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  1. My god what kind of reasoning is that, not every SE is Bikini and anyone caught off gaurd can get disoriented even bikini dies if you timed it right. i made my point quite clear and logically and technically speaking it has no reason not to work.
  2. There is no in between they can take both worlds they are often overlooked and they are pretty decent, I might change class to CB so i can take datas but looking in my planned build they got everything in their toolkit. @GoddessSand fade lasts 26 seconds, what are you talking about 10 sec hidden? Yeah for most class 2 levels on fade since they dont have detect the reasoning behind getting a higher level fade is for mass pvp,10 concealment in the prescence of SE is a joke, you need to be atleast 23m far so whipper cant hook you but then again that is risky the solution is to add a few skill points on concealment passive Since SE cant get high enough ACC they will try to resort to CH ACC thats when you change gear to full CH EVA and you wont need any CC aside from the immobilize: Fade walk 20m to SE - EA - Charge - ghost walk - shadow strike - slaughter - resurgent sting = dead SE In killing ME you have 5 seconds CC and 3 skills to pit in so dont mess up you can also follow up by mech combo and invi away: Fade - EA - Charge - Ghost walk - shadow strike - cluster debuff - death blow - resurgent sting - twilight - slaughter - mech stun - mech combo - invisible away 10 sec EA Charge = .3 sanimation Ghost walk = .3 s animation Shadow strike = .6 s animation Cluster = 1.2 s animation Death blow = .6s animation 2.1s disable Resurgent . 8s animation Twilight = .8s animation, 2.8s disable Slaughter = 1.6s animation Mech transform = .2s delay Mech stun = .3s animation Mech slow = .8s animation Mech invi = .2s delay Totaling of 7.7 sec if done correctly With a 2.3s margin of error allowance 20 sec mech invi followed by 26 sec fade invi, EA CD on time for the next kill how is obsolete is that? 2900 void piercing normal 3800 uaing normal ancient 4250 void piercing using ancient jewel 2600 void on debuff, 5k CV reduc, 3.7k ch re debuff 5500 void pierce, 5k CV reduc, 3.7k ch re reduc Remember ch atk also crits so crit void are also crucial part of its damage - 5500 void, - 5k CV reduc, -3.7k ch with 6k crit rate, 6.6k with nemesis buff 10,300 crit atk, 13,500 with wiz/spy trink/ killer rings ACC 205% CH ACC 255% this is not counting ME buff Compare your targets defensive status this is not accounting your own damage calculations with max dmg passive, hypovials, kiss of fire, nem buff, and max gear +12 if you survive that you are a certified pvp hero. On the hands of a pvp hero this class is a serial killer, mindset is only what seperates the best from the rest. This is not about me preventing SW to get kill but this is me allowing other class to have a chance specially SE when pitted againts SW since SE should be the hard counter for SW not the other way around.
  3. Again this a problem with the skill build allocation, people obssesing in getting everything good and wanting to max certain things its normal to have corresponding repercussion like if DE got max def passive and hp passive, max iron skin, max chakshield, max p*ssycat it will suffer alot on offense even with max frenzy, likewise an SW with all max offensive skill and passive will have to sacrifice a thing in your case you chose to disregard fade, You cannot get everything, i dont see anything unusual about it.
  4. Im sure youre not that bad sand, you wont use and walk on EA before diving you will close in the gap and use shadow strike followed by a cc or you will close in the gap good enough for your dash and buff EA before engaging. Fade cycles to prevent an unkillable SW by going invi while waiting for the buff to CD it is only a small time frame to be vulnerable, treat fade like DE iron skin you dont need to be perma invis to be effective. Max Fade has 32 concealment and a max innersight is 55 that would give you a gap of 23 meters which is more than enough to close in and eliminate the threat and its up to the player to min max sight and detect which is pretty balanced, but while SE can detect you in 20+ meters an SE cannot do a thing while you can burst an unprepared SE with insane acc buff and debuff, assasin uses element of surprise not walk around picking a target and be done with it, but yeah i get your points it all boils down to the player many variables are at play and im only considering good players that knows pvp well, and you dont go around chasing people in their bikes.
