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  1. Boxes: Magic Ghostblade Ren Robust Floral Haruka Altar: (if they can go there.) Mysterious British Olympics Cheerio Skirt (Legendary) Mysterious Olympics Cheerio Skirt (Legendary) Thanks! ๐Ÿ˜บ
  2. I know a number of people who asked for something like this in the past and they may be gone, may not return, but I will post it here incase anyone still needs or wants to use it. PS: It isn't that pretty and I purposely left out the NT EC in the regular dgns because low % and 75/110 trials are way better rates. Link Here!
  3. The population of both servers have been a little far too spread since classic released and despite people begging for classic they become too "bored" to stay and support it, now off to other servers or games in general. So finding new helpers while the GMs are extra busy running 3 games + their IRL lives/jobs while avoiding corona is probably a lot harder right now for them, even more so after said "shitshows" of ex-GS as you call them. Not everyone can be trusted to do their job, nor do some people actually care enough to do their job and as a result more than half are hired to leech whatever they can off being a GS. But despite that, there have been a lot of hard work and effort in the past from some these "shitshows" and they've helped Jordan quite a bit so I don't think it's right to refer to all the ex-staff as such and not even appreciate the work they've done for this server. But then again that's my opinion. I have nothing more to say, enjoy your day/night. ๐Ÿ˜ผ
  4. Boxes: Yellow/Pink Blazeblight Cestus โœ”๏ธ10/01/20 Silver Fireworks Koi Pinwheel โœ”๏ธ10/01/20 Stellar Blue Glowstick โœ”๏ธ09/24/20 Dark Sky Koi Pinwheel โœ”๏ธ10/01/20
  5. Boxes: Robust/Magic Glorious Nalani ๐Ÿ‘ง Phantom Mask ๐Ÿ˜ท Shining Wing Bow ๐Ÿน Altar: White Kitty Spectaclesโœ”๏ธ09/03/20 ๐Ÿ‘“
  6. Territory Wars/Guild vs Guild/Guild Arena. Crystals are one the biggest issue of these PvP modes, players prefer to cap and run around instead of fighting so my suggestion is to give us a way to make crystals tankier and opt out of capper meta. Make it so that it requires/forces people off capper classes or so that they can't solo cap a crystal nor duo cap a crystal. Another issue is that we're in debuff/-res/cc meta which is hard to control at all even with a Holy Sage and a Glacier Knight both purifying every time they can, certain CCs stack and some even go through immunity. Fears/Worms/Stuns/KDs they can all be chained and overlapped, I have had stun cert >cert>enchant proc on me in a row. KD enchant > Reaver >Paladin KD. Worm>Worm>Worm>CD>repeat. It's just outrageous for playing at all when things like this can happen. Normal Class TW is dead, if Garden tries others slowly quit trying even though at MAXIMUM Garden has only 6 geared players for NCTW. This TW was begged for by people that have long quit for Classic, remove this as it's useless and dead to our Awaken server. And frankly TBH I don't think our server will have active PvP the way it used to be as we are a lot smaller community than in the past, than we've ever been in the past. Elysian Island. The suggestions given I think are already great, making it a working thing again will be nice for a lot of people that have wanted to do it. Pets off, friendly damage off, new rewards (this already has EC fragments and Prime Scrolls in boss rewards) so I think something NEW and not unobtainable (i.e. the rose) will be good for motivating people. 10v10/3v3/MBA. When we managed to queue for 10v10 here, the majority of it was alts in 1 team with like 4 active people 1 of which AFK'd, 1 who alpaca'd at the start and 2 who fought vs the other 7-9 people on the other team and were winning up until someone decided to pull a spirit scar/magic blockade pet out. We're an awaken server, I don't think we should have our arenas locked into normal classes this defeats the purpose of our server and our PvP. Personally I find the class switching in there is a nice bonus, however it aids those who gear multiple classes and not the one trick mains. My suggestions for these arenas are: Removal of combat pets in all arenas. Make a way for us to queue up as a party, so that say a guild wants to have a 3v3 against each other or others can party up then queue. Make rewards better, we can farm Honor Stars and have no need for arena sets (only 1-2 people I have seen have even bothered to make these sets and use them and even then Lv110 awakens are much better) so I for one think these sets should be removed. Can you add more bosses to MBA? I think this would be a nice way to liven it up for those who enjoy it, as well as updated rewards. 