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  1. I just feel this won't solve this problem entirely cause the rounds are quite rng so if 2 active guilds draw each other round 1 or 2 then one will lose out
  2. Jordan

    Patch v46

    Information Hey everyone, even though Patch 44 was only just over a month ago I have yet another Patch ready for you! This patch is mainly focused on some of the PvP elements of the game but I've tried my best to nail some of the major bugs the game has. I hope you enjoy this as we have put a lot of work into this, as always here is a feedback thread: Major Changes Guild Arena This is a brand-new PvP mode that has been developed by me exclusive to VGN. Based on the already popular and successful Guild vs Guild mode this mode will pit 2 Guilds against each other in a head-to-head match. Note: Although it's in full effect this mode will be classed as in a beta phase as it's only been tested on a functional level and not on a balance level. So please record some nice videos of this mode and share the link with me, so I can see how it's going and see what might need changing 😁 For more information about this game mode I have created a small introduction guide here: Normal Class Territory War Changes This mode only runs on Weekdays at the usual time (Monday - Friday). When winning a Normal Class Territory you will now take over the territory. Similar to Awaken Classes except does not grant salary bonuses and does not affect the Awaken Class Territory cap. Has no cap on how many Normal Class Territory Wars you can own. On Guild vs Guild reset (Saturday 6am Server Time), guilds will receive a week-long guild buff based on how many normal class Territorys have been owned. 1st Place: "Normal Class Masters" will grant players of the guild P-ATK, M-ATK and G-Healing +3% along with All Stats +3%. 2nd Place: "Normal Class Up-And-Comers" will grant players of the guild P-ATK, M-ATK and G-Healing +1% along with All Stats +3%. 3rd Place: "Normal Class Enthusiast" will grant players of the guild All Stats +2%. Note: Guilds with the same amount of points will both receive the same buff and the guild bellow will receive the next buff. Note: There is no cap on how many normal classes Territorys you can hold, so yes you can deny other guilds a buff by winning all 5 in a week. Normal Class Territory Wars now have their own Crystals that are back to the original state before I buffed them in the balance patch (Exactly how it was back at 80 cap). Note: This means the Normal Class crystal debuff has been removed, which will make the map run better. Awaken Class Territory War Changes No longer will reset on Maintenance Day, Instead it will reset on Monday at 6am. Note: It may reset this maintenance, but not for future maintenances. Crystals have been slightly buffed. Crystal Island: Belk has been buffed. Crystal Island: Ray's have been buffed. Guardians Valley: Riccardo and Bertrude have been slightly buffed. Guild vs Guild Changes Crystals have been slightly buffed. NPC's have been slightly buffed. Easter Event I have tried to make something new and different, so please give me feedback on this so in future events I can improve the events. The Easter Bunny "Bink" has arrived in Aven (X:298, Y:361). Daily Quest - Bun Buns Unite! You are tasked to go on an Easter Egg Hunt in Cyclone Basin, Vipers Forest, Sunset Desert and Skyreach Jungle. Daily Quest - Bun Bun Slayer! You are tasked to collect "Bunnies in a bag" from the Aven event boss "Evil Bun Bun, Easter Bunny". Added Some Easter Themed pets Note: I've added some for Crystal Altar and some for Mystery Boxes, one of the Mystery Box pets will make a one time appearance on the Crystal Altar over the weekend. The Vendetta Treasury has returned! Note: We have now added a level 115 Category! Changes Added a new "Chr" Setting that allows you to hide your damage dealt and damage recieved numbers. Note: This is to help players who like classes such as Celestial Arrow while stacking Elemental