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  1. No, bug fixes come with patches so if you don't see a patch its likely no fix. So Sad? If I was to drop my patch work everytime a bug appears it would take me 10 times longer. When I need to do a patch I have to revert everything just to patch something. Which means essentially having to redo all my patch work that I've already done again, I have said this many times. The last time I did this was with pandemonium and the patch ended up taking an extra 2 months because of this.
  2. Jordan

    Monthly events

    I tried but it runs with a bug that all boss pets do, this specific mob was what highlighted the bug.
  3. Jordan

    The mind isn't longer there

    I assume you're quite a new player from this specific comment "Charms are as important as the stones". I can assure you that stones are one of the single most important things in the game next to reset scrolls and gear itself. If you go to PvP with +0 armor and weapons at any level you will be destroyed by everyone and will struggle to deal damage to anyone. The difference between a level 105 player and a 110 player is 10% more damage in favour of the level 110 and 10% more damage reduction in favour of the level 110. The trade off for this is the amount of points each stats requires to be 100% also increases making it much harder to cap your stats. You may say "well in the stats page it says 100% chance to evade monsters of your level", this however is not the case in PvP, 100% evasions is 100% evasion. There will be future events and bonuses for players to be able to get more charms for free but I really don't see the issue with us giving players an easier time leveling for donations? Its not paying for advantages its paying for convenience. Besides the charms are tradable, its not like F2P players cannot buy the charms from other players, they're not limited by an NT wall (Besides the Talismans). I will say this one more time, the time it takes for someone to get to 110+ is less than a weeks worth of solid grinding, we specifically tested this without any charms or EXP buffs to make sure this was the case. Reaching 110 just takes a couple of hours of work each day to get there which is optional, it's not like you cannot go to PvP at level 100 and not do well, it's not like there's an OP gear or buff a player who's level 110 gets over a player who's level 100, it's literally just the damage difference which 1 piece of damage reduction gear or a certificate can match easily. It maybe a private server but not everything should be baby sat or given out like candy, people should work for stuff or they become plants filling in the scenery in Aven. People complain about being bored and that the game is too easy... So I add a level cap and new dungeons that aren't as simple as AFK on beserker on every boss and then what people complain that they don't wanna work for their levels and that the new dungeons are too hard. I've learned that you cannot win with game development, people will always be unhappy.
  4. Jordan

    The mind isn't longer there

    Well I mean when you posted it was done as a suggestion not as us being greedy, suggestions are perfectly fine to be honest even if I disagree with the person. DoD's and Trials will come in a future patch my focus now is the things I mentioned on the thread, waiting on bash for something for the cosmetic patch but hopefully will be good by Halloween just in time for an event. @Nanami has been making some costumes for the game that look really cool so there is that to look forward to. As for charms stacking, It's not possible because you cannot have more of the same buff in your bar, even if you look at other buffs where you have 2 of the same it's still 2 different buffs. The only way it would be possible is to have duplicate charms with different buffs.
  5. Jordan

    The mind isn't longer there

    I don't wanna quote directly cause it will be too long of a post but I'll just highlight some things said. When aeria originally released the 100 cap the content only lasted till 80. I went with a 120 level cap because some players appreciate the ability to put extra time into the game and be rewarded for that time. If I increased the level cap to 105 people would hit that in a day or two and would have nothing to do again. Yes running isn't for everyone but my main point is that this is how Eden was in the past and many of the veteran players miss the feeling of working hard for small advantages. Level 110 is very achievable, when testing it we tested completely charmless and manually ran all the way up to 110 specifically so that we could see how long it took without charms. The main reason I made them a shop only is because it's not something that is mandatory to leveling. They're very affordable and I specifically made those bundles to try and help people get more for their VGN. I find that something small like this should be reserved for donators as the impact they have on the game is very minor, it's not like they affect gameplay like fortification stones and reset scrolls, they just make leveling easier (people seem to forget that everyone in the server already gets a 100% free +500% boost by default cause of our rates). There is also a couple of ways to get some of the lower charms in game along with the daily login you mentioned has them as a reward and possibly I'll add more methods of obtaining them in future patches. I'm thankful for feedback on the game, sorry if I seemed a bit hostile but honestly it bothers me when we're accused of greed when it's really not the case.
  6. Jordan