10v10 I'm not sure what to do about TBH, I don't think we have 20 active people for that so if you could lower the participant amount then it might be better for us to queue as 5v5 (but I guess it wouldn't be 10v10 then xD) and adjust rewards again, all arena rewards are lacking. Temple Arena. Removal of pots is fine, I don't think it should be gear locked or changed as it was older level content and older level content always becomes easier and we are far past the stage this was designed for gear wise. Increasing or adjusting the reward amount is up to you, but personally I think creating a whole new Temple Arena for Lv115+ would be more ideal to me and give us a way to upgrade the older trophies into newer versions, as well as give us something else to do that is on a time schedule. Overall Changes. I don't mind any of the rewards you have listed, but as a max level player who has nearly crafted everything on 4 characters using war stones my only use for them is Eden Crystals. But as it stands lately the altar gives me nothing to roll for and I just wait for Diamond Altars and get my hopes up when that hits. If possible a whole new reward would be nice to me, something like a new currency maybe that we can spend on certain items for example maybe you can make it possible to purchase pet bible/battle theory in-game at a npc with this new currency and put other misc smaller AP-only items at this NPC to give players more options with their pets. Just an example though. PS: It don't belong here but please make CCM more useful. ๐Ÿ˜ญ
  7. First off, no one asked Bash to run it. If at all, It'd be better for Jordan to run it since he's the one who started to bring more content into it before it died. It was a good game and Vendetta had the best server that is why I am here to ask them to consider it for when they think about adding another game, I am not trying to ask them to just add it on the spot and control everything like the way you put it. I know Bash has his issues and Vivi is busy, Jordan runs both EE's content and that is fine since I am only asking them to truly consider it when the time comes because I know Vendetta can do better than any others. I only aim to show that OTHER people aside from me would like to see Vendetta make an amazing TS server. I will just leave this here in regards to your math. And regardless of whatever you feel for the game/this thread doesn't mean other people feel that way so I'll ask you kindly if you have nothing nice to say then don't say it. ^^ Have a nice day.
  8. Hello, this will be my second attempt at the forums for this. I apologize for being rather annoying about it or being too persistent. I would like to ask for you guys to give Astral Realm (Twin Saga) a second chance here at Vendetta GN. I appreciated and loved the first server as it was a wonderful server with amazing rates (which you can tone down some if you reopen) and despite it's 3 rollbacks due to server stability issues, I continued to play there up until the last day. I know Aeria already exists and has recently gotten an update, I also am aware that .to exists and has up to lv95? or 99 content, however my opinion of both of those servers is well... they suck! ๐Ÿ˜’ Vendetta had done an amazing job on the server and began giving it custom content but I feel like it came too late seeing as we are at this point in time now. I would like to ask that anyone who loved Twin Saga and want to see it blossom in better hands (Maybe @Jordan's hands) could please share their thoughts on vendetta reopening Twin Saga under it's original name Astral Realm. And for the staff, I ask that you consider it thoroughly as it was a great game and in my opinion it was the best game and you guys ran it well even with it's hiccups.
  9. Boxes: Robust/Magic Glorious Nalani ๐Ÿ‘ง Robust/Magic Enchantress Claire โœ”๏ธ08/13/20 ๐Ÿ‘ง Phantom Mask ๐Ÿ˜ท Shining Wing Bow ๐Ÿน Altar: White Kitty Spectacles โœ”๏ธ09/03/20๐Ÿ‘“ Resplendent Fairy Wingsโœ”๏ธ08/06/20 ๐Ÿ’ธ
  10. She has like a 50% chance to spawn after the death of any of the 3 bosses, if she was recently killed within the last 3h she won't respawn. So say someone spawned her and left her, someone else can come along and kill her while the others are respawning, putting them on a different timer than Petra.
