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  1. Likely case is that you wont really be using any of them. In theory Survival Scream and Protective Shield are nice to level and by the time you are actually getting geared you'll have enough gold to max them all without having to worry. So if your questing level Survival Scream, has a semi nice heal if used correctly but don't worry about spending gold on them at the moment.
  2. Maxing requires time and work and not just click your fingers and be done with it. What are you going to do if you max all your gears in a week with no room left for improvement huh? Just look at a Awaken which has easy access to stones and reset scrolls. They gear their main class, then they quit till the next patch or they login for the 30 mins a day PvP. Whats going to be different in Classic? If people care about their stats more than winning the PvP then they should go play a private server game that gives everything on spawn and then closes down after a month cause theres nothing left to do and the developers cant keep on top of the updates. PvP is about winning not "My stats are bigger than your stats". You can participate and theres no paywall that is stopping you from being able to compete. You wanna max your sets and your stats then work for it? Nobodies trying to push you to accept it, I'm just explaining it from the servers health point of view. It's your choice whether or not you want to accept it. We cannot release Sublime and Halcyons on altar unless you want the game to run out of stuff to do in the next 2 weeks and people cry for more content and we end up at 80 cap by Christmas. Fortifications should be worked for and if you think there needs to be something to lower the RNG then work towards that instead of crying about how many stones you may or may not have used. If people don't wanna count on luck there is Sublimes in the market I saw 2 earlier when I logged in. They are being made available at a slower rate. And I don't see how throwing Sublimes at people left and right is going to be healthy for a game that has 2-3hours worth of daily content (If you do all daily PvP). Also please explain to me how farming DD for hours is any different to farming Highlands for hours? People do it on Awaken to gear themselves, people do it on Mainserver to gear themselves so why can't they do it here?
  3. Could test this in Sakura Island or something before making a post. However, unless it can be used by CC which I've never personally saw this then it might be a latency thing between you and the server or the other person and the server. I think it would be appreciated if you didn't name drop people as it could lead to harrassment of the player if this proves to be a bug. Tickets you can name drop as they are in confidence.
  4. Samurai is pretty much the highest damage dealer on the Physical side of things and they're also the best capper in the game, especially at 75 cap with the awaken katana. All I have to say about this can be summed up by the post above vv
  5. Don't have any clue what you're talking about here as we've never moderated prices. If a staff member did do this then simply put they where abusing their power. Again I'll state. If we where charging 10x the price per Eden Crystal then sure we could release 100% stones on every altar. However, we're not. $20 can usually get you most of what you want of our altar if not 1 of everything. On the "true classic" experiance $20 might get you a medium rarity item a single time. It's not being ignored but It's not something that can be done overnight nore is it something that can be done and tested in the next couple of weeks. I have mutliple things to take care of asside from this game and this game has had so much attention since opening and I want to say I've spend more time dealing with people on this forum than I've had time actually working on the server. So yeh maybe the idea is good and maybe the system could do with a little work but quite honestly if I wasn't spending so much time on here having to debate the same thing over and over again and having the same few people which btw it is the same few people. Then maybe more work could be done on the game and the server and maybe my other jobs wouldn't be getting held back by this too. You say shit like "More attractive things for cashers" well go on list to me whats more attractive for cashers. Every prime on the altars worth hardly anything and the re-usabillity of costumes from altar is non-existant. You say an altar is bad? Maybe the costumes aren't for you. Fact of the mater is the last week altar costume was something suggested to me in a ticket by a player. Not saying I always go looking through tickets for suggestions but when someones polite and someones shows a shred of respect sometimes I make an effort to put something they requested because it seems to be hard to come by with this server. So just because it was bad for you doesn't make it bad for everyone. It's so simple to be from your position but you try to make something actually worth something without overcharging for Eden Crystals or having shit rates, it's not as easy as it looks. I'm trying my best to let the Sublimes and Halcyons slip in but they're going to be rare. People seem to forget that incomparrison to Awaken theirs barely anything to do on this cap. Trials take less than an hour and the pvp events take what 2 hours of time total. What else are you going to do with your time? Farming gold is how this game is, whats any different from running around Highlands killing monsters for gold than running around DD or BTS selling runs for gold. People can farm enough gold and the stones are more available than they where before the 65 content. We cannot control if people raise the price. We are constantly adding new ways to get stones for players who don't top up. For example the event box now contains Sublime Safety Stones and there will be more methods we have planned to add them into the game. However, again if I wasn't spending so much time dealing with people on here and just generally speaking after writing responses like this you can't expect me to just jump back into work and get stuff done as its mentally tolling. Maybe I'd have more time to actually execute on adding stuff. I'm sorry if I said anything offensive or was rude with my language but generally speaking I'm just tired of dealing with this subject. I don't disagree things can't be improved but at the end of the day its not as easy as it looks cause everytime somethings made easier (like VSS for example). Yeh the numbers show that the supply in game is more than it should, you still have free to play players crying foul while the cashers have moved on to the next subject of complaint, the next tier of stones.
  6. It's more realistic because I changed it to be that way. It's based on Territory War which is designed for party of party skirmish and not 3 people vs another 3 people. This is an avenue to make changes or make suggestions as I'm sure there would be many people who'd rather spend gold or something else for these potions. There is a lot of wiggle room here that doesn't deviate from the classic experiance much. Not the correct server to be working on changes like this. Classic is aimed at giving people the same experiance they had 10 years ago and not changing how core mechanics work. Although I don't disagree with a change like this since block is a very overpowered stat for sure.
