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  1. We're all very well aware of the hard work and time you spend on creating content for this server, no one is putting that down, Jordan and many thanks have been given already. I am thankful for your hard work on keeping the game and server alive, it is by far better than any other server anyone could ever host. But we have come here as the players to make suggestions to help make it better for everyone overall because we are the ones who will be experiencing the grinding aspect of this patch and every other patch on a daily basis, so what's wrong with speaking our thoughts? and should they not be considered even a little? I mean we have come to you because we believe there could be room for small changes to them and just ask that you consider those changes, try to see our point of view when you do so, that's all. This is just my two cents and I'm done with the suggestions/post, I don't care enough anymore. I already spent 3 days farming all DGNs. I just asked for changes because I know other people don't have the same time I do, between working and just life itself. Thanks for the patch, hope you rest up and feel better. PS: I don't need a response.
  2. A couple of suggestions to add to this discussion. Battle map boss HP decrease. Their HP is far too high even for entire parties, it still takes an average of 3-5m depending on how geared your party is to kill the bosses, this includes the use of reality potions and a demon tamer. Drop rate increase slightly for all trophies in Patch V100. I know it isn't something that matters to most people and this is a matter of "RNG" but I will suggest anyway that the drop rate on the trophies be raised slightly for all the new content if you don't agree with making them 100% drop rate in 0/10s. I spent 3 days capping many of the dungeons to get all the trophy achievements, it shouldn't take 34 runs to get a single trophy is all I am trying to say. I've also killed the most Selena's in this server thus far, around 70 before the trophy dropped.. finally. However, I am aware that others got it in less which is what brings me to ask for a slight drop rate increase. Regarding Anniversary. There were many players hoping for more than just a diamond altar and a unexpected, semi-unwanted level cap and were very disappointed to find NO anniversary events of any kind in-game. No boost to go with the level cap raise, no quests, not even re-runs which the new player base and older players who missed out would've been completely happy to get. I would like to suggest giving the server a CP/EXP boost at the very least. Regarding Rin's post. I am in agreement with all of his suggestions and I think that a dungeon we can get 10 mobility in, in 1-2m is more than enough, it takes care of the "botting" issue you speak of and will likely bring back/give motivation to some others who felt that spending 10-20m prepping for 30m fight was too much.
  3. So this means a quest should be two types of mobs and you kill x5 of each is what you're saying, yes? If that's what you're saying then what I said still stands, none of them seem to really be lowered. But the main quests aren't my concern per say, the book quests are though. They are the ones with an absurd amount of mobs required; for example, Roaming Hills 2nd book's final quest is x45 of each "slug" iirc was the mob. Before that you have to kill x45 of one mob and x40 of many others throughout the book quests in this map and kill similar amounts in other maps. I don't think that "content becoming easier" in the next match should be the reason for not decreasing the HP any time soon. I understand that you're busy and working on the patch that is coming up, which I am grateful for. But as it stands at the moment the expedition really hasn't been ran much past the first week's release, which a lot of people ran just because of the title, while others ran to "stock up" in hopes of not having to do it for a long time. It's already much disliked due to the amount of time we spend inside getting little to nothing out of it, as far as statues goes and even the trophies are still extremely hard to complete, and quite frankly I believe that putting trophies in a 25 man wasn't the move. There's a reason they were never there to begin with, it's just so unlikely to have to depend on that many people for a chance to craft something that will take literally months to complete because it's not the type of dungeon people will want to run every single day of the month. I'd also like to state that we have reality tower potions with no use for them, it'd solve everything just to be able to use them in a 25 man like we used to be able to because they've become completely useless now in all PvE due to being "locked". Thanks for reading, I'm done with what I had to say and all I ask is just that you take the time to consider the changes.
