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  1. You can use Malice Certificates and -Malice Certificates to assist with this. I will also state that using provoke resets malice so using this will actually help higher dps keep agro unless you have more malice than they do. TM is already good and I've had people test this and the only arguement against the class is just "It's not a Mecha". I think if people start utilizing the Ice Aspect of Arch-Elementalist in PvP they will likely have a TM side by side as a -Ice Stacking party could do some serious DMG. Just try it out and you'll see what I mean.
  2. This was by design. It was suppose to be a secret little easter egg sort of dungeon that was available. Obviously things in the archive and the fame chest sort of give it away but still.
  3. Not sure how any of these changes could amount to taking 3 times longer on bosses. Nore was 4 Trials ever designed to be solo content. So thats just complete over-exaggeration if I've ever seen it. I have not halfed the output damage of any class (Except the BA fix). So yeh not sure where you're getting your math from. BM KD being broken is a bug obviously not being able to get the 4 seconds KD off is a bug so how about you give me a chance to fix it first rather than shooting your mouth off? Every single change made in the patch was ultimately decided by me. I consulted people on th
  4. With the amount trophies drop at this content there isn't much point to do something like this. If it was the Trial World Bosses or something of that rarity then I would possibly consider a change like this but just normal bosses and the rate in which they drop things just kinda makes this kinda op unless u made it like 3 CCM or something. Which at that point most people would rather trash it than actually change it in the arcane box.
  5. If you patch your game with the patcher and then instead of clicking start you can try clicking run_game.bat or run_game_classic.bat in the directory of the launcher. This should bypass the issue. Note entirely sure why the patcher attaches itself to toon town.
  6. This is why the suggestion thread was opened to allow for suggestions for the altar. The Cupid Bow was last on the altar 16 weeks ago according to my files and the wedding stuff was on the altar at the weekend for Valentines. Yes we could have put more wedding stuff on this week but we thought the Cupid pets would be relevant aswell as a Cupid Bow which is love related. Head over to the suggestions thread and suggest anything thats been missed and it will be put at sometime or another as asside from weeks like this where the altars are themed we usually try to build a theme around su
  7. Although I actually agree with you. I'd probably have to go much harder on the nerfs if I was to take this route. And well I mean, I've only been online for a handful of minutes since the changes where applied and the amount of bitch fitting in peer/world chat about bug fixes (not even nerfs) is just the reason why we can't have nice things I guess. Edit: Just to add aswell I remember seeing people beat HoO bosses in seconds before the nerfs and 115 sets where released. Hence why I said I'd probebly need to nerf the classes much more.
  8. I would like to say no to this on the basis that the Cash Shop in general is just a nightmare to make changes to. I wouldn't like to say never though as it's not a pain in the ass like gear swapping is, I just wouldn't say any time soon.
  9. To me builds like this would favour a class such as Shielder or maybe Paladin. If you like tanky classes then I would recommend just playing the game first and have a feel for the game since this game classes can be tanky without being a specific tank. So you could play full damage beserker and still be tanky due to life steal and also building resistances. I'd just get a feel for the classes before selecting gear for them as being tanky on different classes requires builds that are specific for those classes.
  10. I think generally the time for making awaken sets easier (which is mostly the goal of the topic) is always good once you have new stuff to aim for but given a little time. I don't really have any sort of opposition to these suggestions. As for GOP it's been buffed far too many times now so I think that one is as good as its going to get. Since there has already been like 4 - 5 patches buffing this dungeon whether it be rates, entrance count etc etc.
  11. Just to reiterate what I said incase you took it the wrong way the complaining I did at the post was aimed more at some of the things I've seen in peer chat but thought would be relevant to bring up here. Well BA again is just a class that is kinda too good (PvE wise) and shaving a bit off it would help bring classes that can output similar amounts of damage / purpose up without having to buff them. It was also bugged on how it was dealing double damage around 90% of the time. So clearing up the bug was only natural which maybe is a bit overkill tweaking it slightly down at the same time
  12. Executioner is hardly going to miss 20% DMG with the rest of the DMG it has. It's a very fair nerf for a class that has been meta for a year and a half and potentially longer if people had actually tried it before. Yes the 20% Nerf is going to be felt but in reality its not going to make the class that much weaker in the long run. It already has double damage and a large assortment of multi-hits not to mention the amount of -Slash resistance available. Beserker again lost 10% dmg and 10% P-ATK. As you said you understand but it's completely going to fill the job it does now and honestly y
  13. Jordan

    Patch v79

    Arch-Elementalist Class Update! After some discussions where brought up over the past few weeks I decided to do some class work to bring some more life to the MDPS Arsenal. So after looking at all the classes and evaluating class activity, it was clearly obvious that this specific class has some issues that needed to be addressed. Although I've had much praise over the past few years on just how complex this class was and just how many limits of the game I must have broken to make such a class ultimately it's just too complicated for the game and although in its current state it was
  14. Jordan

    Patch v23

    We are enabling some new Mystery Boxes for you to purchase for a limited time only. These Mystery Boxes will be available till March 4th 2021! Chinese New Year Mystery Boxes! Weapons Slaughter Phantom Blade Sanguine Phantom Blade Pets Nightfall Demon Drake Ilu Phoenix Pets Dragon Pets Mounts Crimson Dragon Guardian Blue Dragon Guardian Crimson Night Dragon Guardian White Haze Dragon Guardian Golden Dragon Guardian Valentines Day Mystery Boxes Weapons Pink Bunny Scyt
  15. Jordan

    Patch v78

    Update Added several new cosmetics! Pets Wings Mounts Weapons Note: Previews located at the bottom of the thread! Added Corona's Stardust Lv65 to <Daily Reward> Mystery Boy! Added Corona's Stardust Lv100 and Corona's Heartflame Lv100 to the Week Reward Box! Note: Only newly collected boxes will have these items inside. The following mounts can now be used as a Tandem Mount! Updated the following costumes to use staff animations! Bug Fixes
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