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  1. How to skip client startup video

    I assumed everyone knew this already but i guess not, so the post is good for awareness of it for anyone who didn't know. Although I think the video would help people opening a lot of clients at once don't have to worry about pressing escape everytime they open it.
  2. How to skip client startup video

    you can also press the 'esc' key to skip the video.
  3. Recommended Hardware?

    It's quite hardware specific so you can't just give a rough spec list and say this and above etc. The best advice / list I could give though if you're serious enough to make your machine built for EE then simply put: Windows 7 OS graphics card drivers are card specific but if you have problems just keep back dating them till you get one that works best (as late as possible). Example: I have a 1080 and works flawlessly on the latest drivers on windows 10. I also have a r9 380 which works flawlessly on windows 7 but has huge issues on windows 10. 4-8gb of ram atleast (can run on lower but yeh good luck) processor (doesn't really matter, aslong as its good enough to run any older games, something like i3, i5, i7 am3 or ryzen). SSD / fast mechanical drive (instance based game, lots of loading screens).
  4. Battle Mounts.

    They meant them as pet like entities which would have some sort of combat function along side the player in a less broken way. The difference would be for asthetic purposes its just not worth the extra computation for the players who struggle to run the game as it is right now and yeh battle mounts in PvP just means certain classes become more advantageous and classes like PDPS just get screwed over more than they already do as its easy for classes like GM to keep to a large distance from others and combind with other things that shrink the player makes them almost impossible to target as they can move in and out of render distance easily and they're hard to click on (tabbing being pointless as they can just break the tab target). This just being one notable reason of why they're broken.
  5. Battle Mounts.

    If you read his reply which is what i was replying to, do you really think its worth adding 0% move speed battlemounts for asthetic purposes for the case of just ruining some players experiance. I wasn't even going to delve into the backlash of trying to release 0% battlemounts to the community as a large amount of people would just cry about it not being 90% and another large amount would cry about them being added to begin with. Right now unless I'm incorrect around 90%+ of the players do not want battlemounts or don't really care either way (probebly even more). This doesn't even begin to mention how I would literally have to recreated all the battlemounts as they have already been converted to normal mounts which for 0% movement speed would be a waste of our limited resource of ID's that we could use for new mounts, new gears, new dungeon bosses skills, new skills etc. Also your graphics card can be a top tier card and still crash just down to the fact of the age of the game and the lack of driver support for the game and the lack of actual developer updates from X-Legend who can account for bugs that come with the new drivers, heck this game isn't even supported by Windows 10, that alone causes about half the half decent graphics cards on the market to have issues, I have 4 different cards and 2 of the 4 have issues running this game but can run other games perfectly fine. This isn't even touching on the fact that the game engine is so outdated and the game engine version this game uses is even more outdated.
  6. Battle Mounts.

    No because you already have normal mounts and the fact is it will just make the issues mentioned in this post worse as your graphics card will have to render more polys and it will just cause more problems for 0 purpose. As I know a good majority of the community on this game run on laptops and quite frankly toasters this will literally just make their experiance more upleasent than it already is with the alpaca's and crashes or even just general frame count.
  7. Battle Mounts.

    You cannot lock them to PvE, you have 2 options you can either cast a skill on a mount or your cant. Then mounts items do not work in dungeons, i mean you could make the item a potion like item for it to work in dungeons but that still doesn't disable it in PvP, things like tower pots are hard coded which we do not have access to change that.
  8. Territory War is a very good source to gain CCM aslong as you swap classes (can leech off friends if you cant actually play the class and such). Viroona Elites, High level world bosses, and as you mentioned the dungeon grinds (notebly: Quantum (Meeryasha) and Decayed Hallow (Viroona)).
  9. Wrong animations on costumes?

    I've been trying to do this stuff for months with fixing animations with no luck (Mainly trying to bring back the original 2x 1hd weapon animations). However, from what I've gathered these are all unfixable as it stands. This may or may not change in future but I'll note it down with the 1HD animations so if I ever do solve it then I'll fix this also.
  10. Gems is a good link for information about vendetta server content.
  11. The most simple suggestion ever created.

    Or we could just leave it how it is and worry about new content? It's nothing new to have content cross overs just look at the 70 trials have level 75 world bosses.
  12. The most simple suggestion ever created.

    Would make the 95 DoD's pointless and waste of time running. The Godstones in 95 trials where not added for anything other than an extra reward towards reaching that 10 needed as it was added before the 90 dod's where given an extra 5 runs.
  13. Unarchivable Item

    Noted it down.
  14. A few random questions.

    From my experiance you would need around the 40k hp mark and having around 55 resistance or more to run ok in dos with the - damage trophies. What a lot of the better players do when using an alt is plan ahead where you are going to run, so if you're going to run in the frog area then put some ice gems in your gear to bring it to 70 while having classes like shielder level to atleast 85 for the HP class bonus. It may however be best to atleast get to 95 before beginning to run. I also recommend what goddess said about joining a guild with some high level members so they can help you get started.
  15. A few random questions.

    Yes they're very low, remember to do your achievements even if just 1-30 for the important things as they're easy stats. You also didnt show your HP in this picture which is quite an important stat at low levels so that you can survive in the 95 trials and such. If you haven't already got above level 95 you should do the mainline quests for Viroona Vale to get there as the higher level you get the less damage you take from mobs of a higher level. Some achivements to note: Shields (for block if your running mace shield). cloth/heavy for elemental and physical resistances. necklaces for cast speed (if you need it) summoning achievements for +lck.