  4. Boxes: Robust Amaris (Chibi one)✔️ Robust Energetic Gogo✔️ Ancestry Hairdo✔️ Royal Spirit Fox Hairdo✔️ Sunny Glow Fox Nine Tails✔️ Altar: Mysterious Sweet Heart Lollipop (Legendary)✔️ Blue Sky Koi Pinwheel✔️ Blue Blaze Wings (Legendary)✔️ Mysterious Spiral Blush (Legendary)✔️ Mysterious Men's Yukata (Legendary)✔️ Candy Pink Seraphic Wings (Legendary)✔️
  5. Elemental's Battlefield. (Expedition) I would like to suggest a few changes to this dungeon that I think will benefit the community overall as a whole. This dungeon is meant to be a 25 player dungeon, however we have extreme lag past 15-17 players if we get that many (with or without alts). So my first suggestion is that the HP amount of all bosses be decreased by a sufficient amount, even if you fill a party with 15+ active non-alt players, the dungeon itself still takes 1.5h+ for the AVERAGE party to complete, especially with the lag that comes with being that many people and the amount of random resets that happen. The HP of the elemental stones and the second boss I think should be decreased the most, he has a lot of DMG reduction as it is and the entire fight at the second boss takes up the majority of the time spent in this dungeon. My second suggestion is that there be a "solo" or "5-Man" version made similar to what you did on Classic server because we also have a smaller player base on awaken server, we have majority smaller guilds and those smaller guilds suffer a lot by not being able to farm the dungeon on their own and having to wait for the bigger guild(s) to run it. Third suggestion is that the amount of flame stones required to purchase a statue be lowered a bit. Similar to the trophies I think that they are too expensive for the amount that we get on average per run as a guild, no guild ever fills a run with entirely there own guild, it's just unlikely for this to happen so I believe the amount required can be lowered to around 60-80 stones per statue and that will make a fair price per statue since we will have to buy two to fuse. Whispering Woods - Crystal Utopia. (Quests) Recently these maps were changed entirely for some odd reason to which the community was not told of the reason why, I find it a little weird after hearing once in the past that once things are released they do not get changed. However, I feel there were some necessary changes that were left out of all the changes that were made. If I recall correctly a lot of mob density was lowered and possibly mob spawn time was increased? I am not entirely sure, but there's a lot of quests that are 30 mobs each or 40 mobs or 45 mobs EACH in kills, I believe these should also be adjusted to match the new spread range of mobs as they are much further apart from each other and doing a quest that requires you to kill 90 mobs is just tiring altogether. Frostmourn - Fallmyst. (Quests) The only thing I have to suggest for this is that you allow the quest drops to be changed to support self drops so that leveling with multiple people or questing alts is easier, sharing drops with random mode can be extremely slow and tiring especially on under geared people who are doing it in TK sets. @JordanThanks for taking the time to read and consider the suggestions.
  6. Hello, everyone my IGN is Amaris! I would like to share with you some insight and information on the original community made wiki that I'll be reposting the link to today. This Wiki was created as a guide for Eden Eternal Vendetta (Awaken) for the community to use when they're in doubt with their quests or just stuck at a leveling block. The guide is pretty straight forward to use; the main page consists of a linked list of every page that gets added (so all you have to do is click the page you want to go to on that page!) as well as some other various miscellaneous information about Vendetta. The pages themselves are pretty basic format so it is easy to read and understand as much as possible, we do not add pictures as they will cause it to lag more so for any guides that need pictures you're going to find them in the useful links page (this is a small example of how to navigate the wiki). The owner of this wiki Pao and I appreciate all who would like to use this wiki and anything you'd like to be added can be inquired to either one of us, you can find our contact info on the wiki's page. Thanks for reading! Wiki Link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1CAkzpiMKacccouaYzLoi2uKEPyJ0s07caihNP5QLv6Q/edit?usp=sharing Shortened Link: http://bit.ly/2uZUh1Z
  7. Legendary Pet Suggestions: I don't know her name. I think this is her item ID: M98001. Festival Elizabeth. Again possible item ID: M97301. Hestia. M97401. Santa Idun. M97101. Bastet. M95501. Santa Amaterasu. M96001. Festival Succubus. M95601 Festival Muramasa. M92401. Muramasa. M88801. Demeter. M89101. Alina I don't know her Item ID. This version of Phoenix who is currently a NPC in fallmyst too plox. Old Prime pets for legendary such as: Lumikki Fox Priestess Rika Fox Spirit Inari Teddy Bear Black-Eyed Panda Burger Bears (Small and large ones) Battle Bacchus KITAMI PLEASE
  8. Boxes: Blue Sky Koi Pinwheel ✔️06/30/22 Altar: Mysterious Tweety Lipstick (Legendary) ✔️06/30/22
  9. BOXES: Hello Kitty: Blue Ushanka ✔️04/28/22 Robust Amaris/Magic Amaris (The chibi one) ✔️05/06/22 ALTAR: Myterious Blazing Eye (Legendary) ✔️06/13/22 Mysterious Toy Cigarette (Legendary) ✔️04/21/22 Aurora Lance (Legendary)✔️05/19/22 in MB
  10. As far as the arena medal/title icon goes I think the way it's designed will be more based off the arena that the #1 title is for, since we could hopefully get to a point of having all arenas be active again. But for that they need to be fun and rewarding for people to feel like queueing and not with alts just to leech stuff. We could go back to the days where we need to get gear or items for gear from arenas, this is partly why our arenas have died. I personally think being able to queue with a friend or guildmate would be the best way to make it more active along side a new or map rotations. But if this does become a thing I think that classes should be locked again so no one can change inside, also lock smoke bombs out so they don't ruin things because they are big cheats when it comes to PvP. The thing with people avoiding a certain group shouldn't really be an issue, even in the past people would avoid a certain 2-3 players who qued in arenas because of broken classes like Conju or arena sets (in Aeria days) and still were able to queue in with other sets of people because of it being active, which is our goal. The rewards themselves are open to changes still, mine was just a suggestion but I do think PvP tokens should be a main reward from arena ranks even if the arena is MBA. You can build on the costumes more, add more of them to the game and make new arena quests with different rewards than the ones we have which will be a start to making things more active by giving us incentive or a reason to queue without big changes having been added yet. There's a lot of people who avoid doing capes and wait until they can afford bags because arena quests are unreliable for collecting war stones for capes, you could add PvP tokens/fragments to a daily and a set amount of war stones like 10 or 20 per different arena daily to help as a small start to making it active. You can give us new "buffs" similar to the "Fearless Resistance", "Versatile Potential", "Courageous Vigor", and "Strong Defense" buffs that we can gain from arenas that also last only for 2h. Maybe something like a upgraded version of those like we have couple buffs that turned into spouse buffs or entirely new buffs if you're willing to do that. As for the rest of the suggestions I will just say; okie and thanks for reading it, I hope that when the time comes it will have been considered.
