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    Patch v121

    Celestial Corridor The next expansion to the Celestial Corridor has arrived! This content is available to all players level 127 and above but is recommended for players level 130 to participate! The second expansion to Celestial Corridor features six new dungeons. Each dungeon is designed to be a challenge for a five player team. So make sure you are well prepared before entering! Gear There is six new boss themed accessory, trophy and cape combinations have been added! There is also twelve new boss themed weapon gems have been added. Other Adjustments We have made some adjustments across Celestial Corridor to improve the content. You can now directly purchase the Equipment Blueprints with a large amount of Zodiac Sparkles and the new material Spirit Sparkles. There is the new Celestial Backpack Expansion Formula. You can obtain this formula from the rewards upon completing any of the Celestial Corridor dungeons. This item increases your 47-Slot Backpack Expansion from 47 slots to 60 slots. This item is also tradable so you can either use it for yourself or trade it with other players for profit. We have also added Eden Crystals to the reward table upon completing the Celestial Corridor. Class Changes We have made a bunch of minor changes as a result of previous patches and adjustments that have made the DMG Taken stats on certain healing classes far too high. We have also performed a server wide reset on the skill levels where the skill should be capped at level 1 but in the past or even before this patch where able to be leveled creating an instance were MP Cost was increased with no advantage. We have also taken the time to look into the MP Cost of all these skills so that they're as accurate as a level 1 skill can be. Gear Changes Over the last couple of years I have done a subpar job at the numbers given by gears across the game. A lot of gear was fine but some gear was completely over the top which made some gear shine too bright while other gear was lackluster. We hope this change brings more options and variety to the game. I have changed how the numbers work across gear so that they are all mathematically accurate between levels and gear types. I have also set a bunch of rules and modifiers to these base numbers to increase and decrease these numbers based on the situation. These changes affect every ring, necklace, trophy and cape that are over level 90 across the entire game. From Dimension of Souls all the way until the latest released content Celestial Corridor Part 2. Before you jump on the OMG he nerfed everything bandwagons. I would like to state that many items also received buffs from this change. I would even say just as many items got buffs as got nerfed, along with many items that the changes where so insignificant that you may not even notice the item was changed. Bug Fixes Battle pets should no longer shout random phrases while in combat. Fixed an issue where the Great Elemental Guardian's Helmet could only be worn by certain races. Fixed an issue where Gemini's Old Grimoire only had a 0.32% chance to deal Triple Hit DMG. Fixed the costume Book of the Dark Stars and Book of the Starry Sky so that they have Grimoire casting and attacking animations. Fixed the animations and cooldown of both the Angel Prayer and Guardian Angel pet skills. During the transition phase of Glacieron you will be now immune to damage while frozen. Cosmetics We have added the following cosmetic items! ✨ Have a nice time! ✨
  2. It's unfortunate that you experienced this as I'm fully aware that right now the community acts like it doesn't want to have a community. Your not the first player to experience this "if you don't have the sagi set you cannot join content that was made before sagi was released". I have made some adjustments in the next patch to try and shorten the gap between the gear so that maybe this mindset changes but as it stands right now thats the main issue (that it's a mindset issue and not a game issue with exactly what you stated, people would rather not do content than doing it a couple minutes slower). I'm very greatful for this post of your experience though because I hope it wakes up the end game players up to the issue new players are having because I've been in contact with a couple of people who have started over the past year and all have had similar experiences to you it kinda depends what guild you join. As for your other points though. Dragomon is just a game with nice content to pick from, I have not really played the game or know anything about it outside of it being like a battle mount pokemon type mmo. As for solo content I did introduce some in the previous content patch to get a feel for it and its been a bit mixed so far. Maybe some solo versions of other content could be looked into but not the Celestial Corridor. However, I have some reward changes for that in the next update to try and entise players to participate since the big killer of that content was removing the bug to trade the completed gems. I will say maybe it was timezone but theres a number of guilds in game that Ive saw that will recruit people (maybe they're not openly joinable but if pm'd the leader will usually invite anyone active). Also auric jewels are not really required on this server as the EXP and CP rate are already at officials maxed out rates. So they're just additional bonuses for thos who complete the daily login or buy from the cash shop for a small amount. Also the next big update should be in the next week or two :)
  3. After checking into it, it does seem to be a specific quirk with the specific DoT in question (I presume the other DoT's tested are of a similar aspect). As mentioned above you can see its not the case that elemental is capped at less than 70 because you can test it with the flat damage skills like light split.
