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    GDO UI

    Hi, i would like to ask if you guys have Glory Destiny Online or for english players Spirit Tales Files? I was trying to find UI(Themes) of them so i can make custom themes for eden, will be amazing if you guys can provide me those themes :3 @Jordan @Bash
  2. By players mind its, for me as exemple its dying time by time, Awaken lost the essence of eden eternal and classic is Aeria 2020 server so yes for mostly its. Numbers of players also doesn't really mean server is dying awaken never had too many people like Classic did for some time, and people quit and back every month. I understand the staff being against this players mind cause you guys have the exacly numbers to say ''we're or we'rent'' since its yours job. 3 weeks ago i've done with my account, giving everything back to players who gave me and gave all my gold and gathering items to them too, since is better than stuck on dead account. I got many memories and over than 2gb of ScreenShots during this time i was here, sadly is the end of VGN for me but that's it. 5 years was amazing time thank you for that. Especial Thanks to Jordan who helped me with some sugestions like NCTW revival.
  3. Was 20 min already with P-DPS party using BK/Totem sometimes 5-6 min if have lucky. I've recorded an Phantom that haven't spawned his clones but isn't possible to do it 100%. Implementing MDPS on this metha was not worth since dng was painful for players who doesn't have 100% Gears.(I'm battlefield poet main and doesn't care if mdps come to pve but alot of players doesn't play magic cause of PvE , and now they need to do it, then we need to refuse some player cause we know gonna be waste of time and we know they don't know how to exacly play with specific class. Also MDPS on PvE is limited since 4-5 mpds are usefull and others does nothing on pve. (but on pvp they are unstoppable, conjurer is a point one and DT which was good on pve isn't good anywhere now. Remove Silenced Soul from them and we will have chance of getting any, because we get 12 box per day doing dng and 7-8 comes Sileced soul x1. At end tyvm for the patch, sadly i need to stop playing cause i can't help people that much with getting gears fortification and gems, i'm not rich and i'm not able to solo stuff anymore. Its hard for most part invite people back to the server cause they don't understand some patches. I really don't mind if this dng takes 1h but i'm not the others 4 players so isn't possible to be happy. I really don't mind if take 1 month to gear up an weapon but why should i? 30 min of pvp doesn't pay others 100 or 150 entrances of HoO. That's why we like fast gear up, not for sitting aven, but for playing only 30 min. Even when i get full geared i don't sit in aven , i would like to do that but i try to help others guildies or not to keep server alive.
  4. 12 runs 0 essences and 0 fragments, but 14 silenced soul, which means nothing. (We skipped last boss 4 times cause was karen or phantom) Totally unfair since players like me spend alot of time doing party with not fully geared players cause my friends has quit already, then my runs if once karen appears is 1h 13 min or more, if phantom appears 50min, this is worthless for me. Guitar is so good weapon on this new patch but mostly weapons need to be tested before say anything. At all, 24hours i don't play and looks better than rage into this dng for no drops or for 1h runs.
  5. Great Suggestion! would be nice see it.
  6. Its, since random weapons are troll sometimes xD. AoJ hace less resources than other classes that's why people wont invite you for HoO. (Sadly) But that's vision by player that NEVER player as mainly, so people can surprize you with new gameplay style or experience with this class.
  7. Altar Aryn pet Alpaca beachwear (Prime) ✔️08/06/20 Gilded Witch Clock (Prime) ✔️09/01/20 Dark Moon Tiger (Prime) > Gem Altar
  8. I would like to see revert on TW maps too.
  9. if we talking about tank stuff, mace with p dmg recived reduction, doesn't really matter cause less than 10 players play as pdps and mostly are reavers and Beserker. Tiki is a good exemple , a full party of players can't kill easly and P-DPS just affect by 1 point CC. I Know u know how to play but some gears are kinda useless. Lv95 Weapons still better and Shield Of Valor will be permanently if none shield come with same bonus xD. btw, could reduce Daily quest from 6 to 4 , that will make players able to do it solo everyday, alot of players doesn't have chance of doing this dng cause of their timezone, if they can do 1 weapon per week would be nice just using daily runs.
  10. None of those weapons for healers are usefull (Except the fact of INSANE Heal Guitar ), they are weaker than 95 ones for pve and pvp.
  11. duskblaze guitar = self heal. U're right. But BM is SUPER good just need to know how to combo, and for pvp none PDPS is usefull now (reaver is exception cause isn't a dps class) *PARTY POINT* VGN Changes haven't killed DB or ED both still usable people just need good eye on it. Remember is the best DB atm, since he can overkill me in 3-4 sec. warbeast INSANE ED he lock me in dance mode 20-30 times on TW's and this makes me die. BM just need one thing, class lover , he will make it able to fight everywhere, and no one will beat him. i can tell you Shinryu(Vyzer) and Judgement made me looks noob since they was hitting 7-9m dmg on PvE.
  12. Look into Crime too cause i've been talking with diferent parties and only 1 of 8 party has done it since they don't do enough dmg to beat 10% heal even with 50% dmg taken (no idea why or how) i've tried to help with ideas of classes and it still the same. yeah, i've saw that pray stuff and was like Common this pets on specific points will be SUPER NICE!
  13. [Desc][Open client.ini faild] [Desc]ERROR!! Mission[3435] AcceptCommand[AcceptSRA 1 11] is incorrect Welcome to the team.
  14. Patch is so nice, will take some time and give good oportunity to people learn some stuff. Some part of me hate this new DNG since is a ''New DS'' which is a bad deal for the server cause until now more than 70% of the server haven't finished DS, cause they need too much time to learn. But how DNG works and how the problem we had before has been fixed (Like pushing crystal from bosses and moving summons to other places) this show how nice is the new patch. New Weapon system is SUPER GOOD! Driver idea not much but anyway just give us reason to keep working on our stuff instead of finishing in 3 days :3 Would be nice if essence fragments drop from awkward guard. (x1) with good chance but not 100%. Feed Back about Weapon procs, some weapons are kinda useless cause lv95-100-110 still better. (Some are super funny, like shield which is weak than Awaken. (Would be nice if change this one to be like Valor on lv95, will turn it into 300% usable) Other weapons should be reworked :3 but for now its good. 10% Weapon Pets ARE SO NICE IDEA as dungeon reward like this one which takes specific item from specific day. would be nice see this kind of reward on future contents too. I was working on Move SPD stuff since this PvP metha is scape and recover. Thank You Very Much for this new title and weapon bonus (Guitar one impress me ALOT, yeah i need test it cause looks so GOOD, ty for take good eye on some classes, that counts to Darkness Blade too) As description report, When u talk with GoGo on text say 200-500 items but its 50-125. For now that's all! Good Job @Jordan and the staff that helped on this content, you guys made EXCELLENT work! Wish updates like this one comes again :3 ❤️
  15. 20$ for Guild name change isn't that much for some people. Imagine if was 1$ :'D people was going to change guild name every maint.