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  1. don't need changes, gems are used on racial, and most racial u just need gather and craft ur item, TE ,ToF and others that take time cause u need alot of material, gems should keep the same cause they are expensive and making that will just increase the priority of players making gem instead of other racial cause will be easy, doing that will totally decrease the price from gems, cause ur time wont be considered on cost. @Tuti stop being lazy bro , that MMORPG have multiply repetitive stuff.
  2. @Tuti For fame items , its nothing 9 or 12k u can easly do this , just give sometime and u can easly finish all in 3 hours
  3. But u pushined 60% of active players that was leveling classes and having fun with this, i'm not talking about bots, i know have some, Like ZetaSet from my guild which i've reported to Herakles. For gold ok ,that tottaly abusive if u see those many bots farming , but for CP u literaly put from 158m Exp to 38m , 1 mob from DSR is higher than this one, also after lv 115 CP was hard to get then we needed to do runs cause was better. But imagine having a game with 61 classes that u need to level up 60 and when we got good way to level up which don't kill ur body like running 9-10 hours per day, and get nerfed. Running aways was painful , i know its private server and we have extra EXP compareted to all other servers, but this nerf literally made the map useless and u made content that wont be used, only for players to level up classes till lv 80or 90 , cause is hard to get cp anyway. But we can accept and back to runs.
  4. I don't know if that was supposted to happen, but new trophys don't work with upgraded versions, like they don't activate with each other , i've tested one (Def and Physcal resist reduction), if they was supposted to activate together pls fix, if they don't, add ''Note'' saying that , ppl will spend money on enchants without necessary, because is the basic thing from EE , things that have diferent names activate with each other. Mindweaver skill having problem, skill base is 10% def , KP say : ''will be 20%'' but with KP say 30% reduction with 2 stacks, change description fix KP. This not about patch v60 but would like to see Mori Mori lv 6 with same % as lv 90 and 70-S, mecha got rebalance , but doesn't changed that much, still OP and over powered. removing armor every 3 sec make the class super countered. Around Treglar (2nd new map boss world) have some collision problems, which make boss reset sometimes, also make mobs run around when we summon them hitting boss, would be good if it get fix. Suggestion Those new maps have such of good fame system which i need to clap to you Jordan, but sadly i've saw some suspect ppl using macro, but answer most of times (Have contacted GS incase of no answer), i've an idea for that, crease a system which give fatigue , when u keep on these new maps , he HP start to reduce , making 1h farm u get full fatigue and give u the same status as players that don't answer macro correcly, reducing their stats for 10 min, make players go to aven and talk with NPC to remove this status, make sure other maps don't have it like having that on DSR or inside dungeons / trials will be super annoying, Also make sure this buff don't end if you dying or you relog, if u get offline buff don't keep running. This have in another game that i play and make players take a break from long time farming on maps like Desert (Hot) or Glacial (Cold), we use that to time our farm time and have break. Another Suggestion is Add 18 ccm and 1 golden alpaca coin by item deliver on all items from new maps. Make new mob items stack till 9999 if possible. Thats all for now. Thank you very much for amazing patch.
  5. I know many people was waiting for this patch, which other classes you guys would like to see rework or minor change?
  6. send ticket and a proof that u have done ur greatsword before
  7. being on debuff bar maybe isn't a misstake, cause doesn't matter , just make people unable to remove it when atacking like 110T WB buffs
  8. that maybe happens cause u need to complete mainline quest which is impossible now. After fixing quest problem, you will be able to do it. Thanks Jordan for the amazing patch, i know most of ppl will cry about the new pets but that will always happen, good job to you and VGN staff that helped alot as i know.
  9. With that u can easy run using Ultimate Beast trophy and Sam as Totem Master.
  10. they aren't p dps, Sage P DPS isn't worth , better use as tank support, for Holy Sage is M rate obviously cause is healer class. Angel Of Justice don't need passive i've 95% Crit rate with full buffs without pots , so doesn't matter changing or not.
  11. its a battle map, mobs don't have that much HP u can easy kill in 10 sec if have gears, for new players i suggest gearing Riffliter , u can easy kill it and use the same gear as classes that u will use on DNG for Gold Farming Like Blade Acrobat, Temple Knight lv80 gears +10 with basic Resist gems(Nature For Worms), using Ultimate Beast and Sam Trophy that u got at lv 80 doing Vendetta Reward Quest. Vendetta rings will be enough for now, but u can exange capes,rings and neck from Dimension Of Souls, they are so helpful, as weapon u can just do Shaxia Fae Fields and get any lv 80, those weapons goes to +14 for free without stones, same for all items lv80 below. Try to make lv30 resistence archivments (Cloth Armor) its 3 points of resist already help alot, you also can find a guild for helping you , getting lv 95 sets and weapons for self improvment when farming. If you have friends tell them to use totem master with u, they can use Time Totem which deal 4% hp as DoT and Grace Totem which heals and reduce dmg recived.