  11. Hello, this will hopefully be my first and last post on this feedback thread! I want to start off by saying thanks for the time adn effort to all who helped with this patch. ๐Ÿ’— it is in it's own way one of a kind and gives us a lot to do, sometimes I think it might be an endless amount of things to do so I have only a few suggestions to give and a few complaints(?) to go with them. Regarding The New DGNs: Seeing as the new legendary achievements are based off the new dungeons and aren't account shared I believe it'd be more effective if you could make blueprint bags tradable since the Silenced Souls are NT. If you could while you are at it make Blent Essence not NT it'd be great, if not then well I find it harder to circle blueprints for the people willing to go that route because there are people who make mistakes and break down their other essences first thinking that Blent are tradable since all the others are. Drop rates on trophies I agree could be increased, I've seen two trophies since Thursday and I have gone on 3 characters almost everyday, 1 day I only did 2. Essence drop rates I would like to suggest that they either be increased a little or alternately you can leave the drop rate they have now and increase the amount per drop from x1 to x2 or x3. Regarding The New Map Changes: I would like to petition the return of the old Palace of Dreams. I can't stand this dark ass contrast-y ass looking map that goes and spends 70% of it's time being "Night" and the other 30% being "Day". This is my biggest issue with this patch since I spend everyday farming on 2 characters. Overall Thoughts of This Patch. I think that it's well done and gives us all new things to aim for in terms of gear and stats, clearly it's been doing that since server seems to be a little more active.I just don't think that it's going to be an obtainable goal even after 6 months of grinding daily, we will still be very far off completing all of the legendary achievement aspects of this patch with the current rates of drops, RNG in those drops, and in blueprints so I think those could use some improvements. Thanks for taking the time to read my feedback. ๐Ÿ˜บ
  12. Boxes: Magic Starlit Sky Alyssia โœ”๏ธ08/27/20 Robust/Magic Enchantress Claire โœ”๏ธ08/13/20 Shining Wing Bow Phantom Mask Altar: Azure Fire Star Stone โœ”๏ธ07/25/20 Mysterious Royal Floret hairpin (Prime) โœ”๏ธ07/21/20 Mysterious Bridemaid's Updo (Prime) โœ”๏ธ07/18/20 Azure Love Luna Rock โœ”๏ธ07/21/20 Mysterious Kunoichi Costume (Legendary) โœ”๏ธ07/28/20
  13. Form: Character Name (IGN): Yuki Event Title: Snowflake Type: Honor Title Objective: Have loads of fun while hunting a new world boss and killing monsters for mini quests! Introduction: Slush is a dangerous monster that will spawn inside of a DGN (mini version you could say), while there will be a 3h rotating Slush that will spawn inside a zone that our NPC will take you to, the DGN will be located there as well. Both will give different rewards needed to complete the task at hand, the quest for titles will require both bosses to be defeated and upon killing the boss his box will give you materials required to purchase Snowflake Honorary Title via a quest at the NPC. He will also give you a portion of materials needed to obtain general titles from both version of him! A couple of mini quests to keep you occupied until our big man spawns.Ideally all of the events pertaining to this world boss and the dungeon will take place inside of a new zone located via NPC in Frostmourn. I apologize I am bad at explaining and tend to over explain when I feel I can't get my point across so I will not do all of the idea, just the base. Overviews: Slush was once a kind Snowman filled with nothing but joyful Christmas spirit! As time passed and seasons changed, the children who loved and played with Slush grew up and began to forsake him... Event Timer: 3 hour rotation, daily. What we need? Level: Lv95-120 NPC Name: Yuki Dialogue 1: Psst, traveller can you help me out over here? I've been weary to travel to the main city. I saw something really big there and was hoping you could kill it for me. Dialogue 2: You will? Oh thank you so much traveller, I won't forget this! I will reward you handsomely for you troubles. Quest Name: Snowflakes Falling. Mission: Snowy Problems Boss Name: Slush Boss Achievement: Slushied Spell: Frozen Flakes - This will be Slush's main attack, it will deal AOE DMG up to 50 meters around him and cause targets to transform into snowmen. - Note: The boss on 3/hr rotation will have this skill. Spell 2: Blizzard Shield - Upon reaching 5% Health Slushy will become nearly immune to all damage, each attack/spell he's hit with will now do 95% less damage. You will have 60 seconds to burst down all of Slush's remaining HP before he enrages and instantly wipes the party. Monster Mini versions of Slush will spawn periodically throughout the fight and debuff players with +10% DMG taken if not killed before Frozen Flakes is cast. Note: These mobs should be fairly easy to kill. - Note: the 3/hr rotation boss will have this. DNG Name: Slushy Christmas Script: Ha, the likes of you will never see the snow fall again! (Rest is TBD) Boss Preview: DGN Preview: NPC Preview 1: (Robust Snow Empress Lenna) NPC Preview 2: Level: Lv95-120 Map: Frostmourn Coordinates: x670 y167. Title Name: Snow Queen & Snow King (Pairing titles that can be obtained) Rewards: ^ Titles as listed above, Snow Queen may be obtained via the dungeon and Snow King via the world boss, both will require necessary materials from both the dungeon and the world boss that will spawn. Custom costumes acquired through various mini quests inside of the zone that NPC will be teleportation you to. Other misc items like potions, mulled wines.
  14. +1 I don't see any reason for them to be banned, none were used in ANY of the incidents that were falsely accused of using them, so no reason for them to be banned as if they were abused.