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  1. The biggest problem about Zenas and the most unfun part of this raid is having to wait everytime for Priestess Kelly to spawn and then for mob to kill her because waiting 3 Minutes and protect her to be able to give Zenas Malus is not worth it. So my idea was to rework this "trial" and either automatically spawn the mobs as soon as Lucifer dies so people can get inside and kill em before Kelly spawns or just change it completly to a new format.
  2. Just as the title says i was wondering if it was possible to have Wings of Friendship on the Bash's shop. It'll help people move buff alts that are not worthy enough to invest time to unlock the trade limit. (Mimic is not a valid solution because its too RNG and too Expensive for an alt account without large amounts of money).
  3. "Bash galactic being, astral monster , the true illumanite noscope, the 360 master, the ruler, the old one, the tifon , the alfa and the omega, the first and the last one , the infinity itself, the Deathbringer" Will be the meta way to start a ticket. Ty.