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  1. Please use English only on the forums, if you wish to speak in your native language atleast provide a English Translation.
  2. This is not planned at the moment as my next patch will have some new places to farm crystals for the Monster Stones. Right now Palace, Utopian and DSR are nice enough places for the time being.
  3. There is a couple of things that can cause this issue. Try right click the Eden Eternal Vendetta Folder and click properties, uncheck the Read Only check box and press apply and make sure Apply changes to this folder, subfolders and files is checked. If this doesn't work triple check windows defender is turned off or add the folder to its exceptions (I know you said WIndows Defender is turned off but it's actually never properly turned off unless you block the IP's from connecting as Windows 10 is great like that in where you turn features off but they're still active). Failing the above two options it might be just a case of your connection not allowing a connection to the CDN server. You could try connecting a free VPN and seeing if it allows you to connect then and if it does then you will just have to open a VPN to update. You can always download the Alternate download located here then just using run_game.bat instead.
  4. Jordan


    The drop rate of the cape is the same as both the rings and the necklace. The trophies are lower by 1% as the system requires all the drops to equal 100% and mathmatically this was the best way to go about it. 1% doesn't really affect the outcome though so its so minor it doesn't matter. This is the same for all the boxes as they're the exact same rates as each other.
  5. Jordan

    Patch v54

    Changes Removed Anniversary Event. Updated Starter Package! Note: All existing accounts can reclaim the Starter Pack. Completely Reworked the Item Mall! Reworked the backend of Deter Jewel & Blockade Jewel. Note: You should now be able to gain CCM and Ranking while using these Jewels. Text Fixes Fixed the name of all Level 110 Armor Blueprints. Fixed the description of "Gem Pouch". Fixed the description of "Holy - Spenja's Survival Book". Fixed the Archive description of "Ocean's Fury Tunic". Fixed the Archive description of "Limitless Realm Gloves". Fixed the Archive description of "Pristine Plume Guardian's Fur Hat". Thank you and have a nice day!
  6. There isn't really a best race for each class as its arguable down to to what you prefer for example. Most people like Halfkin for Illusionist because it grants 1% Double Hit, I however prefer Zumi as it gives some -DMG for PDPS classes which due to the low defense is really nice. Similarly with Luminary some people again like Halfkin for the 1% Double Hit and others like Human for the Anti-KD. If you're going to make a character of every race then you might be best just trying out each class on each race to see which ones you seem to prefer. Some races are clearly suprior than others on certain classes such as Zumi Martial Artist / Zumi Samurai or Anuran / Human Clerics. However, this late into the games life to be perfectly honest Asside from the Zumi Martial Artist and Zumi Samurai there really isn't anything that stands out as this race is 1000% better as 95% of racial skills have kinda been overshadowed.
  7. I really don't understand you at all. If you're still having issues right click the quest item or show it in your active quest bar to complete. Make sure you have the scroll in your bag/bank like every other Book quest in the game.
  8. It's the Elemental Title sharing quest? I'm pretty sure you're aware of this. Is there actually a problem here with completing the quest or something?
  9. I will add them, I was planning to add them last maintenance but it was earlier than expected.
  10. Jordan


    Sorry for the late reply, as you can see the cape is working perfectly fine. Base Stats: Jordan's Blessing Added (All stats): Thunor's Cape + Jordan's Blessing: As you can see in the above images the debuff is correctly reducing my elemental resistance and my all stats exactly how it should.
  11. I could maybe do this for a future patch yes.
  12. Unfortunatly this is something that we don't have the correct tools to provide. I can look into it to see if maybe they have one in Aura Kingdom that I might have missed but I'm 95% sure I didn't. This is also something I cannot promise we'll be able to do in future either as Animation's are almost impossible for us to make due to the nature of it being a custom format used by X-Legend alone and us not having the tools they use in house to create the animations.
  13. Maybe try using a VPN this could work. I can have a look at improving the system but tbh IDK if their is a lot to be done about this.
  14. Level 105 should have good drop rates? If you're talking about bloods apparently Crystal Utopian Realm is the best place to farm them but I cannot be sure just based of Word of Mouth. If you mean 110 then the rates are based on 75-80 content rates which are a little lower than 90-100 rates that we're used to, this was to avoid people having banks upon banks of materials and them actually being worth something in the market for people to buy/sell like they used to be before.
  15. Are you swapping gear with or without the Character interface open as with the interface open you will always get lag. If without also I'm not sure what I can do about that, as i personally don't get this problem and I live much further away from the server than you do. Obviously the quality of your game would drop as the server was in france before and now it isn't so thats a clear change but to freeze you for a second that should be happening no matter where in the world you are.