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  1. We do not plan to increase the Block List and Friend List at this time. We may look into this in future but at the moment we do not have plans for this.
  2. Since this seems to be mostly related to your other post will lock this one. Try keep all information to one topic.
  3. Looking at the error code specifically this [Desc]connect ErrCode[10035] This would appear to be related the socket the game is trying to use to connect to the server. So one guess I would make based on this post you made here: Is that maybe there is some form of conflict between the two applications. I would maybe try reinstalling discord or checking the settings as there could be a port issue or something as I know many players use discord for their guilds so I'd have to presume the conflict is due to the configuration of your discord maybe? I personally don't really use discord much but I have had the game and discord open at the same time without issue.
  4. Connect your VPN through US as the server is located there not europe. Not sure why you cannot connect as the server is running fine with no issues. Could be related to your anti-virus but I doubt it is as it would stop program execution and not connection. Just because you can connect to other games doesn't mean you can connect to every game. The patcher error just happens for some people and not everyone depends on what node you connect to. I get this error around 50% of the time when opening the patcher yet I have no issues when in game. Sorry I cannot be of more help because I'm not really sure whats going on. The only thing I could suggest is try restarting your internet and make sure the VPN you are using is reliable and isn't just free garbage that you find online. The only other things I can recommend is the usual, Anti-Virus exceptions (entire folder is usually best).
  5. They are like that on FNO too, only difference is AoJ is better to go with staff swapping since you have the % magic dot.
  6. No plans. Half the people on our Awaken server if not more didn't play from day 1 and they caught up fine with way more content to catch up on.
  7. There is currently no system in place to make items like this stack. I will consider it in future but I'm making no promises as of the moment.
  8. Partial Enchant chests have multiple versions of the same level. I'm not 100% why they took this approach but you would not be able to make them stack.
  9. I don't know what you're talking about I was pretty clear with my answer. We've had it the way you wanted, people cried unfair so I put it back to how it was with the option for people to mutually agree what is fair and then request me together. Rather than sit here and argue with the Garden players about what ever point you are trying to make why don't you instead talk to the leader and discuss the possibility of side's being set. As my decision has already been state and this has already been discussed already I will not be responding to this post unless I see something else of importance or something new that needs to be covered. My Final Decision (Since apparently I wasn't clear that it was):
  10. You can just re-enter the location and continue with the quest.
  11. We have done this in the past but this tends to make the weaker guild of the two quit or merge with smaller guilds or cause some sort of drama calling me bias. So I decided to not change the system anymore unless the two guild leaders provide consent on the decision.
  12. Jordan

    Patch v33

    Updates We've added the 37-Slot Backpack Expansions to the game! Expansion Formula is available via the Cash Shop. Added the Mysterious Stylish Jacket and Mysterious Bunny Jacket to the Archive. Fixed the Movement Animation for the Lightning Airship and Black Steel Airship. Applied some of the future quest nerfs to the Awaken 70 Armors! Promotions We've added some returning Mystery Boxes that will be available till October 28th 2021. Hello Kitty: Comfy Headwear Mystery Box Hello Kitty: Service Head Gear Mystery Box Hello Kitty: English Mystery Box Hello Kitty: Melody's Fancy Mystery Box Hello Kitty: Kimono Mystery Box Magic Sprite Pet Mystery Box Strong Sprite Pet Mystery Box Plasma Blade Mystery Box Pink Wing Spear Mystery Box Nine Tail Fox Mystery Box Flame Tiger Mystery Box Enjoy!
  13. This could be related to the Windows 10/8.1 bugs that happen. Try holding CTRL. Other than that I would try suggest getting a mouse and seeing if the mouse wheel works. I don't really trust touch pads myself.
  14. I cant remember exactly the cause but it can be fixed. Are you using a mouse or using the touch pad and also have you tried turning the scroll lock on/off.
  15. 1. Might be best to check things before mentioning them. As mentioned above they didn't need updating. 2. Althought yes this would technically be a bug, without super overcomplications that can lead to other more serious bugs this is either a keep how it is or change entirely. 3. This issue applys to many classes and over time I have made improvements where necessary. However, with how X-Legend went silly with the later classes (Luminary/Inquisitor) KP I don't really see anything that could go in its place without giving the class pretty much every stat. 4. Anuran Warrior Classes. A lot of them have been updated, buffered, reworked where appropriate. There is very few useless certificates atleast, I think the most arguably useless ones would be DEF, MP Cost and STR/INT ones. But what would you rework them into that would dramtically change the game? Because anything that would be of use now would have to surpass CC certs and multi hit certs. So whats the point in changing them right? As for KP to add to what I mentioned above if/when I balance a class I consider all the KP with the changes. So if I need an extra slot then I have one to steal without having to add a new one. Theres no point to just sit here and go over every class and think of new ways that could throw off the balance of a class just because people aren't using that specific KP.
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