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  1. Thanks for having me around, been hella 1 and a half year worth of fun.
  2. Hunt tons of SG and blessed Narak and just spam, you are bound to get to +12.
  3. Yeah lol my bad I forgot game is already been dead 🤣 yeah close it people already provided ample solutions and I think this thread has already been answered
  4. Sure, if you honestly take that flattery and embelishment straight in your head, have you actually considered that they might be just trying to be nice? 🤔 and do you really think that SB will die without you in it? Sorry but that statement is just so full of yourself it is only a matter of time before you realize it. Yes tbh I dont feel like logging in these past months there is nothing to do and no one worth pvping the quality of players has been reduced to tryhard noobs, gone are the days where I can fight happily and with excitement againts players like Tom and Kini, atm players doesnt have that skill and so does my skill starting to get rusty with no one left to practice with and no one else to beat. over the span of a year where I am actively playing, BG has always been dead and almost no one register's BG but I didnt think or the idea crossed my mind that SB will die if I stop playing or Im so important and a VIP that the server cant live without me 😏 I just literally stopped being active and didnt bitch out. No need for capslock to highlight your point to put importance in it, everyone is just a spec of dust in the entirety of SB. Things and people come and go and the world will not stop if one player decide to quit, all Im saying is:
  5. @DrApple SB will stay the same with or without you, but sure whatever floats your boat. This is possibly how other people feels about players saying they gonna quit:
  6. Make it a habit of opening resource monitor, the Network tabs shows everything that is currently consuming bytes and stuffs, and yeah normal maintenance is typical like reboot so if anything it should make your connectivity to the server a bit better.
  7. Try 7zip and look for DrDieLess Link somewhere in the forums.
  8. Check pan's vid, there is no work around except to sacrifice a bit points so you can PVE with ease, you are building a full support ME for a reason, if a DE went full tank it would be on the same boat so we need to adjust, this is the point I am trying to say. 2nd boss, if no one still teaching you, you need to kill the bugs before it reaches the boss other wise it will gain annoying buffs plus you need to kill the butcher before the boss.
  9. It's optional and is just there to mitigate the remaining 2 digits attack when you iron skin, and I actually thinking of making a post to scale it up to 150 to 250 def and 150 to 250 pvp def, cos 15 def sucks this chips probably translate to AP $$ if we raise it a bit.
  10. 17k and 20 resistances is overkill and is not sustainable probably you only have these stats on Iron skin. The only use I have for Iron skin is the added aggro it has. Bosses hits hard gravity based attached to it's auto attack and that one is hard to counter even having 9k staple gravity reduction will deal 4 digits. I know because I already tested this alot, having 10k void makes all the monster hit 1 damage except Amara gaurds, having 10k+ chakra resist will make the chakra damage null. This is all included in limeox guide and it is pretty straight forward in there, so far it is working. If you still think stuffs in there is wrong then maybe we need another stats guide.
  11. But have you tried it already? There are some stuffs you need to manually add this will make sure the card handles optimization and there tons of tweaks in there to help boost performances that might resolve your problems. You might find all of the mainstream games already listed in later versions specially in latest Graphics Cards this is because these games have data and statistics and is common in the market and also these GPU are made for these kinds of games, HOWEVER I highly doubt SB will have the same kind of special treatment same treatment with Witcher and other common games simply because SB is old and is actually considered a dead game, inshort there will be no pre configured settings for this game and you need to do it yourself. I highly suggest you go through your GPU's documentation for complete guide because I really hate giving long lectures. If you really have strong PC you will have few to zero problems with FPS but the lags and crashes due to internet connection is a different story. PS: Machines will only be capable of knowing as long as there is a set of instruction pre programmed in it, there is no automagically things that is happening, and by default everything that runs graphics will be handled by CPU + co processor which is GPU but not the tweaks and optimazation not unless you set it yourself or the devs pre configured it for you.
  12. @BesTweaveR Try reading and understand the stuffs I wrote before dismissing the stuffs and crying and calling Mom and Dad. I provided solution on your PC freezing problems plus insight on the bosses, You just came back, so your claim "My arguments is real" from those like 3 days personal experience? I'd say give it time and soak in a bit.
  13. Level gap reduces the duration of debuffs, main reason why I dont believe DPS who says but "I have full tank and medic buff" because these classes wont sit on Tank set throughout the boss fight, as long as the Tank gets the aggro these DPS will survive boss AOE. DE needs to sit on tank set to be an efficient tank during these boss fights. "BuT yEvOn yOu NoOb De CaN jUsT usE iRoN sKin iT's UnFaiR pls nErF dE" You can actually do that and just sit on DPS set as a DE but chances are you will just put more unneccesary workload at ME by having them watching your back, we learned this the hard way, when the Tank dies and the DPS and ME is left alone, the party can easily get wiped, not unless there are like 5 ME simping. Iron Skin reduces your damage by alot so I'd say tanks stay tank set and let DPS do the damage. If people are actually thinking of soloing these bosses then have fun with that 🤣
  14. 20k ch atk hits is not possible if you are running a full tank set + medic buffs these grants you total of 10k+ ch resist across the board meaning you get 100% immunity againts every ch atk maybe except for gravity that always lags 20% in resistsnces but shouldnt be an issue except Orenji's DoTs. Monster's dont have penetration debuffs so you can just pump void and ch resist to 10k and be immune. Most of these bosses has reflect tho so you need to pay attention. Freezing on bosses has been my problem in the first months they released the boss, solution: NVIDIA control panel -> Manage 3D settings -> Click program settings -> Add SB to the list -> once you are ingame go to settings and switch SB settings to rendering this enables SB to tap on your hardware hidden potential. No one likes the bosses because 90% of the stuffs is also obtainable in TT, the only thing player wants from these bosses nowadays is a chance of obtaining new lingerie.
  15. Sentinel Pro: Fast, Agile and surprisingly durable. Has detect and can counter SW with ease. Mech skills has fast CD. Loli Cons: Most skills are single target. Rely too much on mech, no damage outside mech except if you take particle skills. Item dependency is high, need ch acc and crit atk weapons, you need eva and crit eva because not every class is survivable with eva. If you dont move alot and is not comfortable with kiting you will suck. One of the classes that has least priority of healing in mass pvp. Punisher: Pro: Best damage dealer class in the game both PVE and PVP. AoE paired with gigantic damage. Can reset monster aggro using invisibility. Cocoon support for the entire party. Efficient and doesnt require 2 sets to be effective both PVE and PVP the only thing you need is pump your damage as high as possible, Drop cocoons and let your team keep you alive. 25m range. Cons: Slow Too vulnerable in PvP without pocket medics. These pro and cons probably leaning towards PU, but you might find SE more enjoyable.