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  1. Sword art online, Alicization was one of my favorites seasons, just because of armors :3 but 1st Season was my fav one.
  2. Hie, i know i've been off ingame and forum these days, having less time to play. But i would like to suggest something that i miss into Eden Eternal, mostly on awaken. We have small contents during day, pve and pvp, which takes 30min for some of them and 1h for others. i would like to see more contents like i saw into other games these days. We could have open pvp map with limited trophy(could be combo too), spawning different bosses during different days, players can spawn bosses killing legions (like normal legions but a bit buffed), these trophy could have limited time duration, having 1 day and 7 days versions, but never permanent ones. Trophy status: just what i think would be nice to see, More skill buffs on trophy for classes, like world bosses trophy. We could have consumable items too like 5% hp and mp, all status 5%,Status potions (LCK,STR,AGI,INT,WIS) more accessible. I miss a bit contents that bring us ingame for more time. Also would like to suggest new Temple Knight DNG, with new acessories, maybe change a bit them and make them not stackable. Rings -20% resist and for weapon combos would like to see them a bit diferent making all weapons for all combos, and healing/tank status for combos too. Just small things that i wanted to leave here noted :3 Ty for attention ❤️
  3. ingame is correct just class branch name on wiki is wrong. i know is confuse since HS is heal and AoJ dps but that's because VGN reworked them.
  4. PvE player needs to do pvp, so they get war stones for cape archivments and rank. They still can do it since they want to. Most of recent merge guilds just live for 3-4 months or less, and they split or quit. I really love play with Losque and Locsta but i know sometimes when they call me will be 30 min pvp and done, that's all. When i asked join garden was just because i know garden will be there forever , until server dies, max being leader or not, that's because they are players not fighters only. PvE players can join TW whenever they wants, and they will win it vs yall since they are friends as i mentioned many times. They play laughing on the crystal and making fun of each other, i know that cuz i was there for a moment. And others guild be like: FOCUS JIN, FOCUS REMEMBER, FOCUS SHAKU, FOCUZ PZIONZ, FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS, this kills the player conection with guild, and makes 30 min be more painful than failing into HoO and spend 30 min on single boss. Why? cuz that's now game majority purpose. Look to actual moment , theres no pvp, and game still good... Why??? Jordan's content bring us inside the game more than before, pve content is amazing and take our time, ok i know is stressful sometimes, then we just quit and rest, later i do that. PvP isn't eden majority and will never be, unbalanced 61 classes with OP items and unbalanced mechanics. Jordan is right not doing that, not only by our old history, but for what will happen in 2-3 weeks of losing agains non pvp guild with non perfect fighters. Be nice to urself bro and find one way to give the same feeling of fighting on tw/gvg , inside any other place. TA is good for u, go there , slay people, get 1st rank, make it annoying for them and good for u. Or just go elysian with ur own friends and fight against eachother. 10 Years playing eden , 6 years into VGN, and just 1 year ago i understand, Eden is more than just 30 min. Have fun and pls lock this topic.
  5. i like idead of reviving pvp, but for this must exist guild with intentions to be a guild , not to fight TW or GvG, point of Indigo died was about recruit people just for pvp, and we all here know eden players have too much problems with each other. No isn't worth make decided queue for TW , Garden is the only guild with their own purposes and pvp, other guilds just ignore it. I'm Ohana member and i know there's no chance turning ohana into pvp, since they get much more happier trolling in aven for 30 min than spam clicking and running for 30 min. Sadly i miss time that guild really wanted to be guilds, not just 30 members for 30 mins.
