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  1. When i get time to look at pets, all pets will be looked at not just DT.
  2. The one on the base class isn't +DMG, it's just a double hit worded weirdly and it only affects the one skill. +DMG debuff would mean not only does the Demon Taimer do more damage but so does the in party Dragon Emperor, Gravity Manipulator and other Magic Varient of classes. Theres already some changes to remove stacking +DMG on people coming in the next patch as its one of the biggest problem I have when it comes to balancing.
  3. 1. Not right now, but there will be a point I look into fixing up pets a bit. 2. Maybe, we'll see as making something immune to transforms might not even be possible cause if I remember correctly it takes up 1 of the 4 effect stats on the transform debuff so thats why only the Dragon Emperor is immune. Also the Dragon Emperor had like 10 different bugs without being immune to transform which was why it got it, otherwise that wouldn't have it either. But we'll see. 3. I'm trying to avoid +DMG taken at all costs these days as it's not so good for the game. I'll tag it here since its sorta relevant, the idea behind keeping the -8% was so that noob players have something they can use to help a party deal damage. A lot of bosses that are designed to be harder like GOP like 25 Man are all immune to this skill as new players should have some gear preapred before doing such a task or simply like the 25 man it would be too much of a cheat to take away 8% of its hp in 1 skill. That is the reason I kept this effect in place but made the monster immune to it rather than being gated by cooldown as when the class was released i remember having a party of 4 demon taimers and just cycling through the cooldown so you could kill any boss in the game within 12-13 skills and since theres 4 of you takes less than 30seconds. 4. I don't see the problem in this one since it has a long cooldown anyway. To be quite honest pet classes will always struggle in PvP even if you make them as strong as Rage Kage. Rage Kage can survive in PvP and Demon Summoner is actually a strong class damage wise but very few people have played it in PvP (Including myself post-balance patch) and it just doesn't work. I don't think making the pets strong will change this fact at all and striving and striving to make something more valuable in PvP doesn't always turn out right as some classes just don't have the desired kit to work out right in a party and if you keep pushing and pushing the class you end up with something that goes to far and only breaks into PvP by being overpowered. However buffing the pets will make this a little less trouble: (Whoever uses DT on GOP knows how annoying it is to re-summon Agelas on Lucchese and Ragnas on Asmodeus every 3 skills).
  4. Or you could toggle them only when they're needed like intended instead of running around with them constantly ticking skills costing mana always gets to a point where people end up with bottomless mana or your get the opposite its impossible to balance unless you're changing it on a per patch basis. Maybe in future but quite honestly theres more important things for the game than something like this cause like I said there is many other factors that counter act this and although it doesn't completely nullify the effect it definatly helps cause just remember. % based MP recoveries are more effective on people with higher mana.
  5. Well i think that was because Beserker had the same amount of weapons as Arch-Elementalist and Gravity Manipulator Combine.
  6. There's nothing really that can be done about this other than changing the stat completely, however you need to remember the following factors in your statement. The game has a base HP and MP regen that is always active in play. This % based so this add bonuses to this. Skill MP costs go up as you level, this is number based so again if you're worried about % based MP drains and don't level up any sort of MP cost type stuff and high leveled skills will harm your MP too. So although I agree that % MP is kinda gimped by leveling MP Class Expertise. Other area's are buff and sadly I just dont think there is anything we can do about this.
  7. I'm not really sure what you mean about "preferential treatment". If I understand what your complaint is the weapons are broken down into categories based on weapon type. This isn't called "preferential treatment" this is called there is say... 8 staffs and 2 daggers. Thats simply because there is more staff classes than dagger classes, there's nothing preferential about that its just how the games been designed and how X-Legend designed it. If you're talking about 95 DoD's where the weapons are broken down into class categories. Then thats simply down to me only making 1 holy weapon per class instead of 2 holy weapons per class since at the point of me making them holy weapons where already falling out of favour. So I could spend 2 weeks making more holy skills slowly draining the life out of myself since they where made in the same patch as I reworked 80% of the skills in the game and reviewed EVERY skill in the game. Even to this day 2 years later making skills to me is a massive chore as i truely burn't myself out on that front which is a reason this patch is taking me so long as every now and then I need to do some other things to keep me from losing my mind.
  8. I think he's refering too the racial skills and normal skills you get across classes and not really the actual classes themselves.
  9. Jordan


    On Pixel Game Card's site you should be able to pay with PayPal or Card using the "Super Rewards" vendor. They usually offer those options to people.
