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  1. Daddy don't need 2nd set because, his DE is full tank and his ME also uses tank equipments.
  2. Everyone uses second set its 2020 now. Also having like tons of HP is useless if you are squishy af, having tons of HP doesnt mean you'll automagically be tanky.
  3. Im getting new helm soon so tank will be alot tankier 😍
  4. Italy and me dueled hours ago, It took me frenzy + cybercluster + all arkana skill rotation + mech blade runner to kill his PU and has to be done perfectly with no gap because I will die if not. You guys like to play eva and complain about how squishy you are, playing EVA is black and white it has no grey zone, you get hit you die, if it miss you take 0 damage ezpz, even fighting adam's SW it took me almost the same effort in killing him.
  5. De dont have damage outside frenzy. But do whatever makes you happy🤣
  6. @Norleras make the bike arena functioning in mereholt and add traps and attacks on bike so we can all play mario cart in SB.
  7. I just want to play as buzzard slave.
  8. It is technically an insult, but I didnt say I get offended by it. Well if you cannot add anything valuable, I think that settles it. @Daddy relax this will not escalate further everything is cool.
  9. If you cant prove your point using reliable records and data, then everything you said is nonsense, since you cannot and dont have anything to add, you just resorted to insults which displays your level of IQ. Prove yourself first ingame, then back up your claim with sufficient data, videos and logical explaination or you have two choices: get good or get the fuck out.
  10. In mass pvp everything is subjected to everything and will have many variables in play means all data shifts every single time, we were discussing about damage output and the comparisson with each DPS class, comparing DPS damage vs a fully buff tank is the best way to show things are not what they think it is, even a fully buffed DE will think twice approaching a PU and the only thing that keep tanks alive in mass PVP is cleanse and heal.
  11. Seems you dont understand at all if you will make DE damage on par with other DPS you'll need to raise DE's damage even more. All damage isnt reduced across the board afaik, SE remained the same, CB got its old damage back, SW still the same with a bit boost, DE is still the same and only PU got hit hard by the nerf train. DE got boosted on CC because it was neccessary, without it even on full tank build they'll just gonna stand there useless af and hopefully some noob hit them, and you always fail to mention the large debuff on using frenzy it literally removes almost all of DE's defensive stats, and it seems youre not well informed that while PU and SW can pierce WH and DE on full tank buffs, DE cannot. Test stuffs first and dont base it on make stories. Take note all of the player featured in here dont even have complete gears and missing few stuffs chardos dont have title and v3 weapon, and the PU still missing some void pierce and crit atk jewels. PS - youre saying SW damage is cool and all while Im seeing youre getting 2 shotted by almost every SW, the only proper fight we had was the 3 v 3 between you, dreamlife and Ainart vesus me, annie and uber you guys lost because oh well...
  12. Balance is a vague term, but if your Idea of balance is to make everything stand on flatline then by all means go ahead. For years DE's DPS remained the same with no complaints or whatsoever, numerous people complained about PU's DPS and was subjected to debates and now it has been nerfed alot resulting in DE standing out because of that. Youre saying you gonna nerf DE so it will be on par with other DPS classes sounds like a buff more than a nerf to me. Now if youre confused make a side by side comparison of every DPS stats with all of their buffs, proper skill build and proper gears that alone will tell you alot. After that do a damage testing of every dps class including DE againts a fully buffed WH/DE with max defense passive, I will tell you the result, SW tear the tanks by less than half of its HP, PU can 1 rota tanks, SE non existent damage, CB non existent damage then finally DE can take 20% HP of the tank, I know the results because I've tested it. If youre making all this assumption because you always getting buttfucked by DE maybe its not DE that needs a nerf maybe it is you who needs to improve.
  13. The game doesn't need to adjust to the players, the players should adjust to the game itself. No matter how much hard you try to change stuffs nothing will change, if the problem is the player's attitude, Being selfish, greedy, Lazy, stupid, idiot, noob, asshole there is no patch that can fix it. All of the BG are designed so people will work together as a team, and those wings, unique mechs and stuffs are just incentives of a job well done, even before you enter the BG you should be aware that not all will have wings or loot expensive stuffs and people who decided to act selfish so they could get wings did it in their own volition it's not the system's fault that most of the playerbase here are rotten and cant even look at larger picture. Most of the rants in this forum are just player's shout of frustration for the things that doesnt go well their way so they need a call for change and bring something down to their level of play and they felt being ignore because their silly suggestions didnt happen when in the first place its straight up BS and will cause more problem in the long run, some will say they dont mind, its better than nothing, but when things get ugly they are the first person you see complaining here. Everyone needs to change their own mindset instead of giving more load to the administrators, game only needs constant fine tuning in classes from time to time and drop rates till it becomes comfortable and stable, no major changes needed.
  14. We will never achieve perfect balance, game is sorta balance in way that not every player is on the same caliber, so If we call for more people in pvp, it means we need 1 or two more but dont expect were fighting 5 or less people, expect were fighting more and we just need some to make the pvp not impossible to win, usually its just me and mombo and we get a few additionals from time to time againts the entiriety of the FK faction.