  4. You do not need the most recent one you need the one that is required for this game. Download and install 2008 2010 and 2012 from this page (i have checked the download links, make sure to install both x86 and x64 versions) https://gist.github.com/ChuckMichael/7366c38f27e524add3c54f710678c98b
  5. The issue with battlefield pvp isn't really the rewards at the moment its the ego people have. Gone are the days where people just went for fun and enjoyed themselves now its all about winning. Adding these as rewards isn't going to change this. It's just going to encourage people to find away to abuse it by getting a kill and then afking or hitting a crystal then afking, thats if it even encourages people enough to enter at all. Rewards are something that could be improved but this just isn't the answer and would just end up with people neglecting the PvE side of the game which is already on a knifes edge due to people not wanting to invite people to parties unless they're already perfectly geared.
  6. We do as much as we can to improve the new player experience. However, I must say that there is a lot of misconceptions around being a new player and what is required to do to get to the end game. As an example achievements yes are important but they're not something you are required to do to play the game. It's important to cover some of the achievements before you start tackling end game content such as the weapon of the class you play (unless you are a healer) and the heavy armor and cloth armor achievements for the resistances. But most other achievements are just for beneficial stats that allows you to spec you class in different ways and get the most of your builds. As for your comments about the enchants and capes yeh they can still take a while but they're not going to hold you back at all. Theres a lot of end game players who have not bothered with enchant achievements and capes well if you start participating in the end game content you can complete capes without even really thinking about it (but again if you don't it's not going to kill you either). I would say the biggest hurdle as of the moment is infact getting into the end game content with a party. The best advice I would give is to find a helpful guild and don't be trying to tackle every piece of content all at once because some content is harder than others. Also don't be distracted by the mindset of you have to be maxed in a day. The whole point in an mmo is your suppose to work towards the goal of being maxed character, so yeh some things take longer than others such as achievements to completetion 100% could take a long time but do you need to do that? not really.
  7. There is no reason to make an account wide bank for materials that would benefit players that wouldn't benefit from just having more backpack spaces. Materials are very carefully selected to be either none tradable or tradable and anything that is tradable isn't really much of an issue to the above mentioned point as most people have their ways of storing tradable items to keep their bank / bag tidy and not full. Archive only supports a single item of the same item id. So even if you did make it archivable it would only take up 1 less space of x999 which again simply mailing to an alt or trading to an alt on a second account is not really any more or any less hassle in most cases especially since the archive does not display the quantity. So there is no real benfit to this change that wouldn't break the conventions of materials that we set. I can see an arguement for amount of materials and not enough backpack space but that is simply solved by expanding the players individual storage an not making something that is account wide.
  8. Changing font is hard because of some of the more internal stuff of the game like the titles and other stuff as you mentioned. It's not impossible just not something that can be swapped without causing some secondary issues that would also need to patched and fixed first. Also we likely would not be able to add it as a selector like the other things unless it was more along the lines of "This will change next time you restart the game". But I'd have to confirm something like that before saying it to be 100%. Also as a side note font is unlikely to be causing any performance issues in the game as its just images that get created for each character and loaded later. The other server uses live translation (which is likely the reason you might see some performance regarding text, more likely chat than in game as the translations in game are just selecting from a different file set). However, they also have not fixed some of the issues I have fixed which plagued the old AG server too (like gear swapping around other players causing people to freeze). This is likely another contributing factor too. Ofcourse there is a cost to text rendering but it would always be less than a group of players. I will mention though that we just use the standard english font that the official server used in the past. We do not really care for supporting the chinese text it was always just a nice bonus to have. However, we cannot just swap to the FR/DE/PT/SP server font as they allow some less than optimal characters that fall back to my first sentance. I will look into it maybe after the next big patch but as far as I know as a side note. A number of people can see the characters in which you mention and it seems to be some computers can see them and some cannot. So I'm not really sure if theres something that can be changed on the system to fix it as a sort of "temporary fix". As example from my own computer:
  9. I vaguely remember this issue being related to not having DirectX9 installed. Try installing this https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=8109
  10. I will look into this change for a future patch. The exchange rates will have to be low and will probably vary between the different categories of skills.
