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  1. Really thank you for normal class changes and new add's , also ty for the event, and for the costumes fixes . For the new add about Demon Crystal and Mini reactor disamble , that will help alot when doing dng ❤️ tyvm for all stuff.
  2. Mysterious Sleepy Owl (Legendary) -Gem Altar or Crystal Altar Mysterious Chubby Ghost (Legendary)-Gem altar or Crystal altar Mysterious Dark Wizard Garb (Legandry) - Crystal Altar Mysterious Roning Phantom Costume (Legendary) Boxes or Crystal altar Mysterious Christmas Fur Mantle(Legendary) Box Mysterious Frost Sorcerer Robe (Legendary) Cystal Altar Dark Knight Alpaca (Legendary) Altar Violet Frost Tiger (Legendary) Box
  3. Cantaloupe headwearclothing color Husky pet Beagle pet Lazy goat legendary altar
  4. infecttado

    Glyph awak

    U're only unlucky cuz sometimes i open Magician awake glyph and just get GM one but some ppl get arch elementalist one, but as jordan said the system is perfect, if it become more easy as already its bear racial will reducethe cost cuz ppl will start to do their own glyph
  5. HP was a good idea but about MP isn't cuz we already have a problem, skills with mp % is really bad at 120, we need to use auto pot and make sure have Ultimate MP potion everytime, also sometimes will need to swap to any mp regen trophy. But i think MP-HP gems will be used for the future patches on new Tower, like recovery gem and replenishment.
  6. idk sometimes i use party drop and me + someone use alts for self buff oh i miss that ty, but a portalble shop still necessary.
  7. @Jordan ty for the nerf on quests i know they was too OP , now looks good and ppl still doing that, just one thing i want for the future, keep making rep quests and stuff like that
  8. try diferent channel i don't have problems by leaving dng at ch5 or ch1, this problem isn't to everyone. @Jordan is possible to put a mechant outside dng? or make an item like portable bank/auction , new one to sell items, cuz sometimes i can't sell items 1 by 1 on guild shop (shop bug i mean) so i need to walk alot to sell items and back , was going to be great if its possible, i know u have alot priority stuffs on ur list but just add it for a future patch if u can.
  9. i'll just coment this one cuz jordan already did for all others, but this one is special for me. Players Like Lugia have all game funds by Racial Crafting Gems, i do Trophy Enchants too, imagine i have x13 sets full gems and like 35 weapons with full gems, this will make gems useless cuz most ppl from this server have more than 5 diferent sets and weapons full gem, time by time players come to our server but they already get gems by questing, Human racial will be killed if that was going to happen. I've played a game with this function but was enchant not gems, ppl can remove and put enchants from other weapons and after 2 months all players was quitting, was the best way to farm money farming enchants and selling their BP, this game dead in less than 5 months after this change,i'm not saying EE was going to die but will be like that for many players. that's all.
  10. infecttado

    Magic Set

    After watch @Deathoniak playing as MDPS DE i think if we have a MDPS heavy set this class going to be unstoppable , cuz we have alot of stuff to give specific stats for each item.
  11. As Jordan said, before POD Honor stars was one of the most hard things, btw if u want to do it easly , just use a lv 85-95 char to do pod in Mayland, u can summon this mobs and go invisible so they reset and u can kill then using ur main character.
  12. if this skill recovery 100 mp per hit shilder will not need a HS in pt or Ultimate MP potion lv2 , cuz CA or or reaver can deal more than 100 hits every 20 sec or less , thats talking about 1 player hitting , sometimes in pvp i see 1 ca, 2 reavers and x1 ,mecha, this will be enough to heal my mp instantly. Shielder don't need a skill rebalance , just more useful skills like p heal/g heal reduce from tagerts. about increase mana from reduce dmg skill isn't good.
  13. with that have no reason to change this one
  14. Honor Stars is so easy to get doing PoD, if put x10 u will need 5 quest = 200 mobs this amount of mobs gives u 1 point and a half u can just roll it and try to get Runnaway Moster Rampage (Treasure Hunting) and get it , u can get 0-3 boxes per ''summon'' , each box gives 50 Honor Stars.
  15. Not only Crystal Utopia, others also have some quest with same reward and some of then can be more fast than Crystal Utopia, was talking about it with vyzer but as well ppl not doing that so isn't a ''fiasco'' but i understand u, Ty anyway for the content, this make me back to lv 75 cap doing rep quest in Searing Valley, so nostalgic <3.