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  1. Im pretty sure most of the time stated here was already noted by Vivi. Yeah I agree with the 2h earlier but we would need to re adjust bonkers again since it would be 1 hr gap from NB to AK
  2. Number of people attending this timeslot is way better than the previous sched where almost no one join, I think that is the main purpose of this temporary change in time. numbers in both side is equally high with the ongoing AK.
  3. 1. Try using a restore point prior to the day you are getting the problem. 2. Depending on what OS you are running and what package, you might need to update your OS. 3. The Xigncode does not load might happen after you tried running SB over and over after failed attempts in that case see in your resource monitor if there is a remaining SB instance that is running. 4. Try installing this: https://mega.nz/#!bzZhDIaA!e1w-GPDA7lIyeF3yoCrX0FVL0GyFA0SFhVriS7hm1kE
  4. Im busy prepping for holidays havent been online for a while now, I forgot AK lmfao.
  5. That is a noble goal but the world aint all sunshine and rainbow, You'll learn that soon enough.
  6. Send a ticket if there are people harassing you, don't forget to take screenshots for proof.
  7. @Yoshua No problem, if you grew to love the game please support by donating, if you need help with anything you can message me, assuming you are RG.
  8. https://protonvpn.com/ <-- you can pay for the premium or use the free one, see how it does.
  9. This is just my own point of view, I think the decision was born from the fact that the management wishes to move the current cap forward since it was stagnating for years. The previous skill changes was made to accommodate the current max cap without actually taking into consideration future changes, the previous series of changes was not cohesive and flexible and was made to compensate the changes that players insisted to make their own classes, let's just say "enjoyable". By reverting to the original skill layout and formula, it adds fluidity in the game's skill system. we can add level
  10. All I can say is just trust the process.
  11. Free gears wont matter if people just gonna abuse guild house bug anyway. In order to fix things up you will need to patch that bug and I think most of the players will complain about it. Bugs becomes a feature if devs doesnt fix it asap and it becomes a norm in the community.
  12. I played alot againts good SW and struggled alot before I get to the point where Im currently am. The only thing I want to point out is that SW doesnt suck in any possible way and If the reset happens and SW get nerfed heavily I will be one of the first players to stand up and make a thread about it.
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