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  1. But that's still really nice space saved, especially for items we may not WANT to have to keep storing on another account entirely. I like the idea of being able to archive my abyss essences, at/df, etc. Hell, the NT items from those dgns I'd love to archive even more just because they're such a waste of space to me. lol And when it comes to tradeable items, I have many alts full of the same items that I'd love to see them at least become stackable items.. like CC blueprints and formula bags for an example. Gathering materials I can't even fit 1 "type" i.e. pickaxe materials into a single character due to lack of space. I have probably over 15 alts storing gathering materials with full banks and almost full bags (some room left incase I need to use their racials). As far as it benefiting players goes, my thoughts on that are if we farmed for it and did the work in the same account anyway why is it such a bad thing? I really like the idea of this, I think it can at least be something cool and make vendetta even more unique compared to other servers like XL and it can double as an account shared bank with less hassle for you. But at the end of the day it's up to you and you are the one who decides what goes into it as well.
  2. Mystery Box: Rose Maiden Azusa✔️ Steel Maiden Azusa✔️ Blue Blazeblight Cestus✔️
  3. Hello again @Jordan I still have hope that you will consider some more suggestions and continue to grow this server! I'd like to mention that i'll just keep updating this document for the ideas that I or others mention to me. I've tried to include some of the old suggestions that I could remember but I have forgotten some, I have added new ones and some include bear ideas. So all I ask is that you please consider carefully the ideas collected here and maybe bring some to the game in a nice QoL patch. Thank you for your time and efforts again! Suggestions Here!
  4. Altar Requests: Robust/Magic Schoolboy Alucard✔️ Violet Blossom Luna Rock✔️ Amethyst Love Luna Rock✔️ Jamberry Jazz Star Stone✔️ Magical Zodiac Star Stone✔️ Violet Butterfly Star Stone✔️ Violet Starlight Luna Rock✔️
  5. That's the thing, everyone that currently has 1-2 sets awakened, I guarantee you they farmed majority if not all of the (168) essences before this patch even came out and that not a single person has awakened a set from this patch without having essences from before hand. Many of the playerbase used to sell sets or essences, others farmed because abyss was quick so people had them ahead of time. Yes, it may take a month if you farm on 2-3 characters a day but why should we spend that long on a single set when there's 16 and to be geared we need at least 2-3 sets depending on the role we choose? A single character, I have many doubts that it will at all collect enough essences in a month to awaken a set. There's already too much to do as it is and everything takes a lot of time to farm/grind currently. There's things like Celestial Corridor and Angelic Temple/Demonic Fortress, that are still end-game content and take a while to even fill parties for currently. CC you can recruit for hours but unless you ask friends to go it's more than likely not going to fill. AT/DF is similar, HOO is dead because of accursed weapons. And even then, every single DGN is necessary or relevant still for some reason, be it gear or achievements. All of them take 1 hour + to complete and most days 1-2h to recruit for, people just don't have this kind of time or motivation to spend between work/school for extreme grinds, 168 essences is far too many. Spending 1-3 months to grind for a single set just feels pointless, especially if 115 set is far cheaper and in some cases better than 125 awakened. I would really appreciate it if you can consider changing the amount necessary before it becomes "old content" or in 4-5 months, just give the remaining playerbase some kind of hope, motivation, and something to look forward to instead of bigger grinds, please and thank you.
  6. If you played on Classic server, they closed the server entirely. Awaken server is however still up and running, so if that's where you played you'll have to send a ticket as per the GS instructions.
  7. Firstly, I want to thank you for all your hard work in continuing to update this server for Eden as it has been my favorite and imo the best server of all of the eden servers thus far, so for that I thank you for all your dedication on patches @Jordan. As a long-term player of this server for many consistent years, I'd like to just give my feedback on the latest patch. I am in NO WAY complaining about anything, I merely making some suggestions that I truly hope finally reach unlike any of my other suggestions. Lv125 Armor/Awakened Armor Sets As A Whole: I believe that it would be more beneficial to especially newcomers but older players as well if you would decrease the total amount of Abyssal Essences needed for an entire set. As it stands currently we need 39 of any of the Lv115 dungeon essences just to make the set gold and after that we must collect another 39 to craft tablets for awakening tablets as a material, but to top it off we must collect another 90 to enhance new essences; making the grand total 168. Current total cost needed for 1 set should roughly be: Abyssal Soul x830 Frosty Essence x10 Vicious Essence x10 Shocking Essence x10 Abyss Head Armor Fragment x18 Abyss Body Armor Fragment x18 Abyss Waist Armor Fragment x18 Abyss Hand Armor Fragment x18 Abyss Foot Armor Fragment x18 Abyssal Essence x56 (Needs 168 of any abyss essence) Fragmented Abyssal Souls x1000 This is everything needed to go from an orange Lv123 set to a fully awakened set (material cost). I'd ultimately like to ask that the cost of abyssal essences be reduced per enhanced essence or the cost of essences needed to make abyssal essences be reduced. With the current drop rate of essences and even with farming multiple characters a day, it'll roughly be a month to awaken 1 set from 0 essences to 168. Partial Enchant Box Lv9: My final suggestion is that the cost of these be lowered to 25 souls each and can be obtained on drops from the new deep abyss dungeons. It's kind of (really imo) unfair to people who want to do sets and achievements to have to choose 1 or the other, not to mention on release of Lv8 when they were brand new and a far bigger stat jump than Lv7s they dropped on bosses. Lv8 boxes are also purchasable for 5 tokens per box with a maximum of 40 coins obtained per day in 1 character, unlike souls where we on average gain roughly 30 a day. I'd also like to ask that you yet again take a look at the last two suggestion posts and truly consider some of the QoL suggestions, we're long overdue for anything QoL and quite frankly, I will be honest. People are quitting, people are tired of grindy content, no QoL, just stuff that we HAVE to farm daily and if we miss something we're super set back. It's exhausting to have to be in this loop. Thanks for reading, good luck with all your future endeavors, take care and happy new year.
