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  1. How come Normal Class tw allow everything but Lv 80 awaken sets? some fights are never ending fights since u dont have enough dps if healer is arround what's the point of having something like Lv80 awaken sets if you can't use em in a pvp like that? i bust my ass for nothing? :c
  2. It could be any way to make Legions spawn at exact. 1 hr like 13:00- 14:00 etc? i mean they random spawn in dif ch. somethimes they bugged since no one is in that map at the time, that means the legion "lead" dispawn and the group just dont move or they random despawn but 1 mob destroy crystal and they just dont spawn anymore either that's happening or i dont know how they work propperly
  3. Either gem or crystal altar, thanks πŸ™‚ βœ”οΈ10/22/19 βœ”οΈ10/29/19
  4. Is there any chance to level up Dragon's keep mob to Lv105 so we can keep getting enchant crystals for our monster stones? the same that happent with palace of dreams, ty πŸ™‚
  5. Altar by altar i keep seeing suggestions being put in altar which is hella good, the thing is every single altar has the same mounts over and over again: bunnys, husky, thunder centaur, there is never room for old mounts like idk cerberus or Razorback my suggestion for the 10th time is ormormu 😧 βœ”οΈ10/22/19 i've heard that is kinda "not posible" since its 10v10 mount, but lots of people said it has been in altar few times, if that's the case and i have no other choice i would rather like fire version βœ”οΈ10/29/19 Thanks !! πŸ˜„
  6. Ormormu mount (blue dragon) please either gem or crystal altar 😧 no one ever played 10v10 to even craft it !!! 😞 maybe im the only 1 who like that mount but please!! T_T βœ”οΈ10/22/19
  7. Hi ~ since new gear just arrived and new awaken sets / level cap will be here soon, that comes the achievement so i belive the hard archives are the lower level since most players (old school) have done them alrdy My suggestion is put full description on Lv1-2 enchants in Legion boxes and those are quite hard to get since obv. no one plays those maps, so they could be in some kind of arena shop for Honor stars or in the Eternail Coin shop that would make people with the hard achivement catch up, dont forget we still have Lv3-4-5-6-7 to get next dragons and Lv8 just came thanks for ur time if u reading ❀️
  8. we used to have like 1 crystal altar- 1 gem altar like alternate 1 new crystal altar- > few days 1 new gem altar now we have same lame gem altar for days till maint why did that change?
  9. hi, im quite new in the server, y played Aeria version, i've seen alot of party drop in wc peer, can someone explain to me how it works? raices the drop rate? u have to be in the same map? same aerea? same channel? thanks!
  10. Sorry i dont know how to upload my screens :C here is my suggestions Illusion Flame dragon on cystal altar: https://ibb.co/37HwxJK Ormormu in gem altar: https://ibb.co/N7QfKsL Toy cigarette Legendary in gem altar https://ibb.co/CnVYVVG βœ”οΈ08/15/19 the rest altar Mysterius eye patch (Leg) https://ibb.co/nDSFjgP Guerrilla (Leg) https://ibb.co/Fxt4SZm <--- y really want this βœ”οΈ08/24/19 Murasame (Legendary) https://ibb.co/WBXXQxc <--- Dream Weapondβœ”οΈ08/22/19 ink jet wings (Leg) https://ibb.co/m6xx6Kn βœ”οΈ08/17/19
  11. plenty of ways to farm CCM go 105, the other ways to get em?
  12. For someone who doesnt want to power level, its really hard to get CCM im trying to awaken 65 Weaponds with mi 1st char. some people say its a waste of time, i dont really care i just want those weps for my colection we need a easy way to collect CCM my suggestion is proly more rate in both altar, or put CCM in the 1st round, or b4 gold crystals bc its almost 80% of the time gold and not CCM i hope you guys took my suggestion and help me with my CCM problem, thanks !
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