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  1. Why ppl still say Calamity? It's trash for raids. A serk needs fairy wings for raids
  2. What is the effect of reindeer costume?
  3. 50kk is way to much and I'm not saying that because I don't have any money. 15-20kk would be more suitable and more people would use this option. Same thing with upgrading c25/28 EQ to c45/48, 2kkk for that? That's a joke.
  4. Ikr you can clearly see my GIMP skills ??? ps: its just an example, how they could look like, maybe a "blood" version of titan wings, dark fairy wings, etc.
  5. Maybe something like this?
  6. Maybe something for Warrior :3
  7. Or MAYBE something like this.. would look cool on Ranger as an example