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  1. infecttado


    In ur bag have a item called "Sage King Relic" use that near the npc x157 y341 (aven location)
  2. infecttado

    Sublime Safety Stones

    ok thanks anyway.
  3. infecttado

    Acquiring Fame on Higher LV Maps and other Suggestion

    use . after upload right click on image and copy the location, paste the link here and done.
  4. infecttado

    Sublime Safety Stones

    Hello! Any posibility of adding Sublime Safety Stones (Crystal altar and Gem altar) every 1st main from the month? when the rank resets, only for 1 or 2 days.
  5. infecttado

    Acquiring Fame on Higher LV Maps and other Suggestion

    reupload the images pls
  6. infecttado

    Altar/Mystery Box Suggestion

    Rose Eye Patch (Legendary) - Crystal Altar. Green Flame Tiger (Prime) - Gem Altar.
  7. infecttado

    Item Suggestion

  8. infecttado

    Patch v43 TW's New Structure; MT vs Garden

    Kuhaku is brazilian and this guild died 3 times along the time this serve is open.
  9. infecttado

    Patch v43 TW's New Structure; MT vs Garden

    I dont to win, i was on my own guild. And about paying ppl to kill me i was on normal class tw. Idc about 700g,idc about ranks or anything else, i just join on MT because brazilian guilds ever die and here have the highest amount of active BRs.
  10. infecttado

    Patch v43 TW's New Structure; MT vs Garden

    Garden can make 2 party cuz they can put 20 on gvg, Kuhaku have 1 party of good players geared and some a half geared, Kiana have alot of geared ppl , they can go with 15 on tw. that's near 4 party. They are going with less ppl now cuz many of them prefer easy win, like MS when u can 1 shot cristals at last 5 sec. Sometimes MoneyTeam can only put 1 party and vs 2 party, tw from 01/28/19 was exacly like that.
  11. infecttado

    Change System Guilds

    Territory war from yesterday (01/24/19) is a proof of numbers don't matters, money team was with nearly 15 and SoulBreaker with few members (less than 10) vs Kiana,Garden and Kuhaku (all together is nearly 40) and lose. The real problem from pvp is ppl trying to fight without be ready to do it, not only about gears or level, but strategy and good leader. Try to limit guild members in a tw or gvg will only nerf the guilds whos need a new organization.
  12. infecttado

    Item Suggestion

    Hello! i've ask to Jordan about a old topic of item suggestion and he told me to suggest here. i'll leave here some of my old suggestion what i keep waiting for. Black Flame Tiger (Legendary) Mount/Pet UnHoly Ares' Winged Artillery Gun (Legerndary) (Like UnHoly Aurora Lance) All Flame Tigers as Pets All Helios Zeidra as Pets
  13. infecttado

    Item Suggestion topic

    @Jordan this topic still up ?
  14. infecttado

    Suggestion patch V44 or V45

    After tw from 01/21/19 i have noticed this is useless, i was watching my video and don't need that.