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  1. Well I'm not trying to give false impressions I'm just showing the evidence I have that it isn't as he claims "that nobodies killing the boss". Clearly in the image people where killing the boss (Well camping the spawn) and although I see a couple of known alt's I can see equally as many known players too. Again yeh maybe the unknowns could be more alts than players but eitherway it shows that at certain times of the day people are killing the bosses.
  2. I mean that arguement can be made for pretty much every class other than the Holy Sage and Glacier Knight. Something is better than nothing and quite honestly part of the point made was that if paired with something like an Adjudicator you'd be able to throw in more Purifying Waters as you have extra healing support. Maybe now looking back at it. The Angel's Blessing Glyph does give 10% on Cure so that could be a factor of why it heals more vs the KP as the base heal is already higher. I completely forgot that was a think and only checked it now. Just on a personal note the
  3. I've said countless times here that for me it was a passion project. Whether you believe that or not thats up to you. People asked over and over for Mystery Boxes as they thought it was more beneficial for their spending rather than just flat Eden Crystals. So say what you want about me and my "intentions" to not listen. However, people who still play as a majority prefer spending on Mystery Boxes than Altar... Aren't you just a bundle of joy. I know plenty of people who got more Diamond's than that i similar amounts of EC's. It's just RNG... As for the Diamond itself.
  4. At the end of the day none of the PvE arguements event matter. Even if you buff LW to be better than the others whether it be in healing or in debuff removal or what ever. All it will do is knock another class out (Replace) and then we'd be having the same conversation about that class. Only say the top 5% of players actually select classes to use in PvE and then just follow suite. Not trying to discredit any of your statements cause because I mean your probably right, LW isn't as good as an Adju or a TM. But pretty much everything said in the original post wont change anything you said. You'd
  5. That still doesn't really mean anything to the original point of cure having more points on the skill than the LW skills. Yeh but you're also factoring that the LW skill has a 5 second cooldown vs the 40 seconds on Totem Surge for a 5 second duration difference that is easily negligible to the fact that the cooldown is as mentioned 5 seconds. The whole purpose of the LW is to encourage the LW to time their skills better. Rather than being brain dead on Adjudicator spamming 1 key over and over with the occasional buff press there isn't really much to the class. Whe
  6. So does adjudicator's Light of Truth. What Cure doesn't have is KP that gives it more healing so overall each skill of Life Worshipper should heal more than a cure. Just like Light of Truth. Yes but how much more utillity does the class provide with its heals? Battle Hymn at level 100 grants the party 11.5k P-ATK while healing them too. The primary use of a Bard on Eden atleast was as a buffer support not a healer, even before I reworked every class if you said you where building a healing Life Worshipper people would call you stupid. Now it's quite capable of healing as for the most p
  7. Jordan

    Patch v25

    Information Just to start off this topic I want to apologise to the Eden Eternal Classic playerbase for our in-ability to provide any updates for the past 2 months. As mentioned in the announcement by Bash we had lost our development machines for Eden Eternal and Scarlet Blade. Only last Thursday did I get my machine back to begin working on patches again. We have applied a small overhaul to our Crystal Altar for Eden Eternal Classic. Check out the Crystal Altar Updates for more information on the changes. Anniversary Event Golden Child Yuuki has appeared in A
  8. Jordan

    Patch v81

    Information Just to start off this topic I want to apologise to the Eden Eternal playerbase for our in-ability to provide any updates for the past 2 months. As mentioned in the announcement by Bash we had lost our development machines for Eden Eternal and Scarlet Blade. Only last Thursday did I get my machine back to begin working on patches again. I know just before we lost our machines I promised to have Temple Arena changes applied by the end of the month. However, due to not being able to start on it I will have to ask for more time to apply any and all changes and test them. I t
  9. There is a difference between making something always available and making something the only thing available and what that does to the amount of them available on the server. Especially if people have the mindset as "Let's spam this and not have to worry about stones for the next few months". It also takes the desire away from rolling the normal altar as there will be less value on landing on the stones and if people aren't rolling for the costume then they're not rolling at all. It used to work on Aeria because not only did they have the worlds worst Altar rates they also locked most stones
  10. We have some plans on adjusting the altar with the Anniversary that would implement more permanent and reliable stones from the altar. If all goes to plan you should see this in the upcoming maintenance. I would also like to state we will be making Honor Star's a little more giving on arenas as suggested by a player in tickets (Similar to what you have also suggested) and we will also be making some adjustments based on what was suggested on this post about a few PvE area related drops for Safety Stones (The standard kind) and the Eternal Coins. I don't really think fortification alt
  11. Not really here to argue so I'll just state the following... First of all I'm free to express my own concerns with your suggestions... And yet after me passing the ball into your court and giving you my concerns and counters to your suggestion instead of helping by coming up with ways to get around the issues so that we can have a balance and a ground that both you as players and the server will both benefit from... You just complain that I'm the one being dismissive. So I'll say this now. I'm not against suggestions but I'm not going to do as people said if I think its a bad id
  12. The anniversary stuff will have a small amount of Honor Stars but not too many. Don't forget the main thing you need Honor Stars is for the gear. So don't forget to head over to the 0/10's and 0/2's to get them via class drop. I know a lot of players who where doing this daily even when they where some of the most active arena players. We already boosted them from 3 to 5. We aren't looking to increase this anytime soon. Maybe in the future we might if necessary.
  13. Well obviously try the obvious things such as Direct X 9 June 2010 drivers and the C++ packages for I think 2005 but to be sure 2008 is worth installing too for both x86 and x64. Other than that you could try using run_game.bat to see if its maybe a launcher issue since I don't have anything to do with those and cannot vouch for any issues they may or may not cause. As I know from experiance they can attach themselves to other games (Toon Town is one common one). You could also add a DEP exception. This works for some people who have a similar issue. I myself had this issue back on W
  14. Not really sure what you're getting at but in regards to your first message. If you didn't care how hard something was then you wouldn't have had the need to call it pay2win back before when classic was peaking as I can assure you, Me someone who was using blue gears farming Highlands and not played the game for a few years was able to earn enough gold per hour that in 12 hours could have bought me plenty of stones to be fully geared. Then with gears being tradable and back when the game was at peak you could have bought most your gear without even needing to farm a single dungeon with this le
  15. Thought I'd respond here now. There is a reason we didn't copy how awaken did it's fortification and thats for the simple reason that if you're not releasing new stuff or upgraded stuff every month the game struggles. Only the past year or so with Legendary pets has the game been able to do well with re-released content. Games cost money to run and if you want good servers with the most countries available without suffering from high latency then that cost goes up. As for achievements not really sure what you mean. There is a lot of altars that have low level startdusts for achiev
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