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  1. But DE has less debuff than PU ☹️
  2. I agree with ita give DE more debuff 😂 -3200 void, -2600 eva, -2000 ch eva. Btw you missed DEF calculation its not straight up 600 - 320, while total def is the sum of every def on your gears, Defense piercing is calculated same as void piercing its 100 = 1%
  3. I trust Vivi will be able to fix that easy 🤣
  4. Sounds like a shady business, I'll notify one of your GS if something bad happens, might be a good way to test stuffs and see what happens in the name of science!
  5. I checked my toons 29,39,49,59 the negative exp it works like a level cap lock, Is it okay if I let it that way?
  6. Put 90% reflect on chakra shield please 🤔
  7. It wont trigger if youre in the same faction even if you die using Dots during duels dont worry about it too much.
  8. Maybe your fade is too low.
  9. Yah, you might need to start adjusting from level 1 and work your way up to 65.
  10. Depending on the layout table, it wont be neccessary or it might cause more harm, It is much more easier to just increase exp given by specific type of monster than going all the trouble re adjusting the exp table.
  11. Thats the main reason youre getting 5.1 is because youre adding boosters and the server rate instead of multiplying the original exp first with the server rate, what I mean is parameters sorry about that, lets say plant gives 5m exp and kamora gives 20m exp originally, giving them a global increase of 500% would also affect monsters in lower cap, if just change kamora parameters and give it 100m exp instead of setting a global one it would fix the issue of lower levels having larger exp than neccessary. serverExperience = (baseExperience*serverRate); totalExperience = serverExperience+(serverExperience*expBoosters); Having a seperate variable holding the server based experience is much better rather than clumping it together in one go, it might result in bugs, because those params might be carried over and applied in unexpected way.
  12. totalExperience = ((baseExperience*serverRate)*expBoosters); I think the main problem was the system identifies the global rate which is the 500% the same as the variable that is handling every experience boosters which is additive and in fact is correct algorithm wise, if true, another variable should handle the global rate or much better if we can manipulate each monster algorithm so we can pick which monsters need exp changes.
  13. I dont mind removing reflect, I reseted back to my old build because reflect doesnt add anything good in team fights, Im more of a team player. The only thing I appreciate this patch for DE was the rescaling of voltage tree 😭 whoever thought of that deserves a medal. I have a mixed feeling about thr stun in armageddon but it makes the transition from arkana form to mech more smooth for me. If anything else I'd like to add a bit utility to the DE Mech so It does something rather than walk around hoping nobs will focus fire you, add a 5 sec Immobilize on Whirlwind(same as WH Mech skill) and add range and stun duration into Bladerunner making it a 20m dash with atleast 2 sec stun also adding a 4 sec immobilize on gash makes it alot better rather than that slow.
  14. The purpose of nerfing atk passive was it was deemed too OP by the player base to the point that it can kill people with 1 - 2 hit and the only arkana that can achieve 9k -11k min max damage, giving it 25% nerf on its damage mastery and buffs but also having its max level reduced by 25% so you can freely allocate points into other area giving PU much more Freedom in making a proper working build than it was before the patch. Also It's better nerf physical than completely removing it.