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  1. As mimic lover, i feel you. Mimic doesn`t have effective power of some healers, adjucator now days is my main Heal and i use this into 90% of dungeons. Mimic is time controller during end game pvp, you can you it with CC, Sleep, double fear, stun, knock down, silence,and invisiblity which is hella good! Into pve end game, majority of supports are Adjucator,Totem and Paladin, and Adjucator is holding this power now, propably will be the best pve healer for a while.
  2. Hi! As always when i'm bored i keep looking into gamefiles and ingame stuff then i noticed that we have diferent item models which looks amazing. Found those icons then i went ingame to check if we had it, and have those, they are white and alpha quality, look amazing ,better than legendary versions (opnion) and fits on halfkin perfecly (new ones from TS don't *sadface*) (K10729 and K10732 ) Also found some wings/back gears that we don't have, i know some of them and would be nice have them! K60281 and K60282 are original recolored and they looks a bit better than base chestplate wings with better effects. this one we have but its White/Alpha Quality :c pls give us pink fairy wings! and finishing : With these 2 cute hammers which i've never saw ingame (could be mace too idk) Hope we can see those in close future! That's all ty for attention and sorry for bothering :c
  3. sorry i'll reply just this, others doesn't matter for me. So we must have something exclusive into dead server which jordan spent alot of time and got no refound into his time? To small community that have been around 20-30 player? that's like 2 guilds on awaken. There's one thing that Classic have and its the only thing that it needs to still classic. Having ONLY normal classes. Some awaken ideas like Celestial Corridor mechanics and items mechanics like Abyss armors could be on classic later. the same goes to classic on awaken. Isn't fair to both side players. In that time that i've been taking eyes to classic, i know one thing, people don't play because they want server with ''easy'' source of farming and gearing, like GM comands or way to farm 50k daily. Whatever Jordan does, people wont come to classic, that's a fact, his job there is insane better than any other and sadly it doesn't revive the server.
  4. Mysterious Box ✔️05/06/22
  5. well i really wanted to say its good idea but isn't :C When i started eden i was 11 years old with 0 knowledge on english, even basic, so i needed to learn cuz party,trials and stuff needed comunication. its better for server and for players , learn english, isn't hard, just need a bit of time. i'm sure you can learn basic english and get better before VGN finish all game translation.
  6. I definitely support this! :3 When the possibility came up to classic i started to hype it on awaken. Templar Suit from all levels are amazing but Lv90 one is definitely insane.
  7. Thank you for adding it ingame! Hope it come on boxes soon! ✔️03/31/22
  8. also @Jordan this is something that i wanted to suggest for so long but never did. If you have plans to rework alpaca coins and if possible would u add those : I used to get alts inside marriages so i could get like 200-300 per marriage, but its RNG and so limited. Yes i use those, and usually they help me. Incase bosses like gemini now which take 100% of mana if get closer, i can pop up some and get temporary mp which is so helpful. also just add them into any system, EP/CCM or any other would be so cool!
  9. Crystal Altar Suggestion! ✅03/24/22 ✔️05/06/22
  10. 1 - Create Double time glyph increase (turning glyph into 28 days) (u get randomly glyph class, like awaken one) 2 - Make new class glyph for awakens so we can have ''second'' option of glyphs instead into flat one for some classes. (Exemple:BP one rn increase flame vibrato dmg by 20% and reduce Star of the show by 20% , we could have one that increase area from Dark Metal by 10 meters and increase duration of Melody of Mana by 5 seconds) this one in special is my dream but i would like to see ''physical monster stones'' Around effect like star stones but on ground like this: A bit smaller and make sure it doesn't apply to ''race size'' so people can abuse of light bean gun and crash people or just make huge aura around aven that make us impossible to see anything. Exclusive class costume with 30 days duration. (only thing that make people locked to ''content'' is comestic idea) when PvP horses came out many people spammed 3x3 and TA. when PvP coins came out , arena was active, but costumes was too cheap and now is too easy to get them on TA (which i was a bad idea release that easy but ok its done and nerf now will be bad idea also) make coins have 30 days duration too on hands so people can't stack, and recived mail of reward also leaves in 30 days so people don't save there too. EC/HF/HS isn't something that bring people up, but yes PvP token does and x5 wont be bad and wont be good cuz we can easly farm them on TA but its good for extra method. for 3x3 i really like idea of making Dreadlore lab as 3x3 map, its circle and doesn't have ''colision'' on middle like actual one. Here is my suggestions: 1- Change color of Gems BP's following their bad icons so we can find them easly. 2- Update PoD mobility display on character ui 3- Update it using numbers so we don't need open tab and see our mobility point (We already have some into game files but they are ''item icons'' that can be used ) 4- Make ''Wine Braised Pork Chop'' stackable till 999 , with actual game MP is really annoying keep swaping trophy so we can hold our MP. 5-Update ''Zagdon Potion formula'' on arcane box to x10 or add x10 one (its really useful but takes so long do 1 by 1) 6-Bring us classic update of pot buffs and make move speed one all days pls. (One of Greatest change)
  11. 1- PvE is lined to content, [GM]Jordan usually push mechanics that make us build diferent classes, MDPS and Ranged Rarely and P-DPS in our majority (BM/Beserk/Exec/Assassin/Asura) 2-Chocollat if i'm not wrong is FR guild leader is [GS]Herakles (Doudou) sometimes he uses Aurore. 3-Palace and Quant Mine are best ones is gold amount, but mostly dng gives u around 6-8k per hours (Lv105+) Also Welcome Back to our Fairy World :3
  12. Hi! Recently we got our last content which contains the most logic pve content (bases on mechanic) , and this i can just say how its good. But talking about cosmetic, we usually get other games costumes,mounts,pets. Which is bad for me and some others, since i really dislike how they are, animations looks weird, some are too big or too small, stuff like wings are doesn't looks good on halfkin or zumi. Also we're limited on altar having alot of repeatable items, sadly i have no hope on altars since they always come costumes that i already have or isn't worth buy it. (opnion) Would be nice for future cosmetic patch, get recolors and some prime costumes get into legendary, i see alot of suggestions here , and also have some costumes on classic which could have on awaken server , Some looks like costumes which already exist ingame but have diferent texture which is much better. To finish it, would be nice see them comming to our server, and give us more variety of original costumes models. Tyvm for ur attention ❤️
  13. Mystery Boxes ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ Crystal Altar ✔️
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