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  1. Crashing is different from disconnection, which problem are you actually having, "mother has disconnected you from the server" or game randomly crashing?
  2. Then it makes it where people will try and loot on both sides and then just switch over to the winning faction at the last moment to get the rewards. I think it should just be left where it is.
  3. You don't know until you try. SB is like the gold standard in testing connection stability. Who know how much routing your ISP is doing to get to the server and back. Since you haven't tried everything in my post, try the VPN. Most give a 7 day trial, so you can see what it does for you.
  4. There isn't really anything more to try. That post is very comprehensive. Have you tried using a VPN?
  5. smh, I just said what Vivi told me before. One day GoddessSand will wake up and make a choice to not try and start shit...one day...some day....oh who we kidding, he's a drama queen
  6. It's pure RNG. You just haven't prayed hard enough and let RNGesus into your life.
  7. DrDieLess

    Client bug

    @Rin04 Please read this post, specifically the writing in red and then in blue.
  8. @Rin04 Anything like a Compensation package, no, your account would have had to be active when the time the compensation was provided.
  9. It probably wouldn't hurt the game to completely remove clusters and napalm from the game entirely.
  10. Have you tried disabling Kaspersky and then trying EE? If that works, then it means there is an issue with your A/V and you would need a reinstall.
  11. @Decimus You're not trying to use your forum account for the game site, are you? They are two separate accounts. Also, if you're using Hotmail, that seems to glitch the system. Trying using Google.
  12. Removing the video at the start of EE isn't really the priority for the game, though I'm sure @Jordan can rig up a fancy VGN version to put there instead. In terms of new content, Jordan (along with the EE team) create a huge amount of content that Aeria will never have. We have things like a higher level cap, tons of different pets, racial abilities and so much more. If we see something from official (who are we kidding, Aeria sux and we have a higher population than them most likely) that works well, we do look at adding into our EE here.
  13. @Daddy No, the fact that Aeria thought it was a good idea to have it 7 days a week was the reason that it ruined the game economy.