  11. @JordanI just have some small QoL changes and a few suggestions since a racial patch was possibly in the works, mentioned a few forums ago. QoL Changes: 1. Remove captcha from guild towns and player housing. It's not really a place it should be popping up in my opinion, especially when trying to summon 100+ mobs at an altar or 80+ baby phoenix the old fashioned way after the Sakura Island nerf to them, it'd be nice to at least not have to deal with captcha ruining the mood more. 2. Make Lv20+ summoning blueprints purchasable in stacks of 100+ if possible, the Lv95?+ ones can be purchased in higher amounts but not the low level ones and I think this change would be a nice change to accompany the guild town leveling changes. 3. Portable Bank and Portable Auction time be extended to be at least 2 weeks, giving us good rotation with our Daily Login rewards since they are every 2 weeks for one Bank and one AH. 4. To help with bringing back arena, I have a few reward suggestions. Rank 1: Eden Crystal x30(NT), Corona's Heartflame Lv120 x1, PvP Token x5, Honor Star x1500 and similar to 1v1 a "Rank 1 Arena" type of title that will last for the entire month and have an icon over their head with a special glow. Only 1st rank in every arena bracket can obtain this title, so 3v3 will have it's own and MBA it's own, etc. The rewards for 2-5 will be similar to 1st place but dimmed down on the EC/HS amounts and so forth and so on. 5. Add 115 bloods/cores to the loyalty item mall. I see all the other Lv115 materials however the bloods were left out and they are useful whereas the cores are not currently. 6. Change the 3v3 and 10v10 and MBA maps to new ones, spice it up for us or give us a chance to be in a new one or the old one similar to how TW maps rotate. 7. Let us be able to queue up in our own set parties before entering 3v3 or 10v0, we should be able to que as 2 and get a random solo or que as 3 and fight vs another 3, etc like this. 8. Heroic Trait Tome and Memory tomes available for login reward coin trade. 9. Stack CC formula boxes like DS boxes. - I'd ask for gem BPs too but I feel you won't, but if you do yay. Suggestions for Racial Patch: 1. Anuran can craft "Enhance Essence Powder Lv120" making another use of Lv120 Corona's Essences. 2. Zumi can craft "Wonderous Pouch" A sort of Lv110+ wonder pocket/4th dimension bag that can have NEW items in it such as Lv110 and 120 pet weapons and accessories, a chance to obtain Lv14 enchants crafted or blueprints, the other misc items the old ones consisted of but new and improved. 3. Human can craft physical, mana and claret fusion resist gems similar to our courage/compassion resistance.
  12. I've done rune enchants 1-90 within a 2 week time span without fully dedicating all my time to it, I know of someone who finished it in like a week. It isn't that hard and because of what it is I think that it's worth a bit of a grind considering the other achievements for legendary can't be transferred to an alt of the same account like enchants/HoO. Really though, just spend some time on it without asking it to be made easier. A lot of other people have finished this achievement and some people have done it multiple times. PvP is not dead, even NCTW has been more active than it usually is, but especially awaken. Arena being dead would mean you finish your quest even easier.
  13. The crafting system itself has nothing to do with the reward box chances being so high for DSR material boxes, just my opinion though. Celestial already has implements from GoP that were not the drop system, sadly. As a someone who crafts overall for achievement, I don't particularly find anything wrong with the current Celestial crafting system aside from the daily quest being 1 (I think it should at least be 2) token a day when we have a chance to get specific tokens 3+ from bosses per day and sparkles from bag/random chance pick, it makes things a little unbalanced in that sense. Now back onto the actual topic; I'll agree that the DSR box is more than sad to get 2/3 or 3/3 in the majority of our runs over a SINGLE formula box or tokens, even sparkles and most times the formula box isn't even there. I think it should be adjusted to give us something somewhat more useful or if anything it can be replaced with the x10 sparkles or even make a thing of x5 or x1 sparkles, something USEFUL over something that's insignificant and a waste of our time entirely. I also think that the formula box should have a 100% chance to be there in every card pick, that way we only miss it when we don't choose it instead of losing out on the chance entirely because it isn't 100%. Currently Celestial is the HARDEST content in Eden, we spend a lot of our time and resources (potions, pod, etc) as well as effort in doing CC, but we get to lose at the end of the day because of this box. This isn't One-Eye-Roger, we shouldn't be losing out because of a misc reward that isn't useful to anyone anymore.
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