  5. High tier pvp tends to be just a battle of numbers it is why its so delicate to touch things and the more reason to worry about a class having too much utility is that it can outdone other classes effort without going through the same process the very meaning of inequality. As a medic you are not supposed to not heal a SW because they tend to dive too deep in the enemy territory, the only viable time you are suppose to heal them is if they are close or you have no one elses to support. SW are not supposed to be seen all the times, the only viable window time they should be seen is the moment they are about unleash their fangs at their prey and they have to do it fast 10 sec would be ideal the longest time frame. Every class that is not tank suffers the same fate as SW in mass pvp they tend to die very fast if caught. For tanks the best example of useless would be a fully defensive DE the very reason is because unlike their other tank counterpart DE dont have the CC and damage(if you go your build) to be effective in this meta, no good pvpers will take you seriously because you cant cause serious damage and cannot be damaged, only noobs will get intimidated with 60k+ hp. I already stated my reasoning and it's very redundant to address them every time and this is only my opinion even a small changes in stats is enough to tilt the balance.
  6. Lets just say i took the time and committed myself in building my toons, and as you stated a properly built tanks can easily survive SW so i dont see anything OP about it, I dont hate SW, I like every class equally its just SW buffs and debuffs gives too much. Its ridiculous to have a class who indulge itself in a full crit atk build without worrying anything about acc and ch acc while the other DPS class needs to commit to having 2 sets: a tank set and an offense set that has 2 - 3 different weapons, gloves and bangles, a crit atk weapon with void piercing mainly anti tank, and a weapon that has full ch acc in it and 2 different set of offensive accesories just to stall you a bit and sacrificing too much dps just to adjust. If you factored out the total crit atk, ch atk, void pierce every dps class will have 148 - 150% acc and 200 - 210% ch acc it feels even but if an SE, PU is up againts and SE, SW it will need to build another weapon that will allow them to hit the class so they need to sacrifice alot of crit-atk, crit-rate and slap acc/ch-acc jewels and can barely hit 175 acc while SW doesnt need to change gears and can hit 200% acc, thats not all SE, PU needs to change to tank set and being a non-tank class they normally have low to low mediun CV and Void, having that 5k CV debuffs is like removing their crit void random and jewels 2200 cv from randoms and 2880 from jewels = 5080 CV, While SE dont even build CV and i can only estimate that with precision it can mitigate the CE too but i dont wanna expand because im sounding like SW hater. To make it short other dps class needs twice as much effort but the magnitude of their effort dont even compare on the SW efficiency with buffs
  7. Im speaking in general and I can tank SW quite easily and I can even kill one, I even know those people youre talking about im addressing the matter in a technical manner and obviously any mmo has some rough strategy guidelines, stop directing the hate towards me because I am bringing to light on some things that might need future changes and just happens to be your main class I am play testing every class atm, and if i find anything i keep posting it here to help the community being salty wont help, were all trying are best to keep the game alive im sorry if i offended you in some way.