  7. You guys said +6 was a baseline for relevance. So we made +6 easier. Whether you want to believe it or not the amount of Viridian's in the server has increased drastically since the altar change so as far as numbers are concerned the change was a success. I don't know why you've over took a thread about hoarding that was designed for pre-patch when people had 100's + in their bank and sitting around in arena with +2 armors ruining the experiance for others. It also doesn't seem to be understood that "you do not need +10 armor to be good in PvP and the amount of stats and defence it gives is minimal at best". I played this game for years on the official server, I've been in guilds that where successful and guilds that where not successful and someone having +10 or +14 armor and someone having +6 armor did not change anything. Heck their was 1 single player with a perfect forted +14 armor set in my server and he wasn't even in the top 20 players and most people if they know me will know who I'm talking about and agree with me. Yes +10 weapon is arguably important, especially for damage dealers and crystal cappers but thats it. You can still play with a +8 weapon and you can still play with a +6 armor set. If you choose to fortify 3 sets of armor to +10 then in my honest opinion you've just wasted gold that you could have invested in more weapons/achievements/costumes/pets/etc. It's not like I pointed out that the consecutively rank one 3v3 ranked player was doing so on a +6 set and likely maybe only +10'd his 65 set. Just going to be harsh because I'm tired of this discussion to be quite honest. If you think having a +6 armor set is whats holding you back from winning in PvP. Then honestly you need to re-evaluate your gameplay because making your set +10 isn't going to change anything I'm affraid. Don't even go there as I've already stated countless times I do not gain anything if the server makes more or less money. Believe it or don't IDC I only care for the longevity of the server and making it have a healty market which by from what I see in game. Is much healthier than our awaken server has been for years. Also learn what pay2win is before coming here and crying pay2win. There is games that require $75-$100 a week to stay in the top 100 on your server which is about the top 30% of the game. There is games where you get more dungeon entries per day if you buy dungeon tickets or games where u can directly turn AP to gold. This game doesn't even scratch the surface of pay2win and I know people who consistantly are top ranked on this server now who haven't spent a penny on this game. There is even a game I was playing a few months back where if you fail you go down tiers and that is a common feature, games that don't have 100% stones and if you fail you have to go back to the last milestone. This issue of hoarding has decreased since the release of the patch. Whether it will start up again or not towards the next patch is most likely going to happen. So if actions need to be taken further they will but right now I can see this is nothing more than a "new patch release people are buying stones all day therefore demand is high so price goes higher". You can be naive and claim that its not that but simple logic is that with new content stones and reset scrolls go up in price. I will be making reset scrolls make extra apperances on altar for the next week or so since their does seem to be a shortage of them (because of the increased demand) but stones have been increased more than enough. Unless I see something actually that needs my response on this thread I will no longer be participating in this as its mainly just become a "Flame Jordan and Bash about stones again". I have people who call me out on things they feel is unfair and since the stone change they've complimented the change and moved on to other things. If you guys spent as much time and effort farming in game as you do flaming on here you'd probebly have more progress by now. So again, if you have nothing new to add or any new points to justify your opinion then I will not be wasting any more of my time that could be spent working on the game or the awaken server instead. Also for the guy complaining about 120 coral luckies to fort one piece. Either you have the worse luck on the planet because at worse its taken me 30-40 pieces of the regular Lucky Safety Stone and I've tested forting over 100 pieces of gear. I do feel bad for your bad luck but I also believe this to be a really bad case of terrible luck.
  8. Might be some form our routing issue with your provider and the server. Might be a good idea to try a VPN to see if you can get a better route to the server.
  9. No it's a typo. Why would it be 4% for the level 1 and 2 version.
  10. It's not 20% of the total damage but 20% of the critical damage. So to simulate you can simply compare an Illusionist with 3.0 MDMG and 2.8 MDMG and thats the difference right there. Granted its still damage but as I was saying in my original response it's not what makes Illusionist weaker when 70 cap comes as the original poster was saying. Most people actually didn't use this certificate until Awaken classes came as it's mathmatically worse than the Dragon Knight -8% one and having 2 -DMG certificates can hinder the abillity to have 4 greens as when 70/75 cap comes that becomes a more feasible certificate build. Yes but what about the rest of the classes is what I'm trying to say. Not every class can 2 shot you and this change hurts those classes too.
  11. Increasing the HP wont solve this issue as it just makes the weaker classes weaker and the stronger classes are still strong. Whats the difference between being 2 shot and being 3 shot or 4 shot when another class which may take 6 or 7 hits will then become 12 or 14 hits. Sage Certificate doesn't really have any effect when it comes to normal classes as M-CRIT DMG Taken is like being hit with 2.8 M-CRIT DMG which isn't really much. What kills Illusionist or atleast nerfs it is the introduction of the Sage class itself and it's Anti-KD aura which will remove 1/3 of the Illusionists DMG. Along with the DK certificate of -8% total damage reduction which is more than the Sage Certificate since its overall damage and not just M-CRIT DMG.
  12. Just remember higher level monsters tend to drop more gold/silver and higher level drops sell for more gold/silver. So with every content update the amount of gold in the games economy will increase regardless. This is likely why you've seen Eden Crystals rise with the Diamond Altar. They would have risen regardless of the Diamond Altar just over a longer amount of time due to the increased amount of gold being generated by the game (Not a very long time, just a longer amount of time). So all in all it hurts free to play players less than you would think, although ofcourse any increase in prices will hurt them but just remember the above information.
  13. When it was working did you rename any of your chat windows? If you did, did you happen to put a space in one of the names as this can cause launching issues. If you did try deleting client.ini and client_classic.ini and then try re-open the game. Alternatively try adding the game folder as an exception on your anti-virus as the anti-virus could be deleting install files which could be a possible answer to why its breaking so much.
  14. Can be changed in game via the settings. Simply just get into the game and there you go you can change your settings.
  15. Does your computer have any scaling settings applied as these can cause issues with the in-game GUI.