  8. IGN: Shado NPC Name: Hibert Location: Sunrise Plains
  9. A few more quality of life suggestions. Cape Achievement: It takes roughly 1,560 war stones to do the entire achievement. That is either currently a rough estimate of 150k gold in GGBs (in the past few months this amount was 225k give or take a bit) or MANY months of collecting war stones and saving them. This is even worse for new comers or people that are not super geared, let alone interested in Territory Wars/Guild vs Guild. So ultimately I'd like to ask that this achievement also be title transferable like enchants are since they are just as time and money consuming as enchants. Demonic Valley Potions: I don't think something as important as normal MP potions shouldn't only be farmable in 0/10s. DSR had Lv110 potions drop on mobs on release, I feel the same should've been done for this battle map as well. It takes regular potions, special potions like DSR ones, and ultimate MP potion to even keep up enough mana for Blood Knight to keep toggle on during runs so we'll hardly even overstock potions at that rate + we're sharing drops with the leecher and/or runner. Demonic Valley Boss Daily: I still believe this would be a really nice addition to the map, it adds quality of life changes for those of us who didn't keep the mainline quest and will give us another additional quest to do with any event quests that come out during the holidays. The reward can be 1-10 Polished Emeralds, depending on your preference as it would give others another source of the special MP potions without farming mobs for hours. Aven One-Eye-Roger: I know that you mentioned in the past changes for Roger, I'd like to suggest a few here as I've recently farmed a lot of enchants for a friend and some for my own alt. 1. The miscellaneous maps from Lv30-65(?) maps be removed and the Lv55 Decay Swamp - Lv66 or Lv68 Death Valley be added into the existing or a new baby phoenix type of racial as they are the current best way to farm for armor box enchants for achievement. However, the phoenix doesn't include Decay Swamp, Highlands, Witchcraft Forest and Shiver Peak maps, thus leaving out All Lv1 and Lv2 partial enchants, as well as 1/3 of the Lv3 ones (Violence Lv3). I opened 67 boxes in a row to receive only 2 partial enchant boxes, everything else was just random and useless maps. 2. Increase the amount of Roger rewards from 3 to 5 or 6 and make it so hitting him once gives us the maximum rewards. Since a lot of people are rude and like to nuke the boss without having even touched pirates, it can be frustrating at times. 3. Have Roger be on a set timer much like holiday event bosses/mutants so that whenever they respawn it will always be at the exact same time. Currently with the way Roger spawning works the channels get off set on times, it would be nice to have it respawn at the exact same time in every channel 1-5 every 1-2 hours. Suggestion for CP curve adjustments: I've ran 11 or so of my own characters classes and 5 or 6 others, anywhere from Lv80-130. On average with a Lv120 runner and Lv130 leecher fully charmed, it takes about 30 hours to go from Lv120 to Lv130 all classes. This is split into 10 of normal classes and 20 hours of awakens. For a new character, even if they begin at Lv92 it is on average roughly a 50 hour grind to get everything from 80 to 130 with full charms. This is all included with the "maximum" CP potential, 115 CP pet, auric, iris, 120 runner + 130 leecher, full charms, couple, mic items like purified crystals, EXP scrolls and event items. All of the estimated time here almost doubles with a Lv130 runner instead of Lv120. I myself haven't tested this yet, but I have asked a friend of mine who ran with a 130 before creating a 120 runner. I understand not EVERYONE will want to cap every class in the game but a good amount do want to do this, but I do think that it takes way too much time and would be nice to at least lower the amount of CP necessary to level classes past 125 since there's over 61 classes in the game. o/ Thanks for reading suggestions and taking them into consideration.
