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  1. i know, that's why i said ''real solution''. nah i real like jordan solutions for stuff, but the fact hes not acception 1-2 doesn't mean his work is nothing, in 5 years he did nice deal (expect for Dragonside Sanctuary :'D , hate this dungeon). Sadly some did, but this happend to awaken too, was SUPER popullated and sometimes wasn't. Anyway i'll wait for future changes, if they don't change i'll keep playing and using my own ways to farm stuff and get geared.
  2. That's sounds ok, cause we have one way to farm on Awaken Server, 75 Trials gives around 40-45 EC daily per char, i do in 3-4 when have good altars, but before on aeria we haven't a way to farm this. Real solution on top of this turn popular stones and bring their money with costumes and cosmetic stuff as they always did, but that's not possible cause they always say gonna be like awaken which have x2 halcyon or on special events some x2 sublimes. On awaken we have ez ways to farm stones and we can get them easly farming money too. Why not try same altar rates but for Viridian/Ultramarine/Coral Lucky Safety Stones if they are x1 on altar we still need around x150 of each to fortify full gear (i mean for coral and 50-60 for ultramarines). Will be enought? right? just try , topics like this will disapear from forums. @Bash @Jordan i understand Awaken Server is so easy we can put full set +14 in 40 min without spend any money, but on classic we can't do +6 in 1 day without spend as minimum 10$ (which is nothing for USA players) @Matt you should know how much is 50$ for ppl that don't live in USA. We wanted classic server which should means classic content (Normal Classes, Funny PvE, Diversity of classes)but not like NotAura too which gave everything free. I know now Classic is the most popullated cause COVID but after this alot of players will quit cause no time to farm 18h a day. @naru don't get VGN answers as ofense if u feel it as attack just wait a minute before answer, they have their reasons to be that ''agressive''.(has being like that in the last 2 years, since ppl come to forum to attack and say bullshit, i was one of those) Wish we can bring back good memories and keep this server up for long time. Also why not wait until all plans from vgn? they can't turn everything in 1 maint cause if they do bad decision can be the end of this server.
  3. i'm too late on this post, but Placeble skills should be changed during 70 cap as it was on aeria if i'm not wrong, but its better for DD running, cause u can control it better. For pvp is totally worse cause you can evade 100% of samurai skills now.
  4. New players i suggest follow the quest with server rates u will get easly at lv115.
  5. Not possible at all bro, price increasing alot, when you guys made viridian changes i get hyped to play but corals goes from 600 to 1k now and ppl put some on AH for 1,3k. Literaly i don't care about this cause we still have 1 month for new weapons so this will give time to farm gold for 300-400 stones , but by the fact, ppl will never get satisfied cause they always want to be ULTIMATE FULLY UNSTOPPABLE geared for beating pvp. (300-400 stones isn't 100% chance of full +10 but we can't do too much) That's why they complain about Ultra,coral and will be the same about Citrine,Amethys,Rose, Power Scrolls, Guard Scrolls and Future reset scrolls if they come. My tip to all players, chill down, wait few months, ppl will quit and will have more items than server needs, that's happening since i saw Charms Lv2 for 100g and Auric for 200g. Still the most poppulated server so amount of items in the server don't sustain. @Bash and @Jordan Good deal with viridian and i apologize about this but you guys gotta get blamed since they wont get everything they want, i don't agree with server rates too but we can't do anything instead of farm 18h/day. People will see this price as exemple, same as you bought Boxes for 1,5k and Mehzu too, now no one wants to sell lower than 1k. (Not blaming you, if you want can pay 20k on each and will be the same)
  6. Isn't 4% on official version? thought u has changed it on awaken
  7. If you die in 2 shots raising the hp to 1/3 of your actual hp just take 1 more skill, HP doesnt make you survive, DMG reduction and resistence does. At 65 cap Illu will do that easly on 70 doesnt cause have sage certificate. (20% of m dmg recived reduction)
  8. Diamond altars come 2-3 times a year on awaken, it can be diferent on Classic but i'm not sure. GM's never tell when comming back but they will say sometime
  9. @Jordan its possible add new option which make ppl unable to check our gears?
  10. infecttado

    PvP Idea

    as said alreadt tried. which is impossible, cause active pvp guild cares about attack people instead of play the game, in those 5 years i've been playing saw all my friends quitting and never comming back to the awaken server cause some players, not talking about toxic , but about harassment, they got scary to expose themselves and didn't reported as i've recomended. Only solution is play the PvE as much as u can and have fun with ppl that want to be with you, just try to get fun.
  11. But for exemple, some ppl will use it on thief which already have huge Move Speed reduction when invi (Which makes no sense, cause other classes always had invi and doesn't have move speed reduction, and i know isn't VGN fault) this change can help a litte on move speed problem, as we know high move speed is totally necessary. Just saying, was supposted to be classic with classic stuff, but isn't 100% anymore then good deal using that as exemple.
  12. Excellent Change! UP!
  13. On awaken it has been respected by most comunity, idk about new players comming to VGN , but that totally work . Also VGN has Alternate Areas which can help alot when super popullated. Nice idea!!
  14. that cause alot of lag , as i remember on Boss Summon Event it made server lag for 1-2 min, but isn't problematic without it, cause we can control it.