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  1. I read next Year 09.2019. Gonna take a look Edit: Its the 28.01.2019. But they say that they gonna focus on the NosTale Version in EU
  2. I leveled in 6.2 Ancelloan 5 solo with Wk and Hb/Cb/Morale buffs It took me, if i remember right, something like 15-20H -+ some deaths My Wk was skilled 60/0/80/60 First lure->down, Ivy and boomerang Throw. Seconde lure->forest power and the rest of the skills They are 2-3 hits. If you want to Level fast use Blessing,Tarot star and Exp potion. And if you have that Gold, a Venus with S Buff [20% more Exp] but idk if it works for Champion exp but i think it should. I hope i can help a bit. Good Luck!
  3. Where is Death Warrior? If its the Lander-> he drops only the PvP Shit.