bonus hits. Reality Potions from Sky Tower and 4 trials of the Dimension now stack up to 999 instead of 100. You can now disassemble Sky Tower gems into Demon Crystals. You can now disassemble Dreadlore Lab gems into Mini Reactor. Dragonside Ridge Daily: L108. Kid Collector III (Daily) now only requires 1 Dragonside Soul Token. Dragonside Ridge Drop Table Updates: Ridgeside Scout now drops 5 Dragonside Soul and Dragonside Soul Essence. Ridgeside Fury Drake now drops 5 Dragonside Soul and Dragonside Soul Essence. Ridgeside Emerald Drake now drops 5 Dragonside Soul and Dragonside Soul Essence. Ridgeside Ice Drake now drops 5 Dragonside Soul and Dragonside Soul Essence. Venomous Dragon now drops 3 Dragonside Soul and Dragonside Soul Essence. Ridgeside Soldier now drops 3 Dragonside Soul and Dragonside Soul Essence. Ridgeside Berserker now drops 3 Dragonside Soul and Dragonside Soul Essence. Ridgeside Hunter now drops 3 Dragonside Soul and Dragonside Soul Essence. Furious Ridgeside Rex now drops 3 Dragonside Soul and Dragonside Soul Essence. Ridgeside Frosted Hunter now drops 3 Dragonside Soul and Dragonside Soul Essence. Frosted Ridgeside Rex now drops 3 Dragonside Soul and Dragonside Soul Essence. Ridgeside Flame Beast now drops 3 Dragonside Soul and Dragonside Soul Essence. Ridgeside Earthbreaker now drops 3 Dragonside Soul and Dragonside Soul Essence. Holy Ridgeside Beast now drops 3 Dragonside Soul and Dragonside Soul Essence. Holy Ridgeside Guardian now drops 3 Dragonside Soul and Dragonside Soul Essence. Halloween 2018 Quest "A Robot in need" can now be dropped. Removed Deserted Island from the Territory War Window. Bug Fixes Fixed a MAJOR bug with the new dungeons being able to be lost inside the server so NPC's didn't know where to deliver their response too and several other small interaction issues with the UI and some skills. Fixed a MAJOR bug when attacking a target under certain conditions that had a chance to cause an Alpaca Crash. Note: This will not magically fix all Alpaca issues as Alpaca is the way the game handles any crash related issue unless the issue overrides it. Note: This mainly occurred when using a dash skill on a target and mid dash they would use an invisible skill of any nature (Including Smoke Bomb). If you would like to test this bug you can still do it on every other Eden Eternal server and it has been possible since the Reawakening Patch. Fixed an issue where Captcha Code's would activate during a raid dungeon. Fixed an issue where Executioner Skill "Offense not Defense" was not giving +7% DMG when you had the class Talent "Fencing Focus". Fixed an issue where Devil Hunter skill "Viper String" was not dealing Double Hit DMG. Fixed the Dream of Destruction: Colossal Cauldron movement speed bug. Note: Yes I'm sure this time. Fixed an issue with the Flaming Crystalline Dragon Mount. Fixed an issue with the Charred Crystalline Dragon Mount. Fixed an issue with the Imperial Guardian Mount. Fixed an issue with the Moonlight Panther Mount. Fixed the Power Scroll Lv110 and Guard Scroll Lv110. Fixed the Exit Portal inside Ruins of Ages. Crystal Utopia Merchant "Kisu" now sells the correct items. Fixed the level 100 Knight Costume for Humans. The Stalwart Razorback (Legendary) can now be sold in Auction House. Fixed the following Weapon Costumes when sheathed: Text Fixes Fixed a typo with Beserker's Rebuke and its values (Both Regular and Class Talent version). Fixed the description of the Newbie Portal Stone Buff. Fixed the name of the Light Gray Headwear Color (Was Dove Gray Headwear Color). Fixed the name of the Citrus Headwear Color (Was Orange Yellow Headwear Color). Improved the Clarity of the description of all versions of the Class Temple Chest. Fixed the Buff Name of Ka'Nenellos' Molten Core. Fixed the Following Buff Descriptions: Engraved Ring Magic Engraved Ring Maxim Ring Prophetic Maxim ring Premonition Necklace Omniscience Necklace Translated Remaining Pet Skills that where missing. New PvP Schedule Have a nice day!
