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  1. When you download the installer this is the file you download. So if you download the installer you will have a new Patcher.exe
  2. Characters cannot be transfered through server as there is many things disabled on classic to give it the classic feeling. There for you'd have to restart your character
  3. Classic is currently restricted to 55 for beta and will be advanced to 60 in a few weeks when we launch. The cap is different and a lot of the disliked updates of the game have been removed. The awaken server will still get custom updates and further content but the classic will follow a similar release pattern to the old days with some things tweaked or removed.
  4. We're looking into removal of the % system. I'm not sure if we can revert the current % weapons or not but we'll see. The other note however is I saw people mentioning about 10 trial runs and it would be good to know what people think of this. I can likely add the 10 trials a day of your choice system back if people want this. I was looking into it the other day because someone asked if it was possible to bring it back. As for the class drops I'm strongly against them as they will just make everyone done with gear within a week of reaching the level cap and then they will be sitting around and complain about being bored.
  5. Jordan

    Battle Mounts

    Battle mounts where not introduced until level 75 cap. So the discussion for them will be done when it comes to that time since we're very far away from that and people will have change of opinions by that point.
  6. Jordan

    Bard Skill

    I can see that guys, you don't need to keep telling me to look at the video xD
  7. Yes but like I said we have other plans for those in future.
  8. As mentioned crystal HP is not worth mentioning yet until people have fortified weapons and gear and have built there character as if you do this then when people do gear you might find they're like butter and need putting back. As for 2 this was something many people didn't want adding as it made the game super easy which I agree. I didn't play at a high level much back before class drops but I remember farming 200+ Silins for that 1 ring just for after an update that added class drops someone getting it after 1-2 kills. As for %'s well see how it goes. I can't really remove it now since removing it now would mean anyone with even 101% would have an advantage. However, maybe the next cap of weapons can have it disabled so at the very least from the get go its 100%. But we'll have to see what people think during beta. I don't believe there is 25% safety stones, just the following: Regular Lucky 5% Specific Lucky (ULSS, CLSS) 10% Halcyon 50% Specific Halcyon 75% Sublime and Specific Sublime 100%. The choice behind only Lucky and Regular Safestones was simple because the problem with our Awaken server and the problem its had from day 1 was that because it was made so accessible fortifying gear wasn't worth anything. Now at the very least the people who land on it can make a profit on the money they spent on the Eden Crystal they used to land on it. The specific Lucky's will also be released at one point or another I just thought for beta atleast the all tier Luckys would be more appreciated since people will want to +10 gear when they get them. We also did an awful lot of stress testing on the rates of this altar rolling collectively over 2000 Eden Crystals to test the rates and we're happy with them. We do have other plans for the Safety Stones of a higher % but this is not something we're implementing at the moment so they're only available through rankings right now (Which will remain unchanged).
  9. Jordan

    Bard Skill

    I'm not 100% sure when it was changed and what it was originally. If someone could give me a detailed information on what it was then we can change it. As for changes I'd rather not change things to something new.
  10. Jordan

    VGN Price

    We do not handle what currency is used since our VGN prices come as a direct conversion from the number on a PGC card. We do not know what currency was used to purchase the card so this is an issue you'd have to take up with them and not us. However, that being said this is usually why game servers are seporated depending on region as what Reikan said was right, you'd just end up with people in US or EU swapping their money to another currency to get things cheaper.
  11. The fame cap is lower than it should be and will address next server maintenance. If the person has less than 4000 fame let me know so I can investigate.
  12. Just remember you have to be a level 4 guild to be ranked on crystals. So farming kills isn't a bad idea to win xD
  13. Luminary class wasn't released till after the level 75 level cap. As this server is a classic server we thought best to remove it and release it more towards the time in which is was originally released.
  14. Although as mentioned in the previous post I'm very much against this idea it is ultimately up the PvP players into this change. We can bring it back that isn't a problem but I'll leave it up for discussion till the end of beta. Edit: As for Killboard I believe these changes would go hand in hand so I'm sure if one comes they both come 😁
  15. Jordan

    Auto Loot

    There is a couple reasons we swap other than nostalgia. The old drop system is much better when running trials for gears as it splits all the gear and not just some of the gear. So when your running the trial for a staff someone could get the staff and it not be given the need/greed choice. It also has a lot of bugs that increase drop rates that would make the drop rate much higher than it should be for a classic server.