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  1. Jordan

    Dyes ?

    Class Outfit The level ones stop at around level 30, you can get the un-level gated ones from the alpaca NPC's in each map. Costumes Get costumes these dyes are the one from the Item Mall or altar's.
  2. Jordan

    Character name

    If the character was above level 10 there is a 1-2 month waiting period as the character stays in the system till then.
  3. There is 3 games on the network so there is 3 sections on the forums. I'm sure it will be back later on but if not there is always next week.
  4. Jordan

    Patch Preview v35

    More towards 95 trials although I've been making some custom skills to spice things up and some mechanics so its not completely 95 trial like.
  5. Jordan

    Patch Preview v35

    Hey guys, I'm currently working on Patch 35 and thought to share some sneak peak images of some upcoming trials. Try to have a guess at which dungeons where used for these trials from the 2 images below. I will be posting another preview next week on this thread and looking for a release possibly the following week (Might be the week after)! Have a nice day!
  6. Jordan

    NA Possibility

    Was the VPN free, if so likely its a bad one with a lot of people using it at the same time. 50mbps or 100mbps doesn't really affect the ping. Fiber helps of course but even then its not really relevant to ping and location/routing issues. Not sure about finding out your MS although you said you may have found the IP and checked it and have very unstable ping, 150 ping on an MMO is not that bad especially for your distance from the server, 550 though is obviously a big deal so yeh not sure but un-stability like that could be a connection thing too.
  7. Jordan

    Achievement suggestion.

    Well there is going to be some newer changes upcoming that I cannot specify that will expand the game play and as my time is becoming a bit more free I will be much more available to bring out more frequent patches to keep adding to the game play. Also it will have very little impact on the game play performing changes like this as its just 1 less thing for people to do. If people wanted to play a new character then they would do it, you don't need to do all achievements just the couple that pertain to your specific class, no more than 30-40k to do these achievements which is a fair price to pay to setup a new character in my opinion. P.S I know you said you wanted it for weapons, however, I was stating which achievements I feel would be a fair compromise to add to a system like this as they take a lot of time and work to earn compared to a bit of crafting and a bit of gold. Working on it, this next patch will have gold sets then patch after we can look into possible awakens for them
  8. Jordan

    Achievement suggestion.

    I've kinda explained this is previous posts many of times but I feel like the achievement system should be limited to the character for various reasons, armors are slightly different because slowly but surely they will be phased out over the next couple of patches with new armors being added to the choice and I have some further ideas that may advance armors even further, not to mention unlike achievements which as long as you have the gold to complete them and the motivation to make a new character strong besides enchants you can pretty much do them all in the space of a couple hours. With armors you have to spends weeks endlessly grinding CCM and dungeons and trials to be able to complete them which is fine on your first character but doing it twice? Bit too annoying. Maybe for enchant achievements I might attempt something like this as that is the only one that requires more than just gold and time (and maybe world bosses? although I'm kinda against that too).
  9. Jordan

    A suggestion to make 3vs3 great again

    Makes sense, is a possible change for 80 - 100. 4. Can remove these if people would rather them not existing, although the sets aren't really a problem more the enchants are. 5. Might be a bad idea considering some people will use an alt just so the arena starts for people who want to get into arena say if only 4 people are queuing, then you have people queuing for resistance buffs so idk about afking. 6. Not possible currently, might be able to in future.
  10. Jordan

    PvP Crowd Control(CC) Rework

    The problem with working on smaller updates between bigger updates is the fact that I basically cannot be working on a big update as I can't test the smaller patch without doing around 30mins of reverting on my testing server and then everything I do has to be done twice. Once for the clients current patch and another for the bigger updates client. The game right now is in a balanced state in my opinion, yes their is always improvements but I'm hey atleast we're not aeria where you get blown up by most classes without any hope to survive and then even if you survive you always have the chance to kill yourself on reflect. That's not even mentioning that now they have a 90 day ban rules in place for anyone who plays elegant dancer and mecha in the same party because +DMG amplifiys your reflect (even though rifleteer has more reflect and simalar +damage)
  11. Jordan

