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    Patch v31

    Vendetta Starter Armor You will recieve a quest upon hitting level 30 that will give you a Custom Vendetta Starter Armor that will level up with your character every 5 levels until level 70. The stats of the armor will be equivalent to a gold armor set of the same level. The armor cannot be fortified or gemmed but will grant Resistances, Movement Speed, EXP and Class EXP for the 5 piece set bonus. Path of Destiny We have enable the Path of Destiny to Eden Eternal Classic! We have updated all the icon's to match our custom icon's from the Awaken Server and updated the text on several of the buffs and spaces to improve clarity. We have increased the gold obtained from Money - Monster Invasion, Money - Runaway Monster Rampage and Money - Accidental Discovery +10%. We have adjusted the rates for the Eternal Coins and Alpaca Golden Token's. We have lowered the Honor Stars gained from 50 to 35. Eden Gem Altar We have also enabled the Eden Gem Altar to Eden Eternal Classic! The Eden Gem Altar will only update once a month and only the costumes and mounts will be updated. Note: Since we plan to update it with Ranking Reset, we will NOT be updating it next week. Updates Added Fortified Stats Reset Scroll to the Loyalty Shop for 80 Eternal Coin's. Increased the rates of Class Drop's in the 70 Trials & 75 Trials. Added Destroyer Demon Sword to all last bosses in 75 Trials. Added Blueprint: Destroyer Demon Sword to all first bosses in 75 Trials. Added Glimmering Fairy Wings & Resplendent Fairy Wings to the Archive. Added Azusa's Fans & Sakura's Fans to the Archive. Happy Stable Server Day!
  2. Unless I'm missunderstanding this post this doesn't appear to be the case. I just tested this now on the live server and the results I got where that it was working as normal. The only caveat I found with this was that it would reset the Knockdown Debuff to the 8 seconds. https://imgur.com/a/tuNvITh Image 1 was taken just before I casted the Soul Chaser's and Image 2 was taken just after being healed and you can see that the debuff duration was reduced from 1min+ to 8 seconds. If you could provide a video of this and maybe look into things such as Glyphs and KP that maybe affecting this. Edit: Remember for Soulchaser to take affect you have to be attacked after falling below 30% HP and not just going below 30% HP. You will know when it's ready to take effect as another buff will appear in your buff bar.
  3. 1. I don't see why not @Herakles 2. I'd have to work it out because they only really released this system when they where already planning to up the grade of costumes so by design it's abusable. I'd have to take a look on how to do the Bind on Equip thing as it might be a little messy and leave room for error. They will be, they where added very last minute which is why they are missing.
  4. I mean it's just how they thought was best to calculate healing whether it be wrong or right.
  5. Well DS became 2 years old yesterday. Since then there has been 2 new sets of armor (110 Awaken and the Abyss Set's) and the Haven Weapon's (Not to mention the large array of trophies that have been added). A lot of these gears also feature resistance dropping which is super important for DS. Like an example of this was Eis' Dragon Form. Abyss was never suppose to be hard and in my personal opinion instant kill mechanics don't make it hard either (just anoying). It was just suppose to be harder than something like a trial would be where you can turn your brain off and auto run. Honestly speaking in combination with the Awaken classes and the current gear you'd be hard pressed to actually make something hard as there is such a wide gap between the top of the game and the bottom of the game. Like when Haven came out the party I had testing just blew up almost every boss except Karen in seconds. But upon release I saw a lot of players struggle with some of the bosses just because their coordination for their gear was lacking (Stacking -Res etc.).
  6. None of this would really change the class and how its played to be quite honest with you. Many classes have buffs that gate their power that still get played or got played in the past and personally I think this class is on the borderline of being a class people would play. I think the main issues come from more that what does this class do that is better or equal to other classes that are played. Just making a buff permenant or almost permenant would not change this as although in my opinion the class is good as it is. It's whether or not its as good as something like a Mecha or an Arch. I think if you're actually an enthusiast of the class then you could build it and play it in a TW/GVG and not be trolling. But unless you make it overpowered it will never be more than an enthusiast class. I personally was a Dragon Knight enthusiast way back in the day and if I was playing now I would probebly have played it as I personally designed this class to how I myself would have enjoyed it taking the best parts of Dragon Knight and adding the Awaken spin on it. So although I pesonally agree that maybe some buffs could be on the table of possibilities... I think the change you suggested will not change anything as 15 seconds of downtime isn't really an issue on a buff that lasts 25 seconds. Suggestions like this worry me as the HP of all pets across the board are increased in TW/GVG and someone who is suggesting balance changes should know this before suggesting a balance change towards this. ~ As a note to anyone and not just the OP. It is very important to try things out multiple times before making balance change suggestions. As I see all the time on this forum and in tickets people suggest balance changes and yet have no clue at all. Like for example a friend of mine reached out in tickets and had a huge rant about the healing classes in the game last year or so when Glacial Knight got changed. Although I normally don't allow this but since I knew the person well enough I made them build each healer on a test environment and asked them to in a way prove that the healer classes where bad. They could not find a single change that they would make to any of the classes after testing all of them (Except Druid's Animation being laggy which has been sort of fixed now to the best I can do). So just goes to show that it's important to test things before actually thinking of ways to buff/nerf it so you have a true understand on what makes the class weaker/strong and what could be adjusted to make it right. I know my balancing isn't perfect but I'm pretty sure I'm doing a better job than X-Legend ever did. Also don't forget that a single item can make or break a class. So it's not just as simple as looking at a class in a vacuum.
  7. I've mentioned it a couple of times because there is no reason to show it in the client. The translations or just explanation in general isn't 100% accurate of what WIS does in regards to G-Healing and P-Healing. The calculation isn't as simple as 1:1 and WIS does not actually give G-Heal or P-Heal but is used directly in the healing calculation. This is different to say for example INT and STR in which those stats directly influence your P-ATK and M-ATK. With how G-Heal is used in the calculation and P-Healing, you literally just have to count your gear and you have the value. As even the G-Heal % buffs do not actually influence your G-Heal points. They get used at different parts of the calculation.
  8. Ohh well this is a more healthy balance for the game. Running DSR is suppose to be the better option as it gives players a way to earn money. Item delievery is perfectly fine and usable if you are unable to pay for a runner or you want to do it yourself. It's suppose to be slower.
  9. I'm not 100% sure what you're asking but if you're asking for an alternative to Dragonside Ridge then there is just no point. As if its the exact same then we already have that in Alternate Dragonside Ridge and if its the same then the one with most optimal monster pulling areas will win. I mean look at Dimension of Souls. That map had several good areas to run in and only 1 was used. Then when you buffed the other 2 areas to make it compete then people stopped running the 1 and picked the best out of the buffed too. What do you mean a decent deliver system?
  10. It might have something to do with procing on the attack I'm not actually 100% sure. I'd have to take a look to verify
  11. The Elysian Devil Soul is from Elysian Island.
  12. Well it should be just +100% so if you already had +50% it should total at +150%. I cannot be certain on that but I don't really see anything out of the ordinary with it to suggest otherwise.
  13. A. No the only benefit to a skill like this that if someonehas P-CRIT DMG -20% it will be as if they don't have this. The Territory War buff has -20% P-CRIT & M-CRIT DMG Taken. So when used in Territory War of Guild vs Guild this will be like not having that for P-CRIT DMG. B. Depends on what you're talking about. The green health is flat so a Trophy with +Max HP gives you what you get. However, set bonus' are a little different as by default they don't stack. But I've noticed some of the older Set Bonus have it written because if you give it a white stat it doesn't show. So it's a bit more of a grey area with older content. DEF kinda works in a similar manner so it answers both (I'm not 100% sure if green def is flat or scaling). C. I'm not 100% sure what is and isn't effected by the -50%. If I remember right (this is 5 years memory so I'm not certain) but if you hover the stat doesn't it give two numbers? I think the right number is the one affected and not the left one. However, this buff is just the opposite of say a Character Trait Apostle. So I presume it just adds them all together like normal stats. So if you had say a buff that gave 20% M-ATK, set bonus with something like 5% and then apostle. Then you apply the -50% you would have -25% overall. D. Well theres no difference really asside from Thousand-Cranes is skill specific. So where as Kanabo effects all skills, Thousand only effects a specific skill. I can see where the confusion comes from though as: 5. Kanabo Style: Oneiric Sword - DMG Dealt +100%. Means Oneiric Sword is the skill that in the combo grants a buff of DMG Dealt +100% for x amout of time. 4. Thousand-Cranes Stance: Oneiric Sword - Deals 100% Bonus DMG. Where as this means Oneric Sword is the next skill in the combo that will deal +100% dmg on use. E. Although its long, you can't argue that its nice to be able to just sit in Aven and read everything the sill does rather than running around procing it on mobs and screenshotting it to read it. It's more hassle free, although granted BK is one of the rare cases that give the buff permenantly so you wouldnt be on a timer to read it. But I personally would rather you have all the information you need to know at your fingerprints where possible. I mean who actually knows what Chaos Mode does ony Luminary? Well for Classic I followed the same mentality as I have here with Awaken Classes and wrote down the entire Chaos mode and what it does to the description of the relevant skills. As a player who played a fair bit of Luminary I learned new things about the class just sitting down and writing it. So although it can be an eye sore for some, it's helpful to those who care. F. It's +N% of the calculated damage. You can go test this with Luminary. So if you have +100% dmg and you hit 5k before you had it, then you will deal 10k. Sadness Ring is just a +100% DMG Dealt buff for the attack it proc's on.
  14. Jordan

