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  1. Jordan

    Normal Class TW Changes

    I know who does and who doesn't play in parties I also know what is stupid and what isn't. You don't have to tell me but thanks for the concern xD. I take most of what people say with a grain of salt and usually I'm right with what I decide even though most don't think that way.
  2. Jordan

    Normal Class TW Changes

    Just so your aware, I will not be adding a lot of % based heals and +% buffs in general as for the most part this was only brought in with awaken classes and I feel should be kept that way.
  3. Jordan

    Patch v31

    Changes Added level 98 Orange Gear in preparation for future updates. Added level 95 Crafting Materials. I'm aware they're not in the Item Mall. Adjusted the gold gained in maps from Eloise Plains to Viroona Vale. Re-Enabled the Sage Aura with a change to how it works from a mechanic level. If it causes the channel to crash then it will be disabled again and likely reworked entirely into something else. Changed how the Deter Jewel and Blockade Jewel work (like a Star Stone / Luna Rock). Old ones can be traded in for new ones in Aven. Added Merchant outside Decayed Hallows. Added an option to use Legendary converted Alpaca Items for the Angel Alpaca Mount. New Cosmetics Back Costumes Ink Jet Wings (Legendary) Sunset Blaze Wings (Legendary) Navy Blue Angel Wings (Legendary) Grass Green Angel Wings (Legendary) Bright Green Angel Wings (Legendary) Pale Green Angel Wings (Legendary) Bright Purple Angel Wings (Legendary) Dark Pink Angel Wings (Legendary) Candy Pink Angel Wings (Legendary) Navy Blue Seraph's Wings (Legendary) Dark Green Seraph's Wings (Legendary) Grass Green Seraph's Wings (Legendary) Pale Green Seraph's Wings (Legendary) Bright Purple Seraph's Wings (Legendary) Blood Red Seraph's Wings (Legendary) Dark Pink Seraph's Wings (Legendary) Candy Pink Seraph's Wings (Legendary) Lapis Sacred Cross (Legendary) Sterling Sacred Cross (Legendary) Rose Sacred Cross (Legendary) Dark Sacred Cross (Legendary) Black Ironblade Wings (Legendary) White Ironblade Wings (Legendary) Navy Blue Ironblade Wings (Legendary) Green Ironblade Wings (Legendary) Grass Green Ironblade Wings (Legendary) Pale Green Ironblade Wings (Legendary) Purple Ironblade Wings (Legendary) Red Ironblade Wings (Legendary) Pink Ironblade Wings (Legendary) Candy Pink Ironblade Wings (Legendary) Black Crystal Wings (Legendary) White Crystal Wings (Legendary) Navy Blue Crystal Wings (Legendary) Green Crystal Wings (Legendary) Grass Green Crystal Wings (Legendary) Pale Green Crystal Wings (Legendary) Purple Crystal Wings (Legendary) Red Crystal Wings (Legendary) Pink Crystal Wings (Legendary) Candy Pink Crystal Wings (Legendary) Black Phoenix Wings (Legendary) White Phoenix Wings (Legendary) Navy Blue Phoenix Wings (Legendary) Green Phoenix Wings (Legendary) Grass Green Phoenix Wings (Legendary) Pale Green Phoenix Wings (Legendary) Purple Phoenix Wings (Legendary) Red Phoenix Wings (Legendary) Pink Phoenix Wings (Legendary) Candy Pink Phoenix Wings (Legendary) Black Seraphic Chestplate (Legendary) Blue Seraphic Chestplate (Legendary) Navy Blue Seraphic Chestplate (Legendary) Green Seraphic Chestplate (Legendary) Grass Green Seraphic Chestplate (Legendary) Pale Green Seraphic Chestplate (Legendary) Purple Seraphic Chestplate (Legendary) Red Seraphic Chestplate (Legendary) Pink Seraphic Chestplate (Legendary) Candy Pink Seraphic Chestplate (Legendary) Black Six-Winged Angel