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  1. Before patch v46 was really annoying to level up all skills, but u can do it in 1 month easly now, just farm then on Crystal Utopia as @Jordan said, here's one of my videos showing that , this video was before nerf on this quest but still good.
  2. I'll talk about it in special. For long time guilds merge and die in all EE servers, also we have groups which jump into guild to guild, killing an guild to make pvp more ''entertaining'' isn't a bad thing , but u'll disolve groups which just play pvp because they like to play with these ppl. Money Team is one of the only guild which don't die or just end because they're good with eachothers. Also other guilds can win Normal Class Territory War, but ''they'' don't try. Changing guild distribuition on TW will just up the times for MT wins, making MT as 2 guild will just make 2 diferent guild on top, working with each other. I'm talking that as a Fan from MT because they are the guild i've been expecting to see in a game.
  3. In this few months after awaken weapons i've looking for geared party but find some qith ppl that have tk set, and they got 70 resist just following instructions, also u can get help from friends or guild, just the point of double ur book quest isn't good cuz many ppl already finished weapins that have only x1and they will need to spend more 50k to remake then. Making alt strong isn't hard and u can do thid in less then 5 hours
  4. i've been thinking about suggest it but 100 weapons don't need lv75 or 65 awaken weapons so don't have problem to make another char on same account and remake everything ,isn't hard its a little work but still easy. i know a new char don't have same power as ur main char but u already have gear, u can join in some party just having gear and HP classes, aoj is a good deal for this.
  5. putting then on Loyalty Shop will make EP rise from 500g to 800g, that's not good for new players. @Jordan also for normal classes are 70-75 cores most amount of guild have 1 player who grind EC, they will have like an stack from each and doesn't have an issue for this items, i just help with suggestion cuz many ppl ask for ''easy ways'' to farm it, its really easy to farm all of then.
  6. my bad but got it already is gold one from last altar. Tyvm
  7. I've an idea for this. Hunting core/hearts take too muc time, but its possible add dismantle from gold weapons like the ones from lv90+ weap which gives emeral crystal but giving 10 cores/hears for 1h weapons and 15 for 2h, its too much work cuz we have cap every 5 level but thats one of best way to make it more easy
  8. I've a trick to leave from this bug, use click mouse to move and same time use the keyboard to move at same time, i leave from this many times in less than 10 sec
  9. I mean double TK entrances(Temple Knight DNG not Temple arena), TA is ok i just ask for disable on TA the possibily of using 4t potion. if that is about 4t potion on TA, yes its possible to use then, sometimes ppl use it, and its a pvp map with bosses wich make impossible to fight :c
  10. Hello! after v46 some ppl starting to rush stuff for NCTW but going be hard to farm some items, like TK trophy , armor boxes, BP from 70/75 trials and others. 1- Its possible to double TK entrances? 2-Double amount of boxes we get after killing a legion? 3-Increase the drop rates from 70-75 Sets BP's? (add more entrances will be good too , but ppl will have more chance to farm EC and that's not good point) 4-Remove possibility of using 4T Potions on TA. 5-Reduce Cooldown from summon scroll on 0/10 from each dng which we need drop Golden/Silver Keys (15min is ok) @Jordan i know u have other mainly things to do, but just suggesting if u can.
  11. Gold Yellow Clothing/Headwear Color ✔️Altar 05/04/19
  12. English is mainly language from many amazing games, when i was 11 i've started to play EE on US server and my english was really really bad, now is a litte better , maybe will be better for u if try to learn english. PT:Ingles é a ligua principal de muitos jogos espetaculares, quando eu tinha 11 anos eu começei a jogar o EE no server US e o meu ingles era muito ruim,agora é um pouco melhor, talvez seria melhor se vc tentasse aprender o ingles.
  13. @Jordan can u make guild unable to recruit during Guild Arena Like gvg, cuz if the guild is at queue from Guild Arena and not for gvg they can recruit and merge guilds. I know guilds will focus on GvG too but ex if guild X get 1st round VS guild Y and both of then are on Guild arena they can merge with other guild to win Guild Arena, also i know Guild Arena is on 30x30, but sometimes both guilds or smaler guilds will not have all 30 members online. Another suggestion is to double legion boxes from maps lv68-78 for being more easy get normal classes gears, i've open 56 boxes and didn't get 1 orange, we talk about luck but 56 boxes was supposted to come x1 or more.
  14. Really thank you for normal class changes and new add's , also ty for the event, and for the costumes fixes . For the new add about Demon Crystal and Mini reactor disamble , that will help alot when doing dng ❤️ tyvm for all stuff.
  15. Mysterious Sleepy Owl (Legendary) -Gem Altar or Crystal Altar Mysterious Chubby Ghost (Legendary)-Gem altar or Crystal altar ✔️Altar 04/30/19 Mysterious Dark Wizard Garb (Legandry) - Crystal Altar Mysterious Roning Phantom Costume (Legendary) Boxes or Crystal altar ✔️Altar 04/27/19 Mysterious Christmas Fur Mantle(Legendary) Box Mysterious Frost Sorcerer Robe (Legendary) Cystal Altar ✔️ Altar 05/18/19 Dark Knight Alpaca (Legendary) ✔️Altar 04/30/19 Violet Frost Tiger (Legendary) ✔️Box 04/25/19