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  1. DrDieLess

    Problem with the compatibility

    possibly, depends on where you are downloading your drivers from
  2. DrDieLess

    Problem with the compatibility

    Assuming you have legit license for Windows 7, here's the site to download your proper version of Win7 that you own -> https://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/software-download/windows7
  3. DrDieLess

    Problem with the compatibility

    If you're using the same Windows 7 install source each time, that could be the issue
  4. DrDieLess

    [SB] Korean Voices

    Ahh yes, my download was my own folder which has the Korean voice patch. You'd need to download from the VGN site for the original http://cdn.vendettagn.com/vgn/SBV_Install_v1.rar
  5. DrDieLess

    Problem with the compatibility

    Well, time to get to reinstalling Windows on your craptop then! Either that or you have some sort of software that's running that's messing everything up, though my guess is your Windows needs a reinstall.
  6. DrDieLess

    Can PU solo everything in this patch?

    No, only passive is max damage passive. Full Eva build; eva randoms/jewels/using Tech Aptitude title (250 eva and 2.5% ACC)
  7. DrDieLess

    Can PU solo everything in this patch?

    nearly full buff, and rare jewels cause uni jewels are for snobby people
  8. DrDieLess

    Can PU solo everything in this patch?

    Yeah, PU with CH can be pretty brutal;
  9. DrDieLess

    Skills Feedback

    Crit-void isn't a % reduction. It is a point vs point negation of crit-atk. So if I have 20k Crit-atk and you have 12k Crit-Void, I only do 8k crit-atk damage to you.
  10. DrDieLess

    Problem with the compatibility

    you shouldn't have that problem at all. If anything, Windows 7 should work better than Windows 10. You can go to the NT folder, do this for both patcher.exe and nostale.exe; Right click, go to properties -> go to the Compatibility Tab -> Make sure that "Run this program as an Administrator" is checked off -> Also you can click on "Run this program in compatibility mode for" and then try something like Windows XP SP3 -> Press Ok and see what that does. However there should no be reason to do any of this. This seems to be an issue with your Windows install. You should just be able to install the game on Win 7/8/10 and it should work just fine.
  11. DrDieLess

    Problem with the compatibility

    All our games work just fine on Windows 10. There are a few things you should be doing. First, go to this post and download the package and install everything; You may want to consider reinstalling the game. I have an alternative download post for NT here;
  12. DrDieLess

    Swordie SP hitrate issues!

    smh, Tagged Nostale, put in Scarlet Blade Section, lol. I will move it
  13. DrDieLess

    Error please read and help me

    I updated that earlier today with latest patch, which is v38