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  1. After Anniversary/Halloween event patch we can see alot of new players comming to the server, would be good if change GoP crafting materials as tradable, many of us already done it and take long time for most of then finish gop stuff, many guilds doesn't help and some help, but party are limited.
  2. Round Moonblade (Diferent Colors) Mecha Dragon Punch (Diferent Colors) Glass Wing Staff (Diferent Colors)
  3. Round Moonblade (Legendary) Altar Mecha Dragon Punch (Legendary) Altar or Box (Black/red version) ✔️11/21/19 Thunderbolt Stallion (Legendary) Altar
  4. In this time i've spend on Vendetta (3 years and a half) i've fused many pets like 50-60 4 stars, only one got the 3rd skill by fusing, so its too much low. About Vicinity 3 its the same i got it 2 times only.
  5. Tyr pet - Box ✔️11/08/19
  6. @Jordan also add Samara version to game contents, its blue skin , idk if that's possible but would be good.
  7. Glass Wing Staff (legendary) Altar ✔️11/05/19
  8. infecttado


    Have tested then and didnt change.
  9. i think u said that cause some classes like Blade Acrobat miss the + range bonus when using 95 weapon, but to ballance it we use trophy from ''Venom'' (World Boss from Whispering Woods). Also some classes still have good utility with 95 weapons, like DT,BA,Executioner. but we need to use 100 or 110 weaps on hard pve stuff or pvp.
  10. as i've tested with full set + trophy + loot drop charms + pod thief + pod goddes blessing , don't increase the amount of items u get , is so similar , but increase rare items drop. Exemple:Dragon Soul (Blue Crystal from Dragonside Ridge) it drops alot when using full stuff, but other items drop as normal. But i'm not sure if increase or not the amount cause is so random, its hard to do same dng and drops same mount of items or same items.
  11. buffing rates don't help alot cause i've did more than 250 expedition and never get Quetzal mount. i really want by coins cause i'm so tired of doing this dng just for that, if u increase will be like other mounts i'll do 1000 times and see ppl getting it xD. i'm 100% unlucky to get exclusive items.
  12. Hi. Im here to talk about exclusive mount from Temple Knight , i know some people dont know but opening TK boxes u have a little chance to get Temple Pegasus, i've been spaming tk for like months and didnt get it yet, idk of has been removed but me and my firends didnt get it yet, so my suggestion is Add Temple Pegasus to TK shop, i think 500 coins is enough for it. -Thank You
  13. infecttado


    u mean when we use specific item reduce normal drops from dng? that's totally incommom, need to test it with exacly circunstance many times, long time ago 2016 to be exacly we had drop bug which specific channels lose server rates, same for exp. for too long it doesn't happens, isn't impossible, but maybe u was on a channel with that bug, idk if still happening , only jordan can answer you.
  14. infecttado


    i've prove that by myself today 7 THundor boxes 1 trophy 4 capes 2 rings. @Kyurem u should try many times , Formula Boxes having good price now. If u mean when we finish DS never comes its ok i never get it too, cause i always get Dragon side material box x2 and Nasci Formula box.