    PvP Crowd Control(CC) Rework

    Like I said it doesn't matter how many times I nerf/buff classes there will always be a trend of specific classes that will be seen as a "must" and will be played by a majority of partys. Besides a couple of classes which I have noted down all other classes are in a state of being playable but at the end people want to maximize their effectiveness and if that means playing glacier knight over adjudicator then that's what will happen. The only variances in this is people who have a special liking to certain classes to the point that they will play it over all others either because they like the challenge of playing something more difficult and as GM's we shouldn't really be expected to run around 24/7 tweaking classes up and down to keep changing the meta. I can maybe agree to a degree that with recent gears and achievements that Gravity Manipulator and Glacier Knight have had a small power creep but that's just what happens with MMORPG's, some gears and advancements are better for some classes more than others. My time resources are limited and right now I'm currently waiting on Bash as mentioned in earlier replies before I can keep working on the next patch; however, I hope to be able to continue in the next week as I do want to get this patch out sometime this month. I also wanna focus on bringing back the Normal Class TW that I got flamed for removing as I will hopefully be able to spice that up to make it much more like the original days. I also have a small list of classes that I've had noted down since around December that I'd rather spend my time working on improving rather than nerfing an overplayed class. So unless something jumps out at me and is like completely off the wall broken like the bug that was discovered last week where you could pass the Arch-Elementalist shield to any class you you could use it on a class that likes being hit like mecha and have the bonus -fire resistance. I have far to many things that need to be done before I can do some tweaking again and hopefully once Bash is done I'll be able to pump a couple of nice updates out over the next few months including but not limited to new dungeons, normal class tw's, new gears, further on some awaken weapons, some bigger class changes to some of the underplayed classes, some QoL changes and also one last thing that I will not disclose until the next patch comes out as it should be part of the patch
  12. Jordan

    PvP Crowd Control(CC) Rework

    It's not constructive cause I keep having to reiterate how its just simply not possible and any "work around" you think of I'm 99% sure I've already thought or just out right knew it was impossible to do, dating back to my original reply to this query. All my responses are just reasons why it's not possible and if I say somethings impossible then 99% of the time I'm telling the truth otherwise I would at least state why I wont do something like I did with the response about the enchants. 2. Back when I played when the server numbers where much higher including back on Aeria games when channels would be full and even 50vs50 GvG's. You still have several cases of smaller scale fights so I hardly believe its much different now. 3. People aren't forced to use 2 classes, they choose to because its the best option. If you buff another class it doesn't add variance it just changes what classes people play. We're not going to act like a moba where we have to buff and nerf classes on a bi-weekly basis just to keep the class selection fresh as people pay to gear a class. There is a couple of classes I'd like to tweak in the coming weeks but not a single one of them are supports. 4. It's not really what you said but now I understand what your trying to say and my response is, sure. 5. Yes, but reiterating something I said just isn't going to work / isn't possible and trying to act like we're being ignorant isn't the way to go about creating a discussion.
  13. Jordan

    PvP Crowd Control(CC) Rework

    Not really constructive but sure. 1. You can't fake immunities to extend the duration as the immunity would automatically apply itself afterwards again creating an infinite loop of CC (excluding the 3 I mentioned, Knockup, Worm and Dance). 2. It was merely an example of smaller scale fights. 3. There's lots of options to counter CC, I was just giving an example of one way to deal with it. There is also nothing wrong with running 3 supports, they're in the game for a reason, you have 10 slots in a party, choose what ever makes you win is the point in having organized guild PvP, not my job to manage that for you. 4. Ctrl+C = Copy? Either I don't understand what your trying to say or you're missing part of the sentance. 5. I have already tried to make it a bit more clear with what I can and can't do in Fenril's post and I'd be happy for people to ask, but pushing the same thing I've already stated isn't possible isn't going to suddenly make it more possible. Like I said in my other reply the possibilities will soon be opened wider and my time is freeing up to get some good work into Eden but Patience is needed as I'm waiting on Bash to help me get somethings done. So you can expect some bigger changes coming soon along with me revamping normal classes for the patch after next with some bigger changes to make it more balanced without just running around nerfing classes (as I want to keep the core of normal classes how it is and maybe put some buffs to the un-played classes). 6. I'll consider doing some changes that might avoid this being as viable but right now in this moment it stays.
  14. Jordan

    PvP Crowd Control(CC) Rework

    There's a lot more legal complications when it comes to source and it's one thing decompiling the source but then getting their in house compiler is the next difficulty from that. Bash has been looking into alternatives to get more control but the likely matter is source will never happen. With a bit of luck there will be some more impactful changes upcoming shortly but don't think I'll have the power to change anything and everything once that comes along because it would be a work around which opens a few more doors.