    The mind isn't longer there

    The level cap was increased by a significant amount to allow breathing room for players, MMORPG games are built for grinding and most free to play MMORPG have this feature in mind. It's not like its new to Eden Eternal, let's look back even as close as mainserver. Mainserver does not have level 95 content or level 100 content but the level cap is 100? When the level 100 was released it was only possible to reach level 95 with extreme grinding, why is it when we do something it's heavily criticized but when Aeria or X-Legend does something it's usually praised or at least people are thankful for it? As for charms, we added those because we finally had the ability to make the rates react differently which allowed us to enable charms so they actually work. One of the questions we get a lot from new players is "Why don't my charms work? Why doesn't my Couple Buffs work?" so why would I not add charms to the game if this is the case. It's not about money, if we wanted to make money we could just add the mana infuse system and make a permanent alpha altar so people spend and spend until the game turns into the mainserver. We could remove stones from altar and over charge for them in Item Mall, there's so many "scummy" tactics we could use to make people donate but we don't because that's not we're about, of course we're going add content to our in game shops to make some money but all I'll say is servers aren't cheap or free to run and Eden actually requires a very expensive server. As for pet pray comment, all I'll say is would you rather just more and more default prays or would you actually like something new to enhance your character a bit more, something different that allows for different builds. It's not much better than the pet prays already in game so I don't really see why this is a complaint. I'm kinda getting tired of complaints about stuff people requested for the longest, people asked for Senshis to be made pets, people asked for new pet prays, people ask for new level caps and people asked for charms to work. So why is it when I add these things and follow the same formula as X-Legend do people complain? It's not like I'm doing things with malicious intent and I spent literally weeks of days where I slept only a couple hours to finish the patch because I had to put in on hold till Bash had time to find something for me. I'm very grateful for feedback and the positive comments people give but this negativity is really a burn out. Even now im working like 3 patches at the same time juggling between different people who are doing different things for each patch. Edit: Just as an FYI the PvP died out because of usual guild drama's and stuff I'm really not going to delve into. I kinda know what goes on in game and quite frankly it's just the usual EE drama that made people like me quit in the first place. So I will not take responsibility for that.
  7. Jordan

    Login Reward

    Yeh I was just made aware of this, I will look into this issue for the cosmetic patch. Edit: Its bugged.
  8. There will be specifically implemented PoD areas when the new maps come out, I don't really see a problem in working harder for advantages in PvP. Personally speaking that was one of the things I used to enjoy about Eden before everyone was the same level, rewards people for putting more time into the game. This is how Eden was in the past so its not like I'm trying to reinvent the wheel I'm just bringing back some of the older elements to the game which has its positives and its negatives. The next issue you mention is actually one of the reasons behind me introducing a level cap in the first place and was even planning to release the level cap with the rebalance patch hence why maps and quests came with it. There was full intention for stat drops in the game so the game is harder to max all stats (Edit: I was even planning on changing the required points per level up if this level cap didn't do as well as I hoped but I think it worked out fine). There is no reward for "perfect" builds before this patch, I remember back in the old days building a class to almost perfection to try and max as many stats as possible trying to cap multiple stats. Now anyone with +14 set and perfect forts has 100% crit, 100% eva, 100%+ acc etc etc (It's boring and makes most classes very 1 dimensional). The better players get separated for being able to min max their stats and not just average joe having 100% everything after playing the game a week. There is also now room for evasion to become back into the game cause not everyone will have over 100% accuracy no more. None of this is a new experience for Eden players and quite honestly I have received a lot of positive feedback about these changes especially the one you mentioned about stats. PoD on the other hand I am getting a few complaints and I understand them but I'm not going to edit old content to compensate for the higher level people, they will have to wait for the new maps that we're working on at the moment the trade off for being a try hard. Also just to answer some questions or querys you had (Also TLDR). Dungeons have pod aslong as the monster gives 1 or more EXP. Dungeons don't have Anti-Hack so people can bot inside dungeons. Unless theirs a bug or exploit I will usually not change older content unless its a super good idea. Stat draining was intentional and will not be changed as its a perfect way to give more variety in builds, might bring back the days where people would swap out an agi fort on a none evasion build for a crit fort or acc fort.
  9. Jordan

    costume : katana

    Ok this is the weapon at a 75% scale vs the weapon at 100% scale (normal). The problem with making it too small the handle looks too small and looks really odd. Let me know what you think.
  10. Jordan

    Few suggestions

    I may do this in future as I think I know how to make it possible but I have much more pressing things to do so I will add it to my list of things todo so you can see something like this in the future.
  11. Jordan

    Patch v38

    Changes Anniversary Event Removed. Fireworks from the Anniversary Event no longer Disable you. Enjoy your day!
  12. Jordan

    Look into it?

    Just report him in general then, if they're causing an issue we can look into it in our tickets 😀 Also I will confirm this will be fixed with maintenance.
  13. Jordan

    Recent Altars

    Not really sure why you're bumping an old post to start something but like I said I did get a bunch of reports some with screenshots so I don't really get what you're trying to achieve but whatever. Please do not comment on other peoples ban's especially when you don't even understand the context of the situation thanks. To prevent anymore stiring I will lock this thread.
  14. Jordan


    I don't think this is possible without great difficulty as of how the files are setup, what I can do is possibly add them to the Aven NPC that sells merchants or possibly reduce costs. Sorry for the delayed response only saw this post now.
  15. Jordan

    New Trophy Enchant Suggestion

    Right now I would like to stick to the new custom ones for now, this doesn't mean I wont add things like this in future. Its just I have to spend time balance checking things before putting them in or people tend to get upset.