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  1. DrDieLess


    I don't get why we would have to compensate for a problem that's been around since the days of L30s back on ASb. It's nothing new and you know you could get it if you use a skill stone.
  2. DrDieLess


    If there are no GSs available, you can always follow this thread,
  3. DrDieLess


    bah, make new weapon, don't add skill stone, problem solved
  4. DrDieLess


  5. DrDieLess


    Please take your vague insults and point them in the right direction....to LivePlex, the ACTUAL game developer. This SW glitch has been around since skill stones were put in the game back in Aeria days. It's been said countless times HERE that it cannot be fixed without having the game source code, which only THE ACTUAL DEVELOPERS HAVE.
  6. DrDieLess

    SB. Any way to resize GUI for 4K resolution?

    Sadly, the answer is no.
  7. DrDieLess

    Skills Feedback

    @DaddyYou're incorrect on the ACC buff. It has slightly less ACC but far more Ch-Acc. Previous was 40 acc and 20ch-acc and with new buff you get 39% acc and 28% ch-acc, so it's a decent bump in my opinion. Healer's kiss seems slightly less useful, I agree with the "not maxing it" thought. Veil of healing is stupidly OP now. Restoration has always been a waste of points. I know people are upset about the disable debuff, but it supposed to be the downside of a massive (assuming you put more than 1 point in the skill) healing boost you get. I am one of those few medics, on both my RG and FK toons, that have invested in maxing Shock Jock. I don't use atomic (any definitely not DoT). I not really a fan of the extra point that I have to put in Chakra strike, but it is what it is. I'd like ME buffs to be slightly longer. I am good with the 10mins HP buff, but would like to see Eva/Void buffs changed to 3mins. I think that's a good balance. Old void was 5min and old Eva was 7min. I am good with crit-atk. A bit more on the max level, my L39 lose a decent chunk of rate/atk, but I think it scales well. The ME Attack buff is kinda silly strong, almost worth reskilling to max that. I have it on a lower level toon and it's very useful, as it is both Atk and Ch-Atk boost. When L60 mechs come out, I wouldnt be against the idea of nerfing attack speed in favor of something else. Would get rid of a couple problems (like people mech glitching, for example). Maybe replace it with a ACC/Ch-Acc boost of 15% for the duration? It's hard to choose something else in there without making it seem too OP.
  8. DrDieLess

    How To Unban Forum Accounts

    banned forum accounts will not be unbanned.
  9. DrDieLess

    How to get starter packet?

    Once you've created your character in game, you can head over to the Events tab of Eternal Eden / Scarlet Blade / NosTale and claim your Starter Pack. You may have to wait 15mins once you've made your toon for the server to recognize it for the claim.
  10. DrDieLess

    Lv.60+ Whipper Gear

    The nice thing about L60+ gears is that you can see the full stats through the NPC and not have to guess which one to make.
  11. DrDieLess

    How To Change Email For Forum Accoounts

    Once you've chosen your email address for your account, it cannot be changed.
  12. Hey can someone help me i made acc and but i cant login in scarlet blade with this acc also cant login on home page only in forums fore some reason is there any solution for this?

  13. DrDieLess

    More Gs or give other people the Gs Rank

    ^ and about hiring more people, yeah...that ^ It was a process to get the current GSs. It's not something one can just draw names from a hat and do.
  14. DrDieLess

    More Gs or give other people the Gs Rank

    sorry, but you're just as lazy if you're not willing to even put in the effort to try and help, but just complain about it. GSs, in any VGN game, are not all knowing, all powerful people. They are players too, at the end of the day. The community needs to take a step up and pitch in to help. As @ChavezSempai said, botters (ie. trash people who are ruining the community) know who the GSs are and run before a GS can actually do anything about it. While GMs will take something we GSs say more seriously, they treat us the same when it comes to dealing with bots/exploiters/harassers/whatever, if even we don't have evidence nothing will get done. Staff is handled by the GMs and it's up to their discretion to decide if someone isn't helping. Don't assume that just cause you cannot see every single GS help, doesn't mean they aren't. All GSs play at various times of day. Unless you are playing 24hrs a day, don't be so quick to make comments about how "not all GSs are active".
  15. DrDieLess

    The Return Of Petty

    Topic locked, smh @ bottom guy