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  1. infecttado

    R.I.P Tank classes

    that's true but i don't speak english too good, so i can't follow exacly the instructions. And thats why i play solo, brazilian community isn't good, ppl who u help become toxic after being strong(All of then without exceptions).
  2. infecttado

    R.I.P Tank classes

    I never focus on stay vs 1 full party, i ever try to stop cappers and healers. When Celestial Guild was alive they added 1 more glacier to their party to prevent me. i'm the only Mimic in game and now i'm trying to find an way to keep playing as it. (Sorry for many reply)
  3. infecttado

    R.I.P Tank classes

    i'm tank ( Mimic/ED: only for cc and run, if i make ppl get unable to do any action it make 100% diference) i don't like to kill ppl, and play with some players whos abuse bugs and ppl who only think with themselves. yesterday i have try mimic x assassin, and i died in 3 secs, with 50% block i didn't blocked any hit and recived triple hit combo on last skill: 1st skill failed>2nd failed>3rd ( 315k>157k>70k and dead.) (player lv101, i'm lv 106 so level was not the problem) And vs mdps or hybrid classes still the same as before. If this 20% def reduction keep in game i wish u rebalance ED skills: like reducing heal skill cooldown (with Glyph np) , and reducing Samba skill cooldown to 3 secs (have imunity and don't need to have high cooldown). and if can reduce duration of dance force buff making ppl put points on kp.
  4. infecttado

    R.I.P Tank classes

    why for 5 months i've played solo in tw and was fun, and now i die in a single Assassin combo?
  5. infecttado

    Aflallo pet

    yeah, but one guy was selling 1 from each pet except aflallo one xD, this pet looks cool but don't have special buff on it
  6. infecttado

    R.I.P Tank classes

    @Jordan ty for 20% def reduction with that all my tank classes back to useless list. I know is on test but is good for other and bad for tanks , classes like ED and Mimic what i was using to get fun cant tank a single assassin, and before i was tanking 5 assassins together. Im talking that as a solo test . I dont play with party.
  7. infecttado

    Aflallo pet

    Hi, i've been looking for aflallo for some weeks and now is on box but i can't get in game because no one buy it, 30k in a skin pet isn't good , Aflallos pray is same as scorpion so no one wants, have any possibility of not adding to box when others pets are in? making ppl buy it.
  8. infecttado

    How to Potentially Save/Revive PvP

    I did it i'm focusing on 1 class. Grinding isn't a problem , after think about it its time to try another kind of gameplay, lets see what wait for us in the future.
  9. infecttado

    How to Potentially Save/Revive PvP

    But this is insane, ee have 61 classes to grind , isn't impossible. Black Desert Online is one of games where u need 2 or 3 years to get anything and need to spend alot of money on it. EE isn't hard , but grinding 61 classes for more 20 levels is too much. Anyway, work hard to don't kill our game ❤️
  10. infecttado

    Content Suggestion 2

    Very Nice, but don't kill totem for runs some ppl don't have good pc and can't run as another classes. Same for ppl whos have an ''Deficiency'' i know 2 ppl in game whos can't move both arms or don't have all fingers, an and they use totem.
  11. infecttado

    New Run Map

    @Jordan we will have lv VIII AND IX (Roger partial enchant) in the future?
  12. infecttado

    New Run Map

    I'm sorry for my bad english. I've been checking maps like vingot,dd,bts and dos, and there's have alot of problems to be a run map, like collisions and lower exp monsters, i know at lv 95 we need weak mobs to get classes at lv 70, but to the next one we can have only strong mobs like frogs from dos with same exp and my idea for the new one was Sakura Island, we have only 1 place where have an divison, the bridge on middle map, theres we can have 2 spots to run, make then unlimited dng where u can join with ur party, so thats will be a solution to "steal channel" i think add a "pass" to get there would be cool, drops from POD on Runnaway Monster Rampage with lower chance as Honor Stars, and make it tradable, cuz if we want to block it to lower levels they just ask for a friend roll pod and reset mobs after summoning. Another idea for mobs is use diferent ones like horses from Eyebloom plains, Aligators and Lizzards from meeryasha. Because we saw many of then from dos and bts or others many times along the years we have played, have many mobs in EE and some are a copy with diferent colors but some we just dont see .
  13. infecttado

    p heal pet

    Thank you very much!
  14. infecttado

    p heal pet

    Hello! Have a possibility of creating a 10% p heal pet? (his skin can be Dyxia from Vingot Lab)
  15. infecttado

    Christmas Events

    Hi Have any possibility to make a monster spawn killing a specific mob? EX: After killing rare monster , a mini santa spawn , add Christmas box from it . (Can Choice for 3 maps to farm this event) only party members can recive box after atack. Mini Santa Mob: Hp: 1m (so we cant 1 shot it) Skill1 : Same efect as Dance of white dove from ED but with 5 sec cooldown Skill2 (or passive buff) :Idk the skill name, but is the one from Sky tower, after 10% hp become invunerable to direct dmg. Christmas box reward. Daily Login Coin x1 (Lower Chance) Exp/Cp Charm 1 (High Chance) Christmas Golden Coin (Lower Chance)> Legendary Costumes Christmas Silver Coin(High Chance) >Quest>pet quest and title quest others reward 4t potions x1 + Mulled Wine x5 (pls coins amount Max x20 per quest) About pet: Any possibility to make Santa boss as a pet? if yes, pray Skill: 1st Exp,Cp (Alpha) // 2nd Awaken Cp 5% (Alpha) prime ones can be found on Boxes with both Bonus as 10% and second bonus can be move spd Aven Boss: Same as old events but with Nerokas Skills. and boxes diferent as that from Mini Santa: (Add double amount of items) Christmas title: Exp + cp, awaken cp 5%