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  1. I absolutely agree with this. Don't nerf stuff. Buff the weak stuff instead.
  2. PVP is unbalanced in general tbh... Probably because of the damage/def scaling in the game.
  3. Hahahhaaha great answerrr my friend
  4. +1 Why is this not in the game this should be in the game a long time ago tbh...
  5. Opennos has it's own client though
  6. Nah man wkb is fine especially because of raids which last are little longer
  7. Custom event damn bash thanks for you affords ❤️
  8. What do you mean by - fairy little - fairy medium - fairy high Do you mean the 50% 70% and 80% fairy's?
  9. We are the players though we have the most expierence with it
  10. I like the idea alot especially because i play swordsman. I approve. +1
  11. I mean at least they're trying to be more active now even if it's not good content
  12. ACT 3 always gives drop...
  13. It honestly doesn't matter which hat you are wearing right now, that's why i totally agree with your Opinion.
  14. The cells are still very weird, at least make them a little better
  15. So recently i've noticed that many people run nostale with low/mid fps option. In this Guide, i'll show how to change it to more smoother fps. (Also i didn't see any guides on this and i also think many ppl know how to do this but still they're alot of ppl who don't know anything about this sooo you get my point.) 1.The first thing you do is locate you Nostale Vendetta application. . Press Right-Click on the Nostale Vendetta application and click open file path. Then locate this application named ''NtConfig.exe'' and open it. The last step is, to put the blue marker on high and press save. And now enjoy Nostale smoother then ever. This was my first guide don't hate me :D.