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  1. ehhh Eden is a half dead game, alot of times we can see only 1 guild with more than 10-15 members, when have 2-3 guilds we don't see many small guilds ingame. so buffing that make some months ingame annoying since will take alot of time to Win VS no one.
  2. add this bard class hat as costume:
  3. oof me on crystals.
  4. I've been playing with Ursun for some days and got mad with that thing too, i just use Poisonus Powder that makes me super small , or teddy bear shampoo too is a nice deal. But i understand you.
  5. Sometimes have GvG like last one BlackMagic VS Stardust and was 3x2 , which is really low amount, if increase too much gonna be so boring to participate. lol even with mana infu they have problems to break it now?
  6. I know cause pets poup up on my screen. Exemple Frost one that have cape, sometimes it just leave from its model and starts gliching on map. Same for mounts.
  7. i play EE with full graphic but pets/mounts still crash me 9-10 times a day. I know custom content now is better than before, but Win10 sucks :'D Yeah but soon u guys will have some beautiful stuff.
  8. doesn't matter on awaken we crash alot cause custom content. Also cause win10 problem with graphics we still having issues. i don't think its good deal to add it too cause how much this will take from our bag :'D
  9. Hello, its me again, when possible could you guys reduce the size of guitar costumes? new ones i mean, its oversized on halfkin only as many others costumes, but for guitar looks super weird. Here's some SS: -Demon's Eletric Guitar -Angel's Eletric Guitar and here the good size of normal guitar -Mocking Rhythm Just visual change but matters too much :3
  10. No no u do more than X-Legend fully staff :'D Its okay just keep as it.
  11. This true resist should be showed or have an wiki with those info, its important to make players think better on what use inside. Just idea :3
  12. understand it, anyway all i can do is wait now :D. Ty for answers.