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  1. Remember to ask Jordan and Vivi periodically if they are not thinking about closing their games ... the same thing as the Nostale will not happen ... be careful
  2. If you were an admin and you said that ... I would leave it here ... and it's over ... for having had the guts
  3. This is ridiculous, this seems like a joke ... the Nostale GS send you to play another game and do not want to show your face or explain anything ... that lack of seriousness
  4. Not my friend, forget about Nostale as if nothing had happened and accept what they want to give you that those 2 games are ... what you want to them they don't care about, you don't see that the only thing they tell you is to play the games other games ... what a blatant
  5. Show a little seriousness and explain why they really close the game ... because (Personal Problems) It doesn't seem enough to me to understand the reason for this ... and maybe if they explain it, I and maybe other people would stay to play EE or SB ... but give a reason that makes sense
  6. It is possible that any other GM wakes up one morning and without prior notice close EE or SB ... since they take it so lightly
  7. Yes it is likely, but everything is based on trust ... and the little professionalism they showed when closing the server that way ... does not inspire time or money to invest. I already see VGN dangerous. I was in games that closed and it seems to me that if they knew how to handle the situation, they even opened again and returned to play, but here the confidence was lost
  8. If this happened with Nostale, expect the same from the other games ladies and gentlemen
  9. I do not recommend anyone to trust to invest their time or money, in any of the other games ... see how much you can trust your responsibility
  10. I cannot go into great details about what is going on as I like to keep my life private. I thought I could just continue as normal but to be honest I am kidding myself. I have been working solid on a new patch for a while now so this hasn't came without great thought.
  11. Impossible, they can't be that irresponsible