  10. Personally I don't see forting a weapon or armor as an expense since stones are like a couple hundred gold each which a couple hours farming the rep quests in Crystal Utopia or running the dungeons if possible should be able to fort a set a day easy, It's not like before in aeria server where you have to grind a week to buy a stone or spend $100 for a single +14 weapon/armor. Here forting is practically free and the only costing thing is perfecting your forts which as a player trying to gear, that doesn't matter. Things new players should focus on its getting a +14 set and weapons to be able to pve, a good trophy with nice resistances on it like the DoS, DSR, BTS, DD, VL trophies. Make sure to enchant them too for the resistances and also to just farm rep quests if they don't want to spend real money on the game. Also the idea behind doing all awaken sets was bonus stats, you can easily compete without them. I had a secret character for a while that I could get the most kills in TW with easily with only doing a single Awaken 95 set. Granted this was a couple patches ago but being quite frank +3 resistance and +5% attack is not going to make or break a character. You should be able to PVP and PVE just fine with the following: Glyphs: Must be bought Armor: Must be +14 with atleast 3/5 forts being perfect (Shouldn't be too expensive) Weapon: Must be +14 with as many perfect forts as possible Shield: Must be +14 only important fort is Block. Gems: All new map quests give a lot of resistance gems and can grind for the remaining. 1-65 Achievements on: Cloth Armor, Heavy Armor, Light Armor, Shield, Weapon of Choice, Mining, Altar, Farm (Only if MDPS or Healer), HP Achievements (Not 1000% required but is really recommended). Note: I say 1-65 but obviously i recommend 1-90 but not everyone can afford so 1-65 should be minimum. CLASS LEVELS TO 85: Pretty much all awaken classes should be unlocked and leveled to 85 as a minimum, you get so much HP and other stats from just 5 levels. Again obviously aim for higher but this is a bare minimum. Level: The higher the better, especially gor PvP. This is a perfect example of someone striving to do everything before being able to play the game: "cause at this point i am getting frustrated with the amount of things to do to be able to compete or stand on my own two feet its silly as f**k without ur help and my wallet i would be fucked Gems, f**ng +14 all of this s**t and then the awakening sets etc dam it!" You don't need perfect gems, +14 isn't that expesnive and you don't need a single awaken set to play the game. You can get by easily by crafting a 100 set or even a 98 set. I honestly could make a PvP capable character without spending a penny on this game in less than 2 weeks alone with no help asside from peer parties that are capable of doing the 100 trials. Yes theres a lot of grinding involved but at the end of the day its a free to play game, your lucky we don't take the aeria approach and just make it ungrindable to the point that to even start playing there server you have to sell $100 ap to get a couple gears +14. As a FYI statement: BTW, now I get why TK sets have more base armor than Lv100 120% gears. As friend asked if you was insane to make TK sets have higher def then Lv100 golden stuff. I will tell him that it was actually a good move rofl This is true, but these sets cannot be fortified so they act as if they're already +10.
  11. First of all, great suggestions. Meteor's are designed in a way that you're only allowed to have 2 of them active at once, I see no problem with this system on how it is right now especially now you have the status helper system that will time it for you unlike back in the old days where we had to time it manually ourselves. This is possible to change Wind Will although it likely wont have much effect on the game at all as most people who are playing these classes will have 100% crit or close to from the get go. As for changing racials I'm rather against doing so as it will cause more upset than joy and then it will just become an endless cycle of "well you did this with this why not this with this". Maybe in future i might revamp some of them but expect most of them to stay the same. Transfering achievements is something I'm generally against and always have been. I did this for the achievements that actually take time to complete such as enchants and the awaken sets as they take far more requirements than other things. You might see more of these things pop up in future if I change my mind but this is something that is not only something I disagree with but also something that is very anoying and bandaide'y to add to the game. With our drop rate this achievement isn't hard to get, it just takes a bit of work timing them, I see no problem with this plus a change like this would take days of work for something very QOL. With my time being limited as it is I don't think this is a good resource to spend my time in doing so. Maybe in future I will start to do this if our player count demands it. Personally recently my character was sitting near the Justin Allspore spawn and everytime I logged in for a maintenance or something that required me to login to game he was alive. I have plans for future awaken sets and once they come out these titles will be made easier, they have already been lowered in ccm a bunch already and gold so for now they will be left as they're still viable sets to use and should be worked for. As for the "Get away from this game" comment, literally any half decent MMO i've played including this one has always been like this. Your character is suppose to be worked on to become strong, people are forgetting their is other armors the player can make first and there is weapons that will be perfectly fine to use while you wait for your awaken to be completed. This problem stems from the fact that people want to get the best possible gear from the get go rather than fortifying say a level 100 trial weapon to use for the time being. However, I have made a number of QoL new player improvements to the game for the upcoming patch which I will not spoil. So before worrying about the above comment wait until the patch is released as I believe I'm overhelping new players at this point with the new changes I've made. Many of my testers can vouch for this point. As for removing the purification debuff, I'll see about that for the upcoming patch as I have no opinion on that so I will query the other staff. Although again as the previously mentioned point people will not just go to 95 trials to gear unless their end gear choice is the Awaken set. As there is a new GoP dungeon coming out in the next patch as promised in my patch notes I will see what improvements can be made to the old GoP to make it more noob friendly. However, this new GoP is specifically designed for veteran players so I don't wanna hear any complaints about it being Anti-Noob as this is the point with these dungeons. GoP as a concept was designed as a dungeon that noobs should not enter which is why they only come once a year. Just remember this one point to take away, new players need to remember there is easier content to play through that TK weapons and armor are more than enough and they can work on getting tanky trophies with resistance like from BTS or DD/VL that will help them in the later content.
  12. A bug has been discovered that could be heavily abused in the wrong hands. we have taken the server down until Bash is around later today to fix the issue. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  13. Not a bad idea to remove the flinch away from bosses. Move speed isn't possible though as it runs through the same pipeline that it does for players. However, usually for bosses that are designed to be a pain are usually given max range so I don't think the slow thing should really affect this kind of boss. Not every boss has to have super hard mechanics and stuff I mainly save that stuff for GOP style dungeons. After discussing with one of the staff I will likely be able to stop this root effect that is happening by capping negative Move SPD to something like -70% or -80% so that this "rooted" style of effect is not happening.
  14. You enter Viroona Vale through the NPC named "Lilith" in Durango Kingdom.
  15. Just to clear it up the new Awaken sets will always come after a patch that has Gold Armor as theres no point to release them both in the same patch. So once you see some gold sets you can start to expect Awaken Armor's in the next patch (By next I mean next major patch).