  3. Introduction Welcome to the new and exclusive Vendetta Gaming Network Guild Arena! Based on the Guild vs Guild Elimination mode already in the game we have designed and implemented a brand new mode that works in a similar fashion but with new elements to make it more interesting. Rules All the same rules that Guild vs Guild Elimination currently has are in affect (e.g. Capture Crystals, Tug of War like bar, First to lose all their points or whoever has the lowest points at the end loses the match). The mode is currently 30 vs 30 (Is subject to change). The mode accepts only 4 Guilds per week. These Guilds are decided at the same time as Guild vs Guild Elimination is decided (Saturday, 6am). Guilds can earn their place in Guild Arena by participating in Territory Wars (Both Normal Class and Awaken Class modes). Winning Team Gains: First Place: 6 Guild Points Second Place: 5 Guild Points Third Place: 4 Guild Points Fourth Place: 3 Guild Points Fifth Place: 2 Guild Points Sixth Place: 1 Guild Points Losing Team Gains: First Place: 5 Guild Points Second Place: 3 Guild Points Third Place: 2 Guild Points Fourth Place: 1 Guild Points Guilds will be placed in the First Round Match based on the following: The Guild with the most points will fight the Guild with the fourth most points. The Guild with the second most points will fight the Guild with the third most points. Following the First Round Match the Second Round Match will feature all 4 of the Guilds again. However, the matchup will be setup as: The 2 Winning Guilds from the First Round Match will play in the First/Second place Match. The 2 Losing Guilds from the first Round Match will play in the Third/Fourth place Match. How to Join Located on the Battlefield Window (Purple Sword on the Mini-Map). Mechanics Spawn Locations Similar to Territory War you have 1 spawn per team with 3 Portals. Red Team: Left Most Spawn (Noted as A, Coloured Red). Center Spawn (Noted as B, Coloured Red). Right Most Spawn (Noted as C, Coloured Red). Blue Team: Left Most Spawn (Noted as A, Coloured Blue). Center Spawn (Noted as B, Coloured Blue). Right Most Spawn (Noted as C, Coloured Blue). There is 5 Crystals in total. 2 Base Zone Crystals (Noted as A). This Crystal has Average HP and Average Resistances. 1 Center Zone Crystal (Noted as B). This Crystal has High HP and Hight Resistances. 2 Neutral Zone Crystals (Noted as C). This Crystal has Low HP and Low Resistances. You can collect "Army Command Crystals" on the following: Safe Zone Spawn Locations (Coloured Green): 21 Second Respawn Time, Each Spawn has a possible of 20 locations they can spawn at with only 12 being active at any given moment. Center Zone Crystals (Coloured Red): 7 Second Respawn Time, Has a possible of 10 locations they can spawn at with only 6 being active at any given moment. Neutral Zone Spawn Locations (Coloured Yellow): 14 Second Respawn Time, Has a possible of 95 locations they can spawn at with only 57 being active at any given moment. You can spend "Army Command Crystals" on the following: You can become a "Self Destruct Ninja", become invisible and trigger a bomb killing all enemies 20 Meters after detonation. The following bomb spawn locations: Red Team: South-West (Noted as 1, Coloured Red). Red Team: North-West (Noted as 2, Coloured Red). Red Team: East (Noted as 3, Coloured Red). Blue Team: South (Noted as 1, Coloured Blue). Blue Team: South-East (Noted as 2, Coloured Blue). Blue Team: North-East (Noted as 3, Coloured Blue). You can spawn Troops, a large group of NPC's that will be sent towards a Crystal. Troops are invincible until they're within 60 meters of the Crystal. Allied Crystals within 60 meters are made invincible. Elite Team Captains deal % HP damage to crystals on each attack. They have the following routes: Red Team: Center Crystal Route (Coloured Red). Red Team: Enemy Base Route (Coloured Orange). Blue Team: Center Crystal Route (Coloured Blue). Blue Team: Enemy Base Route (Coloured Light Blue). You can spawn a Siege Cannon squad, a large group of NPC's lead by a Siege Cannon that will be sent towards a Crystal. Siege Weapons deal % HP damage to crystals on each attack. They have the following routes: Red Team: Neutral Crystal Route (Coloured Yellow). Blue Team: Neutral Crystal Route (Coloured Cyan). You can gain a Guild Wide Buff for 5 minutes. Note: This buff is given to players even if they enter Guild Arena after the buff was selected. Note: You can have all buffs running all at once. Buffs Available (Both Teams have the same buffs): Fury: DMG Dealt +5%, P-ATK +3%, M-ATK +3% and Move SPD +20%. Protection: DMG Taken -2%, All Resistance +7 pts and P-Heal +10%. Sacred: DMG Taken -2%, G-Heal +10%, M-Crit Rate +5%, Cast SPD +10%. Rewards All Guilds will recieve Glory Gift Bags: First Place: 75 Glory Gift Bags. Second Place: 60 Glory Gift Bags. Third Place: 45 Glory Gift Bags. Fourth Place: 30 Glory Gift Bags. The First place Guild will recieve a Thunder Crystal Reward. Note: This box gives you one of the three Vendetta Gaming Network Custom Guild Statues. The First place Guild will be granted a Golden Costume in Territory War, Guild vs Guild Elimination and 10 vs 10 Arena. Note: This costume also has a custom design pattern. The Second place Guild will be granted a Silver Costume in Territory War, Guild vs Guild Elimination and 10 vs 10 Arena. Note: This costume also has a custom design pattern.
