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  1. there's everyone uses mimic, if ppl try 50-59 arena will miss some classes and they don't try it, i'm working on a suggestion for 5x5(new) or 3x3/10x10 rework, becasue these arenas we've ingame become dead too, awaken classes killing all kind of pvp. Another point, we have normal class tw with new changes and literaly i've spend 12k to build one class (Using lv78 orange set), that's not too much, but some people don't read forum, so they don't know about that. I've voted yes , but before made my suggestion for normal class tw, now i'm totally ''NO'' for this ''new server'', just because will kill all time we've spend in current one. For this video just 1 thing , on PT server people was so ungeared compared to other serve, in this server if 20 players was full geared is too much,to have pvp like that will need to remove all kind of stats improvment (Gem,Archivment,Class Bonus,Enchants and others), I know people had fun there but i'm 100% sure, without gears will not have pvp cause expert players will not try '' *they even try with gears* '' Another way to revive the ''good experience'' in gama is suggest nerf to some classes like Lethal Arrow that can kill single party in 1 minute easly if u have good gears and know how to play with it. Normal Classes are so better than awaken ones cause give good challenge instead of new dng which just made u have over cap of any stats, i've been playing with normal classes only for some stuff, the only thing i think its impossible to do with normal classes is Dragon Sanctuary (Not Sure never tried), others can be possible.
  2. OMG!!!! That was fast Ty so much! About time u will keep current one?
  3. Without any CC/Item to support dmg , p dps pet are 100% better than MDPS, cause swift atack and frenzied flurry its like 8 hits in 3 sec, i've test burst dps magic skill Deadly ice with Ice resist pet and Ice resist reduction on target it deal max 54k dmg, swift atack withou cc sometimes hit it
  4. Tyvm, about weekend , its possible to add without rewards? Just an "Friendly match" cause ppl ow is having fun with it, i've stalker Urn npc and alot of ppl was using that for lv 78 gears😉, maybe i'll record some NCTW as feedback, im trying to get better computer for that.
  5. Add Pet Conversion Fruit to Honor Stars Shop (Price:100 HS) Add Nelle's Pet skill book (1 and 2) to Honor Stars Shop (Price 1k HS) Add Atributes fortification on Pet's Weapon (ATK/MATK,ACC,CRI/MCRIT,ATK SPD) Create new item which change pet attack atribute randomly,this one in special will be really good because Elemental pet doesn't deal dmg as Physical ones (Add this one on AP shop/Altar). Couple Buff True Love: add 15% loot drop.
  6. Tyr Pet - Box Steel Melded Marvel Wings (Legendary) -Altar Gold Dual Life Saber (Legendary) - Altar or Box Red Dual Life Saber (Prime) - Altar Red Life Saber (Prime) - Altar Glass Wing Staff (Legendary) - Box Dark Red Clothing Color- Altar
  7. As we see people dont use forum too much, and someplayers who said current time dont attend to normal class pvp. @Jordan its possible to Add NCTW on weekends? Once a day before 1st GvG round, this ones could be defend territory instead of winning another 2. Also balance teams , put BornForThis/Garden vs SendNudes/SoulBreaker would be good.
  8. This will be soo good! I really wish this happen.
  9. Good deal for pets will be Weapons woth fortification bonus(+6/+8/+10/+12) with Pet stats Crit/ACC/ATK/ATK SPD, weapons with base atack on 10k will be good. Also make new item which change Attack Atribute from pet cause elemental pets is a little bit weak.
  10. @Jordan could you list all skill that possible to get using Pet Skill Token(Anuran Racial) Same for map from Green Phoenix racial. Ty.
  11. TK= Temple Knight We have alot of TK stuff, Dungeon with some items, and Gears that u get by leveling, as @COmetkun99 said TK is good now , he means Lv80-90 TK set, Lv80 one is better cause u can use free fortification System its 100% till +14, also u can get Free Eternal Chisel from Urn in aven, and buy elemental gems for 100g each, that's enough to get ur lv95 gears.