    Patch v85

    Updates You can no longer couple Teleport while you are inside Temple Arena. You should now recieve health when leaving the Safe Zone in Temple Arena. Bug Fixes Fixed an issue with Darkness Blade Skill Dark Magic Prayer not being removed correctly. Fixed an issue with item Silent Storm Glyph being a proc effect. Thanks
  15. Jordan

    Patch v30

    Level 75 Trials Today we are releasing the much anticipated 75 Trials! Windsnap Lair, Gristle Prison, Colossal Cauldron and Century Abyss! We have updated all the level 75 Trophies translations to be worded to my format and additionally fixing any typo's along the way. We have additionally enabled the level 75 Gold Armor Set's Crafting. We've added the class drop system that was previously added to the 70 Trials. For more information: Promotions We will be having a Diamond Altar this week with the first rotation containing new and unreleased items while the second rotation containing returning items. Sparkler Recolours! Pinwheel Recolours! Diamond Altar will only be available this week! We will also be adding some new Mystery Boxes to the Cash Shop containing some newly added content from our Awaken Server. Malefis Spirit Wolf Box Divinis Spirit Wolf Box Liquis Spirit Wolf Box Prophet Charlotte Box Resplendent Sakura Akana Box Teddy Bear Box Comes in 6 different colours. Onyx Sabreflame Slash Box Comes in 3 different colours. These boxes will be available until July 29th 2021. We have also updated the Daily Login Rewards to give some Eden Star Diamonds and some free stones. Will only be available for this week. Thanks
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