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  1. was sacarstic. !OLD ED , too much OP, new ED ballanced! and for others idk u know what to do my boy, i know how mimic was annoying and u did nice creating high dot classes to prevent it, same for making shielder more utility than just stand still with debuff items and others. also why unfun? fights vs conjurer are unfun, locking people and doing no dmg is funny
  2. isn't like impossible to fight against, but if AE enemy get free time and decent position, easly 2 skills one person, sometimes i get high dmg. i don't use 1x1 fights vs my guildies as exemple cause 1x1 is diferent from party fight so far. I'm not main ae but Mozzarela, Locsta and Losque are most insane ones that's i've fight against, they could give a better vision of it. during this week try to that , i'll try to bring my boys inside and u can see it, hope Mozza use it to clarify how op its.
  3. cool perfect atk spd has cap so i don't think will be usefull. never for hammer wow this would be super good PLEASE? We've deal boy! this would make me play ED FOOOOOOR SURE, i remember when i played this was SOOOOOO GOOD! humm this, u gimme chills saying that :3
  4. I agree AE is OP as hell. And making other person use same item as enemy isn't balancing, jordan works hard on classes and game content to be balanced, he lose hand on some stuff but get fixed time by time, this will happen to AE when all others classes get excluded from party and added new AE. Disarm kills all his work with classes cause doesn't matter hows OP is this class, Disarm still removing this class utility from party. I don't mind if this proc exist but why need to be so OP that's the point, can't be removed, no immunity and proc when its up already, game have ALOT of cc , why have priority one and major trophy which cancel fully all meele weapons classes.
  5. Okay but above effects have immunity making it not "broken", and for party system pvp those can be removed and disarm cant be, the effect disarm isnt my problem, but how disarm have been apllied to eden is, having debuff with high % chance proc, not removable , with possiblity of actvate when is already up and not afected by immunity is problematic. For others cc's we have a basic counter for disarm we have just death, even running prevent us since it will proc again when fight restart.
  6. Yes AE is dealing too much dmg but kne item being full counter of many other classes make it bad, like mecha doesnt get affected cause is ranged weapon and AE burst mecha dmg. If like its 5% when attack and proc if already is active , it doesnt get down when reaver focus the target, tbh now only solution tonparty is use ae as debuff and insert 4-5 mechas cause other classes doesnt deal dmg. About immunity , sadly it doest have , so we get stucked on this debuff.
  7. Bro u can argue, u're our GM and i've played VS u alot so i know u've base experience, and GM Vision about it would be nice. I agree axe moss and chino during old cap is really nice but now i keep half of TW with this activated, i loved it when i saw but last 2 TW's i've tried without too much lag , took me into disarm for 5 min one and 12 min on yesterday one. I played as healer too and i was self healing my main DPS , literaly all time it was on, we just won fight when was suprise element. but you can argue here don't worry ❤️
  8. Hi guys would like to ask ur opnion about all kind of game disarm (except class ones if any does have) What do you guys think about Axe moss and Crime Badge thing, i've recorded last days and one of my videos have almost 12 min with disarm up. Isn't removable, proc even its up and doesn't have immunity. Having an immunity to most CC give us time to turn back and have chance of fighting. Knock up for exemple is one of our exclusive CC on VGN server, works perfecly and its nice how DS do that, but isn't all time we get it, same for all other Control skills. Actual AE is super OP and easy to play , i agree i get kinda hurt when someone playing that just because it overburst himself, but its class we ok with that since AE have been dead for some time and variety is necessary. Is disarm fair against class reworks? or even new status release like PvE dmg delt or PvP dmg delt? Tell me what you guys think about i'll be happy if many ppl leave their opinion here! Ty for attention bbys, have nice day.
  9. Setting up 1 guild to 1 guild is kinda boring since ppl doesn't show up, everyday. Jordan did it before and ended losing 19 players to other games since they haven't won once during 3 weeks. GA and GvG is much more capping than killing so we can expect ppl don't talk about these pvp. I like idea of having guild set, like this i can always apply to it without losing my buffs. Tip for u guys bring back pvp, gear up other players from ur guild, Garden have been working on it and look to their members have alot of gear and they are nice players. I watched players that do pvp, and some of them doesn't even have Lv120 or Lv110 stuff (Not for all server players). I don't think indigo have power to fight against garden but i'll be happy see u guys changing my mind!
  10. update windows defender, when its not up to date its normal ur game get this erro. If this doesn't work idk what u can do. All times i got this was this reason.
  11. @Jordan Hie buddy. Could you provide me PoD visual changes for making discord guide? some friends that came from Aeria doesn't paid too much attention to changes and i've some tricks for gold farm on it. If you can ofc.
  12. 1 more to update queue?
  13. i'm bard so yes i do abuse it. Also if everyone has acess why not abuse? I use Lv75 one cause i've it ready for NCTW? why should i hold both on my bag? IDK if u know maybe proc rate from cast is lower, attacking this guitar proc easly.
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