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  1. Idk what your talking about but what I meant by my statement is you asked for me to remove the animation that occurs. That's not possible because the game will automatically pick the animation. So the only way you can speed it up is by animation canceling it.
  2. Not really sure what the patch would have to do with that but maybe might be a setting change you made after reinstalling. Try changing some of the settings up and down and see if it resolves the issue. At some point if I remember I could do this. Thank you! Thank you, Rates are similar but slightly increased on the quest items front. On the boss drops they're also similar except i removed the bullshit of where stuff like Silin M-ATK ring had less drop chance than the other two drops. Now everythings equal to the highest chance item. Not sure how the patch would effect this unless the Player Count jumps up a significant amount. But the amount we're talking about hasn't occured yet so it's likely unrelated to the patch. Could try playing a less popular channel if its related to the player count jump and see if the difference is resolved if not then might be worth checking your connection. Doesn't work like that, not even the same country. You can however get a rough estimate of your ping in Resource Monitor. However, it's not 100% accurate so I would take the information with a grain of salt. Happens every year, just have to move the camera to see them inside the tree. IDK, I asked a healer main their opinion on the set effect and they liked it, its different but personally I find its not that bad. 30% DMG reduction at the start of the fight is nice. Also all stats followed a pattern between all sets so the stats should be no lower than any of the other sets. LA is good without its DoT's. Ever since the recent buffs a couple of patches ago the class has been very successful. I felt that the DoT's are not very fun to play against so I lowered them to keep the focus of the class on its damage and abillities rather than just stacking P-ATK and DoTing someone to death. I've also told you GK will have its own nerfs / mini rework as its a much bigger job than number tweaking to make the class healthier.
  3. Any patch related feedback, suggestions or bugs can be posted here thank you!
  4. Jordan

    Patch v57

    Information Finally! Awaken Armors are here! As a disclaimer currently there is no reward for completing all the armor sets. However, this will not be a permenant thing. In the comming weeks this will change. I will promise now though, the only stat titles that will be added will be the exact same ones the old sets had so players who are new do not need to work on the old Awaken Sets to access these titles. I've also made some further advancements on the X-Legend model format which now means we can take a lot more models from Twin Saga and Aura Kingdom. We still cannot take Body Costumes as the characters skeleton's do not match so I don't think it will ever be possible and one or two models will just never work regardless of version due to certain modifications Twin Saga / Aura Kingdom has that Eden Eternal doesn't but I'd say we're at about 90-95% compatabillity at this point. To celebrate this I have imported a lot of weapon / head / special / wings costumes that where not possible before this patch. I will also be doing a follow up patch before christmas that will contain a bunch of mounts and pets that also fell under this issue (Not all but a good number that did). Feedback Thread: Main Content Awaken Armor Level 110 Note: Accessed via Caresha in Aven (X:271, Y:207). To preview the remaining sets please check the bottom of this post as all have been posted. The above is as follows: Light G-Healing, Light Cast Speed and Heavy C-Dmg. Daylight Forest Features new Weapon and Armor Gems. Note: Accessed via Roaming Hills (X:850, Y:729). World Bosses have arrived in the Dragon Trials! Note: Requires everyone inside the party to be level 115 or above! Updates All NPC Shops from Dimension of Souls onwards now sell potions up to level 90. Added Honor Stars to the Daily Login Reward Trader, Mystery Boy. Added level 100 Alpha Tools to the Heirloom boxes. Note: Does not include Fishing Rod's. Pudding Ushanka achievement reward costume can now be upgraded via the Vendetta Upgrade Stone. Applied a system upgraded that improves the quality of imported Aura Kingdom / Twin Saga Weapon Costumes. Most notable example of this is the Judgment Blade. Before After New Player Changes Gates of Pandemonium now has 5 entries per day. Balance Changes Lethal Arrow Skill "Lethal Corrosion" now only deals 10% P-ATK as DoT DMG instead of 20%. Lethal Arrow Skill "Lethal Ring of Fire" now only deals 10% P-ATK as DoT DMG instead of 30%. Lethal Arrow Skill "Lethal Ring of Fire" now always inflicts "burn" status instead of only having a 50% chance. Item "Mori Mori's Mucous" now has only a 1% chance to proc and lasts 3 seconds from 2% chance for 6 seconds. Item "Haslett's Tentacle" now has only a 1% chance to proc and lasts 3 seconds from 2% chance for 6 seconds. Item "Mori Mori's Mucous- S" now has only a 1% chance to proc and lasts 3 seconds from 2% chance for 6 seconds. Item "Haslett's Tentacle- S" now has only a 1% chance to proc and lasts 3 seconds from 2% chance for 6 seconds. Item "Holy - Haslett's Tentacle" now only has a 1% chance to proc from 2% chance. Item "Bushi's Undying Soul" now decreases Parry and Block -15% instead of by -348 pts. Note: This wasn't really a balance change but more of a bug fix as point based Parry and Block stats don't seem to work on gear effects. This should hopefully be roughly the same amount. Bug Fixes Level 100+ items can now be listed and found on the Auction House. Fixed the gathering materials location on the Auction House. Fixed the Achievement Icon's for: Cerberus (Dragon Trials) Hades (Dragon Trials) Alucard (Dragon Trials) Lucchese (Gates of Pandemonium) Fixed the debuff Icon for "Dark Stone Lv3". Fixed the debuff Icon for "Dark Stone Lv4". Executioner Skill "Helpless Hands" now gives -30% ATK SPD & CAST SPD as