Wings (Legendary) Blue Six-Winged Angel Wings (Legendary) Navy Blue Six-Winged Angel Wings (Legendary) Green Six-Winged Angel Wings (Legendary) Grass Green Six-Winged Angel Wings (Legendary) Pale Green Six-Winged Angel Wings (Legendary) Purple Six-Winged Angel Wings (Legendary) Red Six-Winged Angel Wings (Legendary) Pink Six-Winged Angel Wings (Legendary) Candy Pink Six-Winged Angel Wings (Legendary) Hel's Infernal Wings (Legendary) Sapphire Laserstream Wings (Legendary) Ruby Laserstream Wings (Legendary) Demon Wings (Legendary) Mythic Wings (Legendary) Glamorous Butterfly Electric Guitar (Legendary) Rock Star's Electric Guitar (Legendary) Starlight Crystal Wings (Legendary) Phantom Crystal Wings (Legendary) Flaming Uriel's Wings (Legendary) Holy Flames Uriel's Wings (Legendary) Purple Fae Wings (Legendary) Pink Fae Wings (Legendary) Purple Judgment Wings (Legendary) Glorious Judgment Wings (Legendary) Silvermoon Skywing Wheel (Legendary) Goldstar Skywing Wheel (Legendary) Golden Shard Wings (Legendary) Rainbow Shard Wings (Legendary) Consecrated Seraph Wings (Legendary) Defiled Seraph Wings (Legendary) Azure Demonic Wings (Legendary) Crimson Demonic Wings (Legendary) Weapon Costumes Unholy Aurora Lance (Blue) Unholy Aurora Lance (Cyan) Unholy Aurora Lance (Gold) Unholy Aurora Lance (Green) Unholy Aurora Lance (Pink) Sparkler (Blue) Sparkler (Red) Sparkler (Green) Sparkler (Pink) Sparkler (Gold) Sparkler (Silver) Sparkler (Black) Frostscale Bow (Pink) Frostscale Bow (Green) Frostscale Bow (Red) Frostscale Bow (Purple) Frostscale Bow (Gold) Frostscale Bow (Black) Holy Magic Crystal Frost Axe (Legendary) Lavalord Axe (Legendary) Mounts Energized Armored Kaiju (Prime) Energized Armored Kaiju (Legendary) Abyssal Armored Kaiju (Prime) Abyssal Armored Kaiju (Legendary) Snowy Shiba Inu (Prime) Snowy Shiba Inu (Legendary) Sooty Shiba Inu (Prime) Sooty Shiba Inu (Legendary) Ares' Crimson Combat Machine (Prime) Ares' Crimson Combat Machine (Legendary) Ares' Black Combat Machine (Prime) Ares' Black Combat Machine (Legendary) Jet Black Sportbike (Prime) Jet Black Sportbike (Legendary) Racing White Sportbike (Prime) Racing White Sportbike (Legendary) Gray Kitty (Prime) Gray Kitty (Legendary) Flushed Kitty (Prime) Flushed Kitty (Legendary) Pets Robust Koharu Magic Koharu Robust Aflallo Magic Aflallo Robust Fina Magic Fina Robust Aryn Magic Aryn Balance Changes Note: I was suppose to be doing some small tweaks to Normal Classes to improve some of the worse ones but I've been a bit sick the past couple of days so I was unable to do everything I wanted. Blessing Glyph Changed "Druid Skill <Nature's Blessing> cooldown -50%." to "Druid Skill <Monkey Rage> cooldown -35%." due to a small oversight by myself. Flex Glyph Assassin has proven to be a bit over tuned as of late so I've taken a little bit of its P-ATK away. Assassin Skill <Massacre Stance> increases P-ATK +10% instead of +20%. Kage Skill <Blazing Scorch> increases P-ATK +15% instead of +30%. Text Fixes Amethyst Soul Puma buff text is now correct. More Achievement Descriptions. Bug Fixes Fixed the flashing effect on "Glowing Fantasy Wings" and "Shadowflame Fantasy Wings". Fixed the placement on "Six-Winged Angel Wings", "Eternal Ironblade Wings", "Ice Crystal Wings", "Seraphic Chestplate" and "Skyroar Pheonix Wings" so that they are correctly against your back. Fixed the Normal Class TW so now upon leaving the Safe Zone you recover any HP you are missing. Attempted a fix on the #1 EE Top Thief rank buff. Enjoy!
  4. Jordan

