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  1. And? maybe people like to show-off their effort's
  2. Nah just do the quest you get free eq by bash shop for each 10-20 lvls
  3. lol yes i do expect that from every normal human, having one whiff of empathy. @WaiZeR Clownmode activated?
  4. My deepest condolences for you...hope you'll get better soon. Bless you and good luck fighting cancer.
  5. It's still a pain in the ass and annoying asf also i don't think that bash intended that a holy or monk needs to be in the team at all lol
  6. Yeah i don't get it why wouldn't the lime juice just remove the debuff???
  7. This raid is so linear he always do the same shit over and over again... it get's repetitive fast and boring.
  8. Literally nobody gold trades with a fucking relict, also do you have any proofs at all which show abuse of sale items?
  9. Same it's a weird change nobody asked for...also ppl buyed spider king eyes and webs to stock their gold ppl lost over 1kkk thanks to this change -.-
  10. Wait are you serious???? this pet is trash lmao
  11. I asked myself that too tbh @Bash what do you say, i mean it's a reward in the raid and the pet itself is useless without the effect.
  12. I'm not, yet he asked how to get free vgn points and i simply answered with no