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  1. More Game Sages, Now what?

    that's up to @Vivi, anything we say will have us crucified
  2. Word Game (ノ>ω<)ノ

  3. Download Problems

    1. What game are you talking about (there are 3 here, Scarlet Blade, Eternal Eden and NosTale)? 2. if you are doing SB, make sure that you have the latest version of WinRar installed (if you are using it, older version don't like current package)
  4. Web Shop Upgrades $$$

    @Ashyaina VGN has no plans to turn this into Aeria's shit-show P2W. It's function over form anyways. They are also focusing on end game content, not spending time with lower level stuffs.
  5. New VGN game suggestion

  6. Post Your Desktop Screenshot!

    Time to make you feel like a ass. Besides the fact that my favorite color is purple (fight me bish, I smak u hard), it's a butterfly background, which is for my 5yo son with a skin condition called EB (google image EB skin if you're brave enough) and their skin is as delicate as a butterfly's wings (hence they are called butterfly children) ps. to.ot
  7. Safeguard Stardust

    Naraks only drop from Bosses. VGN has streamlined the Safeguards now, it is only 1 Safeguard and it can be used at any level of enhancement. The SG 6 and 7 that drop can be sold for 1g at NPCs.
  8. Skill stones

    @rabbit Never gonna happen
  9. The Defender Problems

    Oh you poor poor souls....that's SO gonna change
  10. Skill stones

    I'd like to see the destruction stones DoT really boosted. As they are right now, they are useless in L40+ and hardly useful for L30s. For disturbance/blindness, an increase in % chance would make they a more viable option. Collapse/Silence are good as is.
  11. Game crashes

    @Tygress Limehax is just riding on my coattails, I posted about the broken AMD software 2 months ago Glad to see they seem to have fixed it (well, at least for SB anyways)
  12. Word Game (ノ>ω<)ノ

    I don't know any words that start with a period...so let's go with Apple
  13. Make Mapbosses great Again!

    what map bosses are you referring to? All world bosses drop a variety of things: unique gear, spanners, unique skill stones, crafting gear, blueprint 2s. Mini bosses in Viledon and Nemesis don't drop much, but they aren't meant to.
  14. Abyssal temple boss named A.... something

    Blood Cat room is a random occurance