  10. Okay, thanks for your time~
  11. Helloooo, I am back with suggestions/reminders for some of them! I'll begin with the reminder of some old suggestions that you said you could look into and/or do, much appreciated! Some new things to add to the suggestions~ 1. All Trial repeatable quests be like Temple Arena quests, where we don't have to pick up the quest at an NPC anymore and instead walk in to the trial with the quest "active" on our screen and once completed we get mailed our Trial Coins. While farming trial coins sometimes quests get missed even more so if you're doing 2+ characters, not to mention it slows you down to have to keep turning in and picking up the quests while you're farming for coins/medals. 2. Haven of Oblivion should probably be solo-able at this point as it's become extremely hard to find a party that isn't premade or actually fill 5/5 members. With the release of accursed weapons people really have no need to run the dungeon anymore aside from going for achievements, so anyone wanting to do achievements struggles to find/fill a party outside of friend groups which not everyone has. 3. Angelic Temple/Demonic Fortress are pretty old now and has become a lot harder to fill parties for (people look for 30m-2h before giving up) because people that have finished don't go anymore. For this dungeon I suggest creating a daily to give 1 of each essence or choose from and tradeable that way people who finished can still go and gain something via selling them. 4. Viridian Gorge boss Queenie has 4 crystals that spawn and we must find the real one, I think extending the time before the crystals respawn will help a lot, maybe to 50-60s is all it will need. Secondly, I think this dungeon should be a 5 man like the other towers, having to spend 1-2h to look for 10 people and then spend another 1h to do both runs is just altogether tiring for people who have time zone problems, work and overall don't have a lot of time to spend on PvE. 5. Engineer Potions These were nerfed a few patches ago to not work in PvP maps, however they currently do not work in just about all end-game PvE as well. Some examples are CC, Abyss, AT/DF, VG. If these are not bugged and are meant to be this way, I suggest wiping the current CC rankings as every rank up there would've been done with engie potions and anyone going for ranks after this change will stand no chance. 6. Account shared bank this would be really cool to see sometime in the very near future, I believe this would be a nice feature to help bring more activity to the server. 7. Lv125 Awakened Demonic Crystal Bow should work exactly like Lv115 Axe of Oblivion as it is it is hard to stack the bow consistently at 5 stacks. To avoid any abuse in PvP, making it stack the same amount of times as axe and proc the same will fix that. 8. A suggestion for Celestial Corridor: Aquarius I have been trying to think of a efficient MDPS party for this boss but with the purification to us it's pretty much impossible that MDPS will ever be viable in here. She removes pets every couple of seconds (every buff in fact) so I'd like to suggest removing her debuff skill that she uses on us so we can actually try to run MDPS here. Also the bombs are extremely laggy, I freeze up when they spawn/despawn and I know a few others who experience this. 9. If possible a way to purchase an amount of materials from the item mall's loyalty shop, the cores already have an option for this for up to x99 cores, but the other materials do not. So essentially just add that same option to the other materials so we can buy from 1-99 if we wanted, instead of being forced to choose a stack or slowly spamming to get what we need. 10. Holiday Events that get run have a daily quest to give us 1 token and 1-3 of each of the specific holiday goodies, like turkey or cakes, cookies, etc so that people with not much time can still progress and get items from events.
  12. Mystery Boxes: Magic/Robust Zhang Fei✔️ Magic/Robust Snowy Kueta✔️ Ice Princess Hairdo✔️ Hello Kitty: Kiki & Lala Blue Summer Dress✔️ Altar: Mysterious Royal Floret Hairpin (Legendary)✔️ Secret Treasure Midnight Kitty Ears (Legendary)✔️ Mysterious Wizard's Top Hat (Legendary)✔️
  13. I agree with this statement whole heartedly, some of our issues stem from the community for various reasons and toxicity is one, mentality is another. People love to quit and move to every other popup server because it's "new" "exciting" or "less grindy" than Vendetta. I don't think changing it will bring back PvP even if it were enabled or disabled, it's just up to peoples mentality and what they wanna do at the end of the day. 🤷‍♀️ But at least changing it so we can spam it in PvE will allow us to be able to change classes during raids again. At the end of the day the only thing that will make people really wanna play here is having it be like old times, not a huge "grind fest", things handed to them way easier and OG trials, etc, more "solo content" since not everyone has a group to go with. Because as it stands right now there's "too many things to do" and so many people have "too little time" or bad time zones.
  14. I for one am disgusted at the thought of arena sets, so that's my bias take on it. Unbias, I don't think that will help anything tbh, people who just wanna spam arena will only make the "Easy" to make arena sets and not bother farming PvE for actual gear to enter other forms of PvP like TW/GvG/GA. I just see it making things worse for PvE parties to fill up, it's already extremely hard to fill older content PvE and AT DF now that a lot of people finished it, they have nothing to gain out of continuing to run it so my concern is that PvP sets will just add to those issues.
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