  8. A single handed -50% cv thats with 26% void debuff and 37% ch re debuff tell me thats not OP. Anything can be killed with that even tanks, and you can wait on your invis while youre waiting for other class buffs to wear down, or catch them by surprise you can even runaway easily if your rota fails. While other players commit to countering it you can build straight forward with ease because the current meta gave you everything you need. Absurd ACC and CH acc to Hit, Absurd debuff to kill, 3 Invis, 2 Eva buff and 1 ch eva buff , while we need 3 diff sets of weapon gloves and bangles just to adjust, if that isnt commitment i dont know what it is. Stop turning a blind eye on it, SW are built to be stealthy and it will always have the preemptive strike. It's not like were taking away the debuff all im saying is tone it down to a reasonable percentage, even without CV debuff SE, PU and CB and even DE can kill ME i dont see the reason why SW cant. SE can go as high as 16k yeah thats with buff, 200+ acc will hit SE unbuffed with hook all the time the issue isnt about WH having low acc/ch acc its just SW can hit ceiling eva and ch eva and SE can hit mid high eva, every class suffers from low ACC DE, PU, CB, SE and most of the class has lower acc buff that can go as high as 30% while SW has acc buff which is 50% thats even better than ME, even better than the best support class buff. its even funny pointing out PU riding bikes while everyone can do the same and making it looks like SW is the only one thats fragile, To me its really imbalance. I dunno if i will be heard but when this patch happen revise each class that will encourage players to build 5 man strats and start covering each classes flaw, encourage teamwork instead of making each of the class better and stronger.
  9. And also the CH ACC and ACC on the WH pull please remove that.
  10. Im speaking assuming both parties are properly geared, with proper skill build too, hex is a mediocre debuff, its evasion debuff is low to counter SW even popping miss misery is enough to mitigate that -17% and afaik when SW engages SE it buffs both EA and Miss misery for the 55% ACC but miss misery has 37 eva buff on top of the 90% eva buff EA gives, but i dont have issue on eva buffs the only thing im concerned is that -50 CV debuff and +55 ACC Buff its even better than ME buff and for all we know ME class is the hard support of SB. That +55 ACC buff alone is enough to mitigate skirting disater's eva and afaik an unbuff SE is a dead SE
  11. -50 cv, -37 ch re not counting the other negatives is a bit too much for a debuff any class that has less than 5k cv will be food, specially classes that rely on eva since SW has an absurd ACC buff of 55% they will never miss if geared right, its almost as if SW counters SE instead of the other way around, even if SE detects SW it hardly can hit nor cc, i suggest to nerf the CV debuff down to 25% and the CH re to 30%, its ACC buff to 30% to give SE a chance to do its job, since SW can cycle through its invisibility and EA. WH dont need massive nerf just adjust the number of people it can affect, and the damage scaling since they can virtually lock anybody, the hook range to 20m. DE dont need more damage frenzy is more than enough its just its unusable in large scale pvp -8k ch re with -4500 void when using an offensive gear it will bring your ch re to a negative 3k and the void to 2.5k - 3k any good DPS can 1 shot you with that kind of stats normally you get 2.8k void pierce top that with a debuff and in the front line your lucky to have atleast 2 debuff on you. Its tanking capabilities are top notch but you'll probably get ignored, you'll be a walking meat bag but from some reason people like to focus fire DE on NB. It needs something so people will be forced to target DE, i suggest put -65 slow for 10 sec on its AOE Mech, DE mech is sad, no utility the only cc is a 1.5 sec stun that targets 1 player. PU needs something more it cant do good againts any class the only time it shines is on mass pvp and in the current state of our server you can hardly get 3 v 3 or 5 v 5 on BG, I dont even wanna mention AK and NB coz its sad. being the main DPS class, It cant pierce tank nor hit evasive toons its sad to even to 1 v 1 on this class. I suggest to give it an ACC and CH Boost enough to hit 20% closer to unbuffed SE and SW and an extra bit damage around 5% scaling boost on each of its skill. Also the swinger animation is so slow it was ment to be a last resort fail safe that it anything gets too close, PU have some sort of defense but with that long animation have fun with it.
  12. That's sad I was already prepping for this post but yeah, I think youre right
  13. Great idea I'll do it sand 😎
  14. Beau

    Bagpack code

    People will still buy alot of AP in forms of pet and pet chips, exp booster,mystery boxes, reset skill code and grafting tools, I dont think it is too much to ask for something that is a neccesity and can potentialy increase farming efficiency specially for new players 🤔
  15. Beau

    Bagpack code

    Can you please make the 30d bagpack permanent?