    Divine eternal Trial extention suggestions

    There is too many factors to something like this and no matter how I do it, it will never be accurate for anything other than PvE DMG. This is something I want to do but its not on my priorities list. Edit: Don't bump old posts
  5. Jordan

    Blue Gear autosell

    Nope, Cannot Edit the GUI.
  6. Jordan

    What's your favorite Ice cream flavor?

    regular strawberry flavor or regular vanilla with strawberry/raspberry sauce on top :V
  7. Jordan

    AFK Gold Generation

    Well something will be done about this to discourage AFKing, to be perfectly honest I was second guessing and having internal debates on what to do about this but I've decided and its going to mainly punish the people who afk for hours without looking at their PC. Topic locked before my head explodes with people actually trying to justify AFK farming over Gathering for materials as the game has intended and farming dungeons.
  8. Jordan

    AFK Gold Generation

    You've literally missed the entire post... there is at least 15-20 spots on each channel at minimum which means theirs a total of 75-100 spots in total, that's not even starting with other maps like Shaxia which is another popular map to AFk in. Just because something is the best doesn't mean you lose a huge amount by moving to another spot. Its not just about the economy it's about people getting the effort they put in back out of the game, people who put time into the game should not have to compete/compare with players who just sit 10 characters AFK over night. I understand people who do it for Legion Chests as your right not everyone has time to spawn camp Legion's in the game as they're timed events but players having to work hard just to have the same gold as someone who did fuck all is honestly demoralizing and disgraceful. Getting a 4* pet with AoE abilities isn't hard, its a private server everything's cheap (unlike aeria where you have to sell a portion of your soul for a pet) enough already without people having to abuse the system further, giving an inch and taking a mile lol.
  9. Jordan

    Class outfits level 90

    If they have them its possible
  10. Jordan

    Normal Class TW Changes

    It's too much work to make too much exclusive items and is taxing on the game so its not possible to do.
  11. Jordan

    AFK Gold Generation

    I can assure you Waifu is not a GS as we have a private discord sever with all the GS from all the different games and I can see that none of them have that picture or have that name on discord. I likely know who the so called "GS Waifu" is and that person particularly they generally like to start arguments with other players for the sake of amusement. You should also expect this kinda reaction from most players as the role of a developer is to protect players from themselves. Players don't know what they really want because they only look at the game through the moment and not through the future. Just because you've sat back and said gold is filling the server because people are spamming AFK yada yada will make you a dick to other players because your ruining their easy gold. Its being cruel to be kind, players can threaten to quit all they like against changes like this but lets be honest let them because if they continue to abuse things like this then the server will come to an end for everyone not just the player who spits his dummy out about not in favor changes. Edit: Unless they're marked as a GS on the official Vendetta Discord then don't believe the bullshit other players say.
  12. Jordan

    AFK Gold Generation

    Except Waifu isn't a GS and none of the GS have a display picture on discord like that so it would be nice if you wouldn't just make assumptions on who is a GS and who isn't a GS just because they put GS in their discord name.
  13. Jordan

    Normal Class TW Changes

    Yes you are allowed, this was the main intention of the comments for ideas Thats my idea tbh
  14. Jordan

    Normal Class TW Changes

    No, also not the purpose of the thread so please stay on topic, thanks.
  15. Jordan

    Normal Class TW Changes

    This falls into the minor and major category