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  1. For me a curse has been lifted tbh
  2. Nah just do the quest you get free eq by bash shop for each 10-20 lvls
  3. lol yes i do expect that from every normal human, having one whiff of empathy. @WaiZeR Clownmode activated?
  4. My deepest condolences for you...hope you'll get better soon. Bless you and good luck fighting cancer.
  5. Literally nobody gold trades with a fucking relict, also do you have any proofs at all which show abuse of sale items?
  6. Same it's a weird change nobody asked for...also ppl buyed spider king eyes and webs to stock their gold ppl lost over 1kkk thanks to this change -.-
  7. Wait are you serious???? this pet is trash lmao
  8. I'm not, yet he asked how to get free vgn points and i simply answered with no
  9. I'm actually playing on official server right now and what i need to say it's.......bullshit absolute bullshit you already know that you won't get anything of this except act 2 and lvl 65 which is okay yet just a bait to buy Ingame cash items to speed up exp and more stuff.
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