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  1. dont delete my opinion about you. You are rude and unlikeable tho.

    1. DrDieLess


      You insult me, get in trouble for it and then try and QQ on my profile. Go back to your Nostale hole.

    2. MgMg


      DrUseLess was just the truth, nothing personal tho :)

  2. the quest line is okay, the problem is the 1kk rep. Reduce it to like 300-400k and its still a good amount of work + not as hard as it is now
  3. its okay like it is now, but just add those items like pellets and blue herb at an npc so we can buy them there + I apreciate you if you answer on my ticket its rly important
  4. MgMg

    New prices

    just let players who reached a certain level ( like champion level 30 f.e.) trade without restrictions, would make it a lot easier.
  5. what are we doing if we need items like vampie bellets or this blue herb for the quest line? I mean its hard to farm those items with a higher level. Maybe you can reduce the terms of trading if you reach a limited level like champion lvl 45-50. Or add those items at an npc.