  4. Please post any patch feedback and information here:
  5. Read my above comment about 3. As for 2. Yeh the game kinda struggles to handle them as they're designed for a game running on something more than Dirext X 9. However, personally I played them on full and never crashed but I know others with better PC's do so it's hard to say exactly. If I figure out a way I can improve the optimization of the game I always try. 1. This is something I did my best to fix but because Aura Kingdom has 2 layer files and EE only has 1 layer file its hard to fully fix the Auto Pathing as EE doesn't use the Z axis, it has one but EE just tells the game to put you on the highest possible solid ground which is why even on some of the default maps theirs little corners that you can stand on that will shoot you into the sky. The new maps where full of these and I had to go around tweaking the models in the map to have collisions disabled to try and remove this. This is why pathing gets confused a lot of the time as certain paths will ignore the bed of water or think it can walk thorugh a wall because the top of it isn't correct.
  6. Your always welcome to suggest things to me if you have some cool ideas, usually im more for buffing a class or nerfing rather than reworking just because I put the time into these classes already to make them unique and a lot of people will suggest to change the class in X or Y way to make it more like Z. When in actuality it ends up being just a copy of Z class with slightly different effects. I recently did a bit of an overhaul class since the post you linked and followed a number of the suggestions on that post. It feels a lot better to play now but sadly its not a class that can do as well as Gravity Manipulator or Dragon Emperor so people shy away from it.
  7. I do not really plan to fully rework classes anymore unless I feel the current one cannot be salvaged. Kage was the only exception as when all classes where originally reworked Kage didn't get any big changes just some number tweaks and slight changes to its 4 element skill. I may buff the class in future but I do not plan to rework it as of right now. If anything I'm trying to avoid changing much in terms of classes for a while at least unless some minor changes are in need as people have come to expect me to change the classes as if its my only job is to sit here and balance classes every week which is a mindset I do not want people to have. My focus right now is bringing out nice content for people in both PvP and PvE aspects of the game as that is what makes people appear to enjoy more. Class balancing just brings toxic back and fourths about how wrong I am about a class and then 3 months later after 0 changes the class becomes a top meta class while a "Broken" class recieves negligable nerfs that are placebo for the most part and the class falls out of favour for 4 months before people realise the class is just slightly weaker. Your welcome to keep working on this and if I feel its a good and healthy change then I'm not saying a rework is out of the question. It's just something I would rather avoid doing as then it just starts the debate of "Why doesn't Devil Hunter get reworked" and other classes that aren't really used. tl;dr I don't really want to rework anymore classes unless its the only way forward. The impression that has been given about balancing being every patch or every moment of the day is not the right impression given and will not be happening. If a class is too strong then I will nerf it or every so often I'll tweak some of the weaker classes up. P.S. Don't think this is against you in anyway, just needed to explain a little to my reason of why I don't want to work on classes much anymore. Especially since usually when I tweak classes rarely I get told nice things have been said about it and only ever get comments about how I "ruined" a class or people QQing and making up BS like ohh he hates this class because he lost to it on mainserver when in reality it couldn't be as far from the truth. Where as if I spend day and night working on maps and dungeons then when the patch is released people are cheering it and people who quit all come flocking back.
  8. Its been posted about 5 times within this post and I have fixed it for a future patch. They break based on if you're the first player to run the dungen or not.
  9. It would require a lot of additional backend stuff that just makes it not worth adding for something thats just Quality of Life. So unless I see an easier way to do it this will not be a feature that will be added.
  10. Have you tried using the Alternate Download ?
  11. Try resetting your password using the recover account option on the website. It might have bugged in the system.
  12. The Taiwanese server does have all the classes. However, I'm the only person in the world actively developing this game so it is me who decides what content comes and what content doesn't come. In terms of official content we have everything the Taiwan server has (which is the most up-to-date official server) unless I have disabled / removed the content due to it being damaging to the game such as Mana Infusion, Battle Mounts and their second round of level 90 Armors. We on the other hand are far past their server with new quest maps, new dungeons, new level caps, all classes have been rebalanced in some form or another and hundreds of new cosmetics. X-Legend has dropped this game and basically are just leaving their Taiwan server running till the players disappear, they hit a bunch of limitations with the game that I myself has had to work around and fix so I wouldn't count on them ever really updating again with anything worth while (As they haven't updated in about 3 years anyway, same with Aeria). I have no video to replace the X-Legend one with as I'm not a video editor, if anyone would like to make one then sure I would replace it in a heart beat if the quality is there.
  13. It seems you might not have the correct version of the client as I'm pretty sure ours would say eden eternal vendetta instead of just eden eternal. If verifying your client does not work then please try this alternate download You could also try downloading and installing this (make sure to install both x86 and x64). There is also this that seems to help some people,
  14. Have you tried installing all the items in this package as you might be missing the C++ or Direct X 9 Libraries Edit: Install all, not just x64 or x86 install both.
  15. Jordan

    4T potion

    Sure thing for next patch.