  6. Lv95 Weapon + Lv95 Armor = enough for abyss and HoO, if any1 disagre , sorry i did it and i've my armor lv115 with 120% Gear change is only for pvp purpouse, PvE is basic and we just bring specific item inside for full boosting. There's no reason to nerf those content , they are easy. people scary to ask for help, how many times i've saw people with TK gear lv80 +14 with basic gems doing 110t. Skip content isn't self boost, you need all armors lv95 so why not SORRY? CCM is hard? we did it with 8k ccm, and before didn't existed Crystal Utopia broken thing , was DNG runs ,DoD 90 and 95 with future patch, and Viroona so late. Lazy people never grow just that, if CCM is hard for you, i don't think problem from 100t and 95 exp is being hard or annoying , is because you want to finish it in 5 min and drop yourself into youtube. Move from aven and do ur stuff bro, new players ask for help , and old players help them. Guild is just green name up our heads with no significative effect, excepet pve help. PvP doesn't give decent Reward and any other guild content is based on pve so that's all, you must ask for H E L P. Sunday i'll be home bro , if u don't mind go ahead and call me on discord Infecttado#0985 i'll get online for helping dw.
  7. Guild is a point for this, if you want to play solo i'll consider don't suggest stuff, i stopped to suggest content to VGN based on PvE cause they killed Solo content or even ''solable'' content , you ask for nerfs into dng from patch v17 (15 march 2017) isn't necessary, dng is super easy and even new player can find group for it, if they ask in guild chat. If your guild can't help, find one that would help you (not saying guild is just for help but if u there for 1 week and no one helping u with 15 min dng sorry isn't worth stay there) 100t sucks tbh i hate then , i haven't even finished all awaken weapons just because i hate do them, sometimes people with 115 stuff, capped resist and full reduction get 1 shot, randomly and this annoy me so MUCH, but i don't care because this happend just when we don't have fully combo class for cancel animations and drop boss hp in 15 sec. RN point of PvE for EE Awaken is help novices into old content, end game content is limited so guilds can have more time to help others, abyss and HoO is mostly necessary daily dng and it takes 2-3 hours for normal parties, so u have full day to help people doing 100t or even 95t which is easy and doesn't need changes. If jordan nerfs 100t bosses, this wont bring players back or new players to the game, it wont help new players. Look to 95t super easy dng and people don't do that even being nice sets , they prefer run gold dng and buy 110t armors, people just don't do those, if they do is like 5-10 players monthly. point is spend time nerfing old content that just have dmg and can be canceled instatly with ''ok'' party is a good idea? i'll point garden on my last argument. Garden is massive friendly guild, mostly PvE with excelent players and they know exacly how new players should play, they guide and help player just follow and done, they have alot of people, other guilds call them as Wakanda, cause they have army, but they made army nor merged one so helping people was the major point for having good guild with good amount of players. There's guild ingame to help you bro just find one, or if u prefer , find 4 friends and do all game content with them.
  8. Those are fully old content, and they are too much easy if you doing with party. These content has been made by VGN as group content. I don't like 100T cuz they aren't mechanics they just output dmg and one shot people which is unfair even having ok party. but its easy and some people can do it solo. About 95 EXPEDITION , its unecessary change anything, boss just have HP , i do it half afk sometimes, u just need pass into thunder thing and have regen.
  9. i've abused of this into diferent eden server :'D and yes is super annoying cuz u can just lag everyone that have bad pc
  10. was sacarstic. !OLD ED , too much OP, new ED ballanced! and for others idk u know what to do my boy, i know how mimic was annoying and u did nice creating high dot classes to prevent it, same for making shielder more utility than just stand still with debuff items and others. also why unfun? fights vs conjurer are unfun, locking people and doing no dmg is funny
  11. isn't like impossible to fight against, but if AE enemy get free time and decent position, easly 2 skills one person, sometimes i get high dmg. i don't use 1x1 fights vs my guildies as exemple cause 1x1 is diferent from party fight so far. I'm not main ae but Mozzarela, Locsta and Losque are most insane ones that's i've fight against, they could give a better vision of it. during this week try to that , i'll try to bring my boys inside and u can see it, hope Mozza use it to clarify how op its.
  12. cool perfect atk spd has cap so i don't think will be usefull. never for hammer wow this would be super good PLEASE? We've deal boy! this would make me play ED FOOOOOOR SURE, i remember when i played this was SOOOOOO GOOD! humm this, u gimme chills saying that :3
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