intended. Rifleteer Skill "Zephyr Strike" now gives -15% ATK SPD & CAST SPD as intended. Dragon Soul Class Talent "Drake Energy Safeguard" can now enter 20 points as intended. Beserker Skill "Mindweaver" now always deals Triple Hit DMG as intended. Blood Knight Skill "Demonsword" now has the correct Double Hit DMG Ratio as intended. Fixed the set bonus of Awaken Voodoo Leader (3 Piece) now gives All Resistance as intended. Fixed the set bonus of Awaken Divine Lord (r Piece) now gives All Resistance as intended. Fixed the cooldown of the War Stone Polymerizer. Text Updates Updated the Daily Login Reward Information. Fixed the description of Reality Mana Knowledge Potion. Fixed the description of Reality Club Strike Potion. Fixed the name and description of Temple Knight Trial Boss Achievements. Fixed the guild town listing of Vendetta Gem Merchant. Fixed the guild town listing of Vendetta Enchantment Merchant. Fixed the guild town listing of Vendetta Potion Merchant. Fixed the description of all Lv8 Partial Enchants. Fixed the Dialog of the Mace Blueprint Expers. Fixed Glacial Knight Skill description "Ice Blast". Fixed Annihilator Skill description "Siege Mode". Fixed Arch-Elementalist Class Talent Description "Chains of Lightning". Fixed Arch-Elementalist Class Talent Description "Flame Master". Fixed Arch-Elementalist Class Talent Description "Ice Master". Fixed Arch-Elementalist Class Talent Description "Chains of Lightning". Enjoy Everyone 😜
  5. STATUS: ONLINE The server is now coming back online. You may now log into the game again! Altars have been updated as well as mystery boxes. Preview of the mystery box items can be found in the forums as well as in the archive in-game. Thank you for your patience! ~~~~ The server will be undergoing weekly maintenance at this time. During this period, you will be unable to log onto the servers. Mystery boxes will be unavailable during this time. The boxes will remain unavailable until Maintenance is over. The Mystery box changes will be posted on the forums after maintenance is complete. During this downtime, the Crystal Altar and Gem Altar will be changed. Thank you for your patience while we complete our weekly fixes.
  6. This can be fixed, the alternative however is them floating behind the player as xlegend decided that every wing going forward is to be designed that way.
  7. Some changes are ok here, some are not so much. Just to point out though I will be doing some small changes maybe 1 or 2 from this list too for the upcoming patch. But I kinda wanna address the Glacial Knight's balance issues in its own patch to follow. Since I think theres a couple of bad elements to the class that need to be addressed before we can go around buffing classes like Adjudicator. Devil Hunter will also recieve a full rework at some point in the future and is all planned and written down. It's just me finding a time to sit down and do it rather than make content or real life commitments. I do like some of the changes suggested so I would expect a couple of them to arrive in the upcoming patch though 😀
  8. The animation thing for Arch isn't possible. I've tried this with the original design for it but the problem is if you remove the animation the game will automatically pick one by default. Also I don't really think its a great idea to change it to less stacks at the moment as the class is pretty fine how it is at the moment. As for the GM change. I'm not sure about this cause I personally would find it's better that they jump so you can click them and focus them down to get rid of the burst damagers in PvP. So it might be something thats votable on since I think it's a preferance. The rings are a feature and where changed around patch 21 or 23 along with many of the other accessories. At the time there was a large issue with parties stacking different resistance / defence proc's as back then PvP was very organised. So to help with balance this was a change that was made.
  9. This is a false flag that some anti-virus gives for having unsigned applications. As we're a private server we cannot request for our applications to be signed so the only thing we can suggest is putting the Vendetta Folder as an exception as Norleras said. The reason you're getting this was because we changed some things internally and needed to update the patcher to have the right information as if you saw from some people their patcher was giving errors upon opening at times. I can provide a Virus Total scan if you'd prefer. Quick google search on how to add an exception to Windows Defender
  10. We did not give up, I didn't notice your response since I was busy working on patch work for the game. As for the issue you linked with screenshots This issue It was addressed and upon opening your patcher.exe it should replace itself with a new one and have the issue removed. As for your other issue I can only suspect that its related to either your missing library files (C++ redistro or Direct X 9). Did you install both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of the C++ redistro and was it all versions from 2008 to 2012? If not did you manage to log on before this issues occured and changed your chat box names as spaces in chat box names can cause issues like this.
  11. The website is not a scam and you can reset your character password via a support ticket here ( The game launcher might be false flagged due to it being an unsigned application, simply add _launcher.exe, launcher.exe and patcher.exe to your Anti-Virus exceptions to avoid any false flags Windows Defender or any other Anti-Virus software might throw at it. If you have any other questions let us know thank you,
  12. I mean the file itself not just closes, like does the file disappear from your computer folder (The Eden Eternal Vendetta Folder)
  13. This error does not cause you to not be able to play the game as I too have recently been getting this error. What about the answer to this " Also after it closes does the Launcher / _Launcher disappear? "
  14. Crystal Altar and purchasing from other players from places like Auction house, Aven Booth or the World Chat.