  11. There was a fix made. Locking the thread.
  12. Just guna answer the few nuggets since most of this is just repeated from the original post. I'm not guna tit for tat on what is considered enough as people not selling when you are buying is not a metric use to state whether or not there is enough of them as multiple factors could be at play. Such as but not limited to... People selling when your offline, people seeing the demand and letting the price climb, people wanting for personal use, people storing for future personal use, people prioritizing guild mates / friends over yourself. There is also nothing stopping someone who is in dire need of them just using the gold to purchase eden crystals or get eden crystals from the various different places we have put them and fragments in the game. I know for certain there aint a shortage of those and because of the dungeons available and the ways to farm gold you don't have to donate a single penny. If your asking for more ways to obtain pet skills then just bloody make a suggestion rather than dancing around it acting like I'm trying to do harm to the server. And your right maybe I could have done better and had a double Pet Coin week or something. I'm not the all thinking brain who thinks of every option and scenario, so instead of rants / complaints maybe try suggest it first? Anyway unless you have some solid suggestions this is my last response to you as its just going around in circles. This was a very hard and tricky update to complete and tried my best to make the process for players to get battle spells much less RNG based and much more balanced for the sake of the entire game as a whole. I'm sorry if this doesn't satisfy you.
  13. The ultimate names have typo on the post. If you look at the normal ultimate skills (for primes) and the enhanced ultimate skills you will notice the nature damage skill has the same name. However, if you look at your pets skill it matches the description of Natural Disaster in the enhanced ultimate section. There is almost 8,000 pet reward coins in the server currently (within peoples backpacks or banks). Then if we factor in only people who have logged in since February 1st 2024 theres around 3,000 so I hardly call that as a "lack of". They're also the joint 3rd most common item on the crystal altar with them being of a similar rate on the gem altar (obviously being higher skews this a bit but its not like they're trying to be rare). People might not be selling them because people might want to use them themselves considering they're a hot item right now due to the rework. Also since it comes as a further point later on. Pet Reward coins are available in all places the old Nelle Books would drop. So there is free playable ways to obtain them right now. Since the rest of it is just negative sarcasm and aggression (passive and not) I'm not really guna waste time on the specifics to be honest. If you want to open a dialog atleast be pleasant about it. However... If you think the current system is P2W then idk how you coped with the old system without having a breakdown. I guess the only arguement that can be made for the old system being "better" is the fact that because there was only 1 or 2 really stacked skills there was less books needed (even though those less books where in bigger pools of items, we're talking about like almost 100 items in an RNG pool down to 20-30). If I wanted to make it Pay2win why would I split the book pools not only based on skill type but also skill slot? And why would I make ultimate skills a simple reroll item instead of making it a reroll item in a book like it was originally before the custom books (Vicinity). But anyway unless you bring anything productive to the discussion I have nothing further to add.
  14. The old skills where unable to balanced around as not only where they from 1 extreme to another (most where really bad then there was just a handful of what you can consider gold). There was not really room for debate on this topic because to put it quite simply the old pet system had a lot of issues around balance which is why pets where disabled across most relevant content (If I remember correctly just Abyss and if you still consider HoO relevant). And could you imagine me asking players if they want me to balance / change pet battle skills. What do you think the response would be to what can only be boiled down to a nerf on their battle pets that doesn't affect the PvP environments. It would be a majority no for sure full of heated debates so we're solve none of the issues with pets they'd be disabled for eternity and I'd end up just having to stop putting new ones in the game. Why would I stop putting them in the game? Well because another issue with the old pet system is that people see new pets being added to the game all the time. But because of the high level of investment into fusion odd pets and spending 100's of tokens and praying to get the Blade Fury book (or buying it for a ridiculous price) people where just not interested in buying them for any reason outside of prays they might need rather than just to have a cool pet that they like. Now atleast people can see a pet they like, buy it and use it without having to worry about the huge investment since the book RNG has been significantly reduced and not to mention just the significantly increased amount of different pets you can have now. One of the main points of this update as was mentioned on the patch notes was to pretty much remove any reason to use pet fusion for battle pets outside of getting the pet to 4 star for the ultimate skill (Which is no longer 50:50 to unlock but 100% chance to get one every time). At the end though we knew it would be negatively recieved for some but we had to make changes for the health of the game so that pets where usable and people can have more freedom to use w.e pet they want and not have to worry about the significant costs that come with that. I'll end my response with the specific relevant snippet from the patch notes. Just to note this was something done for the good of the game and the playerbase and sometimes the decision in the short term sucks but in the long term this will be a positive for everyone.
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