/14/19
  2. Nanami

    Patch v43 TW's New Structure; MT vs Garden

    Quite frankly this whole forum for SUGGESTION and FEED BACK, has turned into nothing but an out right QQ-fest, flame war and god knows what's next. I for one and I am sure not just me, would appreciate it a lot if you all refrain from taking every chance you can at stabbing each other and act civil seeing as this is to "FIX ANY ISSUES" given that people care enough to give an actual opinion and explanation of ways they think may make this better. I'm sorry if this offends anyone as it is not my intention, it is my OPINION ONLY on this situation and how it's affected our PvP, possibly even our server as a whole. And I am not aiming to say anyone is bad or sucks at their classes, etc, I am only saying that there is always room to improve, that goes for myself as well. I personally think that this was a positive change overall and vote that it not be randomized, our PvP attendances have been much higher than it has been in a very long time. Even back when Celestial was alive things weren't as active as this. It was only in the early days and probably the later days of when YuckFou was at it's peak of players bringing 25-35+ in TWs and the problem there was they were one guild bringing that many. However, that is not the case at the moment, we have MANY guilds actually coming to PvP right now even if they are small (which is why this has been a positive change, we had 2 PvP guilds only before this.), now we have 4-5 including the smaller ones and the current ones that are building up players, so I see no reason for this to be reverted back to the way it was before, when it was "random" and all we had were cap wars and feed wars. And as far as "numbers" go, there's many screenshots, each and every Territory Wars MoneyTeam and SoulBreaker together (plus whatever random guild joins) still have yet to OUT number the other TEAM. MoneyTeam is not invincible, we are by no means 100% invulnerable to losing and we have lost a few times already, and at the end sometimes the numbers are too many or we played a wrong card, that is just how PvP goes in any PvP game. You win some, you lose some. Now, Jordan has already said it multiple times that there IS NOTHING MoneyTeam has over ANYONE on this server, literally everyone is treated fairly and given the opportunity to be equals with gear (you need only work for it, same goes for leveling up). The only things that set people apart here IN MY OPINION, are skill, knowledge, and experience. So as Jordan and I said before, take the time to get to learn to play your classes better and find new ways to do things and STOP doing the same old things. It was really a good change to the PvP system overall to me because of more guilds slowly building up compared to having 2... Hope this helps, this is my two cents worth to the "PvP issues" going on.
  3. Nanami

    Altars guide rotation

  4. Nanami

    Patch v43 TW's New Structure; MT vs Garden

    MoneyTeam consistently has 10-15(15 max) people per TWs after this patch, before this 7-10 were the consistent numbers. (not trying to be rude/mean here, so forgive, this is just how it looks to me) The sad reality and real difference is that Garden has fewer people with gear and knowledge on how to play their class, what to do with their class, or what to use on their class. Most of the time I see Garden DPS wearing CC meta trophies/accessories, this is A DAMAGE meta, you can't win with CC alone on every single class, especially ones that were not made for CC. But this is fault of mostly being a "PvE" guild as said in other posts, MoneyTeam is a focused PvP guild so there will be differences in this until people start getting their butts in motion. Don't just sit around and complain MoneyTeam has more people, MoneyTeam always wins cause of this or that. Start running, get to 110 at least (it's literally all you really need) and GEAR UP! Play with your KPs and your builds so you can optimize what is BEST and not just attempt to copy someone else or slap it together, knowledge and experience is your best weapon, especially in PvP.
  5. Nanami

    Error Server

    Did you try reinstalling or trying the alternative downloads?
  6. Daily login rewards "reset" every night at 12 AM server time. You need only click on the box to have it start counting down the next day's reward, monthly they reset to day 1 once you finish the whole 28 days as well.
  7. Nanami

    Craft rework/help

    You're bored of crafting already, imagine how bored you will be when it's too easy and all you have to do is click twice. lol
  8. Nanami

    Craft rework/help

    My suggestion to this is, start using Celestial's Miner to get it to 12, it's currently 10. ^^ Everyone can commission on it once a day and it will be there in no time.
  9. Nanami

    Craft rework/help

    Personally I don't think we need to go through all of that to make the process SUPER easy, given the fact it's already x100 times better than Aeria's crafting had ever been when it came down to material farming, EP prices their server, etc. They were terribly expensive and the farming processes super long. The Aven fame material issue, I personally just buy 300+ of each material when I am going to hardcore craft and save the rest if I don't use them ALL at the time of crafting, odds are I will return to it later on. However, for those who don't do such things or "don't have enough gold" to do such things, could always make lists and write down exact materials and +1 or +2 the amount in case of failures, this was my Aeria method to crafting. I do think that fame materials from Aven vendors could be brought to guild town via all-in-one NPC in each type of town, but still require you have the said fame to purchase items.
  10. Nanami

    Add Nature's Will to PoD

    Yes, they are in the monster rampages/invasions once you reach Lv110+
  11. Nanami

    Add Nature's Will to PoD

    Lv110 Treasure - Monster Rampage/Monster Invasion should drop them, they aren't hard to get though if you just spend a little time farming them via Viroona mobs or dungeons.
  12. Nanami

    Altar/Mystery Box Suggestions

    Please, Boss-sama 💓
  13. Nanami

    Error please read and help me

    Reinstall the game then, it's likely the only fix whatever went wrong.
  14. Nanami

    Error please read and help me

    Logs don't show anything out of the ordinary (that being said, alpacas are ordinary). Have you tried verifying and re-logging? Possible to have corrupted/missing files. And can you provide a screenshot too?
  15. Nanami

    The mind isn't longer there

    1. Charms aren't that big of a difference compared to running with and without them, the only thing that hurts is the Lv107-110+ grind(max you can get atm is 114), and even then as MANY players have done you can purchase charms off in-game sellers. This server has lived a very long time thanks to Vendetta's team efforts, a lot of sacrifices from the GM team and even some of the minor support team, as well as "donations" from players, so please next time think before you complain over such trivial things. AND THIS GOES FOR ALL WHO READ IT. 2. As Jordan said, Aeria did the exact same thing with Lv100 cap and the highest place to run was Devastation Dimension (Lv75) for A very long time. I was one of the few who did the long haul grind there and capped out all my classes as well as my character level at the max I could get there. Upon release of The Battle of Time and Space, I once again capped everything out and did the long haul grind. Compared to Aeria, this server is by far better and in many, many ways. Even with the taunt bug gone CP and EXP are x100 faster than Aeria. Lv95-97 would be 20-25m max per class level, while Lv98-100 were 30-45m per class level with fully mana infused runner Lv100+Lv90 set up. Do you know the difference between Vendetta and Aeria? We won't be stuck at "Oh, noo 120 is max level!!" with only DoS to run in. He's already planning a lot of this game, despite it honestly should have been dead long ago. 3. You don't need to think long term "I need to be 120!" kind of thing. Set a goal, reach the gold, move on. You'll feel less likely to become stressed and less demotivated overall, I've had to do this myself with the past experiences I've had with certain things like huge level cap increases, and trust me being impatient and in a hurry to get to the highest level will do you no good! ~ Take it slowly. And something everyone needs to learn is that, patches/bug fixes/common issues don't just appear out of thin air, they take a lot of time and hard work from a team. Apologies, if I seemed rude.