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  1. After 8 hours, yeah the game is fine. I don't read posts or make one unless I have too, but I'll pay more attention to the chat this time. Have a nice day, mate.

  2. DrDieLess

    New returning player killed by Xigncode

    Paying attention to the site would have saved you making this post.... Also, it's been all over the chatbox that it's not working properly.
  3. DrDieLess

    Bad Gateway

    Yes, if you've been paying attention to chatbox, the download links are not working properly. Please use this if you want to get the game; https://forum.vendettagn.com/index.php?/topic/4642-sb-v113-alternate-download/
  4. DrDieLess

    NosVendetta App problem

    well, yay, it's working now
  5. DrDieLess


    @Bash Just can't let this thread die!
  6. DrDieLess

    Game wont start

    @Kozaluss Don't hijack other people's posts. You didn't have to remove BitDefender, just disable the Advanced Threat Detection portion of the program and SB would have worked for you.
  7. DrDieLess

    SB launcher not load its page

    Make sure that sb.exe and sblauncher.exe are added to your exceptions list on your firewall and anti-virus. You should also go into your Control Panel > Internet Options > Security Tab > set it back to default.
  8. DrDieLess


    @CIboOrg Forums are English. You're welcome to post in any other language, as long as you are posting an English translation with it.
  9. DrDieLess

    NosVendetta App problem

    well, you now need to define "Crash". Give a proper description of what is happening, including screenshots.
  10. DrDieLess

    NosVendetta App problem

    Download my copy and see what happens;
  11. DrDieLess

    Start up crash

    well, you haven't said which game you're running. It doesn't really matter, you are getting a Blue Screen of death, which means your computer is having some serious problems. Please make sure all your Windows updates are installed, also update your video card drivers as well.
  12. DrDieLess

    Hi! New Player to EE!

    ....to VGN! Please make sure to check the Patch news and the Guides section as so much has probably changed since you've last played and also, cause VGN has added far more content than official
  13. DrDieLess

    Pet Chat!

    Just reply and put your Entries in this thread.
  14. DrDieLess

    Pet Chat!

    We looking for some community input and it could win you a prize! With the new pets that are in the game (and more to come), we need some new chat for them! Rules; 1. Keep it clean! 2. No amount of cheesiness will be denied (break out your dad joke collection) 3. Keep it relatively short (2 lines of chat only) 4. Each person (yes, no alts or no prize) will be allowed 3 entries, please put them in the same post. If you have posted, please edit your existing post. 5. We will run this until February 25, 2019 @ 12pm Server time PRIZES!!! First place: A prize of your choice! (anything currently in-game, ie. Diner Derby, Ancient Spanner, CB Nipple costume, etc) The next 4 best chosen will receive an event point!