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  1. It's one of the only way to make people actually spend time in the game and be proactive to get the more special gears in game. To be honest it shouldn't even be on altar in my opinion. Thank you for the suggestion but its a no from me.
  2. Have found the fix for this and will be implemented in the next patch.
  3. Jordan

    Normal class suit lv 90

    This will be in next patch 100% as I have gotten around to doing this, I also went the extra step and put in the missing level 90 costumes for things like warrior
  4. I'm not really sure what you mean by make them like the new level 100 trials, they already are setup the exact same way as the 100 trials are originally copy and pastes of the original dungeon but then the level requirement, entry count and map file is changed.
  5. You must be confused, their is not such thing as a trait weapon... the heroic trait is like a permenant stat your character gets that applys to all classes and can only be changed using a heroic trait tome. There is no such thing as a trait weapon, just different weapons and each are designed for different classes. Some skills are weapon locked but asside from a free weapon you get at the start of the game for luminary which only scales to level 70 then becomes garbage all other weapons are free for any class you like. Maybe you could provide a screenshot of sorts of exactly what you're looking for.
  6. The traits give stats such as P-ATK and M-ATK, so if your playing a physical oriented class you go for P-ATK and if you want magical oriented classes you go M-ATK. The trait isn't too important so usually you pick a class you wanna main then change your trait to match it. To get a trait tome they're on the Gem altar which cost 100g to roll from Aven. Or you can buy them from another player.
  7. Jordan

    racial crafting question

    I would focus more on what you wanna look like rather than what races do. Many people have alts and depending on how dedicated you are you too will likely have alts when at end game which you can focus on racials and stuff.
  8. Yeh we're working on it, we're trying to make the staff more involved with the new one and Thy is currently making it. You can swap trait whenever you want with the item Heroic Trait Tome and you can change classes whenever you want. At end game its very common to have multiple classes geared so you can do many different things while playing as some classes are good a soloing dungeons and others are better at clearing mobs. Edit: The game has a total of 61 classes so you surely will get your chance to try them all and find one you like to main.
  9. Jordan

    Suggest: Dimension of souls, daily dungeon

    Never going to happen, just imagine bots. They're going to love this place.
  10. Jordan

    problems with sales transactions?¿

    As Bash said you need to pursh AP points from the link he provided for them to appear in game. When you enter a Pixel Game Card you get VGN points which can be spend on our Website on Mystery Boxes or AP points. Here is a guide Vivi wrote:
  11. Jordan

    Sublime Safety Stones

    I don't think this will be done as we already offer Safety Stones much cheaper than Aeria's server and Sublimes just make people use even less stones. We have discussed this in the past many times and has always been a no.
  12. Will look into the first one, Boots ill extend to 5 days for the next patch, I believe ones that have already been crafted will not be updated as they're an instance of an item.
  13. Jordan

    Eden Eternal stopped to Launch

    Well I'm not sure what I could do about that but atleast we know what is causing the issue and if others have the issue in future then we have the solution.
  14. Jordan

    Eden Eternal stopped to Launch

    Sounds like something is corrupting the file that edits chat windows are you adding a lot of chat windows or just 1?
  15. Jordan

    Request to fix a costume